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Whose Land Whose Promise

Author : Gary M. Burge
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Because events in the Middle East continue to escalate in tragic complexity, Christians still struggle with making sense of it all. In this updated version of "Whose Land? Whose Promise?," Gary Burge further explores the personal emotions and opinions, and sharpens his theological argument in the context of the new developments surrounding the crisis in the Middle East. "Whose Land? Whose Promise?" offers insight for the thoughtful reader on an explosive topic and challenges personal truths on peace.

Promised Land

Author : Plammoottil V. Cherian
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Dr. Cherian presents clear evidences that God has no partiality and that Jews, Christians, Arabs, Muslims, Hindus and all people are equally called to be the partakers of the Kingdom of God. Ishmael was not rejected, but he and his generations were abundantly blessed, and they have a continuous role to play in the end stages of the world.

Zionism and the Quest for Justice in the Holy Land

Author : Donald E. Wagner
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A critical examination of political Zionism, a topic often considered taboo in the West, is long overdue. Moreover, the discussion of Christian Zionism is usually confined to Evangelical and fundamentalist settings. The present volume will break the silence currently reigning in many religious, political, and academic circles and, in so doing, will provoke and inspire a new, challenging conversation on theological and ethical issues arising from various aspects of Zionism--a conversation that is vital to the quest for a just peace in Israel and Palestine. The eight authors offer a rich diversity of religious faith, academic research, and practical experience, as they represent all three Abrahamic faiths and five different Christian traditions. Among the many themes that run through Zionism and the Quest for Justice in the Holy Land is the contrast between exclusivist narratives, both biblical and political, and the more inclusive narratives of the prophetic Scriptures, which provide the theological foundation and the moral imperative for human liberation. Readers will be drawn into a compelling, readable, and stimulating series of essays that tackle many of the complex issues that still confound clergy, politicians, diplomats, and academic experts.

A Palestinian Christian Cry for Reconciliation

Author : Naim Stifan Ateek
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"From the text: "The background is clear. . . . [Jerusalem] has been conquered and re-conquered more than 37 times. The latest conquest in 1967 was by the Israeli army. After the war Israel 'took in' not only the 5 square kilometers of Arab East Jerusalem - but also 65 square kilometers of surrounding open country and villages, most of which never had any municipal link to Jerusalem. Overnight they became part of Israel's 'eternal and indivisible capital.' The history of Jerusalem has been written with blood."" "The first part of this sequel to Justice and Only Justice focuses on events since the Intifada of 1987, including the violence that has come from Israel's aggression and from the use of suicide bombers by Palestinians. The second part of the book draws on scripture, lifting up biblical figures such as Samson, Jonah, Daniel, and Jesus as it examines issues of ownership of the land. In the final section, Ateek presents a strategy to achieve peace and justice nonviolently that will promote justice for the Palestinians and security for both Israel and Palestine."--BOOK JACKET.

Derrida on Exile and the Nation

Author : Herman Rapaport
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Providing crucial scholarship on Derrida's first series of lectures from the Nationality and Philosophical Nationalism cycle, Herman Rapaport brings all 13 parts of the Fantom of the Other series (1984-85) to our critical attention. The series, Rapaport argues, was seminal in laying the foundations for the courses given, and ideas explored, by Derrida over the next twenty years. It is in this vein that the full explication of Derrida's lectures is done, breathing life into the foundational lecture series which has not yet been published in its entirety in English. Derrida's examination of a master signifier of the social relation, Geschlecht, acts as the critical entry point of the series into wide-ranging meditations on the social construction and deconstruction of all possible relations denoted by the core concept, including race, gender, sex, and family. The lecture series' vast engagement with a range of major thinkers, including philosophers and poets alike – Arendt, Adorno, Heidegger, Wittgenstein, Trakl, and Adonis – tackles core themes and debates about philosophical nationalism. Presenting Derrida's lectures on the implications of key 20th century philosopher's understandings of nationalism as they relate to concerns over idiomatic language, notions of race, exile, return, and social relations, adds richly to the literature on Derrida and reveals the potential for further application of his work to current polarising debates between universalism and tribalism.

The Book Review Digest

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Elenchus of Biblica

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Evangelical Studies Bulletin

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Proceedings of the Pacific Coast Council on Latin American Studies

Author : Pacific Coast Council on Latin American Studies
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Whose Land is It

Author : Liz Alden Wily
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Precious Moments Children s Bible

Author : Baker Book House
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An easy-to-read version of the Bible based on a controlled vocabulary.

Israel Whose Promised Land

Author : James D. Hacker
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Land of Promise Land of Strife

Author : Wesley G. Pippert
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Surveys Israel's first forty years, looks at life in modern Israel, and discusses the prospects for peace

The Nursing Father

Author : Aaron B. Wildavsky
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The Works of Lord Byron

Author : George Gordon Byron Baron Byron
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Journal of Palestine Studies

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An Anthology of Modern Nature Writing

Author : Henry Williamson
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The Politics of Apocalypse

Author : Dan Cohn-Sherbok
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Evaluates the growing Christian Zionist movement from a historical and political standpoint, documenting its transition from Puritan times to the present to examine the role of Armageddon in its belief structure and its influence on both Middle East policies and the American political system. Original.

Land Conservation Financing

Author : Mike MacMahon
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Written by two of the nation's leading experts on land conservation, Land Conservation Financing provides a comprehensive overview of successful land conservation programs -- how they were created, how they are funded, and what they've accomplished -- along with detailed case studies from across the United States. The authors present important new information on state-of-the-art conservation financing, showcasing programs in states that have become the nation's leaders in open-space protection: California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New Jersey. They look at key local land protection efforts by examining model programs in DeKalb County, Georgia; Douglas County, Colorado; Jacksonville, Florida; Lake County, Illinois; Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; Marin County, California; the St. Louis metro area in Missouri and Illinois, and on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The authors then examine how hundreds of communities have created hundreds of millions of dollars in funding by developing successful campaigns to win land conservation ballot measures. They offer case studies and pull together lessons learned as they lay out how to run a successful campaign. The authors also consider the role of private foundations, which have made immense contributions to land conservation over the past two decades. The book concludes with an examination of the emerging concept of green infrastructure -- a strategic approach to conservation that involves planning and managing a network of parks, natural areas, greenways, and working lands that can help support native species, maintain ecological processes, and contribute to the health and quality of life for America's people and its communities. Land Conservation Financing is an indispensable resource for land conservationists in the public and private sectors who are looking for a detailed, national portrait of the state of land conservation in America today.

Black American Literature Forum

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Provides image and full-text online access to back issues. Consult the online table of contents for specific holdings.