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When IVF Fails

Author : K. Throsby
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In spite of the fact that almost eighty percent of all IVF cycles are unsuccessful, the dominant representations of the technology are of its success. Based on extensive interviews with women and couples who have undergone IVF unsuccessfully and who have since stopped treatment, and taking an overtly feminist approach, the book explores the ways in which IVF failure is experienced and accounted for. The book argues that IVF failure and the end of treatment have to be carefully managed over time in order to construct the self as 'normal' in the profoundly gendered context of reproductive normativity. Treatment failure is identified in the book not only as a central, but largely excluded, aspect of the experience of IVF, but also of a proliferating range of new, more controversial reproductive and genetic technologies.

The Infertility Crossroads

Author : Heather Easton
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Heather, and her husband, Mark, want to share their personal story of infertility, and offer guidance and support for others who face failure during IVF, or find themselves sitting at the infertility crossroads. It can feel at times a very sad and isolated place to be. During their personal journey, they have faced all three roads: IVF, adoption and childlessness.Heather and Mark find themselves facing some hard decisions after discovering that they have fertility issues. They quickly find themselves turning to the NHS for support as they begin their quest to have a baby. However, they soon realise that NHS support is limited. They begin tests with the NHS and are shocked at the results which lead to years of struggles with infertility with lots of twists and turns along the way. Heather and Mark together faced 5 rounds of IVF, use of donor eggs, IVF treatment abroad, issues with sperm quality, endometriosis, adenomyosis, premature ovarian insufficiency and laparoscopy surgery. The book ends by giving others advice on deciding how and when to move on in their journey when couples find themselves at the infertility crossroads. Heather shares her own current thoughts on being childless and her hopes for the future, and remaining positive, and gives guidance to others on how to navigate their own feelings.

Issues in Reproductive and Genetic Engineering

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The IVF Diet

Author : Zita West
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More and more couples are turning to IVF each year to help them conceive, and yet there are still many questions to be answered. "What makes IVF succesful?" and "what else can we do to support our treatment?" are two of the most important queries couples can have, and here, Zita West offers solutions. Nutrition and lifestyle advice, psychological and emotional support and a positive mindset all play an important part in helping couples conceive, and can even make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful outcome. This book not only advises how to prepare for IVF, but why it's so important, and the step-by-step diet and lifestyle plan is a clear way to support your treatment.

Abstracts Scientific Papers to be Presented at the 46th Annual Meeting of the American Fertility Society October 15 18 1990 Washington D C

Author : American Fertility Society. Meeting
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Cultural Encyclopedia of the Body M Z

Author : Victoria Pitts-Taylor
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Explores the human body alphabetically by part, detailing practices and beliefs from the past and present and from around the world.

The Practitioner

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Perspectives on Assisted Reproduction

Author : Takahide Mori
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The Medical Care of Women

Author : Phyllis L. Carr
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Dedicated solely to the health care of women, this book presents information from many specialties and how each applies to female patients. Topics covered include obstetrics and gynecology, endocrinology, infectious disease (including HIV), cardiology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, neurology, psychology and menopause.

HEW Support of Human in Vitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer

Author : William H. Marshner
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Hormones of Life

Author : Christer Nordlund
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Hormones and hormone therapy : historical background -- Axel Westman, endocrinology, and the population question -- Lion of the north : Leo and the first hormone drugs -- Inventing Gonadex -- Launching Gonadex -- The reception of Gonadex -- New Gonadex -- More than Gonadex -- In the shadow of Homogonal.

Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy in Gynecologic Practice

Author : Victor Gomel
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Author : Leslie J. DeGroot
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Revised throughout, the 5th Edition of this leading reference presents a complete and up-to-date review and analysis of all aspects of endocrinology, diabetes, and bone metabolism. Readers will also find state-of-the-art information on genetics, proteinomics, and hormone signaling, and coverage of the field's hottest topics in nearly 20 new chapters. Joined by an international team of leading expertsmany new to this editionDrs. Jameson and DeGroot provide guidance that integrates the basic science of endocrinology with clinical medicine and the practical management of endocrine disorders. A clinical focus emphasizes diagnosis and therapy.

Dissertation Abstracts International

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Infertility in Practice

Author : Adam H. Balen
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This book is written for the general gynaecologist. It gives practical instructions, with clear illustrations, in the non-specialist management of infertility. This source provides up-to-date information for a field of study which is undergoing rapid technological change. It explains basic investigations to exclude obvious causes of infertility: hormones, laparoscopy, and basic treatment: ovulation induction. The book also describes the techniques of assisted conception available in specialist centers, demystifying an acronym-ridden and fast-moving subject for the benefit of the general gynaecologist who may need to refer patients for specialist treatment. Because infertility is a "sensitive" area, the book addresses counselling and support

Fertility For Dummies

Author : Jackie Meyers-Thompson
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Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it. People do it too—have babies, that is—but sometimes they need a little help getting there. Often the problem is simple and can be handled without medical intervention. Unfortunately, in many cases it’s more complicated and can lead to a long, costly, and emotionally trying treatment process. Each year, more than 6 million people become fertility patients in the United States, alone. And they’re just the ones who can afford treatments which can cost as much as $20,000—with no guarantee of success. Ready for a baby but having a hard time conceiving? In this friendly guide, fertility patient, Jackie Meyers-Thompson and fertility expert Sharon Perkins use humor, heartache, and the real-life experiences of actual patients to cover the complete fertility story. In jargon-free language, they clue you in on the essentials of human reproduction and what can impede it. And they tell you what you need to know to: Take control of your fertility Optimize you chances of conceiving Know why you’re not conceiving Understand your treatment options Find the right doctor and work with him or her Navigate the confusing world of fertility treatments From basic life-style changes to in vitro fertilization, Fertility For Dummies covers all the basic and high-tech fertility choices available. You’ll discover what you need to know about: The female anatomy, the logistics of getting pregnant, and behaviors you should or shouldn’t change before trying to conceive Fine-tuning conception efforts using methods to predict ovulation, best sexual behaviors, diet, vitamins and supplements, and more Tests for diagnosing fertility problems and understanding the effects of various diseases on fertility Choosing a specialist and choosing a treatment, including intrauterine insemination and fertility injections In vitro fertilization, what to expect physically, emotionally, and financially Third-party reproduction—working with sperm donors, egg donors, embryo adoption, and surrogates Relax, discover your fertility options, and let Fertility For Dummies be your guide to having a baby.

High tech Conception

Author : Brian Kearney
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A consumer's guide for couples seeking fertility treatment assesses the risks, benefits, and safety latest techniques, drugs, and technology; describes the procedures involved in step-by-step detail; guides in choosing a fertility clinic and personnel; and more. Original.

The Fertility Sourcebook

Author : M. Sara Rosenthal
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Explores the treatment options for couples experiencing difficulty in conceiving.

Infertility in the Male

Author : Larry I. Lipshultz
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This complete reference book covers all aspects of male reproductive biology and applied clinical diagnosis and therapy and includes a lab manual. Chapters are authored by physicians in the fields of urology, gynecology and endocrinology providing in-depth discussions on the latest developments in male infertility. All causes of male infertility are addressed.