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What Can I Say I Like Tacos

Author : Teesson Inc
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This is a Perfect book for you if you love Tacos.120 pages to record your necessary Information. Perfect 6 x 9 size, not too big or too small. Write down your thoughts & you remember your favorite moments. Preview interior using "look inside" on a computer browser

What Can I Say I Like Tacos

Author : Spruce Publishing
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Notebook Features: 110 blank lined interior pages Premium matte cover Perfect to pair with gel pen, ink or pencils 6" x 9" dimensions; lightweight and portable size for taking on the go Perfect for jotting down thoughts, taking notes, writing, organizing, goal setting, meeting notes, doodling, lists, journaling and brainstorming Notebooks and journals make a great gift or complimentary item for any gift-giving occasion

Say it in Spanish

Author : Marianne Mitchell
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Offers a variety of activities for teaching the Spanish language for Elementary schools

When I Get Where I m Going

Author : Cheryl Robinson
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From the bestselling author, an inspirational novel about three sisters who rediscover each other-and themselves... After thirteen years in Hollywood, Alicia Day is giving up her dream of stardom and heading home to Detroit-and back to her roots. Hope Teesdale is desperately seeking the truth about her husband's death when she hears from her long-lost half-sister Alicia. Suddenly her idea of family is put into question. Heaven Jetter hasn't spoken to her sister Hope in years. Her spirit is being held captive by an abusive boyfriend. Her only comfort comes from admiring a mysterious man from afar on the streets of Detroit. As the sisters reunite, they're determined to help one another find their silver linings. And realize that they never have to go it alone again...

Mike Royko The Chicago Tribune Collection 1984 1997

Author : Mike Royko
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Mike Royko: The Chicago Tribune Collection 1984–1997 is an expansive new volume of the longtime Chicago news legend’s work. Encompassing thousands of his columns, all of which originally appeared in the Chicago Tribune, this is the first collection of Royko work to solely cover his time at the Tribune. Covering politics, culture, sports, and more, Royko brings his trademark sarcasm and cantankerous wit to a complete compendium of his last 14 years as a newspaper man. Organized chronologically, these columns display Royko's talent for crafting fictional conversations that reveal the truth of the small-minded in our society. From cagey political points to hysterical take-downs of "meatball" sports fans, Royko's writing was beloved and anticipated anxiously by his fans. In plain language, he "tells it like it is" on subjects relevant to modern society. In addition to his columns, the book features Royko's obituary and articles written about him after his death, telling the tale of his life and success. This ultimate collection is a must-read for Royko fans, longtime Chicago Tribune readers, and Chicagoans who love the city's rich history of dedicated and insightful journalism.

Thunder Boys Book I Paco the Great

Author : Adam Apellasios
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Paco's wrestling teammate, Chad, missed so much school for the sexual abuse trial. Parents don't want their kids hanging around him because he acts out, but Paco's parents don't object when their son picks Chad as a friend. Paco feels horses gallop through his chest when they're together, and their closeness has evolved with the ferocity of a wolf pack by the time his great-grandfather tells him he's a two-spirit. Will his parents accept their son for who he is? Do they know? Can he have a crush on an opponent and still beat him in a match? Looking at sexual abuse, alcoholism, recovery, and the prejudice in cultural expectations, this book is the first in the Thunder Boys Series narrated by Paco and his pack.

Mexican American Cuisine

Author : Ilan Stavans
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Providing food for the brain as well as the body, this wonderful collection of essays explores the boundaries between Mexican and Mexican-American foods, promotes philosophical understandings of Mexican-American cuisine, and shares recipes from both past and present.

College Boy

Author : Michael E. Monahan
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An absurd account of a ridiculously absurd young man who goes to college, bringing nothing with him but a hedonistic bag of sex, drugs, rock n' reggae, and the surf culture (oxymoron). In college, he broadens his horizons, learns how to study, and to go through the motions of becoming a respectable citizen in American Society.

Porn and Tacos

Author : Nicholas Babel
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Often brutally honest, Porn and Tacos is a witty, funny, and somewhat angry look at today's society. You might not agree with every message but hopefully it will make you think, and maybe laugh.

