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They Fought With What They Had The Story of the Army Air Forces in the Southwest Pacific 1941 1942

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The Woman Who Knew What She Wanted

Author : William Coles
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Kim is a waiter in a Dorset hotel, an absolute hot-bed of sex. But he’s seeing none of it. Instead he falls for Cally, a 43-year-old artist who is steaming with chutzpah. She is a woman who grabs life by the throat; she knows what she wants – and most of the time she gets it, too. She lives only in the moment, losing a number of her nine lives – and nearly killing Kim in the process. Kim finds love as he has never known it before – but even when he’s completely in Cally’s thrall, he’s still unable to resist the allure of other younger women. A couple can bridge a 20-year age gap, but can they ever make the relationship last? This is the third book in the series, following on from ‘The Well-Tempered Clavier’ and ‘The Woman Who Made Men Cry.’

They Had a Dream

Author : Jules Archer
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The majority of the civil rights movement in the United States occurred in three stages. The first stage began with the slaves in America fighting for their freedom. Frederick Douglass was a key player from the very beginning. Born a slave, Douglass escaped and went on to become one of the most respected abolitionist leaders. After the Civil War, freed slaves fought to overcome the still-prevailing prejudice and persecution. During this phase, Marcus Garvey led the Back to Africa movement, promoting Black Nationalism and black pride among the newly freed people. And in the 1960s, a strong civil rights movement branched in two different directions. The first was headed by Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., who organized a powerful nonviolent civil disobedience movement to win equal rights through integration. Following a very different path, Malcolm X sought equal rights for blacks through violent confrontation and racial separation. Together, these four men shaped the American civil rights movement. Racism is still a very relevant problem in our country today, and to better understand where we are now and how to make progress in the future, we must first understand where we’ve come from.

Glimpses of Oneida Life

Author : Karin Michelson
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Glimpses of Oneida Life is a remarkable compilation of modern stories of community life at the Oneida Nation of the Thames Settlement and the surrounding area. With topics ranging from work experiences and Oneida customs to pranks, humorous encounters, and ghost stories, these fifty-two unscripted narrations and conversations in Oneida represent a rare collection of first-hand Iroquoian reflections on aspects of daily life and culture not found in print elsewhere. Each text is presented in Oneida with both an interlinear, word-by-word translation and a more colloquial translation in English. The book also contains a grammatical sketch of the Oneida language by Karin Michelson, co-author of the Oneida-English/English-Oneida Dictionary, that describes how words are structured and combined into larger linguistic structures, thus allowing Glimpses to be used as a teaching text as well. The engrossing tales in Glimpses of Oneida Life will be a valuable resource for linguists and language learners, a useful source for those studying the history and culture of Iroquois people in the twentieth-century, and an entertaining read for anyone interested in everyday First Nations life in southern Ontario.

All the Moves I Had

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Pro Football Hall of Famer Raymond Berry is a true giant of the game. He lacked blazing speed or imposing size, yet he revolutionized the wide receiver position; starred in football’s “Greatest Game Ever Played,” the 1958 NFL Championship; and was part of football’s most legendary pass-catch combination with his quarterback and friend Johnny Unitas. Football wouldn’t be what it is today without “Unitas to Berry.” In All the Moves I Had, Berry brings readers inside a football career that spanned four decades and featured a Who’s Who of the NFL. As a receiver for the Baltimore Colts of the 1950s and 1960s, he nearly scientifically developed an inventory of moves and fakes to get open, and intensely studied defensive backs and their coverage techniques—pioneering these integral parts of today’s passing-game preparation. In this book he breaks down, play-by-play, his historic performance in the contest that secured pro football’s popularity—the 1958 final that was the NFL’s first to end in overtime and first to be nationally televised. He recounts coaching for the Dallas Cowboys and head coaching the New England Patriots, a team he took to the Super Bowl. One of today’s senior members of Pro Football Hall of Fame, Raymond Berry is a national treasure of football history, strategy, technique, and—just as important—friendship, family, love, and faith. “He was his own man. He was poised, as though he had pondered everything a little harder than anyone else. . . . He was deconstructing and reinventing the position of wide receiver.” —Mark Bowden in The Best Game Ever “He didn’t play a game of football, he engineered it.”—legendary Los Angeles Times sportswriter Jim Murray “The best.” —Johnny Unitas

