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What Teachers Can Learn From Sports Coaches

Author : Nathan Barber
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The strategies used by winning coaches on the field can bring success to classrooms, too! In What Teachers Can Learn From Sports Coaches, you’ll uncover that the athletic arena and the classroom have more in common than you think. Author Nathan Barber demonstrates how many of the principles of coaching can be used by teachers to motivate students, build community, and enhance teaching. You’ll learn valuable lessons on... Communicating effectively Harnessing the power of teamwork Making work meaningful Embracing technology Building a winning tradition Teaching life lessons Seeking continual improvement And more! The book is filled with insightful quotes from well-known coaches, along with suggestions on how to apply the ideas to your own classroom. You’ll come away with strategies that you can use immediately to bring success to your own team—your students!

What a Coach Can Teach a Teacher

Author : Jeffrey Michael Reyes Duncan-Andrade
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This book, written by an experienced urban classroom teacher and coach, aims to document effective practices in urban schools and to provide insight into productive program building and educational practices. The book rejects the up-by-your-bootstraps theory of success, offering in its place a set of concrete strategies for teachers and educational leaders who are committed to fundamentaiiy rethinking the business-as-usual approach which continues to fail urban school children. This book is well-suited for classes working with educational leaders, classroom teachers, sports coaches, and educational researchers. "An educator, a theorist, an activist, and a coach...Jeffrey M.R. Duncan-Andrade draws on all of these roles to explain what it takes to teach and motivate young people to succeed. Through this skillful analysis of the role of sports in the lives of urban youth, Duncan-Andrade reveals how educators can buiid relationships and develop a deeper sense of meaning about the purpose of education with the young people they serve. An inspiring, insightful analysis and an invaluable guide for those who recognize the potential for education to transform lives and empower urban youth." ---Pedro A, Noguera, Peter L. Agnew Professor of Education, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Development; Executive Director, Metropolitan Center for Urban Education, New York University "Jeffrey M.R. Duncan-Andrade always presents us with a freshness...fresh ideas, fresh analysis, fresh perspectives. It is no different in this volume. One of the freshest takes on coaching, teaching, and learning from a critical perspective." ---Gloria Ladson-Biltings, Professor and Chair, Department of Curriculum and Instruction; Keilner Family Chair in Urban Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison "This is a book for anyone who cares to chart a path for children and youth in urban schools. There is so much to recommend in this book, but above it ail is'the sense of optirnism that sports can be a tool for empowerment for all our kids, whether or not they have pro potential."---Dave Zirin, Author of A People's History of Sports' in the U.S.

Psychology in Sports Coaching

Author : Adam R. Nicholls
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Cover -- Title -- Copyright -- Dedication -- CONTENTS -- List of figures -- List of tables -- Introduction -- PART I Providing sport psychology training as a coach -- 1 Do's and don'ts for coaches who provide sport psychology to their athletes: ethics, referrals, and the HCPC -- PART II Identifying the psychological needs of athletes -- 2 Conducting intake interviews -- 3 Using questionnaires to assess the needs of athletes -- PART III Facilitating awareness among athletes -- 4 Goal setting -- 5 Performance profiling -- PART IV Coaching different populations: how to support the needs of different athletes -- 6 Coaching children -- 7 Coaching adolescents -- 8 Coaching adults -- 9 Coaching athletes with learning disabilities -- 10 Providing psychological support to an injured athlete -- PART V Relationships, support, and influence within coaching practice -- 11 The coach-athlete relationship -- 12 Understanding and building team cohesion -- 13 Supporting athletes socially -- 14 Enhancing motivation among athletes -- 15 Creating the optimal motivational climate -- 16 Applying self-determination theory and research to enhance coaching practice -- 17 Promoting anti-doping attitudes among athletes -- PART VI Developing mental skills among athletes -- 18 Mental imagery -- 19 Mental toughness training -- 20 Maximising sport-confidence -- 21 Coping effectiveness training -- 22 Enhancing challenge states and minimising threat states among athletes -- 23 Mindfulness-based stress reduction training -- 24 Preventing choking under pressure in sport -- References -- Index

Sports Coaching E Book

Author : John Lyle
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Sports Coaching: Professionalisation and Practice is a comprehensive evidence-based textbook of sports coaching theory and practice. The book is edited by leading academics in sports coaching studies and authored by a world-renowned team of experts in sports coaching research. It deals with all aspects of coaching behaviour and practice, including coaches’ decision making, coaching pedagogy, and the development of expertise. Each of the chapters provides an up-to-date position statement on coaching themes, and makes explicit reference to the professionalisation of coaching. Written in an accessible style, and identifying critical ideas and issues, the book will complement and challenge both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes, and will be an invaluable source of ideas for researchers and academics. Multicontributed chapters follow uniform structure to increase clarity and accessiblity of text 'Snapshots' of critical ideas and issues presented as models or diagrams to facilitate students' understanding Case examples and scenarios illustrate key concepts in each chapter Latest research and current literature summarised for each thematic topic.

