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Which Side Are You On

Author : Dick Weissman
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A history, with a personal touch, of the American folk music revival is penned by a recording artist, songwriter, and former member of the Journeymen.

Which Side Are You On

Author : James Sullivan
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When he emerged from the nightclubs of Greenwich Village, Bob Dylan was often identified as a "protest" singer. As early as 1962, however, Dylan was already protesting the label: "I don't write no protest songs," he told his audience on the night he debuted "Blowin' in the Wind." "Protest" music is largely perceived as an unsubtle art form, a topical brand of songwriting that preaches to the converted. But popular music of all types has long given listeners food for thought. Fifty years before Vietnam, before the United States entered World War I, some of the most popular sheet music in the country featured anti-war tunes. The labor movement of the early decades of the century was fueled by its communal "songbook." The Civil Rights movement was soundtracked not just by the gorgeous melodies of "Strange Fruit" and "A Change Is Gonna Come," but hundreds of other gospel-tinged ballads and blues. In Which Side Are You On, author James Sullivan delivers a lively anecdotal history of the progressive movements that have shaped the growth of the United States, and the songs that have accompanied and defined them. Covering one hundred years of social conflict and progress across the twentieth century and into the early years of the twenty-first, this book reveals how protest songs have given voice to the needs and challenges of a nation and asked its citizens to take a stand--asking the question "Which side are you on?"

Which Side are You On

Author : John W. Hevener
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Detailing the dimensions of unionization and the balance of power spawned by New Deal labor policy after government intervention, this book is the definitive analysis of Harlan's bloody decade.

Which Side Are You On

Author : Dick Weissman
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A history, with a personal touch, of the American folk music revival is penned by a recording artist, songwriter, and former member of the Journeymen.

Which Side Are You On

Author : Elaine Harger
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Shattering any idea that librarianship is a politically neutral realm, this insider's account of seven debates from the floor of the American Library Association Council illustrates the mechanisms the governing body used to maintain the status quo on issues like racism, government surveillance and climate change. At play in each debate are rules of parliamentary procedure, appeals to authority, denial, and chastisement of librarians who pushed the ALA to make real its commitments to human rights and social justice. Providing a fascinating look at the Council's inner workings, the author parses debates concerning anti-apartheid boycotts; partnerships between ALA, McDonald's and the Boy Scouts of America; spying by the National Security Agency; censorship in Israel and the Occupied Territories; fossil fuel industry divestment; and the recent revival by ALA's Office of Intellectual Freedom of the infamous film The Speaker.

Homer Simpson Goes to Washington

Author : Joseph J. Foy
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The modern landscape of American entertainment is filled with commentary on the state of the union. Viewers turn to The Daily Show instead of Fox or CNN, satirical films such as Wag the Dog, cartoons like The Simpsons, or controversial action dramas similar to 24 in order to learn more about current events in the United States. Popular culture is educating America more than the nightly news, aiding viewers in their quest to understand the American political system. In Homer Simpson Goes to Washington: American Politics through Popular Culture, Joseph J. Foy and other contributing scholars offer diverse political perspectives through the framework of popular culture. From the classic film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington to the cutting-edge television program Chappelle's Show, a wide spectrum of entertainment media is used to explain the complexities of U.S. politics and how audiences engage with them. Popular culture and politics have never been so intertwined in the American consciousness as they are today. As political knowledge becomes increasingly fragmented, Homer Simpson Goes to Washington explains how popular culture can actually help connect people to their government.

Revolution Rock

Author : Amy Britton
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The ages of Thatcherism and New Labour are two of the most significant of the twentieth century, and more alike than they would care to admit. Out of these years of political turmoil have come many brilliant, often politically dissenting, British albums which have captured the landscape of the time. This is the story of those albums.

Museums and the Working Class

Author : Adele Chynoweth
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Museums and the Working Class is the first book to take an intersectional and international approach to the issues of economic diversity and class within the field of museum studies. Bringing together 16 contributors from eight countries, this book has emerged from the significant global dialogue concerning museums’ obligation to be inclusive, participate in meaningful engagement and advocate for social change. As part of the push for museums to be more accessible and inclusive, museums have been challenged to critically examine their power relationships and how these are played out in what they collect, whose stories they exhibit and who is made to feel welcome in their halls. This volume will further this professional and academic debate through the discussion of class. Contributions to the book will also reinforce the importance of the working class – not only in collection and exhibition policy, but also for the organisational psychology of institutions. Museums and the Working Class is essential reading for scholars and students of museum, gallery and heritage studies, cultural studies, sociology, labour studies and history. It will also serve as a source of honest and research-led inspiration to practitioners working in museums, galleries, libraries, archives and at heritage sites around the world.


