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What is Tactical Periodization

Author : Xavier Tamarit
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Originally developed by Vitor Frade, at the University of Porto, Tactical Periodization is a methodology - popularized by coaches such as Jose Mourinho and Andre Villas Boas - that trains soccer players through a logical process that focuses on four moments of the game. These four moments are: Offensive Organisation, the Transition from Defence to Attack, Defensive Organisation, and the Transition from Attack to Defence. Through Tactical Periodization, the aim is to develop players to rapidly alter their on-field behaviours according to the tactical context of the match, and what actually unfolds in front of them. In turn, every training exercise focuses on at least one of the four moments, and always the coach's tactical game model of how he wants his team to play. In doing so, football players prepare and learn how best to conquer the often unpredictable matches that they encounter competitively. This book is the English language translation of the acclaimed book Periodizacion Tactica by world-renowned coach and sports science specialist Xavier Tamarit. *Important Note: What is Tactical Periodization is the translation of an academic book that examines Tactical Periodization's underlying philosophies, methodologies, and application. It covers areas such as systemic thinking, football as a complex phenomenon, and how the 'sum is greater than its parts'; it does not contain practical how-tos or drills. Candidly, it is not an 'easy' book to read, and requires a certain level of effort and concentration by the reader. However, for those who stick with it, the book provides a rewarding and high value resource for the modern football coach who wishes to understand exactly how Tactical Periodization developed, what it means for the sport, and how it can influence his or her coaching. Summary sections have been added to each original chapter to offer additional insight."

Coaching Soccer Like Guardiola and Mourinho

Author : Timo Jankowski
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A soccer player is more than the sum of his parts: endurance, speed, shooting technique, passing technique, and many more. All of these factors need to be turned into one system to create good players. Traditional training theory doesn’t achieve that because each skill is trained individually. This is why the concept of Tactical Periodization has become the preferred training theory for many of the current most successful soccer coaches: Pep Guardiola, José Mourinho, Diego Simeone, André Villas-Boas, and many others train according to these principles. By creating match-like situations in practice, players learn to link their technical, tactical, and athletic abilities to match intelligence. They will learn to transfer their skills to soccer matches and they can improve endurance, technique, and tactics all at the same time while enjoying the practice sessions more. For this book, the author has evaluated and analyzed hundreds of training sessions and has tailored exercises to specific demands. All exercises are performed with a ball so that players learn to apply each skill to the game. Every coach will find numerous exercises in this book to help them create better and more efficient practice sessions so they can improve their players’ and the team’s performance. With Tactical Periodization, your team will become better and be successful on the next match day!

Tactical Periodization

Author : Pedro Mendonça
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The Real Giants of Soccer Coaching

Author : Josh Faga
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The Real Giants of Soccer Coaching is a collection of the curated thoughts of nearly 30 top soccer coaches from around the globe. In this book, you will gain access to the depth and breadth of experience from some of the best coaches across all areas of the beautiful game: from grassroots to premier leagues and everything in between. You will learn theoretical details about tactical periodization, positional play, and the science of motor learning. You will also learn from Youth National Team coaches, NCAA National Championship winning coaches, and First Division coaches from top European clubs. This book is a resource that can direct your coaching education over and around the perilous pitfalls that often consume most coaches. After reading this book, you will have gained the experience, knowledge, and wisdom of some of the best coaches across all areas of the game. You don't have to go your coaching path alone. Take this book and bring the wisdom of these top coaches with you to help navigate every corner, turn, and hazard along your way to becoming a great coach.

Game Changer

Author : Fergus Connolly
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In Game Changer Fergus Connolly shows how to improve performance with evidence-based analysis and athlete-focused training. Through his unprecedented experience with teams in professional football, basketball, rugby, soccer, Aussie Rules, and Gaelic football, as well as with elite military units, Connolly has discovered how to break down the common elements in all sports to their basic components so that each moment of any game can be better analysed, whether you're a player or coach. The lessons of game day can then be used to create valuable leaning experience in training.

Tactical Periodization Vs Tactical Periodization

Author : Xavier Tamarit
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The author, from interviewing Vitor Frade, creator of Tactical Periodization, and a set of interrelated conditions (the good reception of the first book, the distortion of the understanding of the concepts themselves and the time that has elapsed), breaks his promise not to to write again and it takes us to the origin and the source of knowledge itself. (Includes the complete transcription and in Portuguese of the original interview with Vitor Frade).

Successful German Soccer Tactics

Author : Timo Jankowski
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In order to achieve the result you’re aiming for, you have to have a plan. In soccer, you need a match plan. Some of the most successful soccer coaches devise match plans for every one of their team’s matches. A match plan describes a strategy that is used to be ideally prepared for the next match and be able to react to shifts in tactics or to particular match situations. This book aims to provide every soccer aficionado with a practical insight into the topics of match ideas, tactics, match systems and match plans using easy-to-understand language. On that basis, the author identifies advantages and disadvantages of various formations utilized by top teams and then uses match plans to analyze how those formations can be defeated in play.

Tactical Periodization A Proven Successful Training Model

Author : Juan Luis Delgado Bordonau Phd
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In this book, you'll learn how to use Tactical Periodization to train your players at the correct intensity for each day of the week, making sure they are always prepared tactically, mentally and physically for competitive matches. Your players (and team) will react quicker, be sharper, and make better decisions in all tactical situations.


Author : Eddie Jones
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Praise for Eddie Jones ‘A genuine super-coach’ – The Sunday Times ‘His gifts of leadership and organisation are remarkable’ – The Daily Mail Eddie Jones is one of the most successful sports coaches of all time. From coaching three different nations to Rugby World Cup finals and enjoying a winning record with England of nearly 80 per cent, he knows what’s needed to lead and manage high performance teams. For the first time, Eddie reveals what it takes to operate in high pressure environments, the successes and setbacks, and how these lessons can be applied to every walk of life, from coaching a children’s sports team to leading a multinational organization to simply doing your job better. Forthright and unflinchingly honest, Eddie Jones reveals what he has learnt from Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsène Wenger and Pep Guardiola, as well as from the founder of Uniqlo and Ron Adams of the NBA. Drawing on stories from nearly thirty years of coaching, Eddie explains how you need humour, humility and relentless curiosity to lead an eclectic mix of superstars – from Maro Itoje to James Haskell, George Smith to Kyle Sinckler – and create teams that are relentlessly hungry to win. Leadership is the ultimate rugby book about what it takes to be the best. Written with Donald McRae, two-time winner of the William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award, Leadership is the book for anyone who wants to learn how to build and lead a team to success.

Modern Periodisation Tactical Periodization V Microciclo Estructurado

Author : TheFootballCoach
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For any Football Coach, this is a fantastic journey and insight into the periodization model, Microciclo-Estructurado. It has received very little attention in English speaking media, however this model used by Pep Guardiola can help coaches deliver sessions with improved technical and tactical detail. The book also includes many different sessions, to help coaches improve their delivery and understanding.