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What Do Animals Do All Day Tiger

Author : Pat-a-Cake
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The Secret Lives of Tigers

Author : J. Lou Barnes
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Describes the physical characteristics, behaviors, habitat, and life cycle of tigers.

The Aesop s Fable Paradigm

Author : K. Brandon Barker
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The Aesop's Fable Paradigm is a collection of essays that explore the cutting-edge intersection of Folklore and Science. From moralizing fables to fantastic folktales, humans have been telling stories about animals--animals who can talk, feel, think, and make moral judgments just as we do--for a very long time. In contrast, scientific studies of the mental lives of animals have professed to be investigating the nature of animal minds slowly, cautiously, objectively, with no room for fanciful tales, fables, or myths. But recently, these folkloric and scientific traditions have merged in an unexpected and shocking way: scientists have attempted to prove that at least some animal fables are actually true. These interdisciplinary chapters examine how science has targeted the well-known Aesop's fable "The Crow and the Pitcher" as their starting point. They explore the ever-growing set of experimental studies which purport to prove that crows possess an understanding of higher-order concepts like weight, mass, and even Archimedes' insight about the physics of water displacement. The Aesop's Fable Paradigm explores how these scientific studies are doomed to accomplish little more than to mirror anthropomorphic representations of animals in human folklore and reveal that the problem of folkloric projection extends far beyond the "Aesop's Fable Paradigm" into every nook and cranny of research on animal cognition.

Legends of Vietnam

Author : Nghia M. Vo
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Legends are a mirror of the culture that creates them, a revealing lens through which to observe society, religion, history, and traditions. This volume explores Vietnamese legends from 1321 to today—tales of gods, spirits, ghosts, giants, extraordinary individuals, heroes, common people, and animals. It explains the mores, thought processes, and religions that formed the genesis of Vietnamese legends, traces the development of legends through time and space, and highlights the historical and social differences between northern and southern legends. Over time, this work shows, Vietnamese legends have evolved from a 14th century means of government propaganda to become a form of news, entertainment, and thought for the masses.

Save the Tiger

Author : Sarah Eason
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Discusses the physical characteristics, behavior, and efforts to save the tiger.

Our Animal Friends

Author :
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Oswaal CBSE ONE for ALL MCQs Chapterwise Class 10 Set of 10 Books Mathematics Basic Science Social Science English Hindi B Exam Term I II With the largest MCQ Question Pool for 2021 22 Exam

Author : Oswaal Editorial Board
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Oswaal Books latest offering ONE for ALL is going to break down the actual studying strategies for success and empower the students with the 5 E’s of Learning- Engage- Introduce interesting content enabling better assimilation of concepts Explore- Provide meaningful insights into various typologies and methodologies for effective exam preparation Explain- Give better clarification for concepts and theories Elaborate- Complement studying with ample examples and Oswaal exam tools Evaluate- Conclude with Effective self-assessment tools Oswaal ONE for ALL, as the name suggests is an All in One package for Class 10. for Excellence. It recognizes the need of students to not only get exam oriented study material for success but also to save time and energy by having all the content in one place, thus an All in One package for Class 10. • Strictly as per the new term wise syllabus for Board Examinations to be held in the academic session 2021-22 for class 10 • Multiple Choice Questions based on new typologies introduced by the board- I. Stand- Alone MCQs, II. MCQs based on Assertion-Reason III. Case-based MCQs. • Include Questions from CBSE official Question Bank released in April 2021 • Answer key with Explanations

ICASI 2019

Author : Rahmat Hidayat
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As an annual event, THE 2ND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ADVANCE & SCIENTIFIC INNOVATION 2019 continued the agenda to bring together researcher, academics, experts and professionals in examining about Scientific Innovation in technology, education, management, accounting and many aspect area. In 2019, this event held in 18 July 2019 at Politeknik Kutaraja, Banda Aceh, Indonesia. This ICASI Proceeding 2019 are published along with article from ICASI 2018 and each contributed paper was refereed before being accepted for publication. The double-blind peer reviewed was used in the paper selection.

The Encyclopaedia of Sport and Games

Author :
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The Encyclopaedia of Sport Games

Author : Henry Charles Howard Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire
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