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What Happened to Christopher

Author : Ann-Janine Morey
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Examines the trial of Gary Lynn Gould, convicted in 1995 for the shaking death of nineteen-month-old Christopher Attig, featuring interviews with the child's parents and grandparents, as well as officials involved in the case; and provides information about Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Whatever Happened to Mary Jane

Author : S.A. Cozad
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The London Stone

Author : Sarah Silverwood
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The prophecy has come to pass. The London Stone has been stolen and the Dark King rules the Nowhere. Only Mona and the new Seer dare to stand against him, leading an underground rebellion in the frozen wasteland ... but what chance do they have, against both the Army of the Mad and Arnold Mather's soldiers? There is still hope: if they can recruit a banished race to their cause, maybe Fin and his friends can force a final battle against the Dark King. But that aid will be hard-won, through an almost impossible quest, and even then there are no guarantees. It will come down to three friends, standing together against all odds. And fulfilling their destinies, whatever the cost ...

Mary s Mosaic

Author : Peter Janney
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“[A] relentless exploration . . . The story of Meyer’s murder, and its cover up, is one more fascinating footnote to the Kennedy assassination.” —David Talbot, New York Times-bestselling author The death of Mary Meyer left many Americans with questions. Who really killed her? Why did CIA counterintelligence chief James Angleton rush to find and confiscate her diary? Had she discovered the plan to assassinate her lover, President Kennedy, with the trail of information ending at the steps of the CIA? Was it only coincidence that she was killed less than three weeks after the release of the Warren Commission Report? Fans of The Murder of Mary Russell, JFK: A Vision for America, and other JFK books will love Mary’s Mosaic. Building and relying on years of interviews and painstaking research, author Peter Janney follows the key events and influences in Mary Pinchot Meyer’s life—her first meeting with Jack Kennedy; her support of her secret lover, President Kennedy, as he worked towards the pursuit of world peace and away from the Cold War; and her exploration of psychedelic drugs. Fifty years after the assassinations of President Kennedy and Mary Meyer, this book helps readers understand why both took place. Author Peter Janney fought for two years to obtain documents from the National Personnel Records Center and the US Army to complete this third edition. It includes a final chapter about the mystery man who could be the missing piece to learn the truth behind Meyer’s murder. “Reads like a John Grisham thriller crossed with an Oliver Stone movie.” —The Boston Globe “A fascinating story . . . Peter Janney’s unsparing analysis moves us closer to a reckoning.” —Oliver Stone

Heart Healer

Author : Leslie Bowes
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Catherine Andrews time traveled to 2014 with a broken heart after her father sold her to Blake Von-Clyer. When Catherine meets Christopher King he heals her and makes all of her broken dreams come true. But soon all of Catherine's dreams turn into a dangerous nightmare.

Hope Rekindled Striking a Match Book 3

Author : Tracie Peterson
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At long last, Deborah Vandermark is preparing for her own wedding...but the groom suddenly goes absent. Tragedy has befallen Christopher's family in Kansas City, upsetting the doctor's future with Deborah. With five siblings now under his care, can he return to Texas and impose a ready-made family on Deborah? Deborah herself finds her resolve faltering as her fears about marriage and career start to overwhelm her. How can she marry and be a mother to Christopher's siblings, and still be able to pursue her work and training as a physician? When an old adversary reveals a contract that may spell ruin for Vandermark Logging, Deborah's life seems to be spiraling out of control. How can God possibly work this for good? And can Christopher and Deborah find a way to claim the future they long to share when so much stands in their way?

Finding Satan

Author : Andrew Neiderman
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From the author of The Devil's Advocate and Deficiency, a novel about the battle between good and evil and a Biblical revelation that changes the course of history. ONLY THE GIFTED CAN SEE IT. In upstate New York, Christopher Drew is leading a remarkable team of psychics in a groundbreaking union of science and psychokinesis. It's the ability to track manifestations of pure evil -- black clouds of doom that they have chased across an ever-darkening American landscape. As the storm clouds grow, so does Drew's fear that this gathering evil is powered by something far darker than human nature. And it knows it's being watched. ONLY THEY KNOW THE END IS NEAR. In the Arizona desert a theologian searches for proof of the divine. A mass of cultists prepares for the coming of the Antichrist. A spy is dispatched from the Vatican to unravel the truth of the psychics' visions. And as a startling Biblical revelation comes to light, as an apocalyptic battle between good and evil unfolds, Christopher Drew and his team must brave the fires of a hell on earth to carry out their manifest goal to the terrifying end...

Hide Detective D D Warren 2

Author : Lisa Gardner
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You can run. You can hide. But can you ever escape your past? 'Lisa Gardner always delivers heart-stopping suspense' HARLAN COBEN 'Stories that grip from the first page' KARIN SLAUGHTER 'The absolute master of the psychological suspense novel' SHARON BOLTON '...a brilliant book, not to be missed under any circumstances' THE INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY FROM THE GLOBAL BESTSELLING AUTHOR comes an enthralling thriller, where getting closer to the truth forces the detectives to confront the uncomfortable truths in their pasts. ____________________ Annabelle Granger was seven years old when it first happened. She arrived home to find the suitcases packed and her parents desperate to flee their home. Then followed years spent running, from what, or who, she doesn't know, just an endless blur of new faces and new towns. Now, aged 30, Annabelle has finally settled in Boston and is happy with her life. Until the bodies of six girls are found in the grounds of an abandoned mental institute and a newspaper declares her one of the victims. Detectives D. D. Warren and Bobby Dodge are determined to unravel the decades-old riddle and they fear that the discovery signals the return of a notorious serial killer, Mr Bosu - Bobby's worst nightmare. As they get closer to the truth they will all be forced to confront the uncomfortable truths in their pasts; because ultimately, there is no hiding place... ____________________ Praise for Lisa Gardner thrillers: 'Unpredictable, suspenseful from beginning to end... I loved it' ***** Reader Review 'I was totally enthralled with this novel, it kept me held in a tight grip from beginning to end...' ***** Reader Review 'I read lots of psychological thrillers but this was amongst the best... If you like a fast moving, suspense filled, sometimes gruesome, 3D character read, then this is it' ***** Reader Review 'This book had me hooked from the start. I love how it kept me guessing all the way to the end and I still didn't figure it out. Great characters and storyline' ***** Reader Review ' ...the most thrilling and enjoyable I have read and I intend to read every one of her books as, so far, they have all been excellent' ***** Reader Review 'This is an excellent novel and I highly recommend this to other readers' ***** Reader Review 'It starts well and finishes even better!' ***** Reader Review 'There was barely time to pause for breath reading this!' ***** Reader Review 'This author is unrivalled in the genre in my opinion' ***** Reader Review

Don t Call Me Michael

Author : Joyce Holton Crawford
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Christopher's life was great-until the day Mike Carter moved to Harmony and began attending James Elementary. Mike quickly becomes the meanest kid in school, and his favorite target is Christopher. Mike calls Christopher mean names, plays embarrassing pranks on him, punches him, and even gets him in trouble at school and at home. On the worst day of bullying Christopher has experienced, Mike orders Christopher to meet him at the cemetery well for a big project he needs help with. But when the project doesn't go as planned, Christopher is forced to find the boy behind the bully who yells, 'Don't Call Me Michael.'

Christopher s Dilemma

Author : Jennifer Burton
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Sixteen-year-old Christopher Murphy is interested in history, knows classic cars, and is fast enough to be a stand-out runner, but the pressures of work at Magic Auto Center, family, and school and the presence of gangs are difficult to deal with.