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Who You Choose to Be

Author : Carrie Spratley
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We all have choices in life in both the big and the little, and ultimately Who You CHOOSE to be matters, according to the author, Carrie Spratley. Carrie came to a place where she realized how much more impactful it was when she chose to steward everything that happened as a gift. Carrie wrote this book to inspire others, so that they, too, could see things in a way that would generate more hope, more confidence, and more impact for this side of eternity. 17 years ago, Carrie was diagnosed with an illness that took away her ability to be a great wife, mom and friend. She knew that she had a choice, deciding how to navigate this illness. Everything in her said fight and fight hard. She had people who were counting on her, and she knew she was worth being set free. Carrie put on her manufactured smile and implemented everything she could to become well. After 10 years, Carrie finally began having more wins than losses and God graciously blessed her with the gift of healing. She chose wellness. She chose to fight. She chose to be a victor and not a victim. Being grateful for what God had done, Carrie decided to pay it forward and help other people with similar struggles; a holistic health coach was born. Carrie has collected proven tools and strategies to guide people into their purpose-filled, most authentic life possible. After 25 years of marriage to her husband, Eric, being on the other side of illness, and having raised three amazing young men, Jared, Garrett, and Caleb, Carrie realized that she has had some really contrasting life experiences. By the world's standards, she has been living what some would call the "highlight reel." However, most of those experiences paled in comparison to what space filled Carrie's heart when she decided to move in the direction of serving others. She did some serious heart-searching on what it was she was specifically being called to do. Carrie became a health coach, because being sick robbed her from 10 years of being the best version of herself possible. She was given the gift of healing, and she wanted to make sure that people knew there was a better way. Carrie wanted to learn everything she could so she could help others with their health issues. Carrie understands that what helped her nutritionally may not be best for each individual she desires to help. Therefore, she learned a broad spectrum of different nutrition theories, and she values helping people find what works best for them on a bio-individual basis. If having a better understanding of whom God created you to be interests you, and if you have a nagging space in your heart you need to fill, Carrie invites you to take a journey with her through this book to help discover how to tap into the good life: the life God intended you to live! Who You CHOOSE to be matters, and you do get to CHOOSE!

What you choose makes a difference

Author : Iqra Haroon
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For centuries, women have been mistaking Empowerment with something which poses a longterm chaos for society. Something which has apparently been designed to grant women their deserved rights, but, has proved to disturb societal and family relationships, as well as healthy development of soceities. This literary criticism throws light upon true nature of Feminism and redefines the term Woman Empowerment for general public esp. women. It aims to illuminate the real meaning of slavery and woman imprisonment on contrary to that which feminism describes to be. Furthermore, this book describes the two paths for women, in order for them to choose whichever path they may want to walk upon. Because, what they choose makes a difference!

Let God Help You Choose Your Partner

Author : Babatunde B. Adeboye
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In today's complex and troubled world it can be very daunting and intimidating for the single Christian when it comes to making choices. For the single person who desires to be married someday where do they start? Is it God's will for me to be married, how do I pray the right prayer, how long do I have to wait, who is the right person, do I have to go dating and courting someone before getting married? How does my lifestyle affect my relationship with God, my singleness and my eventual marriage? What about sex, what is marriage all about and how do I prepare for it? Covers a wide range of issues from knowing who you are to knowing God's plan for your life, from learning how to make godly decisions to grasping the whole concept of marriage. If you are a single Christian or not and you are contemplating marriage then this is the book for you. A book that tells you exactly what you need to know from the truth of God's word and not about someone else's experience. Gives you a clear understanding of why you should allow God and His word to be your guide in all your decision making Identifies the common problems and difficulties that the single Christian person would face How to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes from bad choices that lead to broken marriages and divorce A deeper and greater understanding of God's purpose for marriage What every single person should know, understand and prepare for before contemplating marriage Deals with the most important questions asked by singles Deals with relationship issues especially on courting, dating and sex Plus many more

You Can Choose to be Happy

Author : Tom G. Stevens PhD
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Dr. Stevens' research identifies specific learnable beliefs and skills--not general, inherited traits--that cause people to be happy and successful.

You Choose

Author : Russ Warren
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“You make me every single day. Some days you are unaware that I even exist, but I still get made. There are times when I am short and simple; at other times, I am a bit more drawn out and difficult. Sometimes there is pressure to make me in the midst of chaos; at other times, you get to make me in times of happiness and joy. I have the power to either land you in jail or give you ultimate victory. By doing nothing at all, you have still made me. Really, I am made at the end of a road that forks and runs off into two directions. Who am I? I am choice! Welcome to this book about choices. Whether you picked this book up at the bookstore because it looked interesting or someone you know gave it to you, I believe there is a lot for you to take away from here. I have been speaking at events and talking about choices for several years now and it is still something that drives me every day. Here is why: the choices you and I make today have the power to impact us greatly, either good or bad, in our future.” In today’s world, choices are made momentarily without much thought to their long-term consequences. It is the author’s hope and prayer that as you read this book, you will begin to think more deeply about your decisions today and how they will affect you tomorrow. You only live once, but if you live it right, once is enough. Live your life in such a way as to make a difference in this world. Are you tired of living a certain way and want to change? How do you want to live? The good news is this: you choose!

