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When Your Child Loses a Loved One

Author : Theresa Huntley
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Talking with a grieving child can put a parent at a loss for words. In this brief guide, Huntley guides parents through children's grief, including how children understand death, how to talk with children about death, how children grieve, what steps help children work through their grief, and how parents can recognize the ebb and flow of grief over the course of children's lives.

When Your Child Loses a Loved One

Author : Theresa Huntley
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Talking with a grieving child can put a parent at a loss for words. In this brief guide, Huntley guides parents through children's grief, including how children understand death, how to talk with children about death, how children grieve, what steps help children work through their grief, and how parents can recognize the ebb and flow of grief over the course of children's lives.

Helping Children Cope with the Loss of a Loved One

Author : William C. Kroen
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What can we say to a child who has just lost a parent, a sibling, or other loved one? How can we be sure to say and do the right things without adding to the child's confusion and grief? And what if we are grieving, too? Grief in children may be expressed differently than in adults. In clear, concise language, Dr. William Kroen offers comfort, compassion, and sound advice to any adult who is helping a child cope with death. Incorporating insights and information from the respected Good Grief Program at the Judge Baker Children's Center in Boston, Massachusetts, and weaving in anecdotes about real children and their families, he explains how children from infancy through age 18 perceive and react to death. He offers suggestions on how we can respond to children at different ages and stages, and describes specific strategies we can use to guide and support them through the grieving process—from the first devastating days through commemorating the loved one and eventually moving on with life. Includes a list of recommended organizations and additional readings.

When Your Family s Lost a Loved One

Author : Nancy Guthrie
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All families eventually face the loss of a loved one. When it happens, it can place great strain on a marriage, as well as on other relationships. That's partly because we don't know what to do with our feelings and partly because every family member grieves in his or her own way. In this book, Nancy and David Guthrie explore the family dynamics involved when a loved one dies—and debunk some myths about family grief. Through their own experiences of losing two young children and interviews with those who've faced losing spouses and parents, they show how grief can actually pull a family closer together rather than tearing it apart.

Take My Hand

Author : Sharon Marshall
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Gentle wisdom and guidance for the parents of children who have lost a loved one in deathWhen children lose a loved one, it is particularly difficult to walk them through their grief because they may be unable to comprehend death and may be confused and frightened by the events taking place. This unique book is designed to equip parents with answers to their child’s immediate questions, and to offer wisdom and guidance in helping them parent their children at a time when their own hearts are broken and their own energies stretched to the breaking point.Author Sharon Marshall experienced this vulnerable time firsthand, when she had to parent her own toddler through the grief of losing his younger brother. But she also writes from her subsequent years of experience in working with high-risk youth traumatized by grief and loss. These pages offer her voice of compassion and gentleness, coupled with wise answers born of research, experience, and success.Each brief chapter is written in a poignant and easy-to-read style, beginning with a real-life scenario featuring a child. It then explains principles for mentoring a child through grief, and provides practical ways to handle the challenges. Sharon’s 28-year-old son, Jeff, closes each chapter with a reflection on his walk through grief toward hope.Take My Hand carries the reader to the loving arms of the heavenly Father who is able to transform the brokenness of a child’s grief into a pathway of learning, growth, and new insight and hope found in Jesus Christ.

When a Child You Love is Grieving

Author : Harold Ivan Smith
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When a Child You Love Is Grieving takes a different approach to helping a child grieve. As a widely recognized grief specialist, Harold Ivan Smith explains that quick answers are not what children need when they are grieving. They need support, and most of all they need to be allowed to grieve-for as long as it takes.

A Parent s Guide to Raising Grieving Children

Author : Phyllis R. Silverman
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When children lose someone they love, life is never the same. In this sympathetic book, the authors advocate an open, honest approach, suggesting that our instinctive desire to "protect" children from the reality of death may be more harmful than helpful.

Someone I Loved Died

Author : Wendy Deaton
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Someone I Love Died is a creative, child-friendly program designed for use with elementary school children, filled with illustrations and original exercises to foster healing, self-understanding, and optimal growth.