A Star Above It and Other Stories

Author : Chad Oliver
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A Star Above It and Other Stories is volume 1 of a collection of Chad Oliver's SF, containing the following: Blood's a Rover The Land of Lost Content The Ant and the Eye Artifact Any More At Home Like You? Rewrite Man The Edge of Forever The Boy Next Door A Star Above It The Mother of Necessity Night Technical Advisor Between the Thunder and the Sun The One That Got Away Transfusion Guardian Spirit The Gift To Whom It May Concern A Stick for Harry Eddington Old Four-Eyes

Consuming the Inedible

Author : Jeremy M. MacClancy
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Everyday, millions of people eat earth, clay, nasal mucus, and similar substances. Yet food practices like these are strikingly understudied in a sustained, interdisciplinary manner. This book aims to correct this neglect. Contributors, utilizing anthropological, nutritional, biochemical, psychological and health-related perspectives, examine in a rigorously comparative manner the consumption of foods conventionally regarded as inedible by most Westerners. This book is both timely and significant because nutritionists and health care professionals are seldom aware of anthropological information on these food practices, and vice versa. Ranging across diversity of disciplines Consuming the Inedible surveys scientific and local views about the consequences - biological, mineral, social or spiritual - of these food practices, and probes to what extent we can generalize about them.

From Persia to Tehr Angeles

Author : Kamran Sharareh
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An Iranian-American explains the history and heritage of his people, in both the old world and the new. From Persia to Tehr Angeles is a fascinating look at everything from Persia’s ancient past to the modern world of Persian-American immigrants in places like Los Angeles—offering a rich, rounded view a culture many are unfamiliar with. For those who are part of this history, their friends and families, or anyone interested in this corner of the world, it’s an enlightening look at traditions, food, religion, and other aspects of this complex society over many generations.

What They Didn t Teach You in American History Class

Author : Mike Henry
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For the average person, most of the American history that he or she knows comes from facts taught to them in school to prepare them for their state mandated tests. That's not the fault of their teachers who were just carrying out the directives of their employers. But it's also a fact that a great deal of that content that they were teaching is dry and boring. However, as in every aspect of life, there is always another story behind each major event. The story of America is interesting and exciting, but it's those lesser known parts of our history that make it special. Even though in most cases, the names and events in the book will be recognizable, most of the stories about them will be new to the reader. If you're a young teacher, perhaps you'll find some material to help you get through those less-than-exciting areas of your textbook. If you hated history as a student, maybe you'll find some of these tales entertaining. For those of you who are history buffs, hopefully you'll come across a few things that are new to you.

Two Women

Author : Christene Browne
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Bernice Archer has raised her blind twin daughters, Eva and Ava, in the relative isolation of their low-income downtown neighborhood. Every night Bernice tells her daughters the same bedtime stories; stories that are sometimes magical, and often cautionary, about the dangers of the world outside the walls of their small apartment. Eva and Ava, now middle-aged, still wait for their motherÕs stories with a combination of excitement and suspicion, knowing that there is much they havenÕt been told. They are particularly mistrustful of BerniceÕs warnings of the dangers of the opposite sex, and want to know more about the story of their own origins. As loving as she is loud and as full of secrets as she is of stories, Bernice is the centre of the universe for Eva and Ava, even as they yearn for freedom and experiences of their own. When Bernice notices two new neighbours in their building, she is inspired to tell a new story. And so begins the saga of Violet and Rose. Bernice believes that these two women were born at the exact same moment, hemispheres apart, and that they share the same soul. Like Eva and Ava, the reader is swept along in the wake of Bernice's stories, not knowing what is real and what is fantasy, but believing none the less.