You Choose

Author : Mary Murphy
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Young readers can discover what the little penguin decides to eat, to be, and to do by lifting the flaps.

Who Would You Choose

Author : J.M. Bronston
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Marge Webster has always known what she wanted, and how to accomplish it. As editor-in-chief of Lady Fair magazine, she’s got influence and fame, a social calendar as packed as her closet, and a gorgeous attorney boyfriend. Jerry is successful, loving, and ready to settle down. As for Marge—she just feels exhausted. Maybe that explains her weak knees and fluttering heartbeat when she runs into Sam Packard, her high-school crush. Back then, Sam was the most popular and charismatic guy around. He didn’t always understand Marge’s dreams, but their connection was undeniable. Marge isn’t that awestruck girl anymore—but for the first time in her life, she has no idea which path to follow. Maybe the answer is to step back, take a doctor-ordered European vacation, and explore exactly what and who makes her happy. The answers might surprise everyone—especially Marge... Praise for A Cowboy’s Love “This sweet, modern cowboy tale is just the book you’re looking for!” —RT Book Reviews, 4.5 Stars Top Pick

You Are What You Choose

Author : Scott de Marchi
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The hidden patterns behind the way we make decisions Several recent books, from Blink to Freakonomics to Predictably Irrational, have examined how people make choices. But none explain why different people have such different styles of decision making—and why those styles seem consistent across many contexts. For instance, why is a gambler always a gambler, whether at work, on the highway, or in a voting booth? Scott de Marchi and James T. Hamilton present a new theory about how we decide, based on an extensive survey of more than thirty thousand subjects. They show that each of us possesses six core traits that shape every decision, from what to have for lunch to where to invest. We go with “the usual” way of deciding whenever there’s a trade-off between current and future happiness, when facing the risk of a bad outcome, or when a choice might hurt other people. We’re also consistent about how much information we want and how much we care about the opinions of others. Readers can determine their own decision-making profile with a test in the book. Once they understand the six core traits, they’ll have a big advantage in their marketing campaigns, management strategies, investments, and many other contexts.

You Choose

Author : Nick Stokes
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YOU CHOOSE is an (anti)-choose-your-own-adventure. You choose: You hear a scream (or not), and what do you do about it. Nothing or stay in your chair and figure out the who what when why or go out the front door and chase the scream to prevent it or create it or capture it. Within the book are choices and non-choices, choices masquerading as choices, labyrinths, your torture and your self-torture, your authorship, multiple worlds, you becoming someone else, another you, you becoming a series of animals, you becoming us, you becoming death, your repeated death, pizza, your mother, inner ear workings, and other tailings or tails or tales. YOU CHOOSE is literary, speculative, uncertain, an attempt at the universal and many worlds, surreal, magically realistic, immersive, and labyrinthine. YOU CHOOSE is published under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 License.

You Choose Stupid

Author : Dave Robert Contreas
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You Choose Stupid! By: Dave Robert Contreras You Choose Stupid! is a compilation of experiences, hard work and mistakes that have been reduced to words in a very short book. It is the product, not of the author’s counseling, but garnished from the many wasted lives he has seen who have gotten involved in the criminal justice system. It is a menu of the mistakes that ruin these lives. The author has catalogued many of the mistakes people make in life which could have been avoided. With a vast wealth of experience, the author can, with all degree of certainty, say, “You follow this advice, you will have a good, long and prosperous life.” It is the goal of this work to open the eyes of the readers, those in jail and prison, and those who are on the wrong path; that they can enjoy life instead of being locked up.

You Choose Can You Survive Being Lost at Sea

Author : Allison Louise Lassieur
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You're in the middle of the ocean. The blazing sun beats down on you mercilessly. There's water everywhere but you can't drink it. How will you stay alive until help reaches you? Will you: Work to save yourself and others when your small airplane crashes at sea? Battle a fierce storm as a passenger on a chartered sailboat in the Caribbean? Try to survive alone on a small fishing boat stalled off the coast of Maine?

The Brother You Choose

Author : Susie Day
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In 1971, Eddie Conway, Lieutenant of Security for the Baltimore chapter of the Black Panther Party, was convicted of murdering a police officer and sentenced to life plus thirty years behind bars. Paul Coates was a community worker at the time and didn't know Eddie well – the little he knew, he didn't much like. But Paul was dead certain that Eddie's charges were bogus. He vowed never to leave Eddie – and in so doing, changed the course of both their lives. For over forty-three years, as he raised a family and started a business, Paul visited Eddie in prison, often taking his kids with him. He and Eddie shared their lives and worked together on dozens of legal campaigns in hopes of gaining Eddie's release. Paul's founding of the Black Classic Press in 1978 was originally a way to get books to Eddie in prison. When, in 2014, Eddie finally walked out onto the streets of Baltimore, Paul Coates was there to greet him. Today, these two men remain rock-solid comrades and friends – each, the other's chosen brother. When Eddie and Paul met in the Baltimore Panther Party, they were in their early twenties. They are now into their seventies. This book is a record of their lives and their relationship, told in their own voices. Paul and Eddie talk about their individual stories, their work, their politics, and their immeasurable bond.