Author : Jonathan Harvey
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Canary is multi-award winning playwright Jonathan Harvey's long-awaited return to the stage: a deeply moving, funny, unflinching, and often magical story about love, honesty and being brave enough to sing out at the top of your voice - with style. In 1960s Liverpool two lovers hide their homosexuality in the closet, then go their separate ways. While pits close and dole queues grow, a couple of runaways find Heaven in 1980s London. And today the paparazzi chase a love story that could tear a family apart. Then a grieving mother gets lost up a mountain, with a vicar for some dubious consolation. With a unique richness of texture and range, Canary combines pathos and humour with a wildly ambitious scope crossing decades through cyclical family histories. The diverse character list includes a primetime TV host, Queen Isabella, Eleanor Rigby, an 'aversion therary' doctor, Mary Whitehouse and striking miners. Skilfully pulling these wide-ranging threads together, Canary provides a social overview of Britain during the last 50 years, with a focus on the struggle against homophobia. Jonathan Harvey's trademark style of warmth, poignancy, humour and imagination is obvious in this epic, Liverpudlian Angels in America for the 21st century.

American Government and Politics Today The Essentials

Author : Barbara A. Bardes
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Bardes/Shelley/Schmidt's AMERICAN GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS TODAY, THE ESSENTIALS, 20th Edition, equips you with the tools and knowledge you need to become an active, informed participant in the U.S. political process. Making politics personal, it focuses on how government impacts you -- now and in the future. Unbiased, concisely organized and updated with 2020 election analysis, it delivers thorough coverage in a streamlined, easy-to-read format. Emphasizing critical thinking about political issues, it encourages you to become involved in the political process. Current, compelling and thought-provoking examples offer insight into such pressing issues as the global COVID-19 pandemic, racial injustice, police brutality, economic inequality and more. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

They Say in Harlan County

Author : Alessandro Portelli
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This book is a historical and cultural interpretation of a symbolic place in the United States, Harlan County, Kentucky, from pioneer times to the beginning of the third millennium, based on a painstaking and creative montage of more than 150 oral narratives and a wide array of secondary and archival matter.

Shooting the Truth

Author : James McEnteer
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Explores the ability of political documentary films to address vital issues ignored or glossed over by our corporate-controlled, mass-mediated "free press," such as the truth about American electoral processes, the real effects of U.S. foreign policies and globalization, and other issues too often hidden from a poorly informed public.

Strike Songs of the Depression

Author : Timothy P. Lynch
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The Depression brought unprecedented changes for American workers and organized labor. As the economy plummeted, employers cut wages and laid off workers, while simultaneously attempting to wrest more work from those who remained employed. In mills, mines, and factories workers organized and resisted, striking for higher wages, improved working conditions, and the right to bargain collectively. As workers walked the picket line or sat down on the shop floor, they could be heard singing. This book examines the songs they sang at three different strikes- the Gastonia, North Carolina, textile mill strike (1929), Harlan County, Kentucky, coal mining strike (1931-32), and Flint, Michigan, automobile sit-down strike (1936-37). Whether in the Carolina Piedmont, the Kentucky hills, or the streets of Michigan, the workers' songs were decidedly class-conscious. All show the workers' understanding of the necessity of solidarity and collective action. In Flint the strikers sang: The trouble in our homestead Was brought about this way When a dashing corporation Had the audacity to say You must all renounce your union And forswear your liberties, And we'll offer you a chance To live and die in slavery. As a shared experience, the singing of songs not only sent the message of collective action but also provided the very means by which the message was communicated and promoted. Singing was a communal experience, whether on picket lines, at union rallies, or on shop floors. By providing the psychological space for striking workers to speak their minds, singing nurtured a sense of community and class consciousness. When strikers retold the events of their strike, as they did in songs, they spread and preserved their common history and further strengthened the bonds among themselves. In the strike songs the roles of gender were pronounced and vivid. Wives and mothers sang out of their concerns for home, family, and children. Men sang in the name of worker loyalty and brotherhood, championing male solidarity and comaraderie. Informed by the new social history, this critical examination of strike songs from three different industries in three different regions gives voice to a group too often deemed as inarticulate. This study, the only book-length examination of this subject, tells history "from the bottom up" and furthers an understanding of worker culture during the tumultuous Depression years.