Understanding Sports Coaching

Author : Tania Cassidy
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'Understanding Sports Coaching' is relevant for working with athletes of all abilities. It explores every aspect of coaching practice and includes practical exercises to encourage reflective practice and to highlight the issues faced by the successful sports coach.

Sports Coaching Cultures

Author : Robyn L. Jones
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Sports Coaching Cultures is about expert coaches and the ways in which their individual life and career experiences lead to their personal beliefs about effective coaching.

The Sports Coach as Educator

Author : Robyn L. Jones
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Teaching athletes to improve their performance is the essence of sports coaching. In response to new government-led initiatives to invest in and develop coaching, this book is the first introduction to pedagogical theory for coaching. Bringing helpful insights from educational theory to bear on coaching practice, The Sports Coach as Educator expands and enriches the role of the coach and allows professionals to approach their work in new and inventive ways. Exploring the nature of coaching, this text covers: educational concepts in coaching coaching, teaching and leadership athletes’ learning coaching communities and the social process reflective practice mentoring developing expert coaches.

Sport Pedagogy

Author : Kathleen Armour
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Sport Pedagogy offers an essential starting point for anyone who cares about sport, education and young people. It offers invaluable theoretical and practical guidance for studying to become an effective teacher or coach, and for anyone who wants to inspire children and young people to engage in and enjoy sport for life. The book also focuses on you as a learner in sport, prompting you to reflect critically on the ways in which your early learning experiences might affect your ability to diagnose the learning needs of young people with very different needs. Sport Pedagogy is about learning in practice. It refers both the ways in which children and young people learn and the pedagogical knowledge and skills that teachers and coaches need to support them to learn effectively. Sport pedagogy is the study of the place where sport and education come together. The study of sport pedagogy has three complex dimensions that interact to form each pedagogical encounter: Knowledge in context - what is regarded as essential or valuable knowledge to be taught, coached or learnt is contingent upon historical, social and political contextual factors that define practice; Learners and learning -at the core of sport pedagogy is expertise in complex learning theories, and a deep understanding of diversity and its many impacts on the ways in which young learners can learn; Teachers/teaching and coaches/coaching - effective teachers and coaches are lifelong learners who can harness the power of sport for diverse children and young people. Gaining knowledge and understanding of the three dimensional concept of sport pedagogy is the first step towards ensuring that the rights of large numbers of children and young people to effective learning experiences in and through sport are not denied. The book is organised into three sections: background and context; young people as diverse learners; the professional responsibility of teachers and coaches. Features of each chapter include: research extracts, ‘comments’ to summarise key points, individual and group learning tasks, suggested resources for further reading, and reference lists to enable you to follow-up points of interest. This book provides you with some of the prior knowledge you need to make best use of teaching materials, coaching manuals and other resources. In so doing you, as a teacher or coach, will be well placed to offer an effective and professional learning service to children and young people in sport.

Routledge Handbook of Sports Coaching

Author : Paul Potrac
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Over the last three decades sports coaching has evolved from a set of customary practices based largely on tradition and routine into a sophisticated, reflective and multi-disciplinary profession. In parallel with this, coach education and coaching studies within higher education have developed into a coherent and substantial field of scholarly enquiry with a rich and sophisticated research literature. The Routledge Handbook of Sports Coaching is the first book to survey the full depth and breadth of contemporary coaching studies, mapping the existing disciplinary territory and opening up important new areas of research. Bringing together many of the world’s leading coaching scholars and practitioners working across the full range of psychological, social and pedagogical perspectives, the book helps to develop an understanding of sports coaching that reflects its complex, dynamic and messy reality. With more importance than ever before being attached to the role of the coach in developing and shaping the sporting experience for participants at all levels of sport, this book makes an important contribution to the professionalization of coaching and the development of coaching theory. It is important reading for all students, researchers and policy makers with an interest in this young and flourishing area.

