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White Work

Author : Carter Houck
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In dozens of countries and in hundreds of varieties, the venerable craft of white work has become a byword for the ultimate form of needlework elegance. Its 3,000-year history encompasses every conceivable form of garment and decorative linen, from peasant blouses to papal vestments and the bridal gowns of queens; it appears in many guises as the favored embroidery of needleworkers from Denmark to South Africa, from England to the Philippines. Unfortunately, white work has frequently been neglected in the United States because of its underserved reputation as a difficult form of embroidery — the type of work that, as author Carter Houck states, is never seen "beyond the glass cases of a museum." In reality white work can be performed at all levels of expertise; even more important, Ms. Houck shows that superb results can be achieved without laborious practice and prodigious technique. From these pages white work emerges as a vibrant and continually evolving form of contemporary embroidery that is both beautiful in itself and valuable for its myriad uses. Ms. Houck assumes no previous knowledge of white work and provides complete information on materials, pattern-transferring techniques, and instructions and diagrams for over 20 stitches: the simple chain stitch and running stitch; satin stitches and French knots; and more difficult "virtuoso" techniques like the Star and Shadow. Following the instructions are 40 pages of magnificent patterns, including florals, repeats, abstract designs, spot and corner decorations in a wide variety of sizes and moods, and two complete sets of alphabets for use as monograms. For each design Ms. Houck has suggested a stitch or stitches that produce optimal effects. As a result, the book acts as a self-contained guide to white work that can transform blouses, cuffs, collars, scarves, place settings, curtains, or any embroidery medium into treasures of heirloom quality.

Contemporary Whitework

Author : Tracy A Franklin
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The term 'whitework' covers a range of traditional but much-loved hand embroidery techniques, including drawn thread work, pulled work, cutwork, Richelien and Mountmellick. These techniques have been around for centuries, but in recent years embroiderers have been developing them to create more contemporary and experimental pieces. This is the first book to cover the new, exciting whitework being produced today. It contains full instructions on the traditional techniques used in whitework, plus ways to explore and develop these techniques for more contemporary applications. Illustrated with a wealth of designs by the finest embroiderers and textile artists working in the field today, this practical guide provides an exciting snapshot of new trends within a traditional context. Covers : Tools and equipment • Threads and materials • History of whitework techniques • Stitch glossary • Shadow work • Pulled work • Drawn thread work • Mountmellick • Broderie Anglaise • Experimental work

Working While Black

Author : Michelle T. Johnson
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This guide offers practical suggestions for black Americans to develop mental awareness, a psychological game plan, and an increased level of business savvy in order to negotiate the minefield of the white work world. Included are commonsense scenarios and real-life solutions that will help every black American evaluate his or her options--from getting hired to getting fired, from adjusting one's attitude to suing an employer. Tips are offered on how African Americans can fit their styles, mindsets, and history into the workplace, and insight is provided into how best to deal with situations, problems, and issues unique to being black in a white working world. This new edition has been updated to account for changes in social networking, the Obama effect, the economic downturn, and recent court decisions.

On White s Work about the Fossil Flora of Martha s Vineyard

Author : Lester Frank Ward
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Whitework Embroidery

Author : Ayako Otsuka
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All you need to know to make exquisite whitework designs! Whether you are new to whitework or just need a refresher, Whitework Embroidery will show you how to make a variety of stitches including drawn work, pulled thread work, Hedebo, count work, and Schwalm. Step-by-step instructions make the stitches easy to learn, and two sampler patterns give you the perfect canvas on which to practice the stitches and make a decorative wall hanging at the same time. Full photo-illustrated instructions and all necessary patterns for each of 30 projects are included. Choose from a variety of elegant designs for the home including table linens, pillows, and items for tea time, and designs for baby including an heirloom christening gown, bonnet, bib, and booties. Delicate pouches and a ring bearer pillow will add a personal touch to a special wedding. Each of the handwork pieces you make is sure to become a cherished keepsake.

A Z of Whitework

Author : Country Bumpkin
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The ultimate resource for beginning and experienced needlecrafters who want to discover the timeless appeal of whitework in its many forms.Whitework is white on white embroidery where the texture of the stitchery, whether it be delicate or bold, creates the beauty and interest.Over 1000 step-by-step photos illustrate the creation of this beautiful traditional white-on-white embroidery which has inspired needlecrafters for centuries.Encompassing candlewicking, Mountmellick, cut work, applique, shadow work and net embroidery, this comprehensive guide in the proven A-Z format includes many useful tips and fascinating historical information.

Ukrainian Whitework

Author : Gay Eaton
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Technology and the Transformation of White collar Work

Author : Robert E. Kraut
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The introduction of new technology and communication to businesses is forever altering the roles and responsibilities of the white- collar workers. This unique collection from authors in such diverse disciplines as psychology, computer science, sociology, history, communication, and public policy, discusses the ways in which these changes have and are effecting the workplace and the employees while speculating on future changes and effects. Of special significance are the methods suggested for introducing information technology into the workplace. These new methods will increase the quality and quantity of goods and services produced while increasing the quality of working life for employees.

Charles White

Author : Andrea Barnwell Brownlee
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One of the greatest American artists of the twentieth century, Charles White (1918-1979) --with amazing spirit, vision, and brilliance--devoted both his life and work to portraying the African American community. With pencil and brush, in black and white or in color, he captured not only the poverty, strife, and despair of the black people but their strength of community, the joy of enlightenment, and the tenderness of kinship as well, rejecting the usual stereotypes of black people as inferior. His canvases, woodcuts, monumental drawings, and murals convey his strong social consciousness and impart the inherent dignity of his subjects.Andrea Barnwell chronicles the highlights of White's career, discusses several of the artist's famous works, and introduces many works from private collections that never before have been examined. Although White's works are in the collections of major museums and libraries, including Hampton University Museum, Hampton, Virginia; Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; Howard University Gallery of Art, Washington; the Art Institute of Chicago; and the Flint Institute of Art, his place in the annals of art history has never been fully realized.

Counsels on Sabbath School Work

Author : Ellen Gould Harmon White
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