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Wild Women in the Whirlwind

Author : Joanne M. Braxton
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Notable American Women

Author : Susan Ware
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Entries on almost five hundred women representing a wide range of fields of endeavor are featured in a collection of biographical essays that integrate each woman's personal life with her professional achievements, set in the context of historical develop

Women s Studies in Transition

Author : Kate Conway-Turner
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This anthology represents original work presented at a conference commemorating the twentieth anniversary of Women's Studies at the University of Delaware. The central theme focuses on the interdisciplinary links within contemporary women's studies scholarship, addressing the need for this scholarship to cut across disciplines, to be located within a feminist framework, to continually redefine and develop appropriate methodologies, and to translate the academic work into products that address critical issues and concerns facing women and women's creative scholarship.

Women of Color and the Multicultural Curriculum

Author : Liza Fiol-Matta
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The product of 13 curriculum projects that involved several hundred educators nationwide, this volume provides faculty and administrators with a guide to multicultural curricular change-especially with respect to women. While women represent over half of the college students on campus, they are still represented only minimally in the allegedly "mainstream" curriculum. Women of color are far less visible in the curriculum than white women. Both the process and the results of a Ford Foundation funded project are presented here in a format that allows browsing and promotes reading straight through. The volume is divided into three major sections, the first of which highlights the actual process of faculty transformation and administrative support essential to curricular changes as it occurred on two of the participating campuses, U.C.L.A. and George Washington University. Extensive multidisciplinary faculty development syllabi are provided. Section Two conatins 37 transformed undergraduate course syllabi for courses in sociology, American history and literature, and more, with brief essays describing professors' encounters with teaching the new texts. Section Three is an invaluable interdisciplinary guide to teaching about Puerto Rican women, prepared by a team of scholars at SUNY, Albany. It provided information about Puerto Rican women inside and outside Puerto Rico, as well as teaching strategies for integrating such information into the traditional curriculum. This volume shows that essential educational change-to meet the diversity of U.S. students-may be somewhat slower than one would wish, and more difficult, but it is complex, challenging, and intellectually exciting.

The Daughter s Return

Author : Assistant Professor of English Caroline Rody
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The Daughter's Return offers a close analysis of an emerging genre in African-American and Caribbean fiction produced by women writers who make imaginative returns to their ancestral pasts. Considering some of the defining texts of contemporary fiction--Toni Morrison's Beloved, Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea, and Michelle Cliff's No Telephone to Heaven--Rody discusses their common inclusion of a daughter who returns to the site of her people's founding trauma of slavery through memory or magic. Rody treats these texts as allegorical expressions of the desire of writers newly emerging into cultural authority to reclaim their difficult inheritance, and finds a counter plot of heroines' encounters with women of other racial and ethnic groups running through these works.

From Eve to Dawn A History of Women in the World Volume II

Author : Marilyn French
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“Filled with fascinating detail . . . this second volume of French’s massive and valuable work is an example of scholarship and clear vision.” —Publishers Weekly This volume of New York Times–bestselling author Marilyn French’s monumental history analyzes and evaluates the lives of women in societies around the world between feudal times and the French Revolution. Drawing upon fifteen years of collaboration with a team of researchers and prominent historians, the volume opens with fascinating chapters comparing medieval Europe and Japan, disparate cultures which nevertheless shared traditions of male dominated aggression and competitiveness. French then shows how, in Europe, this tradition led to colonialism and imperialism, and the horrific subjugation of indigenous societies, just as women were subjugated in the conquerors’ home countries. As French makes clear in this impassioned women’s history, only with the French Revolution did the political force women exerted powerfully change the course of history. “French gives us grand theory at its best, wading through copious amounts of scholarly data on the histories of civilizations and offering up, in readable prose, an important synthesis.” —Library Journal

The Routledge Companion to Black Women s Cultural Histories

Author : Janell Hobson
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In the social and cultural histories of women and feminism, Black women have long been overlooked or ignored. The Routledge Companion to Black Women’s Cultural Histories is an impressive and comprehensive reference work for contemporary scholarship on the cultural histories of Black women across the diaspora spanning different eras from ancient times into the twenty-first century. Comprising over 30 chapters by a team of international contributors, the Companion is divided into five parts: A fragmented past, an inclusive future Contested histories, subversive memories Gendered lives, racial frameworks Cultural shifts, social change Black identities, feminist formations Within these sections, a diverse range of women, places, and issues are explored, including ancient African queens, Black women in early modern European art and culture, enslaved Muslim women in the antebellum United States, Sally Hemings, Phillis Wheatley, Black women writers in early twentieth-century Paris, Black women, civil rights, South African apartheid, and sexual violence and resistance in the United States in recent history. The Routledge Companion to Black Women’s Cultural Histories is essential reading for students and researchers in Gender Studies, History, Africana Studies, and Cultural Studies.

Feminist Review

Author : The Feminist Review Collective
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First published in 1991. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

From Eve to Dawn A History of Women in the World Volume IV

Author : Marilyn French
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The conclusion of the “remarkable” four-volume history by the New York Times–bestselling author of The Women’s Room (Publishers Weekly). In the twentieth century, women became a force for change, in part through suffrage, and in part through mass organizing. This final volume of Marilyn French’s wide-ranging survey offers a vibrant history of multiple political revolutions as well as the century’s horrors—including genocides and the atom bomb. It ends with a thoughtful investigation into the various indigenous feminist movements throughout the world and asks what these peaceful revolutions might augur for the future. Eschewing easy answers, French suggests that the defining moral moments of the twenty-first century should, and will, build from a global human rights agenda.

Between Woman and Nation

Author : Caren Kaplan
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An examination of nationalism and gender.