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What Muhammad Said about Jesus

Author : Ali Shawkat
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This book collects all the sayings of Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, about Jesus and his mother, Mary. With the other book in the series, Jesus in the Quran, the reader will gain a quick yet thorough understanding of the place of Jesus in Islam and what Muslims believe about him, his role in the past, and the role he is expected to play in the future. This is an essential read for anyone interested in understanding Islam and the place Jesus occupies in Muslim creed.

Is the Father of Jesus the God of Muhammad

Author : Timothy George
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The days when western Christians could ignore the influence of Islam are over. Today as never before, the world’s second largest religion is shaping our culture, and words such as jihad, imam, Quran, and fatwa have entered our vocabulary. While all Muslims are no more alike than all Christians are alike, there are certain fundamental beliefs that all Muslims hold in common—some of which Christians would agree with, including belief in one true God. But is it the same God? How does the God of Muhammad differ from the God of Christianity? Written in a clear, passionate style that is conciliatory, balanced, and uncompromisingly biblical, this book describes and contrasts the distinctives of Christianity and Islam. Its author, a noted historian and theologian who has studied Islam for many years, writes with an eye on helping Christians better understand how to interact with Muslims. Beginning with an overview of Islam—what it is and how it arose—here are fascinating and relevant insights on · the Five Pillars of Islam · the role of religious violence from the Crusades onward · the doctrine of the Trinity and the character of God · Christian and Muslim views of Jesus Christ and salvation · what Christians can learn from Muslims · how Christians can share Christ with their Muslim neighbors . . . and more

The Truth About Islam and Jesus

Author : John Ankerberg
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Christians are often surprised when they hear Muslims say, "We believe in Jesus too, and we hold Him in great esteem." But what do they really mean? Are the Muslim Jesus and the Christian Jesus the same person? Immersed in the Islamic worldview as the son of a devout muezzin—mosque leader—Emir Caner helps readers untangle two very different belief systems. He and John Ankerberg take on the tough questions: What role does Jesus have in Islam? What does the Qu'ran say about Him? What does it not say? Why are Muslims repulsed by the idea that Jesus is the Son of God, fully God and fully man? What do Muslims have in mind when they acknowledge Jesus as virgin-born? How can Christians discuss these belief differences without insulting Muslim friends and acquaintances? A concise, authoritative guide for informed Muslim-Christian interaction.

Jesus and Muhammad

Author : Mark A. Gabriel
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This volume explores the surprising similarities and differences between two of the most important religious leaders of all time--Jesus and Muhammad. Born into a Muslim family in Egypt, Gabriel is a converted Christian and former professor of Islamic history at Al Azhar University in Cairo.

The Trouble with Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam

Author : Elreta Dodds
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Christ Muhammad and I

Author : Mohammad al-Ghazoli
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Mohammad Al Ghazoli was raised a Muslim. But the more he read the ancient literature of Islam, the more convinced he became that Allah could not be the True God. And the more he studied the life of Muhammad, the more obvious it became that Muhammad was not God's prophet. Then one day, someone placed a Bible in his hands and said, "Read." Soon Ghazoli had found the True God, and forgiveness through His Son. This book isn't just Ghazoli's testimony. It is much more than that. It contains the facts from the literature of Islam that shows why Allah can't possibly be the True God. It gives proof from Islam itself that whenever Muhammad wanted more wives, or riches, or when he had a problem, Gabriel was always standing by, ready to give another verse to exempt Muhammad from the law and morality. How convenient! Many of the stories in the book will be unfamiliar to the Western reader, but very familiar to Muslims. It is this inside view of things that makes the book so powerful as a witnessing tool for Muslims. Over and over again, Ghazoli asks, Is this the behavior of a prophet who was sent by God? What kind of god would send a prophet like that? The arguments contained in this book will give you powerful evidence you can show to Muslims you may try to witness to. Because it is written by a respected Arab writer, who was an advisor to the Arab league and even to Libyan ruler Qhadaffi, you can give the book to a Muslim and tell him, "Read." Learn about: The 220 contradictions in the Quran. Verses which reverse and replace prior verses. Did Allah make a mistake? The verses used to justify terrorism. Even the Quran admits Jesus was crucified! Then it denies it. Muhammad's 23 marriages, including one to a little girl.