You Choose Hurricane Katrina

Author : Blake Hoena
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It's late August 2005, and a storm is brewing in the Gulf Coast. When it strikes, Hurricane Katrina will be one of the deadliest and most destructive storms in U.S. history especially for the residents of New Orleans, Louisiana, and Biloxi, Mississippi. Will you: Flee to the New Orleans Super Dome as floodwaters surge through the city? Try to save your home along the floodwalls near Lake Pontchartrain? Attempt to ride out the storm at your home in Biloxi, Mississippi? Everything in this book happened to real people. And YOU CHOOSE what you do next. The choices you make could lead you to survival or to death.

You Choose Ellis Island

Author : Michael Bernard Burgan
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You're one of millions of immigrants leaving your home in the early 1900s to move to the United States. You're searching for a better life. Ellis Island, near New York City, is your first stop in your search for opportunity and freedom. Officials on the island have been processing immigrants there for decades, but not everyone gets through. If you pass the tests, you're on your way to a new life in the United States. If you don't, you may find yourself being sent back to your homeland. What path will you take? Will you: Be a Jewish youth leaving the violence of Russia in hopes of a better life in America? Be an Italian teen who lands at Ellis Island during World War I? A German immigrant who faces deportation? Everything in this book happened to real people. And YOU CHOOSE what you do next. The choices you make could lead you to opportunity, to wealth, to poverty, or even to death.

The Life You Choose

Author : Kenya K. Watkins
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Brandy Wash was a young girl that grew up in the city of Little Rock, Arkansas. She was one of the hottest females around and she knew it. She was raised by both parents and she had four brothers that would let no harm approach her. She was untouchable, unstoppable, and stayed ready for any action to take place. Her parents knew that one day she was going to be a medical physician or some bad ass attorney but little did they know Brandy had a different agenda. As a teenager she had experienced some trying events that could have tore her life apart, including losing her brother and her best friend but she was a strong soldier. There was only one problem with Brandy and that was that she loved the streets and they were getting into that hidden thug mentality of hers that only she knew about. She meets one of the finest Arkansan that was well known and every womans dream and together they can have Little Rock in the palm of their hand. Will she let her future be corrupted by this one man that could possibly mean her no good or will she follow into the dreams her parents planned for her.

Future Events You Choose

Author : Chuck Hruby
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Life is made up of many decisions, some too late to change. This book was written so that you can change the outcome of your life before it happens. This book (a Biblical Study) was not written to be read straight through like a conventional book. Depending on the answer you give at the end of each chapter that will determine the next chapter to be read. The reader¿s eternal outcome is chosen by their own decision. Even after reading through the ¿Decided path¿ you choose, the book can be read again with a possible different ending.

You Choose Prehistoric Survival

Author : Eric Braun
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What would happen if you went back in time? Imagine stepping into the Stone Age and meeting some Neanderthals. Would it be a peaceful encounter or a Stone-Age smackdown? What if you went back to when dinosaurs roamed? Would you be a tasty snack for a T-Rex or the first human to tame fire? Remember, in a time before recorded history, just about everything could kill you. You Choose Books offer an exciting, immersive nonfiction learning experience where the reader chooses which path to take through the story. Along the way, readers learn about real time periods in a fun, interactive adventure.

You Choose To Lose

Author :
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You Choose Fairy Tales

Author : Pippa Goodhart
File Size : 74.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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** OVER 1 MILLION YOU CHOOSE BOOKS SOLD ** Make up your very own fairy tale adventure where YOU CHOOSE what happens next! Which fairy tale hero would you like to be today? Where will you go on your fairy tale quest? And what fairy tale baddy would you least like to meet? The possibilities are infinite in this captivating creative toolkit which will inspire children from three up to make their own stories again and again. A magical sequel to YOU CHOOSE, YOU CHOOSE YOUR DREAMS and YOU CHOOSE IN SPACE - it's spell-binding!

You Choose The Oregon Trail

Author : Matthew John Doeden
File Size : 76.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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You're living in the United States during the time of the Westward Expansion. Settlers are heading west on the Oregon Trail as they seek better lives. Will you: Go west with your family as part of a wagon train? Serve as a trail guide for a group of settlers? Try to cope with the changes in your way of life as a western American Indian? Everything in this book happened to real people. And YOU CHOOSE what you do next. The choices you make could lead you to opportunity, to wealth, to poverty, or even to death.