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Winning With Data

Author : Fiona Green
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For many years, sports rights owners have had an ‘if you build it, they will come’ attitude, suggesting they take their fans for granted. Combined with advances in broadcasting quality, digital marketing, and social media, this has resulted in diminishing attendances and participation levels. The use of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), BI (Business Intelligence) and Data Analytics has therefore become integral to doing business in sports, emulating the approach used by brands such as Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify. Technology has made the world a smaller place; clubs and teams can now connect with their fans anywhere in the world, allowing them to grow their marketplace, but they operate in an ‘attention economy’ where there’s too much choice and engagement is key. This book sets out to share the processes and principles the sports industry uses to capitalise on the natural loyalty it creates. Case studies and commentary from around the world are used to demonstrate some of the practices implemented by the world’s leading sports brands including clubs Arsenal and the San Antonio Spurs. the governing bodies of UEFA and Special Olympics International, and the MLS and NHL. With a focus on our unique challenges coupled with the opportunities the use of data creates, this book is essential reading for professionals within the sports industry.

Winning with Data in the Business of Sports

Author : Fiona Green
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New technologies mean that sports clubs and governing bodies are generating more data than ever to help manage their relationship with fans, their performance, and their income streams. This new edition of Winning with Data in the Business of Sports explains how to acquire, store, maintain, and use data in the most effective ways. The key developments are three-fold: new technology, new understanding of how to apply that technology, and the new laws informing and controlling the data that can be generated from the technology. Important developments that have occurred since the publication of the first edition include the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the COVID-19 pandemic. With a focus on these unique challenges coupled with the opportunities the use of data creates, this book is essential reading for professionals within the sports industry. This second edition includes: - An introduction to new technologies, the data they generate, and the supporting processes we need to have in place to use them. - Brand new case studies with recent examples of creative applications from clubs, teams, leagues, and governing bodies, including Arsenal, AS Roma, ICC Cricket World Cup, LA Kings, Portland Trail Blazers, and UEFA. - The sports industry’s response to tighter data legislation introduced primarily though the GDPR. - The role of data and direct engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic. The book provides clear guidance and knowledge that sports industry professionals need to understand the role of data for the business side of sports. It is essential reading for sports clubs, governing bodies and those working in sports marketing, media and communications, sponsorship, merchandise, ticketing, events, and participation development. The book will also be of interest to students of sports management.

Sport Business Analytics

Author : C. Keith Harrison
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Developing and implementing a systematic analytics strategy can result in a sustainable competitive advantage within the sport business industry. This timely and relevant book provides practical strategies to collect data and then convert that data into meaningful, value-added information and actionable insights. Its primary objective is to help sport business organizations utilize data-driven decision-making to generate optimal revenue from such areas as ticket sales and corporate partnerships. To that end, the book includes in-depth case studies from such leading sports organizations as the Orlando Magic, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Duke University, and the Aspire Group. The core purpose of sport business analytics is to convert raw data into information that enables sport business professionals to make strategic business decisions that result in improved company financial performance and a measurable and sustainable competitive advantage. Readers will learn about the role of big data and analytics in: Ticket pricing Season ticket member retention Fan engagement Sponsorship valuation Customer relationship management Digital marketing Market research Data visualization. This book examines changes in the ticketing marketplace and spotlights innovative ticketing strategies used in various sport organizations. It shows how to engage fans with social media and digital analytics, presents techniques to analyze engagement and marketing strategies, and explains how to utilize analytics to leverage fan engagement to enhance revenue for sport organizations. Filled with insightful case studies, this book benefits both sports business professionals and students. The concluding chapter on teaching sport analytics further enhances its value to academics.

