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The Wild Life of the Fox

Author : John Lewis-Stempel
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"I adore the fox for its magnificence; I hate the fox for killing my chickens. To love and loathe the fox is a British condition." The fox is our apex predator, our most beautiful and clever killer. We have witnessed its wild touch, watched it slink by bins at night and been chilled by its high-pitched scream. And yet we long to stroke the tumbling cubs outside their tunnel homes and watch the vixen stalk the cornfield. There is something about foxes. They captivate us like no other species. Exploring a long and sometimes complicated relationship, The Wild Life of the Fox captures our love – and sometimes loathing – of this magnificent creature in vivid detail and lyrical prose.

Wild Fox

Author : Cherie Mason
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When an injured fox (crippled by a steel-jawed trap) hobbled into Cherie Mason‚s yard one morning, it was the start of a special and unusual relationship. The young fox had every reason to fear humans, yet was won over by Cherie‚s persistent gentleness˜and the tidbits from her kitchen. For half a year he was a regular visitor and became something of a celebrity in the small Maine community. Yet he always remained a wild fox. He hunted his own food and interacted with other foxes. This is Cherie Mason‚s poignant story of how she befriended a wild creature, knowing that his instincts would soon lead him away forever. Suffused with gentle wonder, Wild Fox speaks to the deep human longing to span the gulf between species.

Wyoming Wild Life

Author :
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wild life conservation

Author : william t. hornaday
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The Blood Is Wild

Author : Bridget MacCaskill
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In the endless struggle between man and nature, Bridget and Don MacCaskill's Highland home has always been a haven for injured and orphaned wildlife, from red deer to wildcats. The story begins with the rescue of two near-starved fox cubs called Rufus and Rusty, victims of their species' vicious reputation, and charts their often amusing journey into adulthood under the watchful eye of their new human 'parents'. Along the way, they are regularly joined by other wild creatures in need of the MacCaskills' help - badgers, birds of prey and a majestic golden eagle a mong them. 'The Blood is Wild' is a touching account of the precarious existence of wildlife in the Highlands.

Wolves and Foxes in the Wild Fun Facts

Author : Baby Professor
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What makes wolves different from foxes? Find out the answer by turning the pages of this brilliant educational book. The advantage of learning from this book is that information has been cleverly broken into more understandable pieces. Plus, there’s the addition of images that makes learning all the more fun and effective. Secure a copy today!

Roosevelt Wild Life Bulletins on Forestry

Author : Syracuse University. Roosevelt Wild Life Forest Experiment Station
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Roosevelt Wild Life Bulletin of the Roosevelt Life Forest Experiment Station of the New York College of Forestry at Syracuse University

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Montana Wild Life

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Fox Encounters in the Wild

Author : Jim Crumley
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Renowned nature writer Jim Crumley gets up close and personal with some of Britain’s most iconic and loved animals – here, the fox. With his inimitable passion and vision, Jim describes some of his most memorable encounters with British wildlife – and reveals the startling ways they continually adapt to the relentless encroachment of humans on their habitats. The Encounters in the Wild series not only offers insights into their extraordinary lives, but also considers the conservation efforts to protect them and how the future looks for these much loved animals.