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When I Was Saddam s Hostage

Author : Ali R. Bozkurt
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A powerful figure in business, Ali Bozkurt was at the peek of his success having the best of the worlds; money, fame, power. As a CEO of one his construction company, he went to Kuwait, just for one day, to attend a formal ceremony of a multi billion-dollar power plant construction of his company. Out of nowhere came the thousands of Iraqi soldiers to the doorstep of his construction site on August 1st, 1990 abducting Ali and his colleagues. Shoved into a concentration camp, labeled as "hostage," stripped off of his power and his dignity; his life hung between life and death at the trigger of an ignorant 17-year-old Iraqi soldier. Such an unexpected sudden change in Ali's life, instead of being the most powerful person in front of his colleagues and having to obey humiliating orders of an Iraqi child in front of them, was an unbearable shame and sorrow, worse that being killed for him. This was beyond a nightmare, it was reality; another dimension of life where survival from day to day was the object of life in which people were driven by hunger, thirst and threat of death. You will read the feelings of a person, and how this event affected his life, his views and his values, and how his life is transformed into a different direction after his release.

The Persian Gulf Hostages

Author : Christopher Preston Murdoch
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The Persian Gulf Hostage Crisis began on 09 August 199O, one week after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, with the Iraqi announcement that thousands of Americans and other foreigners stranded in Iraq would not be permitted to leave. Iraq's invasion of Kuwait caught most U.S. policy makers and other international political observers by surprise and marked the beginning of the pre-crisis phase. The hostage crisis continued through 06 December 1990, when Saddam announced the release of all foreigners. The post-crisis phase, consisting of the Persian Gulf War, cease-fire, and ongoing attempts to force Iraq to fully comply with all United Nations resolutions, has provided the setting for the next hostage crisis, given the willingness of the Iraqi government, again last month, to take Americans hostage.

The Gulf War with the Media as Hostage

Author : Rune Ottosen
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An American Hostage in Iraq

Author : Nabil Seyam
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Dr. Nabil Seyam grew up in a poor Palestinian home in Kuwait, dreaming one day of studying and getting a good job to support his family. His life was faring well. After graduating from Wichita State University, where he married his first wife, Carrie, the two moved back to Kuwait to start a family. Seyam was a safety engineer for a successful pipe manufacturer. Carrie taught at an American school. Then Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990. Like many others at the time, Seyam lost his job. He and his family went into survival mode, selling eggs outside mosques and driving as far as Basra, Iraq, to sell electronics. His family, being Palestinian, passed through the checkpoints the Iraqis had set up across Kuwait. Seyam, being a Palestinian-American, knew he was at risk. Other Americans were being detained. Some were arrested and taken to strategic locations as “human shields.” Two months after the invasion, Seyam didn’t make it past a checkpoint. He was arrested, beaten, and bused to Baghdad, where he was among a group of 25 captives. They spent 15 days in a hotel that the military had turned into a headquarters for operations. International pressure helped free Seyam, but the experience left him nearly penniless and jobless. The captivity kept him from seeing the birth of his third child, who was with Carrie in Wichita. The U.S. Embassy paid for his flight to Wichita, where he started over. He and his family bought groceries with food stamps. He got odd jobs at temp agencies. He fought to get his life back. Now, he is the corporate director of health and safety for an international company, overseeing many plants. He lives in an upscale neighborhood on a golf course. But his new life is more than just a corporate success story. He and others founded Wichita’s largest gathering place for Muslims, the Muslim Community Center. He founded the city’s first Muslim school. And he’s served a vital role as spokesman for the estimated 5,000 Muslims in the central Kansas community, especially since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Within an hour of that tragedy, he decided to issue statements to the local media, emphasizing the sorrow the Islamic community felt and how their beliefs differed sharply from the terrorists’ hypocritical version of Islam. He has spoken in churches, schools, colleges, and community centers across Kansas. He still speaks today for a variety of groups sharing his perspective. The job of informing the world about true Islam is never done, he has said. His story of triumph over captivity is unusual because he was the rare Arab-American taken hostage during the first Gulf War. His story of returning to the United States, rebuilding his life as an executive and as a leader in the Muslim community in the nation’s heartland is more than just an American dream realized. He did this in a city where Christianity is the dominant faith. He has seen Iraqis who claim to be Muslim but violate its laws by drinking and caring more for Saddam’s philosophy of conquest than the Qur’an’s mandates for moral living and building peace and justice. His perspective of the occupation of Iraq by the Bush administration and the role of Arab leaders for the past 56 years is a unique one.