Statistical Modelling and Sports Business Analytics

Author : Vanessa Ratten
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This book introduces predictive analytics in sports and discusses the relationship between analytics and algorithms and statistics. It defines sports data to be used and explains why the unique nature of sports would make analytics useful. The book also explains why the proper use of predictive analytics includes knowing what they are incapable of doing as well as the role of predictive analytics in the bigger picture of sports entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology. The book looks at the mathematical foundations that enhance technical knowledge of predictive models and illustrates through practical, insightful cases that will help to empower readers to build and deploy their own analytic methodologies. This book targets readers who already have working knowledge of location, dispersion, and distribution statistics, bivariate relationships (scatter plots and correlation coefficients), and statistical significance testing and is a reliable, well-rounded reference for furthering their knowledge of predictive analytics in sports.

The Business of Sports

Author : Scott Rosner
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The Business of Sports, Second Edition is a comprehensive collection of readings that focus on the multibillion-dollar sports industry and the dilemmas faced by todays sports business leaders. It contains a dynamic set of readings to provide a complete overview of major sports business issues. The Second Edition covers professional, Olympic, and collegiate sports, and highlights the major issues that impact each of these broad categories. The Second Edition continue to provide insight from a variety of stakeholders in the industry and cover the major business disciplines of management, marketing, finance, information technology, accounting, ethics and law. In addition, it features concise introductions, targeted discussion questions, and graphs and tables to convey relevant financial data and other statistics discussed. This book is designed for current and future sports business leaders as well as those interested in the inner-workings of the industry.

California Oil and Gas a Business of Sports and Economy

Author : Jimmy Hindle
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An expert craftsmanship of sports journalism and a powerful statement about the business of sports and economy. Certain character depictions are fictitious to convey the utter seriousness of a sport's specification where the ownerships of Champcar waged a boycott against IndyCar and Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS). Otherwise, "oil and gas" is a tightening up of economic realities, the real people on the verge of a financial takeover and how such economies work in relation to Major Leagues Sports in historically speaking the most productive times in U.S. economy. The Heists are back and Phil Elmach driving for James Sedgwick. Only in "oil and gas," Elmach joins Jake Coote and the experts in the Sunshine State. Turbochargers made the stealthiest cars, and successively IndyCar's resolution of a sport's escalation costs. To the supercops, the top outfits in the Champcar-IndyCar merger war pose a threat in a downturn economy and the owner-teams recognize that tires aren't the only switch-ups, but teams transferring into IndyCar. In the shuffle of cash, egos, and clashes, everyone gets caught to the comic drama of staying steps ahead of a supercop. In the chase, the story distinguishes myth from the legendary figures. Miles Deere's epic battles fit the grand schemes. Ground effects sold on American March know-how was a version of Desert Storm on neighboring Area 51 and runs open wheel cars in excess of constructor rules. The Heists have nabbed the technology, or at least former American March Jake Coote as advisor-teammate to Elmach's own answers.

The Business of Sport Management

Author : John Beech
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This book looks at the distinctive context of sports organisations in both theoretical and practical terms. It examines sports management theories and practice within functional areas such as finance, human resource management and marketing. It also considers important contemporary issues such as risk management, the media, sponsorship, merchandising, and management information systems in sport.

The Business of Sports Agents

Author : Kenneth L. Shropshire
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"A timely look at the business, legal and ethical aspects of the athlete representation business. The authors spotlight the unsavory side of the business, from improper payments to student athletes to agents defrauding their pro clients. They offer a series of possible cures, including tougher regulation of agents and changing the way we think of amateurism."--Street and Smith's Sportsbusiness Journal

Sport Inc

Author : Ed Warner
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Why would someone pull the plug on a Premier League match? What prompts an athlete to search for sponsorship on eBay? How can the decision of a drinks brand CEO make or break an entire sport? Why would a sprinter think they can’t afford not to dope? Sport Inc. reveals the behind-the-scenes finances that drive sport - who gets rich and who gets left on the bench. Through investigations into a wide range of sports, including how football agents really work, the betting industry and corruption, esports, the NFL’s efforts to take over the world and the real cost of hosting events like the World Cup and the Olympics, the financial realities of our obsession with sport are exposed. As spectators our choices make us key players in this game of riches – it’s time to find out who’s winning and who’s losing.