Love at First Hike

Author : Michelle Pugh
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When recent graduate Michelle Pugh sets out to fulfill a childhood dream of hiking the A.T. from start to finish, she enjoys the bliss of being surrounded by nature, the peacefulness of small trail towns, and the companionship of fellow hikers.

Holy Crap

Author : David Hines
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“We should start our own religion.” One simple sentence, one really bad idea. But to chronic underachievers Danny Welles and Walter James, starting a new religion sounded like the best idea they'd ever had. Those six little words would inspire them to write their own dogma, ensnare a gullible Hollywood star to be their spokesman, hijack the nation’s highest-rated TV talk show and create the Church of OK, a religion based on “positivity and permissiveness” that would fuel a media firestorm rocketing them to fame – and infamy. Holy Crap is a funny, satirical look at our modern culture, following its characters as they take on religion, Hollywood, television, the tabloids and each other with the goal to enrich lives – as well as their own bank accounts. It’s a journey filled with religious zealots, 7-Eleven hot dogs, Caddyshack as a Christian allegory, Kama Sutra with cats, a certain amount of substance abuse, and heartfelt sex on playground equipment.

The Portlandia Cookbook

Author : Fred Armisen
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The companion cookbook to the hit show Portlandia by the Emmy-nominated stars and writers Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, with 50 delicious recipes for every food lover, freegan, organic farmer, and food truck diehard. Food plays a very special role in Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein’s award-winning satire Portlandia and now you can cook the dishes that define the show, from cult-raised chicken and Stu’s stews to pickled veggies and foraged green salads. Complete with full-color finished food photographs and illustrations, humorous stories and sidebars from the loveable food-obsessed Portlandia characters (such as Mr. Mayor, Peter and Nance, and Colin the chicken), and advice on how to choose a bed and breakfast and behave at a communal table, this is a funny cookbook—with serious recipes—for anyone who loves food. And yes, the chicken’s local.

Tempted At Twilight Mills Boon Kimani Tropical Destiny Book 4

Author : Jamie Pope
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Summer fling or lifetime love affair?

Did Someone Say Tacos

Author : Food Journals by Mp Designs
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This super cool and trendy designed journal is perfect for writing down things that are important to you, like your dreams, goals and ambitions, or even your favorite taco recipe for Taco Tuesday. Whatever the case may be you will definitely want to add this one to your cart today. Makes a great Stocking Stuffer for Christmas, a Birthday present or just a gift for your favorite person who loves tacos! - This journal is a 6x9 120 pages Blank Lined Journal.

Everybody s Hero Mills Boon Vintage Intrigue

Author : Karen Templeton
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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He could handle raising his orphaned little brother. He could handle his demanding career.

Latin American Street Food

Author : Sandra A. Gutierrez
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Format : PDF, Docs
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From tamales to tacos, food on a stick to ceviches, and empanadas to desserts, Sandra A. Gutierrez's Latin American Street Food takes cooks on a tasting tour of the most popular and delicious culinary finds of twenty Latin American countries, including Mexico, Cuba, Peru, and Brazil, translating them into 150 easy recipes for the home kitchen. These exciting, delectable, and accessible foods are sure to satisfy everyone. Sharing fascinating culinary history, fun personal stories, and how-to tips, Gutierrez showcases some of the most recognized and irresistible street foods, such as Mexican Tacos al Pastor, Guatemalan Christmas Tamales, Salvadorian Pupusas, and Cuban Sandwiches. She also presents succulent and unexpected dishes sure to become favorites, such as Costa Rican Tacos Ticos, Brazilian Avocado Ice Cream, and Peruvian Fried Ceviche. Beautifully illustrated, the book includes a list of sources for ingredients.