What to Do when a Loved One Dies

Author : Eva Shaw
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Lists immediate actions to take upon the death of a loved one, and discusses funeral arrangements and the grieving process

What Children Need When They Grieve

Author : Julia Wilcox Rathkey
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GIVE YOUR CHILDREN WHAT THEY NEED MOST When Julia Wilcox Rathkey lost her husband, her three children lost their father. Within hours, it became sharply clear that each child--a twelve-year-old daughter and twin ten-year-old sons--would grieve the loss in a radically different way. While one harbored anger, another experienced denial, and the third was gripped with fear. Rathkey quickly determined that each youngster would require a different response from the adults in their lives, particularly from her. But despite the array of emotions and reactions, Rathkey arrived at four essentials that each child would need: routine, love, honesty, and security. These four concepts, however simple, are crucial for those who want to successfully guide their children through one of the most difficult passages they may face in life: the loss of a loved one. What Children Need When They Grieve explores: • The scope of a child's reactions to death, including grief and fear • Advice on how to talk with your child, and how to recognize their need for privacy • What other adults can do to help, and what they should refrain from doing • Concise and to-the-point advice about your child's daily routine, at home and at school Written with compassion and the knowledge that comes from the experience of loss, designed not to overwhelm with too much information, and with an introduction by an expert in childhood bereavement, What Children Need When They Grieve offers strategies, support, and comfort for grieving families.

Look Both Ways

Author : Dan Hamilton
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Dan and Elizabeth Hamilton give practical advice on teaching young children about choices, consequences, responsibility and freedom.

Loved Baby

Author : Sarah Philpott
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Close to one in four American women experience the silent grief of pregnancy loss. Loved Baby offers much-needed support to women in the middle of psychological and physiological grief as a result of losing an unborn child. In Loved Baby, author Sarah Philpott gently walks alongside women as they experience the misguided shame, isolation, and crushing despair that accompany the turmoil of loss. With brave vulnerability Sarah shares her own and others’ stories of loss, offering Christ-filled hope and support to women navigating grief. This fresh and compassionate devotional offers: · Real talk about loss · Christ-filled comfort · Tips to manage social media, reconnect with your partner, and nourish your soul · Knowledge that your child is in heaven · Strategies to walk through grief · Ways to memorialize your loss Whether your loss is recent or not, Loved Baby can be your companion as you move from the darkness of grief toward the light of hope.

When Your Child is Gone

Author : Francine Toder
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Advises parents on how to adjust to the loss of a child because of death, adoption, custody disputes, miscarriage or estrangement and explains how to deal with feelings of guilt and grief

How to Read Your Child Like a Book

Author : Lynn Weiss
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This is an explanation of why babies, toddlers and pre-school children behave the way they do and how to deal with them. It examines issues such as why toddlers act in a self-centred way. The author discusses the five key stages of a child's development and the key to behaviour at each.


Author : Werner W. K. Hoeger
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This book places a strong emphisis on the individual being responsible for their own health and wellness. It covers assessing your own personal attitudes and behavior and, where necessary, making appropriate changes stressing the benefits of exercise to increase wellness and longevity.

Public Affairs Pamphlet

Author :
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When Someone You Love Has AIDS

Author : BettyClare Moffatt
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Geschrieben von einer Mutter, deren Sohn an Aids erkrankt ist: offen, warmherzig und oftmals auch mit viel Humor.

Rules for Raising Kids

Author : Robert I. Lesowitz
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"Rules for raising kids is a book about prevention. It is a guide for parents, teachers, physicians, and will be extremely helpful for anyone who deals with children. This book tells how to raise kids so they won't have problems at a later time. And more importantly, it is a book that shows how to deal with minor problems so that they don't become major problems. Unlike so many that have come before, Rules for Raising Kids is understandable, readable, humorous, and most of all, it is sufficiently concrete and specific to help people deal with the problems of raising children."--Back cover.

Why Did Daddy End His Life Why Did He Have to Die

Author : Samantha Pekh
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This book, which is written for children between the ages of five and twelve years, provides a resource that parents and caregivers can use to support and guide their children through the difficult process of suicide bereavement. Explaining suicide is not a task that parents are usually prepared for. Parents and caregivers often feel lost and overwhelmed at the prospect of having to discuss suicide with their children. Written from the perspective of a child, this illustrated story provides a fictional character for children to relate to. The story guides children through the difficult emotions they may feel, but often find difficult to express. It ends by reassuring children that they can survive the pain of their loss, even though it currently feels unbearable. Parents and caregivers should read this book with their children. This book provides a means to explain suicide and suicide bereavement in a way that children can understand, while also giving children permission to talk openly about their loss. The goal is to increase the sense of connection between parents and caregivers and their children and to help children feel understood and supported. In the supplementary parents guide, the author answers some of the common questions that arise for parents and caregivers, and covers specific examples of how they can respond to their children when discussing the suicide.

An A Z of Children s Emotional Problems

Author : Tom Crabtree
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