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Why We Love Music

Author : Carl Emil Seashore
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Why We Love Music

Author : John Powell
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Did you know that . . . carrying a musical instrument makes you more attractive? music can cure insomnia? music can change the taste of wine? the Mozart effect has nothing to do with Mozart? Barry Manilow songs can be used for crowd control? Why does music affect you so profoundly? It impacts the way you think, talk, feel, behave and even spend money. With his conversational style, humour, and endless knowledge, scientist and musician John Powell showcases fascinating studies - for example that shoppers spend more money in stores that play classical music and, even more astounding, they are more likely to buy German wine in stores playing German music. With chapters on music and emotions, music as medicine, music and intelligence, and much more, Why We Love Music will entertain through to the very last page. A delightful journey through the psychology and science of music, Why We Love Music is the perfect book for anyone who loves a tune.

Why You Love Music

Author : John Powell
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A delightful journey through the psychology and science of music, WHY YOU LOVE MUSIC is the perfect book for anyone who loves a tune. Music plays a hugely important role in our emotional, intellectual, and even physical lives. It impacts the ways we work, relax, behave, and feel. It can make us smile or cry, it helps us bond with the people around us, and it even has the power to alleviate a range of medical conditions. The songs you love (and hate, and even the ones you feel pretty neutral about) don't just make up the soundtrack to your life--they actually help to shape it. In WHY YOU LOVE MUSIC, scientist and musician John Powell dives deep into decades of psychological and sociological studies in order to answer the question "Why does music affect us so profoundly?" With his relaxed, conversational style, Powell explores all aspects of music psychology, from how music helps babies bond with their mothers to the ways in which music can change the taste of wine or persuade you to spend more in restaurants. WHY YOU LOVE MUSIC will open your eyes (and ears) to the astounding variety of ways that music impacts the human experience.

Bad Music

Author : Christopher J. Washburne
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Why are some popular musical forms and performers universally reviled by critics and ignored by scholars-despite enjoying large-scale popularity? How has the notion of what makes "good" or "bad" music changed over the years-and what does this tell us about the writers who have assigned these tags to different musical genres? Many composers that are today part of the classical "canon" were greeted initially by bad reviews. Similarly, jazz, country, and pop musics were all once rejected as "bad" by the academy that now has courses on these and many other types of music. This book addresses why this is so through a series of essays on different musical forms and performers. It looks at alternate ways of judging musical performance beyond the critical/academic nexus, and suggests new paths to follow in understanding what makes some music "popular" even if it is judged to be "bad." For anyone who has ever secretly enjoyed ABBA, Kenny G, or disco, Bad Music will be a guilty pleasure!

We Love to Read Literacy Through Literature Music

Author : Bernadette Falletta
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Teachers Bernadette Falletta and Marla Lewis present stories, songs, and activities that appeal to students of different learning styles and multiple intelligences. Students explore and practice the five language skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and thinking. This comprehensive package can be used with mainstream, ESL, EFL, speech and language, and resource room students. Students of all ages with varying degrees of language proficiency levels and cognitive abilities benefit from "We Love to Read." All of the pages (stories, songs, and activities) in the student books are reproducible. Students take ownership of their own story pages, song sheets, and activity books. Students can take their personalized books home and involve their parents and other family members as partners in developing their literacy.

Why You Like It

Author : Nolan Gasser
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From the chief architect of the Pandora Radio’s Music Genome Project comes a definitive and groundbreaking examination of how your mind, body, and upbringing influence the music you love. Everyone loves music. But what is it that makes music so universally beloved and have such a powerful effect on us? In this sweeping and authoritative book, Dr. Nolan Gasser—a composer, pianist, and musicologist, and the chief architect of the Music Genome Project, which powers Pandora Radio—breaks down what musical taste is, where it comes from, and what our favorite songs say about us. Dr. Gasser delves into the science, psychology, and sociology that explains why humans love music so much; how our brains process music; and why you may love Queen but your best friend loves Kiss. He sheds light on why babies can clap along to rhythmic patterns and reveals the reason behind why different cultures around the globe identify the same kinds of music as happy, sad, or scary. Using easy-to-follow notated musical scores, Dr. Gasser teaches music fans how to become engaged listeners and provides them with the tools to enhance their musical preferences. He takes readers under the hood of their favorite genres—pop, rock, jazz, hip hop, electronica, world music, and classical—and covers songs from Taylor Swift to Led Zeppelin to Kendrick Lamar to Bill Evans to Beethoven, and through their work, Dr. Gasser introduces the musical concepts behind why you hum along, tap your foot, and feel deeply. Why You Like It will teach you how to follow the musical discourse happening within a song and thereby empower your musical taste, so you will never hear music the same way again.

