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What God Wants

Author : Neale Donald Walsch
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Be careful. This book is dangerous. It explores with startling freshness the most important question you could ever ask, and offers with breathtaking courage the most extraordinary answer you could ever imagine. That answer is so theologically revolutionary and so spiritually empowering that it could change the course of human history. If embraced, it most certainly will change your life. There are people and institutions in the world, long in place and long in power, that want neither of these outcomes to occur. They would rather that you put this book down right now. It's up to you.

Does God Always Get What God Wants

Author : Tim Reddish
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Tim’s wife, Anne, died of breast cancer at the age of forty-nine, having battled against the disease for more than six years. Her suffering had a profound influence on their lives and that of their church, and raised challenging questions: • If “God is in control,” does that mean God is to blame for suffering? • Why did God not heal Anne? • Is Anne’s death what God wanted to happen? • Does prayer make any difference? • What is God doing about evil? People’s experience of suffering causes them to examine the kind of God they believe in, the nature of the universe God made, and God’s activity in the world. This book explores all three aspects and responds constructively to the complex issues that the above questions pose—and provides powerful reasons for confidence in the firm Christian hope.

What God Wants Every Dad to Know

Author : James Merritt
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In What God Wants Every Dad to Know, Pastor James Merritt encourages dads to pass along to their children God’s timeless wisdom found in Proverbs. Through his personable and engaging style, he reveals important life principles on such key topics as finances use of the tongue sexuality work ethic friendships No book ever written has been a better or more practical guide than Proverbs for helping fathers guide their children toward right choices and away from wrong ones. The advice of wise King Solomon remains invaluable for today’s dads struggling with the pressures of home and career responsibilities, travel, broken families, and other realities of modern life. Merritt makes liberal use of anecdotes and stories from his own experience as the father of three children as he urges dads to take seriously their important role as leaders in their homes and their responsibility to teach godly wisdom to their children.

What God Wants You to Know in 2022

Author : Jamie A. Thomas
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In this world of chaos and uncertainty, what does God want you to know in 2022? The 24 journeys of this amazing book will answer this question as the author has answered his call from God to compile this work. His life of 60 years has taken him through many mountains and valleys. However, it was a huge mountain that nearly took his life on August 12,1996, in an underground coal mine near Buckhannon, West Virginia. But not even the huge mountain collapse on that fateful day could prevent Mr. Thomas from fulfilling his calling. While under all of the fallen layers of rock, his co-workers worked frantically to uncover him. They had little hope of him surviving the major roof collapse. Yet there was a miracle in the mountains that day in the coal fields of West Virginia. A miracle that many coal miners and government inspectors have remembered for years. Mr. Thomas survived this tragedy 26 years ago and has now completed this book.As you delve deeply into the contents of this book, the Holy Spirit will provide the comfort many are seeking in this world of fear and uncertainty. While it is now some 26 years later, it becomes perfectly clear that this book was to be written on God's timeline - and that time is now. So go to your quiet place and discover what God wants you to know in 2022!

What God Wishes Christians Knew about Christianity

Author : Bill Gillham
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Bill Gillham believes that the Christian life is a blessing rather than a burden and is convinced that misapprehensions of what the Bible really says sometime leave us feeling shackled instead of free. He shows the way to seeing things differently.


Author : Babatunde AJIMOTI
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God has been pursuing man with His unalloyed, unrepentant, unimaginable, unsearchable, and indescribable love. It is such a love that can never cloy, love that can never go sour, and it is such a love that is so deep—deeper than what man’s mind can contain and fully understand. He just loves man. There is nobody on the surface of earth that can unearth the depth of the love of God. It is too amazing, too marvelous, and too awesome, and man can only scratch its surface. What does God want from man by this amazingly awesome love, and how can he respond to it? Take a ride with me in What Does God Want in Man to discover it.

