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White Girls

Author : Hilton Als
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"This book will change you." --Chicago Tribune White Girls is about, among other things, blackness, queerness, movies, Brooklyn, love (and the loss of love), AIDS, fashion, Basquiat, Capote, philosophy, porn, Eminem, Louise Brooks, and Michael Jackson. Freewheeling and dazzling, tender and true, it is one of the most daring and provocative books of recent years, an invaluable guide to the culture of our time.

White Girl s Hair

Author : Katherine Byrd Dyer
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White people only appear briefly in the first chapter of this story. It is a tale about the ancient Delaware People who lived on the eastern coastal plain, beginning the year 1,001.

All White Girls

Author : Michael Bracken
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There's a serial killer loose in the Windy City--a stalker picking off prostitutes in the red light district. The catch--his victims are all white girls.

Black Guys with White Girls

Author : James A. Watkins
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Why is it that you are twenty times more likely to see a black guy with a white girl as you are to see a white guy with a black girl? James A. Watkins created a web page to ask the world that simple question. Much to his surprise, a million souls visited the page and thousands of them from around the globe carried on a long conversation about the intersection of race and sex. Their comments are fascinating, and the best of them have been collected in this book. It will make you laugh; it will make you cry. It might make you glad someone finally said what you were thinking. It could make you angry. The book is short and snappy, without a wasted word. As soon as you finish reading it, you will want to read it again.

Wake Up White Girl

Author : Laurie Angelone
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Black and White Girls

Author : Crazy Girl
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Black Girls and Adolescents Facing the Challenges

Author : Catherine Fisher Collins
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This one-of-a kind book challenges the current thinking about black girls to show how America has failed them—and what can be done to make their lives better. • Provides the first research work on this topic • Covers health (physical, mental, and sexual), education, crime/criminal justice, and parenting as they affect black teen girls and adolescents • Features contributors from a broad range of fields, including psychology, biology, criminal justice, sociology, spirituality, law, medicine, and popular culture • Examines characteristics of at-risk girls and the lure of the "bad girl" image • Clarifies what parents/mentors and others can do to help these girls and teens live happy, healthy, more rewarding lives

Gods of Noonday

Author : Elaine Neil Orr
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The daughter of medical missionaries, Elaine Neil Orr was born in Nigeria in 1954, in the midst of the national movement that would lead to independence from Great Britain. But as she tells it in her new memoir, Orr did not grow up as a stranger abroad; she was a girl at home - only half American, the other half Nigerian. When she was sent alone to the United States for high school, she didn't realize how much leaving Africa would cost her. It was only in her forties, in the crisis of kidney failure, that she began to recover her African life. In writing Gods of Noonday she came to understand her double-rootedness: in the Christian church and the Yoruba shrine, the piano and the talking drum. Memory took her back from Duke Medical Center in North Carolina to the shores of West Africa and her hometown of Ogbomosho in the land of the Yoruba people.

Indian Education in Canada Volume 1

Author : Jean Barman
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The two volumes comprising Indian Education in Canada present the first full-length discussion of this important subject since the adoption in 1972 of a new federal policy moving toward Indian control of Indian education. Volume 1 analyzes the education of Indian children by whites since the arrival of the first Europeans in Canada. Volume 2 is concerned with the wide-ranging changes that have taken place since 1972.

The Female Offender

Author : Meda Chesney-Lind
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Scholarship in criminology over the last few decades has often left little room for research and theory on how female offenders are perceived and handled in the criminal justice system. In truth, one out of every four juveniles arrested is female and the population of women in prison has tripled in the past decade. Co-authored by Meda Chesney-Lind, one of the pioneers in the development of the feminist theoretical perspective in criminology, the subject matter of The Female Offender: Girls, Women and Crime, Second Edition redresses the balance by providing critical insight into these issues. Bringing much-needed attention to the state of these often "invisible" wrongdoers, The Female Offender enlightens and intrigues readers including academics, researchers, and students in the areas of criminology, criminal justice, sociology, and women’s studies. Likewise, anyone seeking cutting-edge information about a growing offender population will want to read this book.