The Ultimate Fifth Column

Author : Bruce Hoffman
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The current crisis in the Middle East is like none the United States has ever faced. Saddam Hussein has rewritten the rules of modern warfare by enmeshing thousands of Western hostages in his ruthless quest for Iraqi Lebensraum and threatening to deploy them as human shields. Equally disquieting is the likelihood that the Iraqi leader has created the ultimate "fifth column": an international terrorist army arrayed throughout Europe and the Middle East, ready to strike at his command. The U.S. chances of mounting a successful rescue operation appear problematical, at best, as essential intelligence acquisition is rendered impossible by the large number of hostages that Saddam is threatening to disperse among Iraqi military and industrial sites. The unprecedented size of the hostage problem, however, is just one of the factors complicating American actions in the Middle East. Saddam is apparently preparing to unleash a campaign of international terrorism. The most radical, hard-line Palestinian terrorist organizations have been moving their operational bases to Iraq. There are now twice as many international terrorists in Iraq as there were a year ago. If Saddam remains in power and if Iraq retains its military might, unconventional tactics, such as terrorism, will become institutionalized as instruments of modern warfare.

Buried Alive

Author : Roy Hallums
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A true-life adventure sure to shock as well as inspire. AK47s, masked thugs, and brutal urgency erupt from Roy Hallums' account of his abduction in Iraq, shredding through those frequently sterile cable news reports revealing that another "American contractor is being held hostage . . ." Hallums was the everyman behind that report?a 56-year-old retired Naval commander working as a food supply contractor in Baghdad's high-end Mansour District. His abduction was transacted in a matter of minutes, amidst a hail of gunfire and a handful of casualties. For the first few months of his captivity, Hallums endured beatings and psychological torture while being shuffled from one ramshackle safe house to another. From the four-foot-tall crawlspace where he carried out the bulk of his nearly year-long abduction, Hallums established a surprising degree of normalcy?a system of routines and timekeeping, along with an attention to the particulars that defined his horrific ordeal. His experience is recreated here, rich with harrowing specifics and surprising observations.

Hostage America

Author : Jim Ward
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Weary of assassination attempts, Saddam Hussein plants a Weapon of Mass Destruction in a U.S. city, holding America hostage for his life; should anyone or any country make another assassination attempt, the weapon will be detonated.Authorities race to locate the weapon, prepare for a biologic, chemical or nuclear attack, while the CIA discovers the Saudi's have hired an assassin, the Rat, to kill Saddam. Forced to become Saddam's protectorate, the US must neutralize the agent before the attempt is made. Story Martin, ex-Delta force team leader, is sent after the Rat. During the Gulf war, Captain Martin's team had been tasked with Hussein's assassination. Every attempt was foiled and on their last assault, all of Martin's Delta team members were killed. Martin blames U.S. commanders for their deaths.Long out of favor and considered unstable by Covert Operations Command, Story Martin is the last resort for the mission. Martin performs admirably until his first night inside the boarders of Iraq when the COC's worst nightmares are realized. Communications with Martin are lost and the tracking chip he wears detail travel patterns of his own agenda. Story's insertion into Iraq is a disaster, and he is running for his life from the start. After fighting through numerous obstacles, Martin is bludgeoned by an amorous, underground, freedom fighter. Martin awakes with amnesia and because Saddam's plot is kept secret by both sides, the Iraqi underground movement believes Martin has returned to assassinate Saddam. He is easily convinced, and Martin, his sexy assailant and their guide, set out for Baghdad to kill the Iraqi leader.As Martin and the Rat chase Saddam, the secret is leaked, the U.S. domestic scene crumbles and terror is used to justify a military coup on the President and Congress. Chaos is manifested in the new U.S. leader and the goal of terrorism realized on American soil. Story Martin must regain his memory, foil the assassination attempt and, in an uncanny twist, detonate the bomb Saddam planted in the United States to save America.

2006 in Iraq

Author : Source Wikipedia
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 55. Chapters: Iraq War, Iraqi insurgency, Execution of Saddam Hussein, Civil war in Iraq, Mahmudiyah killings, Christian Peacemaker hostage crisis, Hamdania incident, 2005-06 Iraqi Premier League, 2006-07 Iraqi Premier League, Sons of Iraq, 732nd Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron, Ishaqi incident, Iraq at the 2006 Asian Games, United Nations Security Council Resolution 1723, United Nations Security Council Resolution 1700, Iraqi Leaders Initiative.

