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Wiggly Crochet Rugs

Author : Michele Maks
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Author :
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Train Your Hearing

Author : Mary Wood Whitehurst
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Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office

Author : United States. Patent Office
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Pinch Points

Author : Andy Crosby
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Pinch points, bottlenecks, difficulties and trials: pupils incited to violence by a teacher, a mother frantic after the loss of her son, an old lady attacked by an elm tree. This fresh collection of 12 short stories sees vulnerable characters tested by situations where reality collides with the magical, revealing human weakness, longing and fear. Read the adventures of these literary crash test dummies and ponder their actions and yours. These offbeat tales will leave you with lasting images and the sweet taste of escape.

Made from Scratch

Author : Jean Zimmerman
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A stunning celebration and reappraisal of the importance of “women’s work,” Made from Scratch addresses the tug that many Americans feel between our professional and private lives. In this stunning celebration and reappraisal of the importance of "women's work," acclaimed journalist Jean Zimmerman poignantly addresses the tug that many Americans of the twenty-first century feel between our professional and private lives. With sharp wit and intelligence, she offers evidence that in the current domestic vacuum, we still long for a richer home life -- a paradox visible in the Martha Stewart phenomenon, in the continuing popularity of women's service magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens, Family Circle, and Ladies' Home Journal -- whose combined circulation of over 17 million is nearly twice the combined circulation of Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News & World Report -- and the booming business of restorations, where onlookers get a hands-on view of domestic life as it flourished in past centuries. This book is about the ways home traditions passed from one generation to the next -- baking a birthday cake from scratch, cherishing family heirlooms, or discovering the satisfaction of piecing a quilt -- sustain our souls, especially in our ever more processed, synthetic world, where we buy "homemade" goods and fail to see the irony in that. Made from Scratch tells the story of the unsung heroines of the hearth, investigating the history of female domesticity and charting its cultural changes over centuries. Zimmerman traces the lives of her own family's homemakers -- from her tiny but indomitable grandmother, who managed a farm, strangled chickens with her bare hands, and sewed all the family clothing, to her mother, who rejected her country upbringing yet kept a fastidious suburban home where the gender divide stayed firmly in place, to her own experiences as a wife and mother weaned on the Women's Movement of the 1970s, with its emphatic view that housework was a dirty word and that the domestic sphere was to be fled rather than cherished. In this book Zimmerman questions the unexamined trade-off we have made in a shockingly brief time span, as we've "progressed" from home-raised chickens to frozen TV dinners to McNuggets from the food court at the mall. What is lost when we no longer engage, as individuals and as a community, in the ancient rituals of food, craft, and shelter?

Public Documents

Author : North Dakota. State Examiner
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Annual Report

Author : North Dakota. Board of Administration
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Vols. for 1922-1938 include reports of the State University and State Teachers Colleges.

The Gold Hunter

Author : Philip Atlas Clausen
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This is an epic story (four books) about a boy in Gold Rush California who finds the entrance beneath a lake to a vast motherlode of gold followed by the devastating results of sudden wealth. His dreams of doing good--building his father a steam-powered lumber mill, a beautiful white house with blue shutters for his mother, and a fine speedy horse for his little sister--all are shattered when the king of the mountains comes after him demanding a kings share of the gold. Rumors of California gold ran wild. Rivers of solid gold lay hidden in mountain valleys and could be harvested with a pick and shovel. Indians would trade chunks of gold for a pretty scarf or a few beads. Somewhere is a secret lake of gold. On his seventeenth birthday Petr Valory finds Gold Lake high and hidden in a valley protected by the Indians for centuries, a place that is a test of courage, a sacred place for dreaming. Far beneath the lake is a hidden chamber and a pharaohs wildest dreams of gold. Petr finds a fortune and his life turns into chaos. No man should see what lies beneath Gold Lake.

Brands and Their Companies

Author : Christine A Kesler
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300 Years of Housekeeping Collectibles

Author : Linda Campbell Franklin
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This book sweeps through centuries of domestic innovation. With sections on laundering, house cleaning, closeting, bathrooms and more, you'll quickly discover what those "whatzit" gadgets were used for. Author Linda Campbell Franklin includes current values.


Author : Montgomery Ward
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Brands and Their Companies

Author : Linda D. Hall
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Author : Linda Davis Zumbehl
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Mekeel s Weekly Stamp News

Author : I. A. Mekeel
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