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Who Killed Epstein Prince Andrew Or Bill Clinton

Author : Shaun Attwood
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Virginia Giuffre alleged that Epstein ordered her to have sex with Prince Andrew three times, including in an orgy on the paedophile island which included underage European girls. On the Lolita Express, Bill Clinton was photographed with Epstein's "sex slaves." After Epstein was suicided, both men denied any knowledge of his crimes. As well as committing abhorrent acts of paedophilia for decades, Epstein had been managing a child-sex blackmail operation that had ensnared some of the world's most powerful people, ranging from royalty to ex-presidents. Survivors have claimed that Epstein filmed some of his guests raping minors. Whoever ordered the hit on the super-predator had a lot to lose. This book examines the roles of Epstein and his accomplices in the honey-trap operation and the likelihood of a royal prince or an ex-president being co-conspirators in his assassination.

A Convenient Death

Author : Alana Goodman
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Who killed Jeffrey Epstein? Two journalists look for answers. A must-read for fans of the Netflix docuseries Filthy Rich. In A Convenient Death, investigative reporters Alana Goodman and Daniel Halper search for the truth of what really happened to Jeffrey Epstein. With access to Epstein's victims and lawyers, to doctors, Wall Street insiders and law enforcement officers, they reveal the dirty secrets and sinister ties that may have driven someone in Epstein’s circle to take matters into their own hands. On the morning of August 10, 2019, Epstein, friend and financier to the rich and powerful, was found unresponsive in his prison cell in lower Manhattan, where he awaited his second trial for sexual predation and other crimes. He was rushed to a local hospital and one hour later pronounced dead by suicide. Across the world, a sinister web of powerful billionaires, celebrities, and politicians, including Bill and Hillary Clinton, had reason to sigh with relief at news of Epstein’s death. Having flown on his private planes and visited his many homes—the sites of so many illicit activities—they had much to lose if their transgressions were ever exposed. And now, Epstein was silenced for good. But cracks in the official story soon emerged. And the questions kept coming: · Why did the surveillance cameras in front of Epstein’s cell stop working that night? · Why was Epstein's cellmate transferred out and never replaced? · Why was a high-profile prisoner so suddenly taken off suicide watch and left unguarded for eight hours? Was Epstein murdered to protect the powerful people who feared what he might reveal? The American public deserves to know the truth. With this book, they can finally understand the facts and decide for themselves.

The Spider

Author : Barry Levine
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Who was Jeffrey Epstein? A Pulitzer Prize–nominated journalist unearths never-before-reported details in the most comprehensive account yet of the disgraced financier’s life, death, and criminal web, including the role of Ghislaine Maxwell. An ID Book Club Selection By now, the basic contours of Jeffrey Epstein’s horrendous crimes—his decades-long serial abuse of young women and underage girls—are familiar. But for all that has been written about Epstein since his shocking death in a lower Manhattan jail cell, an astonishing amount remains unknown. A shy Brooklyn kid turned renegade financier, Jeffrey Epstein never wanted to play by the rules of polite society. He was elusive in life and he has remained just as elusive in death. What is known is that he had amassed nearly $600 million by the time of his death. That fortune allowed Epstein to pursue a privileged, secretive life, jetting between his fortress-like homes in Manhattan, New Mexico, and Little St. James, his private island. Behind these closed doors, Epstein socialized with scientists and world leaders and preyed on powerless young women. In The Spider, Barry Levine shines a light into the darkest corners of Epstein’s world, including • Epstein’s young adulthood and earliest accusations of sexual misconduct • the murky sources of Epstein’s fortune and business dealings • Epstein’s circle of confidantes and employees, particularly the nature of his long relationship with socialite Ghislaine Maxwell • his ties to powerful men, including Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Les Wexner, and Donald Trump • Epstein’s last hours as a free man in Paris and the secret operation to arrest him at a New Jersey airport before he could flee • new details on Epstein’s final days in jail and the mystery surrounding his death Featuring rare and never-before-seen photographs, The Spider exposes how Epstein operated and evaded justice for so long—and how he drew so many others into his criminal web.