We Love a Piano Duets We Love to Play

Author : Jim Lyke
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Titles are: Alexander's Ragtime Band * Almost Like Being in Love * For Me and My Gal * Georgia on My Mind * Give My Regards to Broadway * I Love a Piano * It's a Most Unusual Day * Peg o' My Heart * Play a Simple Melody * A Pretty Girl * Put On a Happy Face * Rialto Ripples * Satin Doll * They Don't Believe Me and more.

Music and Music Education in People s Lives

Author : Gary E. McPherson
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Music and Music Education in People's Lives is one of five paperback books derived from the foundational two-volume Oxford Handbook of Music Education. Designed for music teachers, students, and scholars of music education, as well as educational administrators and policy makers, this first book in the set provides a framework for understanding the content and context of music education, and for future action within the profession. A broad examination of the philosophical, psychological, cultural, international, and contextual issues that underpin a wide variety of teaching environments or individual attributes is paired with 25 relevant and insightful commentaries from established scholars and music educators. Taken as a whole, Music and Music Education in People's Lives gives clear direction to how the discipline of music education can achieve even greater political, theoretical and professional strength. Contributors Harold F. Abeles, Nick Beach, Wayne D. Bowman, Liora Bresler, Patricia Shehan Campbell, Richard Colwell, Robert A. Cutietta, David J. Elliott, Sergio Figueiredo, Lucy Green, Wilfried Gruhn, David Hargreaves, Sarah Hennessy, Liane Hentschke, Donald A. Hodges, Christopher M. Johnson, Estelle R. Jorgensen, Andreas C. Lehmann, Richard Letts, Håkan Lundström, Raymond MacDonald, Clifford K. Madsen, Andrew J. Martin, Marie McCarthy, Katrina McFerran, Gary E. McPherson, Bradley Merrick, Dorothy Miell, Graça Mota, Bruno Nettl, Bengt Olsson, Susan A. O'Neill, Johnmarshall Reeve, Bennett Reimer, James Renwick, Huib Schippers, Wendy L. Sims, David J. Teachout, Rena Upitis, Peter R. Webster, Graham F. Welch, Paul Woodford

Why Are We Attracted to Sad Music

Author : Sandra Garrido
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In this book, perspectives in psychology, aesthetics, history and philosophy are drawn upon to survey the value given to sad music by human societies throughout history and today. Why do we love listening to music that makes us cry? This mystery has puzzled philosophers for centuries and tends to defy traditional models of emotions. Sandra Garrido presents empirical research that illuminates the psychological and contextual variables that influence our experience of sad music, its impact on our mood and mental health, and its usefulness in coping with heartbreak and grief. By means of real-life examples, this book uses applied music psychology to demonstrate the implications of recent research for the use of music in health-care and for wellbeing in everyday life.

Music and the Language of Love

Author : Catherine Gordon-Seifert
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Simple songs or airs, in which a male poetic voice either seduces or excoriates a female object, were an influential vocal genre of the French Baroque era. In this comprehensive and interdisciplinary study, Catherine Gordon-Seifert analyzes the style of airs, which was based on rhetorical devices of lyric poetry, and explores the function and meaning of airs in French society, particularly the salons. She shows how airs deployed in both text and music an encoded language that was in sensuous contrast to polite society's cultivation of chaste love, strict gender roles, and restrained discourse.

Music and the Creative Spirit

Author : Lloyd Peterson
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Music and the Creative Spirit is a book of interviews with today's innovators in Jazz, Improvisation, and the Avant Garde, including Pat Metheny, Regina Carter, Fred Anderson, John Zorn, Joshua Redman, and others.

Companion to Medieval and Renaissance Music

Author : Tess Knighton
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With contributions from a range of internationally known early music scholars and performers, Tess Knighton and David Fallows provide a lively new survey of music and culture in Europe from the beginning of the Christian era to 1600. Fifty essays comment on the social, historical, theoretical, and performance contexts of the music and musicians of the period to offer fresh perspectives on musical styles, research sources, and performance practices of the medieval and Renaissance periods.

