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Eat Beautiful

Author : Wendy Rowe
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Care for your body from the inside out with this cookbook that highlights ingredients and recipes designed to make your skin glow. After more than 20 years of experience as a makeup artist and beauty consultant, Wendy Rowe’s approach is uncomplicated and holistic. In Eat Beautiful, she details how specific ingredients feed your skin, offering breakdowns of the vitamins and nutrients they provide. They include: · Pomegranate: The Elixir of Youth packed with Vitamin C, which stimulates collagen production to keep skin looking taut, young, and radiant. · Spinach: The Free-Radical Fighter whose iron moves your blood, helping to repair your skin cells. · Chili Peppers: The Circulation Booster famous for its capsaicin, which reduces blood pressure and improves circulation by encouraging blood vessels to relax and dilate, therefore acting as an anti-inflammatory. · Natural Red Wine: The Youth Potion featuring a powerful anti-ageing antioxidant that slows the grown of acne-causing bacteria and fights disease-causing free radicals. Rowe’s recipes showcase these essential foods to help target specific skin problems and alleviate common complaints. She even provides specific advice for what to incorporate or avoid depending on skin type. Here, too, are suggestions on how to pamper yourself with recipes for homemade masks, scrubs, mists, cleansers, and toners, as well as an informative section for troubleshooting those confidence-sapping skin problems. Organized into the four seasons, you can dip in and out of this stunning cookbook, or follow it as a plan. Either way, it ensures beautiful, radiant skin all year round.

The Beauty Kill

Author : Marc Olden
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On the verge of death from two gunshot wounds, Bolt vows revengeThey call him Black Beauty, because he is the most gorgeous thief the drug world has ever seen. Where some are content to make a living ripping off dime-bag hustlers, Black Beauty steals from big-time dealers, taking profits from international cartels to keep himself rich, well-dressed, and smiling. His latest score netted him $850,000, along with the twenty-two kilos of cocaine the money was intended to buy. To get it he killed four men, and left one narcotics agent to bleed to death in a parking lot. Before long, Black Beauty will wish he finished the job. John Bolt is too tough to let a pretty boy kill him. As soon as he’s strong enough to lift a .45, he’s coming after Black Beauty—even if he has to take vengeance from a wheelchair.

B as in Beauty

Author : Alberto Ferreras
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Everyone in the world, it seems, is either prettier or thinner (or both) than Beauty Marie Zavala. And the only thing "B" resents more than her name is the way others judge her for the extra 40 pounds she can't lose. At least she has her career. Or did, until she overhears her boss criticizing her weight and devising a scheme to keep her from being promoted. Enter B's new tax accountant, a modern-day matchmaker determined to boost B's flagging self-esteem by introducing her to rich, successful men who will accept her for who she is. As B's confidence blossoms, so do her fantasies of revenge. But will B find true happiness or true disaster when she unwittingly falls for the one guy she shouldn't?

The American Book of Beauty

Author : Lady
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The American Book of Beauty

Author :
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Chosen by the Lieutenant

Author : Anne Herries
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She has his hand, but not his heart… Amanda Hamilton's fortune means she's not short of marriage offers, despite her unfashionable figure! But there's only one man she wants for her husband, the dashing Lieutenant Peter Phipps, who is in dire financial straits. Amanda knows Phipps doesn't love her, but when he proposes, she accepts—unable to resist the chance to live her dreams. Their burgeoning relationship surprises everyone, especially Phipps, who discovers that his sweet, sensible fiancée is also brave and passionate. Suddenly, the role of dutiful husband looks a lot more attractive! Regency Brides of Convenience Deals made at the altar

Third Base Ain t What it Used to Be

Author : Logan Levkoff
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Renowned sexologist Dr. Logan Levkoff’s groundbreaking parents’ guide for discussing sex with today’s teenagers “When it comes to sex, most of us are clueless,” writes sexologist and sexuality educator Dr. Logan Levkoff. “Yes, we know how to have sex, but we have no idea how to teach our kids about it.” With the cultural discussion surrounding sex growing increasingly charged, Levkoff’s insightful how-to book equips parents with the tools and perspectives necessary for navigating this complicated landscape and talking about sex with their children in a healthy and productive way. Covering everything from anatomy and puberty to pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, Levkoff offers the facts and candid advice that parents can use to bring their values and experiences into the discussion on sexuality.

A Rider of the High Mesa

Author : Ernest Haycox
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A Rider of the High Mesa is a western short story by Ernest Haycox. Haycox was an American writer of Western fiction. Excerpt: "Suddenly he remembered that when this new plan was consummated he would have to leave the valley forever and at the thought of it he retreated to his desk and sat down. The heat and the grit and all the troublous elements were a part of him. Going back over the years, he remembered the flaring feuds, the shooting scrapes, and the torrid courthouse trials. There was vitality in this land that he knew he should never find in another."

The Lions Fed the Tigers

Author : Douglas Angus
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You Ain t My Dad

Author : Arnold Shurn
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I started this journey around 2001, to write a book about the role that fathers did not play or could not play but wanted to play in the lives of their offspring. However, due to internal factors and external factors, fathers did not meet the expectations of society, nor their child’s or of their own. This book is not designed to be an outlet for men to berate women about them having to pay child support but, more about the experiences men go through from their lenses. I want to reiterate the point that this is not an attempt to influence the courts or the court of public opinion to alleviate the male’s responsibility of his financial obligations. I have witnessed firsthand the struggle of single mothers and the things they have to endure. However, there are elements out there that want to portray men as the culprit of some sort of dark evil element that is causing the family dynamic to be annihilated. There are facets involved in the complexities of raising a family; unfortunately, the men roles are vanishing. There are systems designed to alter the natural function that the fathers play in their children lives.This book will attempt to input a collage of ideas from the author to paint the picture of the challenges fatherless fathers encounters in their pursuit to be fathers.