Managing the Business of Sport

Author : Linda Trenberth
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This authoritative and comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of sports management helps to explain the modern commercial environment that shapes sport at all levels and gives clear and sensible guidance on best practice in sports management, from elite sport to the local level. With useful features included throughout, such as chapter summaries and definitions of key terms, and with each chapter supported with real-world data and examples, this book is essential reading for all students of sport management and sport business.

International Cases in the Business of Sport

Author : Simon Chadwick
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Contemporary sport is big business. Major teams, leagues, franchises, merchandisers and retailers are in fierce competition in a dynamic global marketplace. Now in a fully revised and updated second edition, International Cases in the Business of Sport presents an unparalleled range of cutting-edge case studies that show how contemporary sport business is done and provides insight into commercial management practice. Written by a team of international experts, these case studies cover organisations and events as diverse as the NBA, the Americas Cup, the Tour de France, the PGA tour, FC Barcelona and the Australian Open tennis. They explore key contemporary themes in sport business and management, such as broadcast rights, social media, strategic development, ownership models, mega-events, sports retailing, globalisation, corruption and financial problems. Each case study also includes discussion questions, recommended reading and links to useful web resources. International Cases in the Business of Sport is an essential companion to any sport business or sport management course, and fascinating reading for any sport business professional looking to deepen their understanding of contemporary management.

The Application of Sports Technology and Sports Data for Commercial Purposes

Author : Kenneth Cortsen
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Contemporary professional football (and sports) entities have embraced technology and data to boost sporting quality. However, this development has gone beyond the playing field as technology and data also start to play a larger role in improving business performances in the football (sports) industry. This chapter looks into how technology and data in the form of sports tracking systems, compare based on (but not totally limited to) the case of the ZXY sports tracking system, are capable of helping to translate improved sporting performances into enhanced business performances. The intensified commercialization in football from technology and data takes fandom to new heights and bring about new revenue generating opportunities. However, harnessing the increased amounts of data is associated with technical challenges and financial and human resource constraints. In some instances, the context of applying 'big data' in football is still premature. Therefore, the technology and data implementation in professional football needs to undergo a qualification process to secure that the applied data co-exists with a context of competent knowledge-sharing, individual and organizational learning in order to positively develop sporting and business performances.

World Sports

Author : Maylon Hanold
File Size : 23.19 MB
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"This is a book of World Sports - A Reference Handbook"--

Routledge Handbook of the Business of Women s Sport

Author : Nancy Lough
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Combining knowledge from sport management, marketing, media, leadership, governance, and consumer behavior in innovative ways, this book goes further than any other in surveying current theory and research on the business of women’s sport around the world, making it an unparalleled resource for all those who aspire to work in, or understand, women’s sport. Featuring international perspectives, with authors from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania, and insightful, in-depth profiles of real leaders within different sectors of women's sport in the global sport industry, the Routledge Handbook of the Business of Women's Sport offers an integrated understanding of the ways traditional media and social media impact both the understanding and advancement of women’s sport properties, businesses, teams, and athletes. Innovative case studies show how societal issues such as gender, power, and framing impact the business of women’s sports and those who work in women’s sport. An essential reference for any researcher or advanced student with an interest in women’s sport or women in business, and useful supplementary reading for researchers and advanced students working in sport business, sport management, mainstream business and management, or women’s studies.

Analytics in Healthcare and the Life Sciences

Author : Thomas H. Davenport
File Size : 33.56 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Make healthcare analytics work: leverage its powerful opportunities for improving outcomes, cost, and efficiency.This book gives you thepractical frameworks, strategies, tactics, and case studies you need to go beyond talk to action. The contributing healthcare analytics innovators survey the field’s current state, present start-to-finish guidance for planning and implementation, and help decision-makers prepare for tomorrow’s advances. They present in-depth case studies revealing how leading organizations have organized and executed analytic strategies that work, and fully cover the primary applications of analytics in all three sectors of the healthcare ecosystem: Provider, Payer, and Life Sciences. Co-published with the International Institute for Analytics (IIA), this book features the combined expertise of IIA’s team of leading health analytics practitioners and researchers. Each chapter is written by a member of the IIA faculty, and bridges the latest research findings with proven best practices. This book will be valuable to professionals and decision-makers throughout the healthcare ecosystem, including provider organization clinicians and managers; life sciences researchers and practitioners; and informaticists, actuaries, and managers at payer organizations. It will also be valuable in diverse analytics, operations, and IT courses in business, engineering, and healthcare certificate programs.