Holy Hostage

Author : David L. Cunningham
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Wrestling For Saddam

Author : Bob Roop
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A true story of American Olympian Bob Roop who, in 1972, was hired by fraud to wrestle in Iraq. When he defeated the Iraqi champion wrestler in a match seen by a live audience of 200,000 and televised throughout Iraq and the Arab Middle East, Roop was held hostage by Saddam Hussein. The Iraqi dictator used the wrestling spectaculars as political rallies, correlating athletic success with the strength of his ruling political party. Because the wrestling loss weakened his party and political control, he kidnapped Roop and coerced him by torture to wrestle another bout. After the second contest, Roop narrowly escaped two assassination attempts by the mass murderer. Sworn to secrecy by the clandestine US operatives who spirited him out of Iraq, Roop has waited almost the fifty years promised by his oath to tell this tale of atrocity and betrayal. Wrestling for Saddam tells why Roop so badly needed rescue-without it, he would be tortured into admission as an Israeli agent and executed.

Flight 149

Author : Stephen Davis
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A gripping, real-life drama that reveals the true story of a plane full of unsuspecting passengers who landed in a war zone and were delivered into the hands of a murderous dictator. On August 1, 1990, Flight 149 was scheduled for its routine London-to-Kuala Lumpur run. But when the plane, carrying 385 passengers and crew, landed at a Kuwait airport to refuel that day, it was surrounded by Iraqi tanks and about to be bombed by fighter jets. The passengers and crew were kept as hostages and suffered brutal treatment including violent attacks, sexual assaults, and mock executions. When the survivors were eventually released, they were never told why their plane landed in the middle of an invasion, or who a mysterious team of late arrivals on the flight might have been. Their story was overshadowed by the ensuing Gulf War. Until now. In Flight 149, Stephen Davis draws on unique witness accounts from the hostages, and uncovers the lies and coverups orchestrated by the British secret service and CIA. This story reveals an astonishing misuse of intelligence that changed the course of history and forever altered the relationship between the West and the Middle East.

The Business of War

Author : James A. Tyner
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Since the cessation of major combat operations in Iraq, approximately 120 people - either contract workers or private soldiers - have been abducted, with one-third being executed. The largest contingent of these workers has been provided by the Philippines. Through a specific, though not exclusive, focus on the Philippines connection, this book considers the myriad ways in which transnational labour migration intersects with the occupation of Iraq. Also examining the role of the USA in the Middle East, the book places the war on terror within the practices of neoliberalism, but also links this with migration issues and argues that it is all part of a larger 'business' of conflict.


Author : Con Coughlin
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Drawing on an unparalleled network of sources, contacts, and first hand testimonies, Con Coughlin takes us to the centre of Saddam's complex and bewildering regime, and beyond. Saddam:The Secret Life describes how Saddam took power and immediately set about controlling every aspect of Iraqi life. Coughlin examines Saddam's regime both before and after its fall, exploring the contradictions of Saddam's private life. With evidence from both family members, servants and staff, Saddam: The Secret Life is unique in its representation of this bizarre and secretive world. Coughlin recounts the last few months of Saddam's reign and his eventual capture by American forces. And in a compelling new chapter, Coughlin recounts the chaos of Saddam's trial and his subsequent execution. Insightful, penetrating and shocking, Con Coughlin has written the defining biography of one of the most dangerous men of the last two decades. 'An excellent and disturbing book' William Shawcross, Sunday Telegraph 'Con Coughlin has uncovered more details of the Iraqi dictator's upbringing than have ever before seen the light of day' Christopher Hudson, Daily Mail


