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Who Moved My Smokestack

Author : Don A. Holbrook
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Globalization has changed the way we all do business and has impacted most folks employment in some manner. This continued pressure for more productivity and lower costs will continue to put pressure on America´s cities to rebuild their competitive business climates in order to remain viable in the 21st century. Many people have seen their version of the American Dream dry up like a creek bed in the desert during a drought and many Main Street American small businesses are being forced to close. This dire situation is quickly creating the American Nightmare of a new paradigm where we are not better off than our parents and the hope for our children is almost as bleak if we do not take decisive action to turn things around. This book gives the reader examples of how to become a survivalist and thrive during this economic tumultuous period of our nations transition into the Energy Century.

American Hometown Renewal

Author : Gary A. Mattson
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Before the interstates, Main Street America was the small town’s commercial spine and served as the linchpin for community social solidarity. Yet, during the past three decades, a series of economic downturns has left many of the great small cities barely viable. American Hometown Renewal is the first book to combine administrative, budgetary, and economic analysis to examine the economic and fiscal plight currently facing America’s small towns. Featuring a blend of theory, applications, and case studies, it provides a comprehensive, single-source textbook covering the key issues facing small town officials in today’s uncertain economy. Written by a former public manager, university professor, and consultant to numerous small towns in the Heartland, this book demonstrates the ways in which contemporary small towns throughout the nation are facing economic challenges brought about by the financial shocks that began in 2008. Each chapter explores a theme related to small town revival and provides a related tool or technique to enable small town officials to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. Encouraging local small town officials to look at the economic orbit of communities in a similar manner as a town’s budget or a family’s personal wealth, examining its specific competitive advantages in terms of relative assets to those of competing communities, this book provides the reader with step-by-step instructions on how to conduct an asset inventory and apply key asset tools to devise a strategy for overcoming the challenges and constraints imposed upon spatially-fixed communities. American Hometown Renewal is an essential primer for students studying city management, economic community development, and city planning, and will be a trusted handbook for city managers, geographers, city planners, urban or rural sociologists, political scientists, and regional microeconomists.

Why We Hate the Oil Companies

Author : John Hofmeister
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As president of Shell Oil, John Hofmeister was known for being a straight shooter, willing to challenge his peers throughout the industry. Now, he's a man on a mission, the founder of Citizens for Affordable Energy, crisscrossing the country in a grassroots campaign to change the way we look at energy in this country. While pundits proffer false new promises of green energy independence, or flatly deny the existence of a problem, Hofmeister offers an insider's view of what's behind the energy companies' posturing, and how politicians use energy misinformation, disinformation, and lack of information to get and stay elected. He tackles the energy controversy head-on, without regard for political correctness. He also provides a new framework for solving difficult problems, identifying solutions that will lead to a future of comfortable lifestyles, affordable and clean energy, environmental protection, and sustained economic competitiveness.


Author : Rahila Gupta
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Slavery in Britain did not end with William Wilberforce at the beginning of the nineteenth century. They may be largely invisible to us, but living in our midst are thousands of slaves. Rahila Gupta seeks out five escapees and persuades them to tell us their stories in this compelling book. We meet a pregnant child from Sierra Leone who was locked up in a London house as a domestic slave; a Russian teenager trafficked into prostitution; a Chinese man who lives in fear of the Triads; a religious Somali woman who had to exchange sex for food; and a young Punjabi woman forced into marriage and repeatedly abused by her husband. These are the stories of those who have escaped, through a combination of courage, timing, luck and the humanity of those who helped them. Their testimonies are harrowing but they need to be heard.

Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office

Author : United States. Patent Office
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Smokestacks Skyscrapers

Author : David Starkey
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Features 114 selections of Chicago writing from more than seventy authors; each selection is accompanied by an author biography and an introduction and afterword that place Chicago writing in its historical framework.

Black Diamonds Black Gold

Author : Don Woodard
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Gordon, began not only a whole new chapter in the development and expansion of the company, but also in the growth of Texas.

The Federal Reporter

Author :
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Includes cases argued and determined in the District Courts of the United States and, Mar./May 1880-Oct./Nov. 1912, the Circuit Courts of the United States; Sept./Dec. 1891-Sept./Nov. 1924, the Circuit Courts of Appeals of the United States; Aug./Oct. 1911-Jan./Feb. 1914, the Commerce Court of the United States; Sept./Oct. 1919-Sept./Nov. 1924, the Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia.

The Architectural Review and American Builders Journal

Author :
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Specifications and Drawings of Patents Issued from the U S Patent Office

Author : United States. Patent Office
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