Author : Dylan Howard
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This is—for the first time—the full and unedited story behind the sick life and mysterious death of Jeffrey Epstein that is being called one of the most significant scandals in American history He was the billionaire financier and close confidant of presidents, prime ministers, movie stars and British royalty, the mysterious self-made man who rose from blue-collar Brooklyn to the heights of luxury. But while he was flying around the world on his private jet and hosting lavish parties at his private island in the Caribbean, he also was secretly masterminding an international child sex ring—one that may have involved the richest and most influential men in the world. The conspiracy of corruption was an open secret for decades. And then this summer, it all came crashing down. After his arrest on sex trafficking charges in July, it seemed Epstein’s darkest secrets would finally see the light. But hopes for true justice were shattered on August 10 this year, when he was found dead in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, New York. The verdict: suicide. The timing: convenient, to say the least. Now, Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales delivers bombshell new revelations, uncovers how the man President Trump once described as a “terrific guy” abused hundreds of underage girls at his mansions in Palm Beach and Manhattan… all while entertaining the world’s most powerful men—including President Clinton, Prince Andrew, and Donald Trump himself. How much did they know about his perversions? And did they take part? How might they have helped him to continue his abuse, and to escape justice for it? What responsibility might they have for his sudden, shocking death? And is there a shocking spy and blackmail story at the heart of the scandal? The answers to these questions and more will be explored in Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales with groundbreaking new reporting, never-before-seen court files, and interviews with new witnesses and confidants. Combining the very best investigative reporting from investigative journalists Dylan Howard, Melissa Cronin and James Robertson—who have been covering the case for close to a decade—will send shockwaves through the highest levels of the establishment.

Perversion of Justice

Author : Julie K. Brown
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The New York Times Bestseller “A gripping journalistic procedural… Spotlight meets Erin Brockovich.” —Michelle Goldberg, The New York Times “Julie K. Brown's important book offers not just a definitive account of the Epstein case, but a compelling window into her own experiences as a dogged reporter at a regional newspaper, facing off against powerful interests set against her reporting.” —Ronan Farrow, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Catch and Kill Dauntless journalist Julie K. Brown recounts her uncompromising and risky investigation of Jeffrey Epstein's underage sex trafficking operation, and the explosive reporting for the Miami Herald that finally brought him to justice while exposing the powerful people and broken system that protected him. For many years, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein's penchant for teenage girls was an open secret in the high society of Palm Beach, Florida and Upper East Side, Manhattan. Charged in 2008 with soliciting prostitution from minors, Epstein was treated with unheard of leniency, dictating the terms of his non-prosecution. The media virtually ignored the failures of the criminal justice system, and Epstein's friends and business partners brushed the allegations aside. But when in 2017 the U.S Attorney who approved Epstein's plea deal, Alexander Acosta, was chosen by President Trump as Labor Secretary, reporter Julie K. Brown was compelled to ask questions. Despite her editor's skepticism that she could add a new dimension to a known story, Brown determined that her goal would be to track down the victims themselves. Poring over thousands of redacted court documents, traveling across the country and chasing down information in difficulty and sometimes dangerous circumstances, Brown tracked down dozens of Epstein's victims, now young women struggling to reclaim their lives after the trauma and shame they had endured. Brown's resulting three-part series in the Miami Herald was one of the most explosive news stories of the decade, revealing how Epstein ran a global sex trafficking pyramid scheme with impunity for years, targeting vulnerable teens, often from fractured homes and then turning them into recruiters. The outrage led to Epstein's arrest, the disappearance and eventual arrest of his closest accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, and the resignation of Acosta. The financier's mysterious suicide in a New York City jail cell prompted wild speculation about the secrets he took to the grave-and whether his death was intentional or the result of foul play. Tracking Epstein’s evolution from a college dropout to one of the most successful financiers in the country—whose associates included Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, and Bill Clinton—Perversion of Justice builds on Brown's original award-winning series, showing the power of truth, the value of local reportage and the tenacity of one woman in the face of the deep-seated corruption of powerful men.

Prince Andrew

Author : Nigel Cawthorne
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The arrests of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell sparked a Prince Andrew world-media frenzy. But few know the palace intrigue behind their long-standing triangular relationship. Going behind the headlines, documentaries and mini-series, PRINCE ANDREW exposes for the first time the unknown details of the Epstein scandal behind secretive palace gates. Rife with machinations and plots, it paints a rare and riveting, insider portrait of vice and rarified daily life at Buckingham Palace. It is the unbelievable story how a boy from Coney Island befriended the world's foremost royal family. PRINCE ANDREW casts a truly eye-watering light on one of the dirtiest stories of our time, giving the reader much-needed forensic insight into all the facts, allegations and counter-allegations.