God Gets Everything God Wants

Author : Katie Hays
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A gospel of hope, inclusion, and defiance If God gets everything God wants, and if what God wants is you, can anything stand in God’s way? Too many Christians have been taught that core aspects of who they are—their gender, their sexual orientation, their politics, their skepticism—prevent God from loving them fully. For these individuals, church has been a painful experience of exclusion, despite the reality that Jesus was the embodiment of God’s radical inclusion. Katie Hays invites weary Christians, former Christians, and the Christ-curious to take another look at God through the testimony of our biblical ancestors and to reimagine the church as a community of beautiful, broken, and burdened people doing their best to grow into their baptisms together. Hays insists that yes, God does get everything God wants, and—even better—we’re invited to want what God wants, too, and want it “more and more and more, until life feels abundant and eternal and delicious and drunken with possibility.” This is a message of stouthearted faith anchored in wonder—not false certainty. Atheists are welcome. Those who feel uneasy inside a church are welcome. Those still angry at other Christians are welcome. Because no matter what we’ve experienced, the God who still adores this world is the God of hope, inclusion, and defiance of the powers that be. And for those who are willing to collaborate in “the painstaking work of examining our Christian faith and sorting it out—the good stuff from the harmful stuff, the stuff with integrity from the stuff we simply inherited from family or church or . . . the cultural air we’re breathing”—there await life-giving possibilities found nowhere else.

I Want My Kids to Know Who God Really is

Author : Barb Cantrell
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In all ages, faith has provided a backbone and common entity connection for the masses. Faith need not tear people apart because it is a personal journey. Where three such travelers meet in good faith, Jesus is there. Societal norms have shifted away from the Bible and active faith, the type that actually works. It is more important than ever to bless our children and give them a charge to carry out their faith in life. Our families depend upon the government to raise our children in hope, and that is not being done. There is a deliberate effort to undermine faith in the USA for the purpose of weakening those in opposition to worldly plans. Simply understanding the Hippocratic Oath as to Apollyon the devil can be a game changer. Nearly every law passed these days is linked to a medical community that harms all day long and gives it oath to the devil. Rule of law is imposed when the expected outcome is in opposition to the Constitution. We must be wise as wolves to navigate it and yet remember the free-flowing faith that Jesus wants us to own all our days so we can commune with Him daily and in times of need. Our nation will fall to tyranny from within if we do not charge our children with keeping this a country under God. Every walk of life is affected. How would the LBGTQ community view their Democrat rescuers if they learned they were made gay (and Democrat) after it was found in a lab that a certain vitamin deficiency made rats homosexual, and the science was applied to school lunch menus and after school snacks? Would they still be useful digits suffering Stockholm Syndrome or would they rise against this maltreatment with anger at the loss of natural life and demand reparation and resignations? Fathers, mothers or grandparents if neither of the former are there, lay hands on the child and bless them, command them to do well by the Lord. Command them to live long and multiply and prosper and be a light for the world.

God Wants You to Get the Most out of Life Before It Gets the Most out of You

Author : Marty Ritzke
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Fasten your seatbelt - the messages in Conquering Life’s Challenges can be life changing. You are about to learn how God can make your life better. It is written in a style that makes reading scriptures fun and inspirational. The photographs I’ve taken match the passages in the scripture. As you read this, I hope you will be drawn closer to God. The lessons and messages taught through the scriptures are simply tools we can use throughout life. Hopefully they will inspire and encourage you to conquer life’s challenges while living life to it’s fullest. When reading Conquering Life’s Challenges you will be encouraged to give your problems to God and not be overburdened by them. Life’s journey inevitably throws us curves. Sometimes those challenges can get the most out of us. Somehow amidst our troubles, whether big, or small, God’s always there for us. He takes tremendous pleasure giving us the necessary strength to get through them. By understanding we are in God’s hands we can more easily trust Him knowing He’ll give us strength to conquer those challenges. During difficult times we always have a choice. You’re in control and can make a difference. So why not let those unpleasant challenges go and let God help us get through them? Whatever challenges you’re currently experiencing, give them to God and let Him run circles around them. Get ready to transform yourself as you take charge and open the floodgate to what God has in store for you.

God Wants a Relationship Not a Performance

Author : Don Anderson
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