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Why I m a Journalist

Author : Aaron Chimbel
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Why be a journalist? It can be a difficult job with long hours, hard work and an uncertain future. Journalists face relentless criticism and an industry in transition. Aaron Chimbel has put together a collection of essays from working journalists who answer the question — why be a journalist? — with their personal stories of coming up, toiling in the field and writing important, career-defining stories. These journalists come from different platforms, beats and locations, offering varying accounts of the travails and rewards of being a working journalist across changing landscapes and timelines. The essays in Why I’m a Journalist offer encouragement and wisdom about the path to being a reporter, a broadcaster, an editor or a media professional. This is a collection for students interested in the field, early upstarts engaged with building their careers and seasoned pros looking to learn from their colleagues.

That s Why I m a Journalist

Author : Mark Bulgutch
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News stories are like collective memories, encapsulating the most iconic moments in recent history around the world. But to those who work in journalism, up-close involvement with these stories can also be life-changing. In That’s Why I’m a Journalist, veteran broadcaster Mark Bulgutch interviews 44 prominent Canadian journalists, who each share their behind-the-scenes accounts of some of the most memorable stories of their careers and describe the moment that made them say to themselves, “That’s why I’m a journalist.” Although many of the contributors’ stories are related to their roles in the most high-profile events of the 20th and 21st centuries, from the fall of the Berlin Wall to 9/11, here too are reflections on quieter and more intimate moments that had a deep personal impact. Peter Mansbridge talks about a trip to Vimy Ridge on the hundredth anniversary of World War I, Adrienne Arsenault recalls bringing together old friends separated by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Terence McKenna recounts what it’s like to worry about being kidnapped as part of the job and Wendy Mesley reflects on the satisfaction of asking tough questions—and uncovering the truth. Together, these enthralling and varied accounts provide an intimate understanding of the people we see on camera and hear on the radio. As Bulgutch argues, modern journalism is undergoing existential threats. News has never been more accessible yet, paradoxically, important news has become harder to find, often buried by pseudo-news of celebrity, lifestyle tips and the latest viral video of a water-skiing squirrel. The stories in this book serve as reminders of the importance of real journalists and real journalism.

Journalists in Film

Author : Brian McNair
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A study of the representation of journalists on film and what this tells us about society's relationship with journalism and news media.

Like It Was Yesterday A Journalist s Files Since 9 11

Author : Jill Cueni-Cohen
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"Like It Was Yesterday" is a compilation of unpublished and re-edited published material about the effects of 9/11 on American society since the terrorist attacks took place in New York City, Washington, DC and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. This book is a reminder for those of us who were adults in 2001; and for everyone else, it's a real-life account of how America's freedom was eroded throughout the ensuing 14 years. Every year that passes we must realize the importance of teaching those who don't or can't remember to REMEMBER 9/11. People born right before, during and after 9-11-2001 were robbed of the freedom we used to take for granted. It was hard-fought for by our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers, but by the time we reached the 21st Century, we believed we had evolved above brutal war and senseless killing. On 9/11, we found out that we were indeed still vulnerable, and it changed us.

A Journalist s Guide to Live Direct and Unbiased News Translation

Author : ʻAlī Darwīsh
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"This book examines the role of translation in news making, taking Arabic satellite television as its case study, and presents a framework for journalists, translators, news editors and other media workers to help them avoid the pitfalls of translation mediation."--P. [4] of cover.

A Journalist s Jottings

Author : William Beatty-Kingston
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That s Why I m a Journalist

Author : Mark Bulgutch
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A compendium of career highlights from prominent Canadian journalists.

Law and Ethics for Today s Journalist

Author : Joe Mathewson
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Law and Ethics for Today's Journalist offers aspiring and working journalists the practical understanding of law and ethics they must have to succeed at their craft. Instead of covering every nuance of media law for diverse communications majors, Mathewson focuses exclusively on what's relevant for journalists. Even though media law and media ethics are closely linked together in daily journalistic practice, they are usually covered in separate volumes. Mathewson brings them together in a clear and colourful way that practicing journalists will find more useful. Everything a journalist needs to know about legal protections, limitations, and risks inherent in workaday reporting is illustrated with highlights from major court opinions. Mathewson advises journalists who must often make ethical decisions on the spot with no time for the elaborate, multi-faceted analysis. The book assigns to journalists the hard decisions on ethical questions such as whether to go undercover or otherwise misrepresent themselves in order to get a big story. The ethics chapter precedes the law chapters because ethical standards should underlie a journalist's work at all times. There may be occasions when ethics and law are not parallel, thus calling for the journalist to make a personal judgment. Law and Ethics for Today's Journalist is user-friendly, written in clear, direct, understandable language on issues that really matter to a working journalist. Supplementary reading of the actual court cases is recommended and links to most cases are provided in the text. The text includes a fine (but purposely not exhaustive) bibliography listing important and useful legal cases, including instructive appellate and trial court opinions, state as well as federal.

Journalism After September 11

Author : Barbie Zelizer
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Praise for the first edition: This collection of essays comes mainly from academics but nobody should bridle at theorists lecturing practitioners. They properly challenge the way September 11th was reported - in a way that's both an endorsement of the role of the media and a wake-up call on its failures . . . anyone interested in our trade should read it.' - Roger Mosey, Ariel 'A thoughtful and engaging examination of the effects of 9/11 on the field of journalism. Its unique aim is to discuss the impact of the attack as a personal trauma and its current and future effects on journalism and the reporting of the news. . . highly recommended.' - Library Journal Journalism After September 11 examines how the traumatic attacks of that day continue to transform the nature of journalism, particularly in the United States and Britain. Familiar notions of what it means to be a journalist, how best to practice journalism, and what the public can reasonably expect of journalists in the name of democracy, were shaken to their foundations. Ten years on, however, new questions arise regarding the lasting implications of that tragic day and its aftermath. Bringing together an internationally respected collection of scholars and media commentators, Journalism After September 11 addresses topics such as: journalism and public life at a time of crisis; broadsheet and tabloid newspaper coverage of the attacks; the role of sources in shaping the news; reporting by global news media such as CNN; Western representations of Islam; current affairs broadcasting; news photography and trauma; the emotional well-being of reporters; online journalism; as well as a host of pertinent issues around news, democracy and citizenship. This second edition includes four new chapters – examining Arabic newspaper reporting of the attacks, the perceptions of television audiences, national magazine coverage of the ensuing crisis, and the media politics of ‘othering’ – as well as revised chapters from the first edition and an updated Introduction by the co-editors. A foreword is provided by Victor Navasky and an afterword by Phillip Knightley.

Journalism Next A Practical Guide to Digital Reporting and Publishing 2nd Edition

Author : Mark Briggs
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A revised and updated edition of this popular and practical guide to journalism in the digital age.