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What Time is It in China

Author : Doris MacAuley
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An emotional suspense novel of a writer’s journey to Red China to help her divorced husband, a prisoner of the Chinese after living among them for years. Leona Chickering disappears mysteriously in a London street. Her husband goes to the American Embassy for help and learns through Interpol that Leona left Paris on a tour party to China, first stop Peking. The trip was arranged through a french journalist, Andre Valois, a former lover of Leona when both were in China covering the Sino-Japanese war. At Peking, Leona is met by an associate of Andre’s, who tells her that her ex-husband Paul is being released and will be repatriated at Hongkong soon. The man responsible for Paul’s release is Alexei Petrov, a Russian correspondent who had been Leona’s lover during a winter in Japanese-occupied Hankow. Leona learns of the time for Paul’s release at the Hongkong border and goes there to meet him, in a traumatic ending, Paul is met by a Chinese wife and their daughter. WHAT TIME IS IT IN CHINA? Is a novel of a woman’s journey back in time, reunions with two former lovers, and memories of a China she knew years earlier vividly contrasted with present day China.

Time and Space in Chinese Culture

Author : Chun-chieh Huang
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The central theme of this volume is notions of time and space in Chinese culture. Seventeen scholars of various disciplinary backgrounds have treated topics within this general perspective.

Once Upon a Time in China

Author : Jeff Yang
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Looks at the cinematic art of mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan discussing the creativity of Chinese film, and exploring the intertwined traditions of the three regions and their influence on movies.

The Politics of Time in China and Japan

Author : Viren Murthy
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Drawing on a wide range of texts and using an interdisciplinary approach, this volume shows how Chinese and Japanese intellectuals mobilized the past to create a better future. It is especially significant today given a world where, amidst tensions within Asia and the rise of China, East Asian intellectuals and governments constantly find new political meanings in their traditions. The essays illuminate how throughout Chinese and Japanese history, thinkers constantly weaved together nationalism, internationalism and a politics of time. This volume explores a broad range of subjects such as premodern and early modern attempts to conjure a politics of Confucianism, twentieth-century Japanese Marxist interpretations of Buddhism and Japanese and Chinese endeavors to imagine a new world order. In sum, this book shows us why understanding East Asian pasts are essential to making sense of ideological trends in contemporary China and Japan. For example, without understanding Confucianism and how modern intellectuals in China grappled with this body of thought, we would be unable to make sense of the Chinese government’s current promotion of the Chinese classics. This book will interest students and scholars of political science, history, Asian studies, sociology and philosophy.

A History of China to the Present Time

Author :
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Chinese Social Policy in a Time of Transition

Author : Douglas Besharov
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The story of China's spectacular economic growth is well known. Less well known is the country's equally dramatic, though not always equally successful, social policy transition. Between the mid- 1990s and mid-2000s---the focal period for this book---China's central government went a long way toward consolidating the social policy framework that had gradually emerged in piecemeal fashion during the initial phases of economic liberalization. Major policy decisions during the focal period included adopting a single national pension plan for urban areas, standardizing unemployment insurance, (re)establishing nationwide rural health care coverage, opening urban education systems to children of rural migrants, introducing trilingual education policies in ethnic minority regions, expanding college enrolment, addressing the challenge of HIV/AIDS more comprehensively, and equalizing social welfare spending across provinces, among others. Unresolved is the direction of policy in the face of longer-term industrial and demographic trends---and the possibility of a chronically weak global economy. Chinese Social Policy in a Time of Transition offers scholars, practitioners, students, and policymakers a foundation from which to explore those issues based on a composite snapshot of Chinese social policy at its point of greatest maturation prior to the 2007 global crisis.

China s Political Economy in Modern Times

Author : Kent G Deng
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This book makes an important contribution to the study of changes in China’s institutions and their impact on the national economy as well as ordinary people’s daily material life from 1800 to 2000. Kent Deng reveals China’s mega-cycle of prosperity-poverty-prosperity without the usual attribution to the 1840 Opium War, or the alleged population pressure, class struggle and oriental despotism. The book challenges the conventional view on ‘rebellions’, ‘revolutions’ and their alleged motivations and outcomes. Its findings separate commonly circulated myth with reality based on solid evidence and careful evaluation. The benchmark used by the author is people’s entitlement and mundane day-to-day material well being, instead of the stereotype of aggregates of industrial hardware and national GDP. China’s Political economy in Modern Times proves that state-building was the prime mover in China’s modern history. Contrary to the popular belief in mass movement, Deng shows convincingly that changes were in most cases imposed by a minority with external help. Therefore, the quality of the state was unpredictable, seen from the anti-state that cost lives and economic growth. This book will be of interest to students and scholars of Chinese Politics, Chinese Economics, Chinese History, and Political Economy.

China Being The Times Special Correspondence from China in the Years 1857 58

Author : George Wingrove Cooke
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China The Times special correspondence from China in 1857 58 With corrections and additions

Author : George Wingrove Cooke
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Astrology and Cosmology in Early China

Author : David W. Pankenier
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The ancient Chinese were profoundly influenced by the Sun, Moon and stars, making persistent efforts to mirror astral phenomena in shaping their civilization. In this pioneering text, David W. Pankenier introduces readers to a seriously understudied field, illustrating how astronomy shaped the culture of China from the very beginning and how it influenced areas as disparate as art, architecture, calendrical science, myth, technology, and political and military decision-making. As elsewhere in the ancient world, there was no positive distinction between astronomy and astrology in ancient China, and so astrology, or more precisely, astral omenology, is a principal focus of the book. Drawing on a broad range of sources, including archaeological discoveries, classical texts, inscriptions and paleography, this thought-provoking book documents the role of astronomical phenomena in the development of the 'Celestial Empire' from the late Neolithic through the late imperial period.