The Breaking

Author : Gabriel Jacob Israel
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There’s an old saying: “Learn from other people's mistakes. Life is too short to make them all yourself.” Gabriel Jacob Israel tried to make them all herself. Thankfully—she failed. Neither her sordid childhood nor her troubled teens nor her misguided twenties could stop an almighty God from making sure this once-wayward girl failed every attempt to do bad all by herself. A journey through the raw, real, and oftentimes graphic events of Gabriel’s life, The Breaking is the true story of a love that blooms between a young woman and the God who refused to give her up without a fight. You will discover, like Gabriel did, that despite your past, God is well able to set your best days in front of you.

Lenten Reflections

Author : Milton E. Lopes
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This book is written for those among us who have weathered life’s storms, yet sense a nagging emptiness in their spiritual well-being. Lenten Reflections: From the Desert to the Resurrection is written for those of us who want to be more spiritual. It is divided into four parts. Part One sets the framework for a treatment of the study of our salvation. It is devoted to the historical roots of Lent, its purpose, and its theology. To that end, this section also provides the reader with an overview of the creation story, a discussion of evil and sin, and a summary of the Trinity and the incarnation. Part Two sets the stage for an initial reflection on Lent, while Part Three introduces the disciplines needed to successfully pass through the desert to spiritual wholeness. Four seminal questions are posed: Where are we? What are we? Who are we? Why are we? Answers to these questions set the stage for what many spiritual masters call the purgative way, in which the Twelve-Step Program of Alcoholic Anonymous is suggested as a framework to one’s first steps into spiritual wholeness. At some point in their spiritual journey, the reader moves into what these same spiritual masters call the illuminative and unitive ways. Part Four is entitled “The Agony and Exultation.” Here, we join Jesus on the road to Calvary, where he is crucified. We know a mysterious joy as he rises from the tomb. We end our reflections with his departure from his disciples, the coming of the Paraclete, and a new understanding of the meaning behind Jesus’ sacrifice and life on earth.

Most Loving Mere Folly

Author : Ellis Peters
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A post-WWII love affair is eroded by suspicions of murder, from the Edgar Award–winning author of the Chronicles of Brother Cadfael. Talented potter Suspiria Freeland and her painter husband, Theo, survived the Blitz and are living among fellow artists in a bombed-out London suburb. But since the war’s terror ended, Theo’s drunken self-loathing has become even harder for his long-suffering wife to bear. When Dennis Forbes enters their lives, Suspiria is immediately drawn to the handsome young mechanic. Though he obviously shares her passionate attraction, he is fourteen years her junior and she, of course, is married . . . until Theo’s lifeless body is discovered. Theo’s death from poison leaves his widow free to love and marry her much younger paramour. But their newfound happiness is soon threatened on all sides—by a community’s gossip and mistrust, by a legal system determined to enact justice at any price, and by the lovers themselves, as suspicion continues to mount that one of them is a murderer. This stand-alone novel of forbidden love, suspicion, and suspense is further evidence why the Financial Times called Edgar, Agatha, and Gold Dagger Award–winning author Ellis Peters “a cult figure of crime fiction.”

Cities at Sea

Author : Martin Simons
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Cities at Sea is a story set a couple of thousand years from now. Land-based civilization collapsed long ago as a result of climate change, flooding and impoverishment of soils, wars, and other causes. Knowing that about three quarters of the globe is covered by the sea, all the major coastal cities of the globe saved themselves by moving onto the oceans, developing gigantic, highly sophisticated, entirely self-sufficient rafts on which they now navigate at will. Life is easy in the raft cities for those who conform but is strictly disciplined under constant surveillance. Sal is a restless young woman who longs for something exciting. She imagines a more intimate connection with the sea and its creatures. She seeks help from a renowned genetic scientist. This leads to extraordinary adventures and changes in her and the city where she now lives. The story ends as a new era begins.