Snack Attack

Author : Natalie Shaw
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The much-anticipated sequel to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs hits theaters on September 27, 2013! The fantastic food from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 movie comes to life! When Flint Lockwood and the rest of the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs gang goes back to Swallow Falls, they see a whole lot of living food: There are Cheespiders, Tacodiles, Watermelophants, Bananostriches, Hippotatomus, Shrimpanzees, and more! TM & © 2013 Sony Pictures Animation Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The Lao Isan Smile s

Author : Hugh Watson
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Many smiles have been examined but what of the famous Lao Isan Smile/s? It turns out they are less problematic, more good-hearted and less agenda-heavy than some smiles one might get. In fact, the Lao Isan people are what keep Thailand bubbling along with good food, nice people and giggly girls. They built Bangkok, they made the roads, they clean the buildings and at night they watch over their city as security guards. In fact, Thais and Laos have an interesting intermix in culture and in history. Add in the Bangkok Chinese owning most of everything and there are some real dynamics going on. Actually, rural provincial people anywhere in Thailand tend to be salt of the earth people, no chips on the shoulder, and fun. Having fun, sanuk, is a big deal for many Isan people. Finances go up and down, but the Isan people laugh and keep driving their tuktuks, driving their taxis and plowing their rice fields. For those new to Thailand Lao is a separate language as Portuguese is from Spanish. In fact, there are a lot of different languages, cultures and peoples. The predominate bunch now, though, are the Isan people. They can outvote Bangkok. Isan people are not only all over Bangkok, they are in the north and even in the south. Hence, it is good to have an understanding of them. I might add that with the permutations of modernity the Lao who were happy and out of a laugh, are now getting a bit sour. Progress can sometimes push too many buttons. In the end, Lao Isan Smile/s takes a look at the lighter side of life and posits a futuristic Isan Sisaket space station Duh Supah Moh Badekbong. This is a way to examine the present by exploring a possible future in the galaxy. Finally, for tourists and expats, the more you know about people including yourself, the more life can be fulfilling and enjoyable.

Just Like Other Daughters

Author : Colleen Faulkner
File Size : 26.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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“Beautifully written with rare insight.” –Susan Wiggs, #1 New York Times bestselling author It’s how you love that matters. Alicia Richards loved her daughter from her very first breath. Days later, when tests confirmed what Alicia already knew—that Chloe had Down syndrome—she didn’t falter. Her ex-husband wanted a child who would grow to be a scholar. For Alicia, it’s enough that Chloe just is. Now twenty-five, Chloe is sweet, funny, and content. Alicia brings her to adult daycare while she teaches at a local college. One day Chloe arrives home thrumming with excitement, and says the words Alicia never anticipated. She has met someone—a young man named Thomas. Within days, Chloe and Thomas, also mentally challenged, declare themselves in love. Alicia strives to see past her misgivings to the new possibilities opening up for her daughter. Shouldn’t Chloe have the same right to love as anyone else? But there is no way to prepare for the relationship unfolding, or for the moments of heartbreak and joy ahead... “So real, so honest...I laughed, I hoped, I cried. It’s that good.” —Cathy Lamb, author of The Language of Sisters


Author : Mika-Rae Leone
File Size : 77.70 MB
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Baltimore preschool teacher Sirena Evans has a dark secret: she's insatiable. She is a succubus, cursed with a constant need to feed on the sexual energy of unsuspecting men. In order to stay satiated and sane, Sirena spends her nights picking up men at bars. She’s lonely, afraid of being found out, and her reputation is always at stake... Then she meets Kayson Gentry, a sexy blond mechanic with Southern charm, at a bar. Sirena feels an intense urge to feed, more intense than she’s ever felt, and for the first time in so many years, butterflies. They share a passionate night, and for some reason Sirena is unable to steal any of his sexual energy. She is not sure why, but her guess is that it’s because she's falling for this man. But how could she ever explain to Kayson what she really is?... An emergency meeting is called by the local secret society of succubi. The elders warn that blood-thirsty hunters are in town, killers bent on making succubi extinct. Does Sirena's inability to feed from Kayson mean that he is a hunter himself? Both her fear of revealing what she is to Kayson and her fear of the hunters on her trail push her to starvation, but she can't go long without feeding. She's insatiable. She will have to feed, and face the consequences to both her new love and her own life.