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It Takes a Family

Author : Debra Jay
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"This second edition of It Takes a Family helps families and friends step beyond initial intervention and reinvent their relationships as part of a family recovery team to help their loved one avoid relapse and support sobriety. Through a Structured Family Recovery model, with strategies and exercises designed to create transparency and accountability, family members learn about and address the challenges of enabling, denial, and pain while developing their communication skills and enjoying healthier, happier relationships. With detailed instructions for weekly family meetings-including opening and closing statements, thoughtful discussion topics, suggested readings, and specific assignments-It Takes a Family offers much-needed support to family members and their addicted loved ones as they work together to create and sustain lifelong recovery"--

It Takes an Ecosystem

Author : Thomas Akiva
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It Takes an Ecosystem explores the idea and potential of the Allied Youth Fields—an aspirational term that suggests increased connection across the multiple systems in which adults engage with young people. Recent research and initiatives make a strong case for what developmentalists have argued for decades: A young person’s learning and development is shaped in positive and negative ways by the interactions they have with all the adults in their life. Now is the time to reshape our systems to support this scientific understanding. The chapters in this book provide ideas, tools, examples, and visions for a more connected, more equitable world for young people and the adults in their lives. Endorsements for It Takes an Ecosystem "It Takes an Ecosystem offers a powerful and timely engagement of the possibilities and challenges facing the Out-of-School Time sector…this book charts a path forward for scholars, practitioners, community members to imagine OST anew---in ways that are socially just and affirming, centered on the optimal development of youth and the power of community." — Bianca Baldridge University of Wisconsin Madison "The book’s emphasis on an ecosystem approach, anchored in commitments to equity and racial justice, combines evidence-based analyses with a future-oriented call to action for the allied youth fields. This book will be a must-read for those committed to radically re-thinking how we bring sectors together to support thriving for children and youth." Ben Kirshner University of Colorado

What it Means to Love You

Author : Stephen Elliott
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In the underworld of Chicago's Halsted Street, a red-light district littered with the homeless, runaways, and the lost, three lives converge in an explosive triangle of love, revenge, and betrayal. Lance, a brutal addict in love with Brooke, a seventeen-year-old prostitute, trades on his beauty in male strip clubs to support his habit. Anthony, whose motives for dancing are more complex, but equally self-destructive, offers Brooke a way out of her life on the street - but is not sure he can leave himself. In confronting each other, the two men must confront the demons which have driven them to Brooke, the street, and each other.

It Takes a Revolution

Author : Larry Klayman Esq.
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With a title that satirically mocks It Takes a Village by Hillary Clinton, It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry! details how our executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government have become thoroughly corrupt and failed the citizenry. Imploring Americans to turn away from the “scandal industry” of the cable news networks, which enrich themselves by magnifying crises—if not creating mass panic to boost ratings and advertising dollars—and offering false hope to lure viewers that there will be justice to remedy government corruption, the author Larry Klayman, both the founder of Judicial Watch and now Freedom Watch, offers concrete solutions for creating a federal judiciary and instituting citizens’ grand juries. Quoting Founding Fathers like John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, Klayman explains above all that without ethics, morality, and religion, it will not matter how many times we change our forms of government or rules—there will be no lasting liberty. This work is a call to arms during these times of crises, when government corruption has hit a “cancerous state.” The overriding message of It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry! is that Americans should turn off cable news, stop being entertained by it, get up off of the couch, and join the second American Revolution—albeit a peaceful and legal one—to restore the greatness of our nation in these trying and perilous times. Our continued existence hangs in the balance!

Now I Get It Volume 1

Author : L. E. McCullough
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Collections of short plays based on grade specific subject matter taught in elementary classrooms. Used as focused learning exercises, each play is expressly designed to boost comprehension and creativity.

Young Precalculus Third Edition

Author :
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More Precisely

Author : Eric Steinhart
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More Precisely provides a rigorous and engaging introduction to the mathematics necessary to do philosophy. It is impossible to fully understand much of the most important work in contemporary philosophy without a basic grasp of set theory, functions, probability, modality and infinity. Until now, this knowledge was difficult to acquire. Professors had to provide custom handouts to their classes, while students struggled through math texts searching for insight. More Precisely fills this key gap. Eric Steinhart provides lucid explanations of the basic mathematical concepts and sets out most commonly used notational conventions. Furthermore, he demonstrates how mathematics applies to many fundamental issues in branches of philosophy such as metaphysics, philosophy of language, epistemology, and ethics.

