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Who Killed Hal

Author : Ronald Szary
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Who Killed Hal involves a plot between a sole source military contractor, the Pentagon, and Wall Street bankers to hide federal dollars from Congressional scrutiny. When the plot is discovered by Hal Scharff, Star Satellite Corporation's Chief Financial Officer, the scheme begins to unravel when high ranking government officials become suspects. Hal Scharff discovers a mysterious account which no one knows about or is willing to admit to, even when he advises Walt Peterson, the corporate president. When he begins to investigate the account source, he uncovers evidence leading to the company's sole source contracting source, the Pentagon. The story continues to unfold as the plot thickens when connections to the money trail are exposed and Hal is silenced for his discovery. The investigation complicates matters involving local, federal, and military law enforcement.

Examples Explanations for Criminal Law

Author : Richard G. Singer
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Employing the unique, time-tested Examples & Explanations pedagogy, Examples & Explanations for Criminal Law combines textual material with well-written and comprehensive examples, explanations, and questions to test students’ comprehension of the materials and to provide practice in applying information to fact patterns. The questions, which often raise a variety of issues in one fact situation, are similar to those on a law school or bar examination. New to the Eighth Edition: Discussion of self-defense and police use of force issues Impact of #MeToo movement on rape law Interesting hypothetical situations based on real cases in the last few years Professors and students will benefit from: Updated materials—utilizes well-known cases that have not made the appellate courts or even gone to litigation to make the material current and easily applicable Explanations include analysis of both prosecution and defense—this pedagogical approach provides valuable exam-writing skills for students Readable and accessible—often incorporates popular culture and humor to spark interest in students Highly recommended—by Atticus Falcon, author of Planet Law School, an orientation guide for students about to begin law school Straightforward presentation—clear, introductory text enables students to understand and apply principles Visual aids—tables and charts demonstrate legal standards and concepts

Necessary Evils

Author : Phillip Gardner
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In Necessary Evils, Hal, an L. A. cop driven to avenge the murder of his three partners, finds himself blindfolded and stripped to the waist, on his knees, his hands bound behind him, surrounded by a chorus of vigilantesOCoparents from all over America whose children have been killed by drugsOCoas they chant, In adversity there is opportunity! Their charismatic leader states their case: The country has turned its back on the people, supplying drugs that kill and killers who drug the people. Where, he asks, are the soldiers in the so-called war on drugs? We tell our children that drugs kill, so those who take them must dieOCoand when they all do, there will be no more market for the drug trade. The vigilantes, it turns out, dress as cops, conduct their own drug raids, poison the stolen dope, sell it on the street, and use the profits to buy explosives and weapons for the civil war to come. For the seemingly doomed Hal, unrelated details suddenly take shape: The mysterious drug deaths; Carl Ross, pharaoh of the drug trade and killer of his partners; the diamond and the human finger discovered outside AnneOCOs Venice Beach home. Now, all that stands between Hal and his lust to avenge his friendsOCO murder are a pack of murderous, evangelically committed vigilantes, The Ross army of killers, other cops who think Hal is a rat, the FBIOCoand his love for Anne, an eccentric and beautiful librarian. Boson Books also offers a collection of short stories by Phillip Gardner entitled Someone To Crawl Back To . For an author bio and photo, reviews and a reading sample, visit"

Who Killed Yamawa

Author : Egbe Ifie
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Joe Orton

Author : Francesca Coppa
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A profile of the British playwright accompanies an analysis of his major plays and their themes.

The Complete Kingdom Trilogy The Lion Wakes The Lion at Bay The Lion Rampant

Author : Robert Low
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A NATION WILL FIGHT FOR ITS FREEDOM. Robert Low’s Kingdom Series on the making of Scotland, now available in one complete eBook for the first time and featuring a new and exclusive Author’s Note on the series.

Murder on the Safari Star

Author : M. G. Leonard
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Join Hal and Uncle Nat as they plunge straight into an exciting mystery – this time while on Safari! All-aboard for the third amazing journey in the bestselling Adventures on Trains series, Murder on the Safari Star, from M. G. Leonard and Sam Sedgman, illustrated throughout by Elisa Paganelli. Harrison Beck and his Uncle Nat are on the journey of a lifetime aboard the Safari Star – a luxurious steam train that will take them from Pretoria to the stunning Victoria Falls. Close encounters with the amazing animals and landscape of Southern Africa are adventure enough, but things get mysterious when a passenger is found dead inside a locked compartment. Is it just a terrible accident or is something more suspicious afoot? It’s up to train detective Hal and his new friend Winston to find out. 'Like Murder on the Orient Express but better!' Frank Cottrell-Boyce on The Highland Falcon Thief 'A chuffing triumph' The Times on The Highland Falcon Thief 'A first class choo-choo-dunnit!' David Solomons on Kidnap on the California Comet

King of the Border

Author : , Zhenyinfang
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King of the Border

Commentaries on the laws of England The twentieth edition incorporating the alterations down to the present time By James Stewart

Author : Sir William BLACKSTONE
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Author : Lynn Erickson
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Exciting. Moving. Another page-turner by the author of Aspen and Night Whispers Bless the beasts and children…especially at Christmas! After nearly a hundred years, there are wolves in Colorado again. And Brigitte Hartman, a field biologist working with the Fish and wildlife Service, is one of the people responsible. The reintroduction of a wolf pack to the Flat Tops Wilderness area is her job—but it's also her passion. Local ranchers, like Steve Slater, are passionate about the project, too…though not in quite the same way. They're against it. They believe the wolves are a threat to their cattle, their livelihood. Considering how he feels about the wolves, Steve finds that his life is complicated—to say the least—by his attraction to Brigitte. Falling for Steve complicates her life, too. Particularly when she grows close to his young daughters and begins dreaming of a family Christmas. This family. This Christmas. And a husband called Steve…