Labor s Troubadour

Author : Joe Glazer
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For more than half a century, armed only with his guitar, reams of songs, and conviction, Glazer has marshaled the power of music to fight for union representation in mills, mines, factories, and offices all over the country. This title traces the life and work of labor balladeer Joe Glazer.

The Fiction of Our Lives

Author : Sandra M. Levy-Achtemeier
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We are the author of our own lives. We create, re-create, and co-create our stories over the lifetime we have been given in order to make something of ourselves in the process. Blending new findings from brain science and psychology with spiritual and theological insights, Sandra Levy-Achtemeier has written a readable work translating complex scientific and spiritual categories into practical terms that can inform our everyday selves. From our evolutionary roots that equip us to sing meaning into our living, to the cultural menus we now draw from to script new meaning into our days, she has given us an incredible wealth of wisdom to inform the rest of our life journeys. Underneath it all, Levy-Achtemeier makes the case that God's Spirit and call are at the center of our story--from our brain synapses to the historical circumstances that impinge on our lives.

Out of the Darkness

Author : Kate Kerrow
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What is a Greenham woman? Any damn woman who wishes to call herself one. ‘What d’you need more atom bombs for? You got enough bombs to kill us all ten times Yet still you keep asking for more.’ Greenham Protest Song In 1981, a group of women marched from Cardiff to the Greenham Common RAF base in Newbury to protest the siting of US nuclear missiles on British soil. Gradually joined by women from all over the world, they formed what became the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp. They stayed there for almost twenty years, in what would become the largest, most effective woman-led protest since the Suffrage campaign – and they would radicalise a generation. Out of the Darkness reunites the trailblazing women of Greenham to share their intimate recollections of the highs and lows of camp life, explore how they organised, and uncover the clever, non-violent ways they challenged military, police and cultural forces, all in the name of peace. Whether freeing MoD geese or dancing on silos, whether composing songs to put their cases across in court or kissing in the face of advancing police, this is the story of the power of creativity, wit and courage, and the sisterhood the Greenham women created. Today, as our planet suffers increased threats from nuclear proliferation and environmental strain, this book celebrates the Greenham pioneers of peaceful protest and hopes to inspire a new generation of activists.

The Mouth that Roared

Author : Les Twentyman
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Award-winning writer, Robert Hillman, has collaborated with one of Australia’s best-known youth outreach workers and social campaigners, to bring his story to the public in that wonderful storytelling style that Robert and Les share. Raised in Braybrook in Melbourne’s Western suburbs, Les has devoted his life to young people doing it tough both in Melbourne’s west and more recently in western Sydney, setting up crucial programs, services and resources to assist youth at risk. His is a success story on many fronts: attracting a dedicated and passionate team who work directly with the young people to bring about individual change; and building a huge public profile to support his work. His personal contact list would be the envy of prime ministers: from politicians to prominent business people to police command to sports champions and CEOs of major sporting codes, to the governor general. In this memoir, Robert goes behind the public knowledge to find out what makes Les tick, where he came from, who and what made him Australia’s number one advocate for our most vulnerable young people. And what of his private life, if he has one at all? Take a journey with one of Australia’s living treasures to the ugliest side of life and to the best.

Songs of Work and Protest

Author : Edith Fowke
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Provides lyrics, music, and chord notation for work and protest songs and discusses each tune's significance in the labor movement

New Wave of American Heavy Metal

Author : Garry Sharpe-Young
File Size : 84.51 MB
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Provides an alphabetical listing of artists of the "New Wave of American Heavy Metal" (NWoAHM), including name, official World Wide Web site address, and band member line-up, followed by a biography and discography. Additional information available via the Rock & Metal database at

Playbook for Progressives

Author : Eric Mann
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An organizing manifesto for the twenty-first century, Playbook for Progressives is a must-have for the activist’s tool kit. This comprehensive guide articulates pragmatically what is required in the often mystifying and rarely explained on-the-ground practice of organizing. Here, Eric Mann distills lessons he learned from over forty years as an organizer, as well as from other organizers within the civil rights, labor, LGBT, economic justice, and environmental movements.