Foundation GCSE Mathematics Revision and Practice

Author : David Rayner
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Whatever specification you teach, GCSE Mathematics: Revision and Practice by David Rayner remains an all-round winner. With the latest edition presented in full colour and completely updated for the new GCSE specifications from 2015, this uniquely effective series continues to increase your students' chance of success with your chosen exam board. This book is targeted at the Foundation tier GCSE, and provides a wealth of practice with careful progression, alongside substantial revision support for the new-style grading and exam questions. With all the new topics included, and a dedicated section on using and applying mathematics, this unique resource can be used either as a course book over two or three years or as a revision text in the run-up to exams. GCSE Mathematics: Revision and Practice provides invaluable support for your GCSE maths programme.

Time Is Irreverent Ooh It s a Trilogy Books 1 3

Author : Marty Essen
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◆ Is it the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost? No! It’s the Marty Mann, the Liberal Jesus, and the Holy Smokin’ Hot Nellie! Ooh, It’s a Trilogy! Here’s what people have said about the books in this hilarious, irreverent, series: ◆ Praise for Time Is Irreverent “Highly recommend. It’s fun, clever, cool, witty, surprising, political, sexy, everything a sci-fi book should be. And as someone who’s also written a sci-fi-time-travel-humor novel, I love that Marty Essen doesn’t break the time rules he sets up from the start—so many sci-fi authors do, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s just lazy writing. Not the case here! Yes, his characters learn and adapt and grow, but the foundation of his rules remain intact always. To repeat: fun, witty, surprising, sexy. Highly recommend.” —Jeff Abugov, writer, producer, director “Time Is Irreverent is a delightful romp that scores solid satirical points about religion, human nature, sex, the Trump administration, and a great deal more.”—Tom Flynn, editor, Free Inquiry magazine “Ironic, original, hysterically funny, deftly crafted, and an impressively entertaining read from first page to last, Time Is Irreverent by Marty Essen is an especially and unreserved recommended for community library Science Fiction & Fantasy collections. It should be noted for the personal reading lists of dedicated science fiction fans that Time Is Irreverent is also available in a digital book format.”—Midwest Book Review “Time Is Irreverent is a well-written, well-paced novel peopled with solid, likeable characters. Marty Essen is a talented author who has managed to wrap several complex threads into a light, enjoyable narrative. I hope he will continue writing in the sci-fi genre and I look forward eagerly to his future works.”—Charles Remington, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews ◆ Praise for Time Is Irreverent 2: Jesus Christ, Not Again! “Time Is Irreverent 2 is a madcap blasphemous comedy of the most delightful sort. Recommended for those whose tastes incline that way; if you loved Time Is Irreverent, run, don’t walk, to consume this perfect sequel.”—Tom Flynn, editor, Free Inquiry magazine “An excellent follow-up to the original, and this from someone who typically hates sequels! All the same great characters and more, plus Jesus—although not your mama’s Jesus. The funny is funnier, the crazy crazier, and the politics even more in your face (in the good way!). If you loved the first, you’ve got to read the second. Well done, Marty!”—Jeff Abugov, writer, producer, director “For those aficionados of entertaining, optimistic sci-fi, who have been avidly waiting for another Time Is Irreverent adventure—your wait is over. Marty Essen has produced a fine follow-up to his first time traveling escapade and I hope that the likeable characters he has created will get many future outings. A great addition to a currently gloomy, pessimistic genre. I do not hesitate to recommend it.”—Charles Remington, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews Publisher's Warning: This book is intended for a liberal audience and features satirical content that may not be appropriate for Donald Trump supporters or those who are offended by views that challenge traditional religious beliefs. Common side effects include wide smiles, sudden laughter, and occasional snorts. Reader discretion is advised.

Advances in Practical Applications of Cyber Physical Multi Agent Systems The PAAMS Collection

Author : Yves Demazeau
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Practical Applications of Scalable Multi-Agent Systems, PAAMS 2017, held in Porto, Portugal, in June 2017. The 11 revised full papers, 11 short papers, and 17 Demo papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 63 submissions. The papers report on the application and validation of agent-based models, methods, and technologies in a number of key application areas, including day life and real world, energy and networks, human and trust, markets and bids, models and tools, negotiation and conversation, scalability and resources.