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Where the Bee Dances

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(Instrumental). This saxophone concerto, written in one continuous movement with a wide variety of tempi, celebrates the talents of John Harle, who has been a central player in the Michael Nyman Band for over ten years. The title has a double reference: on the one hand to the circular orientation dances which a foraging bee performs to communicate the location of food source, and on the other hand to my setting of 'Where the bee sucks', composed for Peter Greenaway's film Prospero's Books and quoted sporadically during the concerto. However, most of the material is derived from a 4-chord sequence that John once overheard me playing and which he expressed a particular liking for. -Michael Nyman

Where the bee dances

Author : Michael Nyman
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Bee Dance

Author : Rick Chrustowski
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"A honeybee searches for nectar, then returns to the hive to tell the other bees. She does a waggle dance, moving in a special figure-eight pattern to share the location of the foodsource with her hivemates. With vivid and active images, Rick Chrustowski brings these amazing bees to life!"--

Ballroom Biology Recent Insights into Honey Bee Waggle Dance Communications

Author : Roger Schürch
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The honey bee waggle dance communication is a complex, unique, at times controversial, and ultimately fascinating behavior. In an elaborate figure-of-eight movement, a returning forager conveys the distance and direction from the hive to resources, usually the nectar and pollen that is their food, and it remains one of the most sophisticated, known forms of non-human communication. Not surprisingly, since its discovery more than 60 years ago by Karl von Frisch, the dance has been subject to investigations that span from basic biology through human culture and neurophysiology to landscape ecology. Here we collate recent advances in our understanding of the dance.

Bee Dance

Author : Rick Chrustowski
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In Bee Dance, follow a foraging honeybee as she searches for food and returns to the hive to share the news in a honeybee dance! A honeybee searches for nectar, then returns to the hive to tell the other bees. She does a waggle dance, moving in a special figure-eight pattern to share the location of the foodsource with her hivemates. With vivid and active images, Rick Chrustowski brings these amazing bees to life!

The Honey Bee Dance

Author : Julie Bland
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Julia Bland's children's messages are popular with pastors, Sunday school teachers, and parents all across the country. That's because children love them and learn from the stories, drawings, and activity pages. Her work has been translated into Spanish and used by churches in Mexico and South America. The six lessons in this booklet, all based on Ephesians 4:32--5:2a, provide a perfect series for Vacation Bible School, a retreat, or a summer series for children. Using the busy, productive life of a honey bee as a metaphor for the life of a Christian, Bland offers these charming lessons: Bee Kind Bee Tenderhearted Bee Forgiving Bee Forgiven Bee Like Jesus The Honey Bee Dance "This series of stories written by Julia Bland will catch the interest and imagination of children of all ages through the creative use of the honey bee. The children will enjoy, as I did, getting to know many facts about the honey bee as well as participating in the many art and instructional activities provided." Rev. James H. Iwig former District Superintendent Kansas West Conference United Methodist Church "Julia Bland's stories are wonderful... I don't see why anybody wouldn't want to use them." Sara Coover During her 46 years as a pastor's wife, Julia Bland has taught church groups of all ages from children through senior adults. She has been active in United Methodist Women and served as district chairperson of Global Concerns as well as Publicity and Public Relations. Bland's award-winning oil, watercolor, and pen and ink artwork has appeared in private and public collections.

The Dancing Bees

Author : Tania Munz
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We think of bees as being among the busiest workers in the garden, admiring them for their productivity. But amid their buzzing, they are also great communicators—and unusual dancers. As Karl von Frisch (1886–1982) discovered during World War II, bees communicate the location of food sources to each other through complex circle and waggle dances. For centuries, beekeepers had observed these curious movements in hives, and others had speculated about the possibility of a bee language used to manage the work of the hive. But it took von Frisch to determine that the bees’ dances communicated precise information about the distance and direction of food sources. As Tania Munz shows in this exploration of von Frisch’s life and research, this important discovery came amid the tense circumstances of the Third Reich. The Dancing Bees draws on previously unexplored archival sources in order to reveal von Frisch’s full story, including how the Nazi government in 1940 determined that he was one-quarter Jewish, revoked his teaching privileges, and sought to prevent him from working altogether until circumstances intervened. In the 1940s, bee populations throughout Europe were facing the devastating effects of a plague (just as they are today), and because the bees were essential to the pollination of crops, von Frisch’s research was deemed critical to maintaining the food supply of a nation at war. The bees, as von Frisch put it years later, saved his life. Munz not only explores von Frisch’s complicated career in the Third Reich, she looks closely at the legacy of his work and the later debates about the significance of the bee language and the science of animal communication. This first in-depth biography of von Frisch paints a complex and nuanced portrait of a scientist at work under Nazi rule. The Dancing Bees will be welcomed by anyone seeking to better understand not only this chapter of the history of science but also the peculiar waggles of our garden visitors.

When Do Bees Dance

Author : Om Books Editorial Team
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WHEN? Get answers to all the questions you have about Animals

Summer of Bee Dances

Author : Terry Leon Driskell
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Encyclopedia of Adaptations in the Natural World

Author : Adam Simmons
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This is a fascinating encyclopedia comparing the most important adaptations and evolutions in the natural world with the most important discoveries and inventions of human history. • Provides diagrams of the process of photosynthesis, the functional areas of the human brain, and the bluefin tuna • Includes 58 photographs and electron microscope images illustrating the adaptations in the book • Presents bibliographic listings of key reference books, internet resources, and academic papers for further reading