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Wild Journeys

Author : Brian Vernachio
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Wild Journeys

Author : Jon Lewis
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A collection of great twentieth- and twenty-first-century adventure travel stories covers Tim Cahill's account of exploring Yellowstone, Kim Salak's encounter with aboriginal peoples in New Guinea, and Theodore Roosevelt's rafting trip down a tributary in the Amazon. Original.

Motorcycle Journeys Through the Pacific Northwest

Author : Bruce Hansen
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An important update to his very popular first edition, Hansen's enthusiasm for exploration comes through in this full-color, fully-detailed tribute and guide to the great roads of America's Pacific Northwest. Both visitors to the region and lifetime locals will enjoy and learn from the 30+ trips that Hansen has planned and perfected. Designed from top to bottom for motorcyclists, this new second edition includes topographical maps for each trip, specific directions, and tips on the best places to eat, sleep, and visit. Hansen guides motorcyclists through the areas around Seattle and Portland, up and down the coats of Washington, Oregon, and northern California, around the volcanos of Mt. Saint Helens, Mt. Hood, and Mt. Ranier, across the desert of Oregon, out to the San Juan Islands, and over the border into parts of British Columbia. Riders will see everything from the most interesting places in the region's history, to the hills, inlets, islands, and valleys that make the American Northwest a favorite among motorcycle enthusiasts.

Eyes of the Wild

Author : Eleanor O'Hanlon
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From Baja California to the Arctic pack ice, Eyes of the Wild takes the reader on an epic, personal journey to meet whales and wolves, bears and wild horses, guided by outstanding biologists and other observers who are renewing an ancient way of connection with the wild. Their scientific research meets the indigenous wisdom which understands the animals as guides to deeper relationship with life.

Fearless Scouts

Author : Jeff Savage
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"Explores scouts, the men and women who opened up the West, including early scouts like Sacagawea, other famous scouts like Kit Carson, and the maps and trails that scouts helped create that changed the American landscape"--Provided by publisher.

Tourism and Responsibility

Author : Martin Mowforth
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The authors believe that tourism can only be adequately assessed through a consideration of how it fits into the structure of power. It is also argued that tourism cannot be analyzed without a consideration of its impacts on and links with development. This relationship between tourism, responsibility, power and development is explored in chapters covering both the macro and the micro level of responsibility. The authors look at methods of practising tourism responsibly or irresponsibly at the personal, company, national and international levels. The questions and dilemmas of "placing" responsibility in the tourism industry are examined throughout.

Hidden Journey

Author : Andrew Harvey
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Andrew Harvey, an Anglo-Indian novelist and poet, expands on the spiritual transformation that he described in part in Journey in Ladakh. Beginning in 1978 when he first met Meera, the Indian woman who would be his Master, Harvey (who at the time was teaching literature in England and the US), struggled for-- and against-- enlightenment for nine years. With other disciples he followed Meera, who he came to see as Ma, the Divine Mother. In India and then in Germany, under her guidance, he confronted his confused sexuality, his attachment to intellect and reason, his pride and his fears. Harvey's precise, passionately told story will touch sceptics as well as seekers.

Baily s Magazine of Sports and Pastimes

Author : Tresham Gilbey
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Baily s Magazine of Sports Pastimes

Author :
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Journeys to Significance

Author : Neil Cole
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A powerful, biblically based model of leadership development based on the life of the Apostle Paul All churches, denominations, and parachurch organizations are eager for new models of leadership development. Cole uses the life and leadership lessons of the Apostle Paul to show how to develop leaders who are skilled, dedicated, and always open to learning from experience. Cole, a trusted, innovative authority, uses the four journeys of Paul to shows how leaders can grow to be more influential. A publication from the acclaimed Leadership Network Paul, the original “church planter,” was very instrumental in the growth of Christianity—and a perfect model for today’s leaders. Shows how Paul’s leadership developed over the course of his life to get better and better with time and maturity—and how they can do the same.