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Why Parrots

Author : Tom Marshall
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Why Parrots? Why Aviculture? By: Tom Marshall After Tom Marshall returned from his work with the Peace Corps in the Philippines and restarted his teaching career, he has nurtured his love of parrots. His fascination began with a large green Amazon parrot that was gifted to him by another teacher with no instructions for care for this intimidating bird. He began reading all he could about parrots and finally started to hit it off with his avian friend after six months. Why Parrots? Combines personal anecdotes and experience with important information about personal responsibility for parrots as well as the importance of conservation of these fantastic creatures’ habitat so that future generations can continue to enjoy their beauty and intelligence.

Parrots For Dummies

Author : Nikki Moustaki
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Repeat after me: Parrots aren’t just for pirates! While parrots have a historical reputation for being a pirate's best friend, in the modern-day U.S.—where birds are the nation’s third most popular household pet-thousands of landlubbers are in on the act! And that’s not surprising—parrots are as affectionate, friendly, and fun to be with as a dog or cat. They are also relatively low-maintenance, with no rude 5 a.m. awakenings with demands for food or punishing walks. Renowned avian care and behavior consultant Nikki Moustaki is your friendly guide to the colorful world of this intelligent and chatty pet. In this book, you'll be introduced to the vibrant diversity of the parrot world, which covers a wide variety of Psittacidae family members, including macaws, cockatiels, and parakeets. You'll also learn the best ways to choose, care for, and love your resplendently feathered companion. Pick your perfect parrot Devour the latest on nutrition Tame and train Make the perfect home Whether you're just setting out in the parrot world or are a seasoned voyager on the parrot-y seas, this 2nd edition of Parrots For Dummies has something for you and your pet—and will repay the hard-won pirate gold you spent on it a thousand times over!

When Parrots Speak

Author : Linda Bozzo
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Have you ever wondered why parrots copy human speech? Do they really know what they’re saying? When Parrots Speak introduces young readers to these amazing birds and the secret to how and why they imitate words to sound like humans. Fun facts and colorful photographs further enhance the book to help tell the story of these “vocal learners.” Also included are a Words to Know section to help students learn new vocabulary and a Further Reading section with books and websites to encourage them to explore the subject more deeply.

Parrots of the Wild

Author : Catherine A. Toft
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"A synthetic account of the diversity and ecology of wild parrots, distilling knowledge from the author's own research and from her review of more than 2,400 published scientific studies. The text covers parrots' evolutionary history, foraging, mating, and social behavior, innate intelligence, and conservation status. The book is enhanced by an array of illustrations, including photos of parrots taken exclusively in their natural habitat"--Provided by publisher.


Author : Johannah Haney
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"Describes the characteristics and behavior of pet parrots, also discussing their physical appearance and place in history"--Provided by publisher.


Author : Matt Cameron
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Whether you are a parrot owner, birder, ornithologist, or curious naturalist, you will find that Cameron asks and fully answers every question you have about these incredible birds.


Author : Gareth Editorial Staff
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Discusses the physical characteristics, habitat, and social behavior of parrots.

Parrots Birds That Talk

Author : Caitlind L. Alexander
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A parrot is a bird. Many parrots are very colorful birds. They can be green, blue, yellow, red, black, and white. Many of them have three or four colors. There are many different kinds of parrots. In fact, if you include all the birds in the parrot family, there are over 390 different kinds of parrots. Have children learn about parrots in this fun 15-minute book. Reading level: 3.1

Parrots Are Smart

Author : Leigh Rockwood
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The incredibly melodious and colorful world of macaws, parakeets, cockatoos, and other parrots are explored in this fun book. Capable of beautiful songs and human speech, this variety of bird is one of our most intelligent creatures. Readers will love learning about this great communicator.

How why Stories

Author : Martha Hamilton
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A collection of twenty-five traditional stories explaining why an animal or plant or natural object looks or acts the way it does. Following each story are storytelling tips and short modern, scientific explanations for the subject of the story.