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Who Came to Tea at the Old Kinchega Homestead

Author : Penelope M. Allison
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This is a study of the ceramic tablewares and teawares from a pastoral homestead in outback western NSW, Australia, occupied from c. 1876 until 1955.

Housing in the Ancient Mediterranean World

Author : J. A. Baird
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One of the greatest benefits of studying the ancient Greek and Roman past is the ability to utilise different forms of evidence, in particular both written and archaeological sources. The contributors to this volume employ this evidence to examine ancient housing, and what might be learned of identities, families, and societies, but they also use it as a methodological locus from which to interrogate the complex relationship between different types of sources. Chapters range from the recreation of the house as it was conceived in Homeric poetry, to the decipherment of a painted Greek lekythos to build up a picture of household activities, to the conjuring of the sensorial experience of a house in Pompeii. Together, they present a rich tapestry which demonstrates what can be gained for our understanding of ancient housing from examining the interplay between the words of ancient texts and the walls of archaeological evidence.

Tea in Australia

Author : Peter D. Griggs
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Before 1950, Australians were the world’s highest consumers of tea per capita. This book tells the story of how tea emerged as the national beverage in the Australian colonies during the nineteenth century, and explores why Australians consumed so much of the beverage for so long. Special attention is devoted to analysing the evolution of the Australian tea distribution network, especially the marketing strategies used by the tea traders to promote their products. Other topics examined here include the development of tea rituals such as afternoon tea and high tea and their role in Australian society, the local manufacture of teawares, the establishment of tea rooms and the emergence of a tea growing industry in Australia after 1960. The first comprehensive account of the history of tea in Australia, this book will be of particular interest to individuals interested in Australian history, economic and social history, and food history.

Archaeology of Food

Author : Karen Bescherer Metheny
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This indispensable resource provides an illustrated introduction to and overview of the archaeological study of food and foodways today.

Traveler s Companion Guide to Australia 98 99

Author : Harry Blutstein
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Whether you are dreaming from an armchair of booking your flight, the Traveler's Companion guides deliver the best information and guidance for exploring a country, including:

Frauen und r misches Milit r

Author : Ulrich Brandl
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Ten papers from a round-table session presented at a conference in Xanten, Germany in 2005. Contents: 1) ae. . . intrare castra feminis non licet.AE - Tatsache oder literarische Fiktion ? Ein kritischer Literaturaerblick (Beata Rudan and Ulrich Brandl); 2) aeIncedere inter milites, habere ad manum centuriones ... iam et exercitus regerent AE Frauen und risches Militar - eine schwierige Beziehung? (Oliver Stoll); 3) Uxores, coniuges, libertae. Frauen in Inschriften rischer Legionare - Versuch einer numerischen Bestandsaufnahme (Ulrich Brandl); 4) aeSoldatenbrauteAE - Ausgewahlte epigraphische Zeugnisse zum Verhaltnis zwischen rischen Soldaten und Frauen (Ulrich Brandl); 5) Frauen im Lager von Vindolanda? Zur Korrespondenz in den Vindolanda-Tafeln (Renate Lafer); 6) Those who wait at home: the effect of recruitment on women in the Lower Rhine area (Carol Van Driel-Murray); 7) Frauen in rischen Militarlagern? Eine archaologische Spurensuche (Marcus Reuter); 8) Mitten im Lager geboren - Kinder und Frauen im rischen Legionslager Vindonissa (Jurgen Trumm and Regine Fellmann Brogli); 9) The women and children inside 1st and 2nd-century forts: comparing the archaeological evidence (Penelope M. Allison); 10) Die Distelfibeln - Sind sie Manner - oder Frauenfibeln? (Astrid Bohme-Schonberger).


Author : Andreas Schachner
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Das Pleistoz n von Untermassfeld bei Meiningen Th ringen

Author : Ralf-Dietrich Kahlke
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Deutschland - Geologische Epochen - Besiedlungsgeschichte.