Searching For God And Finding Allah

Author : Gene Netto
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What does Islam say about Christianity, Jesus, the Trinity, the Holy Bible, and Almighty God? What does Islam say about the Absolute Truth of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad, and the Holy Qur’an (also spelled Koran)? If there is only One Almighty God, then Christians and Muslims must be praying to the same God. So, what are the differences between the two religions, and why do Muslims reject Christianity, the Bible, and Jesus as the Son of God, but still accept Jesus as a prophet of God? For non-devout and ex-Christians, this book will explain the problems with Christianity from an Islamic perspective. It will also explain that the Prophet Muhammad was sent to replace Jesus as the next person in a succession of prophets that started with the Prophet Adam and finished with the Prophet Muhammad. For Muslims who grew up without a strong religious education, this book will explain that all religions are not the same, that Christianity is no longer valid or accepted by God, and that we should use the logical brains that God gave us to understand Islam. In this book, you will discover that Islam is simply the continuation of Judaism and Christianity, that Islam is the One True Religion of Almighty God and always has been since the time of Adam and Eve, and that the Prophet Muhammad is the next messenger and also the Final Messenger from God, that Jesus promised to his followers. -Gene Netto

The Fascinating Story of Muhammad

Author : Ahmad Shameem
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Ali Sina, a great expert of Islam, wrote about this book: "This is a great book. I read the first thirty pages and I could not stop. This book must be translated in all languages and become available to all ..." Narrating the story in the gripping way of a good novel, it tells about Muhammad, his believer and unbeliever tribal relatives, the Qur'an, and the Arabian society of the period as truthfully and originally as the oldest Arab records make it possible. It does not fail to shock and surprise when one finds that during his twenty-three years of "apostolate," Muhammad arranged for banditry raids, secret assassinations, ransom taking, kidnappings, slave trading, ethnic cleansing, inter-tribal wars, and murderous expeditions. Of these raids, the number of well recorded and documented, discussed by the Qur'an itself, is thirty-eight. Muhammad personally took part in twenty-seven raids and battles in nine of which he was directly engaged in killing. These were the battles of Badr, Uhud, Ahzaab, Hunayn, and Ta'if, the massacres of the Qurayza and the Khyber Jews, the surprise raid on the Mustalaq, and the occupation of Mecca. History tells us that many kings started as bandits and came to rule vast territories. If Muhammad had claimed that he was a king, one could place him amongst the greatest of kings but the surprise lies in his claim that he was God's most favourite and final prophet. If prophets were to kill and plunder, sell slaves, hold captives for ransom, allow rape of slave women, and develop systems of extortion, how does one differentiate between a Godly man and a king?

The True History of Master Fard Muhammad Allah in Person

Author : Elijah Muhammad
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Since the Nation of Islam has been known to the public, the question of Elijah Muhammad's teacher has been at the top of the inquirer's want to know list. His disappearance and the never ending insistence by Elijah Muhammad, that his teacher was in fact God in person. This title examines Elijah Muhammad's historical, empirical as well as theological positions regarding Master Fard Muhammad's birth and whereabouts. The arguments are quite enlightening.

Tracts for Muhammadens

Author : George Henry Rouse
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Islam Christianity and the West

Author : Rollin Stely Armour
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One of a number of "9/11" volumes that appeared last year, Rollin Armour's book has been nearly a decade in the making. He takes the World Trade Center bombing in 1993 and its final destruction in 2001 as historical "bookends" for the material covered. His stated goal is to contribute to better mutual under standing between the West and the Islamic world.

Images of Jesus Christ in Islam

Author : Oddbjørn Leirvik
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Comprehensive and contemporary exploration of the role of Jesus in both Islam and Christianity and issues of dialogue in Christian-Muslim relations.

