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What s Your Decision

Author : J. Michael Sparough
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Discover a time-tested approach to making good decisions Do I go to graduate school? Whom should I marry? Should I change careers? What do I do with my life now that I'm retired? All of us have important decisions to make—decisions that radically alter our lives. Yet without a sound process in place for making key decisions, we are likely to question whether or not our final decision was a good decision; more to the point, we will never feel fully confident that our decision was what God truly desired for us. What's Your Decision? presents a time-tested, trustworthy approach to decision making based on the insights of Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits and the author of the Spiritual Exercises, one of history's most influential spiritual texts. Throughout this fast-moving and highly practical book, the authors present an "Ignatian toolkit" for making sound choices and provide answers to many common questions such as What's important and what's not when it comes to making choices? Do I trust my gut? What do I really want? Ultimately, What's Your Decision? helps us understand that a God decision always precedes a good decision: When we invite God—who cares deeply about what we do—into the decision-making process, we find the freedom to make the best choice.

A Blessing to All But Myself

Author : Stephen Briggs
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Dr. Stephen J. Briggs presents his education and compassion as a medical physician and writer within the Lordas Ministry. Raised in a warm and friendly town known as Titusville, Pennsylvania, he felt the pain of losing his mother to cancer when at the young age of thirteen years old. Rebuilding his life from that day forward, he married and divorced, having been gifted with four wonderful children during the twenty-one years of marriage. His drive to serve and enlighten people lead him through the education of Psychology, Sociology, and several studies in English, among many other subjects to establish and maintain research presentable to aid others in there quest for aself improvement.a His extensive efforts gained him high honors at his graduation and were an important application in his research concerning the many varieties of people, their race, creed, culture, religion, customs and methods of expressing their emotions. His love for fellow human beings echoed in his heart the need to present avenues of improvement that could be utilized by the many that read and meditated on his findings and how the presented knowledge could effect the readeras life personally.

Decisions and Orders of the National Labor Relations Board

Author : United States. National Labor Relations Board
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The Career Savvy College Student

Author : Jim Holt
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Pratical advice from hundreds of young professionals that every college student should hear, including how to: Launch an ultra-effective career search Implement success strategies before starting your career Avoid common screw-ups that slow advancement Outperform and outclass your co-workers College is almost over, and just when you think the hard work is going to come to an end, the real work begins. The diploma you will have earned and the skill-sets you've developed are just the starting point for your career. While they are suited for education, you need to develop new work skills and behaviors in order to be successful in starting, maintaining, and succeeding at your career. The Career-Savvy College Student: Getting From Book Smarts to A Solid Career Start eliminates the complexities surrounding employment and allows you to sidestep the mistakes that new college graduates consistently make after graduation. Based on interviews with hundreds of young professionals that have just been where you are going, these accounts offer you practical tips, tricks and pitfalls to avoid when transitioning from book-smarts to your career start. A readable, yet effective account of relevant advice from those within your generation makes this a must-read for every college student. Every year, millions of students and families pour vital resources into college educations. Countless amounts of time and money are spent attaining degrees that will propel a student toward their career. Unfortunately, many soon-to-be grads think this is a guarantee for success. The truth is that earning a degree has become the baseline for being considered for positions. To search, earn and succeed at your career, you have to exhibit strong career skills: developing a strong corporate image, advancement strategies, and maintaining a strong professional network are concepts that must be mastered in order to succeed. The keys to these lessons and more are uncovered in The Career-Savvy College Student: Getting From Book Smarts to A Solid Career Start. Put the advice from recent college students to work for you and benefit from the practical, same-generation advice that will prepare, inspire and motivate you for a brighter

Women s Decision making

Author : Nancy W. Veeder
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Veeder establishes essential characteristics of women's decision-making using Irish women, chosen in part because of their country's patriarchal culture, as her sample. The women, divided into three age groupings, offer extensive, poignant, and compelling statements that there are significant gender differences in decision-making. Focusing on choices made in the context of the family--education, marriage, childbearing--the author challenges stereotypes of women and finds their decision-making not only cognitive but more practical, flexible, efficient, and more valuing of relationships.

