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Who s Afraid of the Easter Rising 1916 2016

Author : James Heartfield
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One hundred years ago, Easter 1916, Irish revolutionaries rose against the British Empire proclaiming a Republic from the steps of the General Post Office in Dublin. The men and women of the Easter Rising were defeated by the overwhelming force of the British Army, in five days of intense fighting. Their leaders were executed. But the Easter Rising lit a fire that ended with the whole country turning against Westminster’s rule, and founding a nation. But today, the heirs to the Irish state are embarrassed about 1916. They are ashamed that their state owes its origins to a revolution. Along with academics and other commentators in the press and on television they dismiss the Rising as the work of violent fanatics, and the defeat of constitutional politics. Who’s Afraid of the Easter Rising? explains why today’s Dublin elite are recoiling from the origins of their state in a popular struggle. Where the critics paint the Rising as an armed conspiracy, we explain that it was in fact a revolt against war; not a militaristic upsurge, but the first challenge to the awful slaughter of the First World War. The Statesmen of Europe sacrificed millions upon the altar of war. Their recruiting sergeants in Ireland, Edward Carson and John Redmond sent 200,000 Irishmen into the slaughter and nearly 50,000 were killed. The Easter Rising drew a halt to British recruitment, and the blow to the Empire was the first crack in a growing revolt against the war, followed by the Russian Revolution in 1917, and the German revolution the following year – which ended the conflict. The Easter Rising was an inspiration to those who were challenging the Empires of Europe, from India to Vietnam, from New Zealand to Moscow; it was an inspiration to British activists like John Maclean and Sylvia Pankhurst; and it was an inspiration to the Irish men and women who rose up against British rule to free their nation.

Ghosts of the Somme

Author : Jonathan Evershed
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Once assumed to be a driver or even cause of conflict, commemoration during Ireland's Decade of Centenaries came to occupy a central place in peacebuilding efforts. The inclusive and cross-communal reorientation of commemoration, particularly of the First World War, has been widely heralded as signifying new forms of reconciliation and a greater "maturity" in relationships between Ireland and the UK and between Unionists and Nationalists in Northern Ireland. In this study, Jonathan Evershed interrogates the particular and implicitly political claims about the nature of history, memory, and commemoration that define and sustain these assertions, and explores some of the hidden and countervailing transcripts that underwrite and disrupt them. Drawing on two years of ethnographic fieldwork conducted in Belfast, Evershed explores Ulster Loyalist commemoration of the Battle of the Somme, its conflicted politics, and its confrontation with official commemorative discourse and practice during the Decade of Centenaries. He investigates how and why the myriad social, political, cultural, and economic changes that have defined postconflict Northern Ireland have been experienced by Loyalists as a culture war, and how commemoration is the means by which they confront and challenge the perceived erosion of their identity. He reveals the ways in which this brings Loyalists into conflict not only with the politics of Irish Nationalism, but with the "peacebuilding" state and, crucially, with each other. He demonstrates how commemoration works to reproduce the intracommunal conflicts that it claims to have overcome and interrogates its nuanced (and perhaps counterintuitive) function in conflict transformation.

The Seven

Author : Ruth Dudley Edwards
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On Easter Sunday, 23 April 1916, the seven members of the Irish Republican Brotherhood’s military council met to proclaim an Irish Republic with themselves as the provisional government. After a week of fighting with the British army on the streets of Dublin, the Seven were arrested, court-martialled and executed. Cutting through the layers of veneration that have seen them regarded unquestioningly as heroes and martyrs by many, Ruth Dudley Edwards provides shrewd yet sensitive portraits of Ireland’s founding fathers. She explores how an incongruous group, which included a communist, visionary Catholic poets and a tobacconist, joined together to initiate an armed rebellion that changed the course of Irish history. Brilliant, thought-provoking and captivatingly told, The Seven challenges us to see past the myths and consider the true character and legacy of the Easter Rising.

Historians on Leadership and Strategy

Author : Martin Gutmann
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This book examines the well-covered subject of leadership from a unique perspective: history's vast catalogue of leadership successes and failures. Through a collection of highly compelling case studies spanning two millennia, it looks beyond the classic leadership parable of men in military or political crises and shows that successful leadership cannot be reduced to simplistic formulae. Written by experts in the field and based on rigorous research, each case provides a rich and compelling account that is accessible to a wide audience, from students to managers. Rather than serving as a vehicle for advancing a particular theory of leadership, each case invites readers to reflect, debate and extract their own insights.

A James Connolly Reader

Author : James Connolly
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James Connolly served in the British Army for seven years but would go on to lead the 1916 Irish Rising against British rule in Dublin. Following service he joined the socialist movement in Scotland. He founded the Irish Socialist Republican Party and pioneered the application of Marxist ideas to Irish questions. His goal was a socialist Workers' Republic. In the United States Connolly joined the IWW in 1905 and campaigned across the country with the Socialist Party for Eugene Debs for President. In 1916 he believed Europe was ripe for revolution and hoped an Irish insurrection could act as a spark. He was correct and for this he was executed by the British government but his spirit has never been buried. Connolly led working class struggles and theorised them. He is one of the most fascinating leaders the socialist movement has ever produced. Despite great tragedies he remained a committed revolutionary. His life and ideas are essential for understanding Irish history and the global struggle for human liberation. The James Connolly Reader contains his most important articles, pamphlets and books. An extensive introduction contextualises Connolly for anyone interested in Irish history, struggles for self-determination and the global socialist movement. Connolly was a leading participant at the epicenter of events shaping the course of modern Ireland. Those events and Connolly's practical and theoretical contribution are critically relevant. He insisted and action on the belief the world could and must be turned upside down in pursuit of human liberation. Another Ireland, another world was possible and Connolly was determined to see it born.

Dillon s Rising

Author : A. G. Lyttle
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The Easter Rising in 1916 brings guns and slaughter to the streets of Dublin. Driven by the joint themes of espionage, love and revenge, this historical thriller finds loyalist agent, Will Dillon, in fear for his life from both British soldiers and the Republican rebels. But death pales in comparison to the fate planned for him by a sadistic Dublin racketeer. Amid the chaos and carnage of the uprising, can a beautiful rebel fighter save Dillon when his cover is blown? Or will his growing love for her prove his downfall? Can he rescue her from the inferno of the collapsing General Post Office? Whatever the cost, Dillon must face the deadliest struggle of his life to survive six terror-filled days that will change Ireland forever.


Author : Gabriel Doherty
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Seeks to interpret the events of Easter Week 1916 as the central defining event of a 'long revolution' in Irish history. This book states that the origins of the long revolution lie in the second half of the nineteenth century, and its legacy continued to play out in the first years of the twenty-first century.

The Canadian Journal of Irish Studies

Author :
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The Gods of Pegana

Author : Lord Dunsany
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Travel through a portal in the universe to the alternate realm of Pegana, where a bevy of boisterous and brawling gods and goddesses rule. One of the best-known creations of the Irish fantasy writer known as Lord Dunsany, The Gods of Pegana is a must-read for Tolkien fans or anyone who loves to escape through fiction into a richly detailed alternate universe.


Author : James Joyce
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