Author : James Loney
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The powerful account of the remarkable peace activist kidnapped while leading a peace delegation and held for ransom by Iraqi insurgents until his paradoxical release by a crack unit of special forces commandos. In November 2005, James Loney and three other men — Canadian Harmeet Singh Sooden, British citizen Norman Kember and American Tom Fox — were taken hostage at gunpoint. The men were with Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT), an organization that places teams trained in non-violent intervention into lethal conflict zones. The then unknown Swords of Righteousness Brigade released videos of the men, resulting in what is likely the most publicized kidnapping of the Iraq War. Tom Fox was murdered and dumped on a Baghdad street. The surviving men were held for 118 days before being rescued by Task Force Black, an elite counter-kidnap unit led by the British SAS.Captivity is the story of what Jim described upon his return to Toronto and reunion with his partner Dan Hunt as "a terrifying, profound, transformative and excruciatingly boring experience." It presents an affecting portrait of how Jim came to be a pacifist and chronicles his work in Iraq before the kidnapping. It brings the reader immediately into the terror and banality, the frictions, the moral dilemmas of their captivity, their search to find their captors' humanity, and the imperative need to conceal Jim's sexual identity. It examines the paradoxes we face when our most cherished principles are tested in extraordinary circumstances and explores the universal truths contained in every captivity experience. At its heart, the book is a hope-filled plea for peace, human solidarity and forgiveness. From James Loney: Why I Wrote This Book I often wondered, during those excruciating days of handcuffs and chains, fear and boredom without end, would I ever get to tell anyone about the strange and bizarre things that happened during our captivity? Being transported in the trunk of a car. Sleeping with my left and right hands handcuffed to the person beside me. Explaining to the captors how to use “men's gel.” Picking open our handcuffs after watching a Hollywood movie. It is a paradox. I went to Iraq as a pacifi st on a mission of peace and was kidnapped, threatened with death and held hostage with three other men until we were rescued in a military operation. It is an extraordinary privilege to be able to tell the story of this paradox, to explain why I remain committed to the principles of nonviolence despite the fact a member of our group was murdered and our freedom was secured by armed force. The crucible of captivity was a kind of school in which I was able to see the innermost workings of the universe, how we are all connected, how our liberation is inextricably tied together. I want to share this story in the hope of contributing to the emergence of a world without war, the single greatest challenge of the 21st century. Everything depends on this, for without peace nothing else is possible. From the Hardcover edition.

From the Eye of the Storm

Author : Laurence F. Bove
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From the Eye of the Storm: Regional Conflicts and the Philosophy of Peace presents to the reader a cross section of an emerging field of study: the philosophy of peace. The editors bring together articles that explore the philosophic implications of many recent regional conflicts. Reflecting the diversity and vitality and any new field of study, this volume contains five sections: Conceptual Foundations; America's Homefront; Desert Storm Assessments;Jihad, Intifada, and Other Mideast Concerns; and Latin American Issues. The topics of the articles include war, militarism, patriotism, nationalism, nonviolence, conscientious objection, feminist peace, the media, the ethics of the Gulf War, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Islamic pacifism, and Latin American resistance. A concluding postscript assesses prospects for achieving peace and change within our fast changing international scene. This volume has an extensive bibliography of writings concerning peace and conflict and is suited to professional and student audiences.

Saddam is Iraq

Author : Jerrold M. Post
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A World Transformed

Author : George H. W. Bush
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It was one of the pivotal times of the twentieth century--during George Bush's presidency, an extraordinary series of international events took place that materially changed the face of the world. Now, former President Bush and his national security advisor, Brent Scowcroft, tell the story of those tumultuous years. Here are behind-the-scenes accounts of critical meetings in the White House and of summit conferences in Europe and the United States, interspersed with excerpts from Mr. Bush's diary. We are given fresh and intriguing views of world leaders such as Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin, Margaret Thatcher, Helmut Kohl, and François Mitterrand--and witness the importance of personal relationships in diplomacy. There is the dramatic description of how President Bush put together the alliance against Saddam Hussein in the Gulf War. There are the intensive diplomatic exchanges with Beijing following the events of Tiananmen Square, and the intricate negotiations leading up to German reunification. And there is the sometimes poignant, sometimes grim portrayal of Gorbachev's final years in power. A World Transformed is not simply a record of accomplishment; Bush and Scowcroft candidly recount how the major players sometimes disagreed over issues, and analyze what mistakes were made. This is a landmark book on the conduct of American foreign policy--and how that policy is crucial to the peace of the world. It is a fascinating inside look at great events that deepens our understanding of today's global issues.

Texas Monthly

Author :
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Since 1973, TEXAS MONTHLY has chronicled life in contemporary Texas, reporting on vital issues such as politics, the environment, industry, and education. As a leisure guide, TEXAS MONTHLY continues to be the indispensable authority on the Texas scene, covering music, the arts, travel, restaurants, museums, and cultural events with its insightful recommendations.

Saddam s Bombmaker

Author : Khidhir Hamza
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Saddam Hussein's bomb expert--one of the highest-level defectors in American history--offers a detailed description of the Iraqi dictator's program to develop weapons of mass destruction. Reprint. 15,000 first printing.

Image Warfare in the War on Terror

Author : N. Roger
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Roger examines how developments in new media technologies, such as the internet, blogs, camera/video phones, have fundamentally altered the way in which governments, militaries, terrorists, NGOs, and citizens engage with images. He argues that there has been a paradigm shift from techno-war to image warfare, which emerged on 9/11.