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Wilderness First Aid

Author : Howard D. Backer
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Published in cooperation with the Wilderness Medical Society, this text is the definitive and essential wilderness first aid book. Ideal for use in the field and in class, this text tells how to ident

Wilderness First Aid Emergency Care for Remote Locations

Author : American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS)
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Wilderness First Aid: Emergency Care for Remote Locations, Third Edition provides information on how to handle common injuries and illnesses when medical care is an hour away or more. Designed for those who work or travel in remote locations, this comprehensive guide will teach you what to look for and what to do in the event of an emergency, and direct you to the most appropriate type of care. Completely revised, the Third Edition contains updated information on first aid training and complies with the 2005 cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and emergency cardiovascular care (ECC) guidelines.

The Outward Bound Wilderness First Aid Handbook Revised and Updated

Author : Jeffrey Isaac
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Wilderness First Responder

Author : Buck Tilton
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The first teaching manual ever for the "Wilderness First Responder" course, this title represents the cutting edge in medical training for wilderness rescue and self care. The schools affiliated with Tilton's program include the Wilderness Medicine Institute, a subsidiary of NOLS, and SOLO.

Basic Illustrated Wilderness First Aid

Author : M. W. D. Forgey
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The new Basic Illustrated books are information-packed tools in a heavily illustrated, richly designed, contemporary four-color format. Written for the novice but great as a handy reference for the veteran, these highly illustrated guides distill years of knowledge into affordable and portable packages. Whether you're planning a trip or thumbing for facts in the field, Basic Illustrated books show you what you need to know. Discover how to: Assemble an outdoor first-aid kit of essential items Soothe bites and stings Deal with hot and cold injuries Wrap sprains, fractures, and dislocated joints Handle backcountry emergencies until professional medical help arrives

Wilderness Medicine What To Do When You Can t Call 911

Author : Clifton Castleman
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Outward Bound Wilderness First Aid Handbook

Author : Jeffrey Isaac
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It is critical for backcountry travelers to have the ability to handle dangerous situations when they occur. This includes a logical, commonsense approach to injury and illness that takes into account the unique aspects of the wilderness setting. This comprehensive reference book, based on the Wilderness Medical Associates curriculum, clearly explains essential diagnostics and first aid procedures necessary for wilderness injuries, including general principles in wilderness medicine; basic life support; medical supplies; wilderness travel; and the newest first aid methods for outdoor situations. It is an essential reference for anyone headed into the great outdoors.

Auerbach s Wilderness Medicine E Book

Author : Paul S. Auerbach
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Now in its 7th edition, Auerbach’s Wilderness Medicine continues to help you quickly and decisively manage medical emergencies encountered in any wilderness or other austere setting! World-renowned authority Dr. Paul Auerbach and 2 new associate editors have assembled a team of experts to offer proven, practical, visual guidance for effectively diagnosing and treating the full range of issues that can occur in situations where time and resources are scarce. This indispensable resource equips physicians, nurses, advanced practice providers, first responders, and rescuers with the essential knowledge and skills to effectively address and prevent injuries and illnesses – no matter where they happen! Face any medical challenge in the wilderness with expert guidance from hundreds of outstanding world experts edited by Dr. Auerbach and 2 new associate editors, Drs.Tracy Cushing and N. Stuart Harris. New and expanded chapters with hundreds of new photos and illustrative drawings help increase your visual understanding of the material. Acquire the knowledge and skills you need with revised chapters providing expanded discussions of high-altitude medicine, improvisation, technical rescue, telemedicine, ultrasound, and wilderness medicine education. Ten new chapters cover Acute High-Altitude Medicine and Pathophysiology; High Altitude and Pre-Existing Medical Conditions; Cycles, Snowmobiles, and other Wilderness Conveyances; Medical Wilderness Adventure Races (MedWAR); Canyoneering and Canyon Medicine; Evidence-Based Wilderness Medicine; National Park Service Medicine; Genomics and Personalized Wilderness Medicine; Forestry; and Earth Sciences.

Wilderness First Aid Field Guide

Author : Alton L. Thygerson
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The Wilderness First Aid Field Guide covers the basic medical procedures you need to prepare for in the event of an emergency while in an isolated area. Based on the latest first aid and CPR guidelines, it covers general emergency medical procedures as well as specific symptoms and accidents. This pocket sized, spiral bound, and water resistant field guide is an essential resource for anyone in a remote area. Well-organized and thorough, the Wilderness First Aid Field Guide also discusses preventative measures and responsible outdoor behavior.

The Official Wilderness First aid Guide

Author : Wayne Merry
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