Ghislaine Maxwell

Author : Nigel Cawthorne
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Ghislaine Maxwell’s life of privilege was unimaginable. Her jetset world was not only made up of Presidents, top billionaires, Hollywood stars, Kennedys and Rockefellers, but also of princes, princesses, dukes and duchesses, all as regular friends — including university friend Prince Andrew, the favorite son of the Queen of England. Yet she still wanted more. Ghislaine met shadowy billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and amassed a fortune of almost $30 million over the course of their friendship. After her arrest by the FBI in July 2020 on sex-trafficking charges — almost a year to the day of Epstein’s second arrest — Maxwell fought the charges even when $30 million bail was refused on several occasions by the judge. GHISLAINE MAXWELL leaves no stone unturned and is the first investigation based on all new sources available. An explosive true story, GHISLAINE MAXWELL is a riveting tale of wealth, power and the almost impervious Teflon power surrounding America’s richest circles. Find out the breath-taking real story behind the headlines, programs and documentaries.

Hunting Ghislaine

Author : John Sweeney
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Society In Repair

Author : Alex T. Wolf
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It seems like a fairy tale, but not too long ago, there were rational people who ran the Republican Party. In these divisive times, we don’t have very bright politicians to look up to anymore. How did the party of Lincoln become the party of right-wing nut-jobs? Republicans have gone crazy, who keep on convincing themselves that the Democrats are evil, and the Democrats with their ugly threats have become what they claim to hate.With SOCIETY IN REPAIR, it will prove that no one is immune to stupidity. As a whole nation, we have been divided so politically that we hate anyone who disagrees with our own personal views. But what if a common human emotion could unite America as a whole again… like humor? Society In Repair takes a non-partisan view on the issues that really matter. Issues including sexual abuse, climate change, drug addiction, and most importantly… why Americans have lost their sense of humor. The constant degradation of humanity in America shows a clear insight into these dramatic days of our Nation’s life. Society In Repair is here to remind us what it means to be American, even though the American story has not always been great. But the belief in Americans of progress and change keeps America going in the darkest of times.

ICGR 2021 4th International Conference on Gender Research

Author : Prof Elisabeth T. Pereira
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Conference Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Gender Research

The Illuminati in Hollywood

Author : Mark Dice
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The infamous Illuminati secret society represents the pinnacle of power in politics, banking, and the news media; but what about the entertainment industry? Do Hollywood’s elite studios, producers, and celebrities have a secret agenda? Are they part of a covert conspiracy? Media analyst Mark Dice will show you exactly how Hollywood uses celebrities and entertainment as a powerful propaganda tool to shape our culture, attitudes, behaviors, and to promote corrupt government policies and programs. You will see how the CIA and the Pentagon work hand in hand with Hollywood to produce blockbuster movies and popular television shows crafted to paint positive portraits of war, Orwellian government surveillance, unconstitutional agendas, and more. You’ll also learn the strange and secret spiritual beliefs of the stars that fuel their egos and appetites for fame and wealth, making them perfect puppets for the corporate controllers behind the scenes. And you will also discover the rare instances of anti-Illuminati celebrities who have dared to bite the hand that feeds them. Character Howard Beale once warned in the 1976 classic film Network, “This tube is the most awesome God-damned force in the whole godless world, and woe is us if it ever falls in to the hands of the wrong people,” and unfortunately that is exactly what has happened.

Leadership Lessons from the Trump Presidency

Author : Douglas G. Long
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This book seeks to demonstrate that we can learn from both 'good' and 'bad' leaders. Part One looks at President Trump’s behaviour from inauguration to impeachment. The ancient Greek concepts of Kairos and Chronos are used to indicate that Trump was almost a natural fit for the US of 2017. Part Two considers the consequences of his behaviour on the US, the world at large, and for leadership overall. There is a temptation to consider only 'good' leaders when asking what we can learn from others. This book explores the issue of what can be learned from any person in a leadership role, no matter what the value judgement we make of them. Part One explores Trump’s behaviour up to the moment of impeachment and the longer-term residual impacts this will have once his term as President is over. It shows that our value judgements tend to be based on perception and a priori assumptions. Part Two explores what we can learn from the Trump event no matter what our leadership role. Disruption is endemic in today’s world. Today, it often seems that we are born, live, and die, in three quite different worlds. Yet, at its core, things have changed very little. Oligarchy has been a reality since time immemorial. Unless we are first 'unfrozen' from the status quo, change tends to be more cosmetic than actual. Donald Trump’s presidency has the potential to be the thawing agent that could enable 'real' change through which new forms of both democracy and capitalism might emerge across the world.