Hearings Nov 15 1945 May 31 1946

Author : United States. Congress. Joint Committee on the Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack
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The Lanny Budd Novels Volume Two

Author : Upton Sinclair
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Books four through six in the Pulitzer Prize–winning series of historical novels about an international spy in the first half of the twentieth century. An ambitious and entertaining mix of history, adventure, and romance, Upton Sinclair’s Pulitzer Prize–winning Lanny Budd novels are a testament to the breathtaking scope of the author’s vision and his singular talents as a storyteller. “Few works of fiction are more fun to read; fewer still make history half as clear, or as human” (Time). In these three novels, as the threat of Nazism grows in the 1930s, Lanny progresses from international art dealer to international spy. Wide Is the Gate: When his arms dealer father strikes a business agreement with Hermann Göring, Lanny uses the opportunity and his art world reputation to move easily among the Nazi high command and gather valuable information he can transmit back to those who are dedicated to the destruction of Nazism and Fascism. He’s playing a dangerous—albeit necessary—game, which will carry him from Germany to Spain on a life-and-death mission on the eve of the Spanish Civil War. The Presidential Agent: In 1937, Lanny’s boss from the Paris Peace Conference—now one of Roosevelt’s top advisors—connects him to the president. Appointed Presidential Agent 103, he embarks on a secret assignment that takes him back into the Third Reich as the Allied powers prepare to cede Czechoslovakia to Adolf Hitler in a futile attempt to avoid war. But Lanny’s motivations are not just political: The woman he loves has fallen into the brutal hands of the Gestapo, and Lanny will risk everything to save her. Dragon Harvest: Lanny has earned the trust of Adolf Hitler and his inner circle, who are convinced the American art dealer is a “true believer” committed to their Fascist cause. But when Roosevelt’s secret agent learns of the Führer’s plans for conquest, his dire warnings to Neville Chamberlain and other reluctant European leaders fall on deaf ears. The bitter seeds sown decades earlier with the Treaty of Versailles are now bearing fruit, and there will be no stopping the Nazi war machine as it rolls relentlessly on toward Paris.

Millard Fillmore papers Volume 1

Author : Fillmore, Millard
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Author : Leon De Kock
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A story that could come true tomorrow When Ishmael Jacobson creates a virus that stops the ageing process in humans and animals alike, chaos could be the only result. Striving towards a dream of eternal life, everybody do what they can to get infected with the virus, even if it means breaking the law. It is up to detective Lindique to try to stop the spread of the virus, but is it too late? Soon the world is filled with people, and every day more and more are born. The ground turns barren, too tired to keep on giving life to billions upon billions of humans who are trying to scrape another morsel of food out of the dust. When there is no more food to eat, there is always the neighbour… In the end, there is only one person who can start the ageing process in humans again, and it is the person who started the whole problem to begin with, coming full circle.

The GOAL How to Access Dwell Operate in the Kingdom of God

Author : Michael K. Evans Sr.
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The Goal, explains how one can access, dwell and operate in the Kingdom of God, based on the teaching of Jesus, found in Matthew Chapter 5. Pastor Evans breaks down each Beatitude and offers the reader a step by step guide to access the Kingdom of God. A powerful book that will move each person who reads it into a powerful and fruitful relationship with the Lord, bringing Heaven to Earth. The Goal, is a modern classic drawing the reader back to it again and again for more wisdom and knowledge.

Morning and Evening

Author : C. H. Spurgeon
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Tens of thousands of Christians have gotten up and gone to bed with Charles Spurgeon's devotional Morning and Evening. Seven hundred and thirty two devotions. One for each morning and each evening. These devotions will guide you in a closer walk with God, helping you find a focus for each day.