Girls Rock

Author : Mina Carson
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With a foreword by Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards Girls Rock! explores the many ways women have defined themselves as rock musicians in an industry once dominated and controlled by men. Integrating history, feminist analysis, and developmental theory, the authors describe how and why women have become rock musicians -- what inspires them to play and perform, how they write, what their music means to them, and what they hope their music means to listeners. As these musicians tell their stories, topics emerge that illuminate broader trends in rock's history. From Wanda Jackson's revolutionary act of picking up a guitar to the current success of independent artists such as Ani DiFranco, Girls Rock! examines the shared threads of these performers' lives and the evolution of women's roles in rock music since its beginnings in the 1950s. This provocative investigation of women in rock is based on numerous interviews with a broad spectrum of women performers -- those who have achieved fame and those just starting bands, those playing at local coffeehouses and those selling out huge arenas. Girls Rock! celebrates what female musicians have to teach about their experiences as women, artists, and rock musicians.

The Music of European Nationalism

Author : Philip Vilas Bohlman
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Nationalism in Europe resonates through music--from folk song to marches, from operas to anthems--giving voice in this reference resource to the makers of modern history. * Includes a glossary defining terms such as Deutscher tanz, Edda, Ausgleich, ballad, and illustrations such as Das Deutschlandlied and the World War I recording project * Includes an audio CD with musical examples from fieldwork and some of Europe's foremost performers

The Art of Love and Music

Author : Andrew Zackery
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My name is Andrew Zackery and yes Im a very hard worker coming from the Deep South in Georgia. I played football, track and baseball back in my younger days, however semi pro football was my major sport. My jock name was Coffee. I worked in a printing shop at the age of 8 and loved ever minute of it. I worked in several youth centers with children that came from broken homes. I was the first male counselor to council an all girl center in North Newark. I also counsel two youth centers, Shuman House and Victory House both located on Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Newark NJ (formerly named High Street). I also graduated from nursing school located on Evergreen Place in East Orange NJ. I was one of two male students in a class of 100 students. As a resident of Woodbridge NJ, I was employed by the Woodbridge Police Department as a school crossing guard. I was known as one of the best if not the best that ever held the post on the corner of School and Main Streets. Most of the people referred to me as the dancing guard and the people of the township loved it. This is my first book which I truly enjoyed writing and no doubt there will be more to come. So all out there have fun reading my book!

The Key to Music s Genetics

Author : Christian Lehmann
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Christian Lehmann brings his experience as a musicologist, singer and academic to this fascinating journey through the origins of music and its role in human development, culture and society. Few books on music are as rewarding as this one. Technical terms are clearly described in a way that appeals to both the musically well-informed and the musically inexperienced. Well-chosen examples and amusing asides help to make this a highly informative and extremely readable book – a must for anyone interested in the development of music and how integral it is to the human condition.

Opus Dei

Author : Manuel S. Marin
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A quasi-religious corporation worth mentioning is the Fabretto Foundation, based in Nicaragua. This Foundation is a true God Enterprise. Father Rafael Mara Fabretto was an Italian priest who moved to Nicaragua with the purpose of opening and managing an orphanage . . . It was a catastrophic failure. Father Fabrettos experiment almost killed me, together with other kids who were rescued at the brink of starvation. Ironically, it was Anastasio Somoza (the father, the first member of the Somoza dynasty) who saved our lives . . . The continuum works in marvelous ways; just picture a hated, soft-hearted tyrant being impacted by the sight of more than 300 children starving to death. I bet his conscience screamed to his inner ears that he was going to be blamed if some of those children were to die . . . Somoza was moved by the continuum to do what is atypical of dictators, an act of love. The author, Manuel S. Marin, as a child, lived for a short time in the Oratorio San Juan Bosco, where he met Father Rafael Mara Fabretto, who lighted up in him the notion of the continuum, for which he didnt have a name until he met Bob Jones at Williams Brothers Construction Co.

The Monthly Musical Record

Author :
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A Century of Recorded Music

Author : Timothy Day
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Looks at the history of recording technology and its effect on music, including artistic performance, listening habits, and audience participation.

Why We Love Sociopaths

Author : Adam Kotsko
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Sociopaths are pervasive in contemporary television, from high-brow drama all the way down to cartoons -- and of course the news as well. From the scheming Eric Cartman of South Parkto the seductive imposter Don Draper of Mad Men, cold and ruthless characters captivate us, making us wish that we could be so effective and successful. Yet why should we admire characters who get ahead by being amoral and uncaring? In his follow-up to Awkwardness, Adam Kotsko argues that the popularity of the ruthless sociopath reflects our dissatisfaction with a failed social contract, showing that we believe that the world rewards the evil and uncaring rather than the good. By analyzing characters like the serial killer star of Dexter and the cynical Dr. House, Kotsko shows that the fantasy of the sociopath distracts us from our real problems -- but that we still might benefit from being a little more sociopathic.