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Whispers from the Past

Author : S.K. Langin
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This is the story of two young people and their friends who have a wonderful job in the Wind River Mountain Area of Wyoming on a large guest ranch. The two trail guides have a past, each different; one more dangerous than the other. But when one incident starts a chain reaction. When old friends show up at the ranch, emotions appear and their very friendship comes into jeopardy. There is horses, music, adventure, danger and evil. But also, love. Can their new found feelings withstand the unfolding of the past and will it promise a future?

Harsh Whispers from the Past

Author : Anna Saville
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This story, is a retelling of my abuse and traumas. It is the story of my life, the story that explains the situations I put myself in, but became trapped by. It is my form of justice, it is my way of exposing my abusers, and not only that, but hopefully teaching others, that they have a voice, and if they cannot find it, if they cannot find the strength to scream, then I will do it for them. These issues have been pushed aside for too long, our voices, my voice, deserves to be heard. That little girl inside of me, deserves to be heard.

Whispers from the Past

Author : Gail Chianese
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A guy, a girl and a ghost prove true love withstands time and knows no boundaries. Shay O’Malley moved to Mimosa Key, Florida to leave her past behind and help her Gram move forward. But Shay's plans evaporate into thin air when a team of paranormal investigators shows up to try to prove her long-dead grandfather is still hanging around—much to her grandmother’s delight and to Shay's dismay. How is she supposed to make a clean start when one of the team turns out to be a ghost from her past—and feelings she thought were dead and buried materialize again? For zookeeper/ghost hunter, Colin Mackay it’s another typical day filled with lions, tigers, and ghosts. Or not, as he’s never found the proof he needs to make him a true believer. He’s been on a hundred investigations over the years, and not much shocks him, except seeing Shay O’Malley again. It doesn't take special equipment to know that electromagnetic energy still sizzles between them. They join forces to prove, once and for all, ghosts don’t exist. In order to succeed, they’ll have to put the past behind them, which is always easier said than done. With a little supernatural help they just may learn to have faith, trust and love will win.

Whispers From the Past

Author : L. S. O'Dea
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The War will end. Choices will be made. Secrets will be revealed. And whispers from the past will cloud the present and shape the future. Jethro wants one thing—revenge. Trinity must pay for her betrayal. His body screams for what she denied him and his blood roars to possess her. She was born in his camps. She belongs to him, body and soul, and nothing will stop him from capturing her. Uncovered atrocities at the lab send Hugh fleeing from the estate and into the nightmare of all that has happened while he's been away. While searching for Trinity he discovers powerful secrets from the past and is given a prophecy that will guide his future. Trinity has lost the boy of her dreams and the man of her future. She must fight to win not only the war but the life she deserves with the man she wants. In this gripping continuation of the riveting Lake of Sins series, the war does end and secrets from the earlier books are revealed, while more gruesome discoveries are unveiled.

Chet Whispers From the Past

Author : Larry Murray
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30 years ago Charles Tucker lost everything that made life worth living. A brutal car accident killed his son. A short time later painful cancer took his wife. The arrival of the Saunders family casts Charles’ life into turmoil, tearing open unhealed wounds. Without his help the Saunders’ financial troubles threaten to destroy them, but helping them risks destroying everything Charles spent a lifetime building. Over all the turmoil looms Chet, the battered old ‘64 Chevy pickup that carried Charles’ son to his death. For 29 years Charles blamed the old pickup for his devastating losses, locking Chet away in an old barn. The most intriguing mysteries refuse to stay locked up. Solving this one promises an enchanting adventure for the whole family. Publisher's note: Whispers From the Past is the first in the Chet series of inspirational fiction books. This heart warming story shares Christian values in a coming of age setting that is suitable for adult and young adult readers alike. Larry Murray is a successful author who prides himself on writing values based novels that timelessly connect with people across generations. The Chet series is published by Sandy Cedars Publishing and is available as eBook and print editions.

Whispers from the Past

Author : Simone Kelly
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Reincarnation, karma, and past lives are just some of the things that unfold in Whispers of the Past. Simone Kelly sends readers on a jaw-dropping ride of steamy, erotic moments, comedy, suspense, and supernatural thrills. Jacques Berradi has always known he could read minds, predict the future, but now he’s learned the ability to see into past lives on a deeper level. He can help others uncover their Karma with just a glance into their eyes or with a touch. Moroccan born and SoHo raised, Jacques exudes sex appeal without even knowing it. His genuine, soft-spoken demeanor makes him a highly requested intuitive counselor, helping his clients deal with the drama in their lives. His good friend, Kylie Collins, is a recent Brooklyn transplant to Miami. Fun loving and inquisitive, she’s a PI in training at Like a Fly on the Wall Detective Agency. She is at a crossroads in her life and realizes it’s time to make up her mind about men. Should she give up her addiction to her bad-boy Breeze, settle down to start a family, or just focus on her career? Mackenzie is Kylie’s roommate. She’s a skilled, gun-packing, outlandish, and hilarious modern-day Southern belle. Mackenzie is also is an herbalist and an amazing baker who wants to heal the world with her talents. When some dark, humiliating secrets that Mackenzie has been holding onto are revealed, everyone’s world is turned upside-down.

Night Whispers of a Painted Lady

Author : Jodi Embry
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Whisperings can tell of the past, sometimes good or sometimes sad, if one will only listen. Tricia lives in a charming, historical Victorian home when strange things begin to occur. While cleaning, she swears she feels someone watching her. The walls seem to vibrate, and mist fills the room. With Tricia frozen in terror, the whispers begin. Tricia begins to think she is going crazy due to the voices she hears in her old home. As she gives in to curiosity and starts to listen, though, she connects with voices of the past. She learns ancient things that demand to be told—but who would believe something so otherworldly and strange? Night Whispers of a Painted Lady is a heartwarming novel weaving together the stories of multiple families who inhabit the same Victorian home over several generations. A beautiful woman is ready to reveal her secrets, but she must first find an attentive ear. One must be still and listen in order to realize the amazing mysteries of this painted lady.

Old Maggie S Spirit Whispers

Author : Jeanne McElvaney
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Lyrical and nostalgic, Old Maggies Spirit Whispers gives you the simplicity, trust, and connections to ignite your own spirit insights. Its like riding your bike on a sweet summer day, exploring all the familiar places knowing the real adventure is taking place deep inside. There is nothing common about the friendship between a muse as ageless and solitary as the oak trees in Paddington Cove and a proper, young lady of Jane Austens England. Old Maggie is guided by serendipity, intuition, and coincidence. Lydia has only known the dictates of family and social expectations. Together they find their way to unexpected treasures that celebrate their spirits. You already have your answers. With 55 spirit whispers, this tale reminds you to listen.

Whispers of the Heart

Author : Ruth Scofield
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Autumn Barbour was shy, private, solitary—and seemingly content. Yet it was fear that kept her from following her dreams of a husband and a family. Until the day a bold and broad-shouldered widower and his bubbly little boy invaded her isolation… Architect and civic leader Brent Hyatt had found a cause in Autumn. He and his tiny son opened her world to sunshine and puppies. They brought her to a church called Hope and taught her that faith could move mountains and conquer any fear. Now it was up to Autumn to free her heart and claim the family of her dreams.

South Carolina Time Whispers

Author : Kathryn Kaleigh
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For years, the train's schedule punctuated Sophia's evenings. But with the war, everything changed. Left at home with her brother, broken from the war, Sophia changed as well. But during a thunderstorm, on a dark and stormy night, the train…. A standalone short story in a series of enchanting tales of love that overcomes the boundaries of time.