The Dramas of Lajos Walder

Author : Lajos Walder
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In the dramatic and tragic years of World War II, the Hungarian poet Lajos Walder was probably looking for a broader expression of his philosophical beliefs than poetry seemed to allow. Following Huxley, Aragon and Celine, he turned to prose. Drawing on his education in Greek and his love of theatre he penned plays with '... insights so pertinent, that they seem universally valid some six and a half decades later'. Lajos Walder (1913-1945) was a well-known poet in 1930s Budapest, but his plays, written in the early 1940s, were not known until 1990 when they were first published in Hungarian and described by a major critic as '... uniquely beautiful creations of an original mind'. Lajos Walder died on 7 May 1945, the day of liberation and just four hours after walking out of the Death Camp of Gunskirchen: he was not yet 32 years of age. These plays should be staged. In the meantime, they may be read in Agnes Walder's fine translations which evoke the essence and mood of her father's time and capture his expressive literary style.

The Americas Review

Author :
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Single Mom Is not A Disease

Author : Precious Gloria
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Believe it or not, being a single mom is challenging. Whether you are a teenager, a thirty-something entrepreneur, a divorced mom of three, or perhaps, a high-powered executive being a single mom comes with many troubles. Supporting your kid all by yourself with a meager salary seems to be hopeless, not to mention other expenses arising from household maintenance and other emergency expenses. There is, however, a way to get out of this situation. "Single Mom Is Not A Disease," will show you how not to let being a single mom run you ragged. You will learn how not to allow single parenting affect you wrongly. You will discover how to create time for yourself, handle your finances, deal with kids, and other people around. Here is a sneak peek of what you should expect when you buy the " Single Mom Is Not A Disease" book: ¾ Being A Single Mom ¾ The Day That Turned Your Lives Upside Down ¾ Creating A New Story ¾ Fixing Your Finance Life ¾ Hobbies for Single Moms ¾ Dating As A Single Mom ¾ Getting Through the Tunnel ¾ Dealing with Common Single Moms' Primary Issues ¾ Top Questions About Being A Single Mom ¾ The 21st Century Single Mom To be in a situation where you've to play the role of both a mother and father all at an equivalent time isn't easy. Tons of single mothers can relate to how hard it's to travel through life being the only parent for your child. Nonetheless, many successful single moms were ready to raise their children without having a partner on their side. This is often not to suggest that it is better to let children grow in families where just one parent is present. As a single mom, you are a lovely citizenry. You deserve to be happy and live stress-free. The " Single Mom Is Not A Disease" guide will help you experience a shift in your attitude and perspective; then, you'll confirm you usually have time for self-care. It is a necessity. Do not hesitate to grab a copy of " Single Mom Is Not A Disease" today!

Contemporary Living

Author : Verdene Ryder
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With this new edition, Contemporary Living will continue to be a leading text and popular choice by teachers. This text provides an objective, sensitive presentation of contemporary issues facing today's students. Students will study their development as individuals and family members and learn to identify the attitudes, values, standards, and goals that will influence their decision making. Many new topics have been added to update text content, along with 125 new illustrations. -- New topics include using the management process; making a career plan; teamwork skills; and strategies for job success. -- More information is provided on lifespan development, including young adulthood, as well as child guidance techniques. -- Technology applications have been added throughout, such as using the Internet to find jobs and shopping online. -- A new end-of-chapter feature called To Think About involves topics, questions, and activities requiring critical thinking.

It s Your Decision 2020 Edition

Author : Camille M. Renella
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As you begin to think about the care you want now and at the end of your life, remember that the reason to make INFORMED DECISIONS is so you receive care that makes you most comfortable.

BBP Standard Manual for Supervisors

Author :
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Bulls Make Money Bears Make Money Pigs Get Slaughtered

Author : Anthony Gallea
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Filled with investing tips, infinite wisdom, maxims, and truisms, a valuable resource, organized by topic, introduces readers to the "real" world of investing and features solid financial advice on a vast array of issues, from equities to short- and ling-term trading techniques, helping investors to become more market savvy and successful in their financial endeavors.

Ethics in Information Technology

Author : George Walter Reynolds
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Filled with current examples and ideal for a full or part course on ethics, this text provides the foundation needed to make appropriate decisions when faced with ethical situations in the field of information technology.

Computer Decisions

Author :
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Author : Jeffrey D. Hoeper
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An anthology of twenty-nine theatrical works, with critical commentary.

Married and How to Stay That Way

Author : Steven R. Carr
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Survival Guide to End user Computing

Author : Naomi Karten
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The Modern Age Ideas in Western Civilization Selected Readings

Author : Arthur Haberman
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Conciliation Children and Divorce

Author : John Howard
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This book is a practitioner's guide intended to help all those - social workers, marriage guidance counsellors, magistrates and many other groups of professionals - whose work may involve interviewing separated families.

Best Plays of the Modern American Theatre

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