Sports Coach

Author :
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Routledge Handbook of Sport Expertise

Author : Joseph Baker
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Understanding and developing expertise is an important concern for any researcher or practitioner working in elite or high performance sport. Whether it's identifying talented young athletes or developing methods for integrating cutting-edge sport science into daily coaching practice, scientists, coaches and researchers all need to understand the skills, characteristics, and knowledge that distinguish the expert performer in sport. The Routledge Handbook of Sport Expertise is the first book to offer a comprehensive overview of current research and practice in the emerging field of sports expertise. Adopting a multi-disciplinary, multi-faceted approach, the book offers in-depth discussion of methodological and philosophical issues in sport expertise, as well as the characteristics that describe sporting ‘experts’ and how they can be facilitated and developed. Exploring research, theory and practice, the book also examines how scientists and practitioners can work together to improve the delivery of applied sport science. With contributions from many of the world’s leading researchers in expertise and skill acquisition in sport, the Routledge Handbook of Sport Expertise is important reading for any advanced student, researcher, coach or sport science support officer looking to better understand this cutting-edge topic.

What Washington Can Learn From the World of Sports

Author : George Allen
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Politics and sports: they’re two of America’s greatest passions. And George Allen—former U.S. Senator, former Virginia Governor, and son of the great NFL coach George Allen, Sr.—brings these two worlds together in his new book, What Washington Can Learn From the World of Sports. Having spent his life with one foot in the sports arena and the other in the political arena, Allen brings his unique perspective and experiences to What Washington Can Learn From the World of Sports. Through personal stories, anecdotes, and interviews, Allen draws both parallels and contrasts between two of our nation’s favorite passions. From national security, to wasteful government spending, to judicial activism, Allen proves that our government need look no further than the football field, baseball diamond, or basketball court to solve today’s pressing problems.What Washington Can Learn From the World of Sportsshows what Washington can learn from the greatest moments—and failures—in sports, as well as from the spirit and principles of fair play, hard work, and keeping score.

Psychology and Sport

Author : Sally Gadsdon
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Part of a series of textbooks which have been written to support A levels in psychology. The books use real life applications to help teach students what they need to know. Readers are encouraged to use aims, methods, results and conclusions of the key studies to support their own arguments.

Sports Coaching Concepts

Author : John Lyle
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Coaching is a central issue in sport at all levels. This text offers a comprehensive introduction to the conceptual issues that underpin sports coaching practice and provides a complete conceptual framework for understanding sports coaching.

Teaching Sport and Physical Activity

Author : Paul G. Schempp
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The book reveals the key techniques and strategies that all successful teachers and coaches use to help their students and athletes achieve success. It covers how to create stimulating learning environments, how to form effective relationships with students, how to teach motor skills, how to manage the lesson time and resources to aid students' learning, how to maintain a dynamic pace of instruction, and how to master other indispensable skills that apply no matter what sport is being taught.

Teaching and Learning Team Sports and Games

Author : Jean-Francis Gréhaigne
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Written as a resource for both pre-service and in-service educators, this theory-to-practice book focuses on the foundations and applications of constructivism applied to the teaching and learning of invasion sports and games.

Coaches Guide to Teaching Sport Skills

Author : Robert W. Christina
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Shows how to introduce, explain, and demonstrate new sports skills, discusses feedback, practice exercises, error correction, and skills analysis, and includes advice on the use of imagery, memory, and anticipation

Learn n More about Having Fun in Youth Sports Free Flow Handbook

Author : Bob Swope
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This is a practical Handbook for all youth sports coaches, parents, and kids. It has 28 individual illustration variations to look at. It covers everything you will need know to get started having more fun in youth sports. It also has sample practice schedules, and sample food menus for young kids in youth sports.

Coaching a Way to Develop the Teachers Internal Commitment

Author : Eirini Diamantopoulou
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The purpose of this study is to identify and elucidate the influence of coaching in teachers’ attitude and performance as perceived by inexperienced in coaching practice nursery school. The question that guided this study is ‘What is the impact of coaching in a Greek nursery school?’ This study focuses on three research questions: • How do teachers evaluate the coaching experience? • What are the benefits and the implementing of coaching? • If and how teachers’ interaction with coaching changes their attitude? The author’s research was influenced by her first degree in early childhood education, and her own professional background. One head teacher and five teachers provided the study evidence. The qualitative approach was used to collect and analyse the data. This research has been a follow-up to a descriptive, exploratory qualitative case study. The findings were based on several different research tools such as semi-structured interviews, reflective journals, criteria sheets, coaching sheets, and SWOT sheets. The examination of the data highlights 5 key issues: the leadership effects in the working environment and teachers’ performance; the coaching understanding concerns the degree in which respondents clarify the different aspects of coaching; the next category, on coaching difficulties, includes the perceived reasons for which coaching was ineffective; the coaching benefits introduces the positive contributions of the coaching process; and the final key point is the coaching influence in the teachers’ attitude. The findings support that coaching influences the participants’ attitude to a limited but significant degree.

Exercises for Developing Coaching Capability

Author : Ian Cunningham
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