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Wild Orchids of South Carolina

Author : James Alexander Fowler
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pubescens) and of locating the rare monkey-face orchid (Platanthera integrilabia).

Native Orchids of the Southern Appalachian Mountains

Author : Stanley L. Bentley
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This authoritative guide showcases the unmatched beauty and diversity of the native orchids of the southern Appalachian mountains. Based on Stanley Bentley's many years of nature study, it covers the 52 species--including one discovered by Bentley and named after him--found in a region encompassing western Virginia and North Carolina and eastern West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. The entry for each orchid provides the plant's scientific and common names, a description of the flower (including color, shape, and size), and information on the time of flowering, range, and typical habitat, all in the context of the southern mountains. A range map accompanies each description, and Bentley's own superb photographs are an additional aid to identification. Using straightforward language yet incorporating the most up-to-date scientific information and nomenclature, the book will be welcomed by amateur naturalists or professional botanists looking for species in the field and by those who simply enjoy photographs of beautiful wildflowers.

A Guide to the Wildflowers of South Carolina

Author : Patrick D. McMillan
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A comprehensive and indispensable reference for identifying and appreciating native flora From its summits to its shores, South Carolina brims with life and unparalleled beauty thanks to its abundant array of native and naturalized flora, all carefully documented in this revised and expanded edition of A Guide to the Wildflowers of South Carolina. Dramatic advances in plant taxonomy and ecology have occurred since the guide's publication 20 years ago; new species have been discovered while others struggle to survive in the face of vanishing habitats and climate change. The authors, all experienced botanists, offer essays on carnivorous plants, native orchids, Carolina bays, the roles and effects of fire and agriculture on the landscape, and detailed descriptions of the plant communities throughout the state's major natural regions. This expanded edition catalogs nearly 1,000 species organized by habitat, with descriptions, color photographs, range maps, and comments on pharmacological uses, suitability for garden cultivation, origin of common and scientific names, and conservation status.

Wild Orchids of Texas

Author : Joe Liggio
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From the East Texas swamps and forests to the Edwards Plateau canyons and the Trans-Pecos mountains, Texas hosts a surprising number of native orchids. Their exquisite beauty endears them to everyone from wildflower lovers to professional botanists and conservationists. This beautifully illustrated book presents all 54 wild orchids of Texas. The species descriptions that accompany Joe Liggio's lovely color photos discuss the plant's flowers, blooming season, pollinators, typical habitats, and range (also shown by map), including its distribution within and beyond Texas. The species are grouped by genus and also listed by color, county, and habitat for easy reference. In addition to the species accounts, the authors offer a general natural history of Texas orchids that discusses such topics as pollination and reproduction, special growing requirements, and threats to orchids from loss of habitats and careless collecting. They also describe the many orchid habitats in Texas and the species that grow in each. This wide variety of information, which has never before been collected in one volume for a general readership, makes this book the essential guide to Texas' wild orchids.

Field Guide to the Wild Orchids of Texas

Author : Paul Martin Brown
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"In his tenth book covering the wild orchids of North America, botanist Paul Martin Brown turns to the Lone Star State. From the Big Thicket to the Big Bend, from the panhandle to the coastal plains, FIELD GUIDE TO THE WILD ORCHIDS OF TEXAS is the first native orchid field guide to cover all of the state's eco-regions. In addition to the many insider orchid-hunting tips Brown provides, he also recommends trip itineraries offering the fullest viewing of native orchids at their peak seasons. This handy guide covers more than 50 species and varieties, several of which are new to Texas and, in some cases, even brand-new to the orchid world. Brown also covers numerous color and growth forms. FIELD GUIDE TO THE WILD ORCHIDS OF TEXAS includes all the essential tools-field photographs, diagnostic line drawings, and useful reference keys-to quickly and easily identify an orchid discovered in the wild. A checklist of the state's wild orchids and charts listing optimal flowering times and distribution by region make this a user-friendly year-round guide. Though many may not realize it, Texas is home to some of the rarest orchid species in the world. FIELD GUIDE TO THE WILD ORCHIDS OF TEXAS is a valuable and comprehensive resource for the casual hiker and lover of the outdoors."--BOOK JACKET.

Orchid Biology Reviews and Perspectives X

Author : Tiiu Kull
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As stated many times before the purpose of Orchid Biology, Reviews and Perspectives (OB) is to present reviews on all aspects of orchids. The aim is not to balance every volume, but to make a balanced and wide ranging presentation of orchids in the series as a whole. The chapters in this, the last volume of the series, range over a number of topics which were not covered before. Singapore is justly famed for its orchids. They can be seen on arrival (or dep- ture) in its modern, highly efficient and comfortable Changi Airport and on the way from it to town. Vanda Miss Joaquim, the first hybrid to come from Singapore became its National Flower. This natural hybrid can be seen on its currency, stamps, and public and private decorations. Many excellent breeders, starting with Prof. Eric Holttum who bred the first man made hybrid (Spathoglottis Primrose), produced numerous magnificent hybrids and won countless awards in Singapore and elsewhere. These hybrids served to enrich the country’s orchid mystique. In the opening chapter of this volume Dr. Teoh Eng Soon (Western style: Eng Soon Teoh), himself a prize winning orchid breeder, grower and author writes about some of the breeders who contributed to the Singapore orchid fame. Prof. Hans Fitting was one of the best known plant physiologists of his time. As a young man he studied the effects of pollen on orchid flowers.

Wild Orchids of the Northeastern United States

Author : Paul Martin Brown
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The book covers all orchids growing wild in New England, New York and adjacent areas of Pennsylvania and New Jersey; includes an illustrated key to the genera, keys to the species, and a checklist of the northeastern orchids; describes 71 orchid species and varieties, provides a drawing of each, and supplies information on more than 50 forms and hybrids; features 192 full-color photographs of the orchids in their native habitats, along with 71 distribution maps; and suggests where to find the orchids.

Wildlife in North Carolina

Author :
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North Carolina

Author : Sarah Rafle
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Illustrations and text present the history, geography, people, politics and government, economy, and social life and customs of North Carolina, which was the first colony to vote for independence.

North Carolina

Author : Diane Mayr
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Provides young readers with an in-depth and comprehensive portrait of the state of North Carolina, including its history, people, land, economy, and government.