The Violent Person at Work

Author : Laurence Barton
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Stalking. Sexual harassment. Mass shootings. Employers are increasingly expected to have a plan to identify and manage threats posed by employees in the workplace. But how do you manage the violent person at work? In his authoritative new guide, Laurence Barton draws on over 30 years’ experience as the world’s leading threat assessor to outline how to prevent, manage and mitigate workplace violence. He shows businesses and organizations of all sizes how to navigate new privacy laws, different management structures and legal considerations in order to take straightforward, practical steps to minimize and ultimately prevent risk. The Violent Person at Work is an invaluable new handbook for businesses and HR, legal and security professionals worldwide.


Author : Ben Widdicombe
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A smart, gossipy, and very funny examination of celebrity culture from New York’s premiere social columnist. Ben Widdicombe is the only writer to have worked for Page Six, TMZ, and The New York Times—an unusual Triple Crown that allowed him personal access to the full gamut of Hollywood and high society’s rich and famous, from billionaires like Rupert Murdoch, Donald Trump, and the Koch brothers, to pop culture icons Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. Now, in Gatecrasher, New York’s premiere gossip-turned-society writer spills the sensational stories that never made it to print. Widdicombe has appeared at nearly every gossip-worthy venue—from the Oscars and the Hamptons, to the Met Gala and Mar-a-Lago—and has rubbed elbows with a dizzying array of celebrities (and wannabes), and he whisks us past the clipboard and velvet rope to teach us the golden rules of gatecrashing, dishing on dozens of boldface names along the way. Widdicombe shares secrets for how to crash the parties, climb the ladder, avoid the paparazzi, or make small talk with Henry Kissinger and Anna Wintour. Endlessly fun and extremely telling, Gatecrasher makes the unnerving argument that Paris Hilton conquering pop culture two decades ago lead to Donald Trump winning the White House. “As the gossip pages go, so goes the country,” he says.

About Power and Invisible Bankers

Author : B. Izar
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Wars are deliberately created to serve the armaments industry. Central bankers systematically plunder governments and the bankrupt governments in turn rob the powerless citizens. Whoever thinks that the government is there to serve the interests of the citizen comes out deceived. Those that pay taxes pay the bill. The rich become richer and poor become poorer. All this is not a coincidence, but a preconceived plan of a small group of criminal bankers. Everyone has to deal with it, but only a few realize what is going on. Welcome to the New World Order portal. How did it ever get this far? This non-fiction book describes a number of bizarre events that happened over the last 250 years. They were carefully kept outside the history books and main stream media. This book will take you on a voyage of discovery in a world of fraud and deception. The author takes a critical view of the world around us and wrote this book in order to inform the reader how the system of money- and power structures, probably works. Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were the best known but certainly not the only American presidents, who warned the people of the lies and deceit of an occult Deep State. They were not heard but murdered. How bizarre is it that 99.9% of people still get fooled by the 0.1% criminal psychopaths that these ex US presidents are talking about. The world is ruled by a criminal cabal of Freemasons and Jesuits who serve exclusively their own interests. These Deep State elite are working on a New World Order in which they pursue absolute power over everything and everyone. To get there, countries must give up their sovereignty, the monetary system and stock markets must collapse and wars must rage. Recognizable? It is with the power of social media, that the den of vipers can be exposed, after which 7 billion benevolent people can work again on their future without grabbing bankers, robbing government, hypocritical religions and pointless wars. Why not the 99.9% against the 0.1% instead of the other way around? Most votes apply. Don't you agree? What are you going to do with this information? In this age of social media and information technology, ignorance is a choice. B.Izar.

