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What Women Want what Men Want

Author : John Marshall Townsend
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Presents evidence to show men's and women's sexual psychologies have an evolutionary, not cultural, origin

What Women Want Next

Author : Susan Maushart
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With all the choices available to today's women, why don't they more feel fulfilled? What Women Want Next is Susan Maushart's meditation-by turns profound and laugh-out-loud funny-on that central dilemma of postfeminist life. At one point she had it all, so why wasn't she happy? With What Women Want Next, Maushart combines research with personal history in a dynamic attempt to answer this question. Feminism may have led women to life's banquet table, but the meal they make of it is up to them. How to balance life and work, sex and sleep, child care and self-care? And why has women's guilt-that glass ceiling of the soul-become the biggest barrier they face? What Women Want Next is the first book to look at the spectrum of a woman's life and attempt to demonstrate how she can shape her own destiny throughout all its stages.

What Women Want

Author : Nelly Thomas
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A funny and moving book that Australian women of all generations will love. With all the moxie of an RSL barmaid and the library card of a research fellow, Nelly Thomas has emerged to talk about nothing slighter than the trials of her generation... She's erudite, earthy and entirely unemployable. Helen Razor - The Age (review Melb Comedy Festival) Growing up in post-feminist Australia, Nelly Thomas, one of Australia’s most gifted and natural comedians, was told she could ‘have it all’. She’s giving it a crack – but she still isn’t quite sure what ‘it’ is. What do women want? In pursuit of answers, Thomas has tried being a telemarketer, a professional student, a fast-food worker, a broadcaster, a smoker, a prostitute’s confidant, a health advocate, a reality television obsessive, a mother, a partner (or is it girlfriend? lover?), an award-winning comedian, a sex-educator, a Loony Lefty Feminista and a self-confessed fatty boombah. Like many of her generation, she’s had a lot of options, yet she’s wondering – which do you choose? In this hilarious part-memoir, part-manifesto, Thomas navigates the murky waters of her life and womanhood in the twenty-first century. She tackles the big contemporary issues – career, equality, family, porn, sex, entertainment, obesity, parenting, culture, class, Beyonce’s derriere – with customary insight and a wickedly dry wit. A must-read for the modern Aussie woman.

What Women Want

Author : Dr. Gracieta M. Lewis
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This book is a self-help book for men, but women will probably read it too. Women are so smart they want to know whatever they can about themselves. But this piece is written in a simple and easy format. No big words. It is my hope that this book helps a man to better be able to know what his woman wants. By him knowing what his woman wants he can provide it for her, or at least understand why she wants it.

What Women Want

Author : Geoff Dench
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Over the last few decades, families in many highly developed nations (such as Great Britain) have been held together by grandparents. Yet as single motherhood spreads into this generation, extended families without men or work are becoming more common. The proportion of single mothers with daughters who are also state-dependent single mothers is growing. The British underclass has arrived. Women who can see this happening around them, and understand its roots, are the ones most able to revive traditional values, but policymakers are looking the other way. This fuels alienation from mainstream political parties. What Women Want argues that sociology and social policy in Britain have failed to recognize how women's orientation to paid work and a career remains different from men's. Most women now have paid jobs, but the happiest are those working only part time, with plenty of time to enjoy motherhood and being a homemaker. A revised sexual division of labor has emerged; and the author argues that denial of this in Britain may be contributing to the breakdown of family life. A working male partner is a major factor in making women happy. The least content are single mothers dependent on state welfare who know that the state expects them to repay its support by becoming full-time workers when their children reach a certain age. Many single mothers may be victims of policies prioritizing work for women. Single motherhood has grown alongside male male breadwinners. This is a new edition of a book previously distributed only in the United Kingdom.

What Women Want

Author : Deborah L. Rhode
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What Women Want is a trenchant examination of the struggle for women's equality, and a prescription for what to focus on next in order to ensure maximum success. Feminism today is a movement that lacks leadership, unity, and definition, and it has gotten stuck in a boom and bust cycle when it comes to public opinion and action. Despite significant progress over the last fifty years, equality is still a distant goal in the political, social, and economic spheres. Only by identifying the barriers (both internal and external) that remain, Deborah Rhode argues, can we begin to identify solutions. A rigorously researched and well-written answer to the glut of gender-related books that have come onto the market recently, What Women Want comprehensively analyzes the challenges the feminist movement faces today. Combining sharp academic analysis and interviews with notable figures such as Sheryl Sandberg, Rhode focuses on five main topics: employment issues such as pay discrimination, work-life balance and the government's pitiful response, the assault on women's reproductive rights and the limits it places on their economic mobility, sexual harassment and violence, and the detrimental effect that the unfashionable label "feminist" can have, especially in attracting young women to the movement. Despite these formidable obstacles, the goals and principles of feminism are widely accepted by the American mainstream, and Rhode, herself a pathbreaker in the fields of law and education, offers effective strategies for redefining and advancing the feminist agenda, thereby creating a movement that truly recognizes, and is responsive to, what all women want.

What Women Want

Author : Lisa Tawn Bergren
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From a deeper relationship with God to harmony in the home, from stronger marriages to more satisfying work: Women Want More. In What Women Want bestselling author Lisa T. Bergren and Rebecca Price invite readers to thoughtfully consider their soul-deep longings--and pursue God’s best in every area of life. Using in-depth interviews from a national survey and hundreds of personal interviews, biblical narratives, their own personal stories and inspiring quotes, the authors point fellow seekers toward the kind of wholeness God desires, providing lots of fun and inspiration along the way. They explore friendship, how and where to find happiness, health, and more with an eye on physical, emotional, and spiritual matters. A Bible study, designed for personal or group use and tested with dozens of women’s ministries around the country before publication, is included at the end of each chapter. Young or old, married or single, with children or without, striving in the workplace or working in the home, readers will resonate with Lisa and Rebecca’s descriptions of the life women crave, and learn how God fulfills the very desires He stirs.

Rafael s Convenient Proposal Mills Boon Cherish What Women Want Book 6

Author : Rebecca Winters
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Mallory Ellis is facing the ultimate dilemma. Mediterranean aristocrat Rafael D'Afonso is offering her the family she's always wanted. But can she risk giving up her high-flying career for the chance of motherhood, when all Rafael is proposing is a marriage in name only...?

What Women Want

Author : Kimberly Ervin Alexander
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Pentecostal women ministers have been silenced in official conversations about their place in church leadership. What do women ministers believe about family life? Have they been influenced by liberal feminism? Do they really want to be equal ministry leaders with men? What Women Want answers these questions in a first ever empirical study that paints a portrait of what it's like to be a Pentecostal woman minister.

What Women Want From Work

Author : Ruth Woodfield
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Despite improvements, women remain concentrated in particular occupational sectors and roles. Are current patterns a function of external limitations on initial ambitions, or do women simply prefer distinct types of work? There is a wealth of literature relating to gendered occupational segregation, but comparatively little accounting for how work choices are made from the individual's perspective. Including case studies of firefighting and teaching, this book offers a qualitative exploration of girls and women's reported journeys toward their work choices.