Jesus and the Jihadis

Author : Craig A. Evans
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The book that Christians want and need For this urgent hour in history As ISIS dominates news headlines, attention is given to the terrorist group’s ideology… when the truemotive of their mayhem is actually revealed in their theology! Major General Michael K. Nagata of the Special Operations forces in the Middle East explains that “we do not understand the movement… and until we do, we are not going to defeat it.” The key to defeating ISIS’ regime of terror is understanding its theology. This is why two leading Biblical scholars offer this go-to guide to understanding ISIS’ distorted theology. Through fresh historical and Biblical insights, discover how ISIS’ acts of violence, terrorism, and persecution impact your life and your faith today. Get revealing answers to questions such as: How did three faiths come out of one man—Abraham? Why does ISIS utilize social media and technology for terrorist propaganda? Is ISIS Islamic and would Muhammad himself join this group? How do the Gospels and the Qur’an see Jesus differently? How does Biblical history address the development of ISIS? The question millions are asking is Why? Why the hate? Why the persecution? Why the murder? To find the answer, you will trace the origins of ISIS’ radical theology and discover why these acts of terrorism are happening, what they mean, and where they are taking us.

Muhammad and Joseph Smith Jr

Author : Paul Derengowski
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In this extensively researched work, Dr. Derengowski examines the parallels between Muhammad and Joseph Smith, Jr. as well as the religions they started, Islam and Mormonism. Follow along as he looks at the fascinating similarities between these two men and the communities and beliefs they founded. The three main sections of the book examine their spiritual parallels, revelational parallels, and relational parallels. An extensive appendix follows with additional details. This book will help the reader to understand the affinities between these two men and their religions. It will also equip Christians with the necessary information to know how to answer Mormon and Muslim apologists and defend the Christian faith.

Muhammad and Jesus

Author : William E. Phipps
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This carefully researched and provocative treatment of the two most influential persons in world history sets aside the cultural prejudices that often hamper open, honest comparison of Muhammad and Jesus. Phipps begins with a thorough biographical investigation of the early lives of the Meccan and the Nazarene and a thoughtful assessment of their later contributions as statesman and reformer. He then debunks many of the invidious myths about Jesus and Muhammad during the course of a careful exploration of the ways in which they interpreted Hebrew Scriptures, their prescriptions for moral conduct, and their attitudes toward rewards and punishment on earth and in the afterlife.

Jewish Christian 2000 Years War Against Jesus Christ

Author : Mohammad Fawzi
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Noticing how the world today is sinking into darkness as it did many times before through its history, seeing how the Muslims are working hard against the message that Allah sent, how Christian created their own preaching and faith, how the Jews worked all of their lives against the LORD and the men that the LORD sent. Mohammad Fawzi saw the need to do something, and this book is the first of many he is working on in hope he may be able to correct the mistakes done today from all the beliefs, he will also deal with the darkness of the Atheists. In a world full with darkness and evil done against the LORD, the need for those who have the truth is increasing, not the false truth some claim to have, but the genuine truth that is supported with solid proofs and convincing evidence. It is time for those who can do something to step up.

en what did jesus really say

Author : IslamKotob
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This book provided by as public domain book to share Islamic knowledge.If you have benefited from the book please donate to the publisher using Bitcoin 1KabbwfAuLBCRYD8xGQkEvUkXCbpzBgvdR If you have any comments on published book contact info [at]

Understanding Jesus and Muhammad

Author : Bernie Power
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Jesus and Muhammad are arguably the two most influential individuals who have ever lived. Over half of the world today claims to follow them and the religions they founded: Christianity and Islam. But who were these two men? Where did they come from? What did they do and teach? And what was their vision for the future? This book answers all these questions, drawing on the earliest ancient documents we have about them. In the light of the current tensions that exist in the world, the future of civilisation may well depend on how humanity responds to Jesus and Muhammad.

In Quest of Truth

Author : Lynette Mustapha
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At a time when sections of Christianity are making every effort to convet peoples of the Islamic faith ; when their mission is to turn Muslims and other away from Islanm ; when in the media every Muslim misdeed is highlighted and every Muslim virtue is hidden, how is it possuible that so many Western Christians are turning to Islam, recognising it as God's True Path?.

The Life of Muhammad

Author : ʻAbd al-Malik Ibn Hishām
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Alfred Guillaume's authoritative translation of the Sira of Ibn Ishaq presents in English the complete history of the life of Prophet Muhammad. No book can compare in comprehensiveness, arrangement, or systematic treatment with Ibn Ishaq's work.