Facts Still Don t Care About Your Feelings

Author : Ben Shapiro
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A lot has changed since 2015, and Ben Shapiro has something to say about it. In this curated sequel to “Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings,” Shapiro breaks down American politics from 2015 to today like you’ve never seen before. Review political dog fights and the Democrats’ radicalism problem through a poignant lens. Analyze the novel coronavirus and its economic implications through a perspective too often stamped out by the mainstream media. Explore the absurdities of “anti-racism,” “mostly peaceful” protests and other leftist attempts to rewrite America. And discover pieces of the American identity—unity, free speech, capitalism and so much more—we have lost in the mayhem.

Contemporary Corrections

Author : Rick Ruddell
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Contemporary Corrections: A Critical Thinking Approach introduces readers to the essential elements of the US corrections system without drowning students in a sea of nonessential information. Unbiased and accessible, the text includes coverage of the history of corrections, alternatives to incarceration, probation/parole, race/ethnicity/gender issues in corrections, re-entry into the community, and more. The authors' unparalleled practical approach, reinforced by contemporary examples, illuminates the role corrections plays in our society. The authors have reinvigorated earlier work with additional content on international comparative data to increase our understanding of how prison officials in other nations have developed different types of responses to the problems that challenge every US correctional administrator, a new chapter on correctional personnel, and an integration of race and ethnicity issues throughout the book. Unrivaled in scope, this book offers undergraduates a concise but comprehensive introduction to corrections with textual materials and assignments designed to encourage students’ critical thinking skills.

Criminal Justice in America

Author : George F. Cole
File Size : 23.33 MB
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Discover the foundations, components and contemporary controversies within the U.S. criminal justice system with the interdisciplinary approach in Cole/Smith/DeJong's best-selling CRIMINAL JUSTICE IN AMERICA, 10E. The authors draw ideas, themes and theories from criminology, sociology, law, history, psychology and political science to create an engaging approach that highlights the most recent challenges for today's criminal justice professionals. You examine topics such as controversial police practices, persistent discrimination, efforts to reduce prison populations, consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and the impact of new technologies. This edition prompts you to consider what justice means in society and your role, as you review the processes defining the fate of those in the justice system and the impediments to achieving equal justice under law. MindTap digital resources reinforce concepts and skills with brief audiocast episodes, career decision-making scenarios and riveting examples. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

In Defense of Elitism

Author : Joel Stein
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From Thurber finalist and former star Time columnist Joel Stein comes a "brilliant exploration" (Walter Isaacson) of America's political culture war and a hilarious call to arms for the elite. "I can think of no one more suited to defend elitism than Stein, a funny man with hands as delicate as a baby full of soft-boiled eggs." —Jimmy Kimmel, host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! The night Donald Trump won the presidency, our author Joel Stein, Thurber Prize finalist and former staff writer for Time Magazine, instantly knew why. The main reason wasn't economic anxiety or racism. It was that he was anti-elitist. Hillary Clinton represented Wall Street, academics, policy papers, Davos, international treaties and the people who think they're better than you. People like Joel Stein. Trump represented something far more appealing, which was beating up people like Joel Stein. In a full-throated defense of academia, the mainstream press, medium-rare steak, and civility, Joel Stein fights against populism. He fears a new tribal elite is coming to replace him, one that will fend off expertise of all kinds and send the country hurtling backward to a time of wars, economic stagnation and the well-done steaks doused with ketchup that Trump eats. To find out how this shift happened and what can be done, Stein spends a week in Roberts County, Texas, which had the highest percentage of Trump voters in the country. He goes to the home of Trump-loving Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams; meets people who create fake news; and finds the new elitist organizations merging both right and left to fight the populists. All the while using the biggest words he knows.


Author : Conchita Sarnoff
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Advocate and abolitionist Conchita Sarnoff risked her life to tell the truth about a Wall Street billionaire hedge fund manager who is now a level-3 registered sex offender. TrafficKing uncovers a child sex trafficking case of epic proportions and the longest-running human trafficking case in U.S. legal history—more poignant than the Lewinsky case, Watergate scandal, and Profumo affair combined. Eleven years after the registered level-3 sex offender was arrested, four cases associated with his 2005 criminal investigation remain open. The pedophile was not prosecuted under The Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA), a law enacted in Florida in 2000. In this gripping exposé, Sarnoff finds out why. TrafficKing is a true story exposing the dark side of the human condition: avarice, lust, power, and influence peddling at the highest levels of government.