Wearable Technologies Concepts Methodologies Tools and Applications

Author : Management Association, Information Resources
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Advances in technology continue to alter the ways in which we conduct our lives, from the private sphere to how we interact with others in public. As these innovations become more integrated into modern society, their applications become increasingly relevant in various facets of life. Wearable Technologies: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications is a comprehensive reference source for the latest scholarly material on the development and implementation of wearables within various environments, emphasizing the valuable resources offered by these advances. Highlighting a range of pertinent topics, such as assistive technologies, data storage, and health and fitness applications, this multi-volume book is ideally designed for researchers, academics, professionals, students, and practitioners interested in the emerging applications of wearable technologies.

Sport Marketing

Author : Windy Dees
File Size : 75.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Sport marketing is more accessible than ever, with sport business professionals, companies, the media, athletes, teams, coaches, and fans connecting in new ways and with new experiences. Sport Marketing, Fifth Edition With HKPropel Access, presents a modernized, current-day approach to the dynamic industry of sport marketing. A full-color presentation brings this vibrant field to life with comprehensive coverage—balanced between theoretical and practical—to provide an understanding of the foundations of sport marketing and how to enhance the sport experience. Building on the legacy that Bernard Mullin, Stephen Hardy, and William Sutton established in the first four editions, a new author team, handpicked by their predecessors, draw from their modern experience in the field to add a fresh perspective to this essential text. They bring the sport industry directly to the reader through extensive industry examples, interviews of top sports executives, challenging case studies, and global perspectives from teams, leagues, and other agencies around the world. Reflecting the evolving landscape of sport marketing, the text will prepare students to stay on the leading edge with the following updates: A focus on current and emerging technologies and how they have revolutionized the sport industry—ranging from mobile video streaming and fantasy sports to artificial intelligence and virtual reality Greater emphasis on data and analytics to make more informed business decisions In-depth examination of how social media and digital platforms serve as critical communication channels to drive sport marketing strategy and execution New content on target marketing, including understanding millennial sports fans and engaging with Generation Z Updated coverage of sales processes, addressing both traditional methods and new strategies for the mobile age Discussion of modern ticketing practices and the secondary ticket market, including how leagues partner with secondary ticket providers and the impact on pricing strategies Also new to the fifth edition are related online learning aids, now delivered through HKPropel, designed to engage students and test comprehension of the material. Exclusive video interviews with sport industry leaders offer insights into how they incorporate marketing strategies into their daily work. Discussion questions and activities for each chapter guide students to apply core concepts, and web search activities provide opportunities for students to compare strategies found on sport organization websites and other online locations. In addition, chapter objectives, an opening scenario, sidebars highlighting key concepts, and Wrap-Up, Activities, and Your Marketing Plan sections at the ends of chapters offer students additional learning tools as they explore how fans, players, coaches, the media, and companies interact to drive the sport industry. With Sport Marketing, Fifth Edition With HKPropel Access, students will develop valuable marketing skills and prepare for a successful career in the competitive world of sport marketing. Note: A code for accessing HKPropel is not included with this ebook but may be purchased separately.

Contemporary Sport Management

Author : Paul M. Pedersen
File Size : 65.2 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Contemporary Sport Management, Seventh Edition, delivers a complete overview of sport management with a diverse team of contributors. Readers are introduced to all aspects of the field they need to know as they prepare for a career in sport management

Relocating Teams and Expanding Leagues in Professional Sports

Author : Frank P. Jozsa
File Size : 80.66 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Examines the business of professional league sports, focusing on league expansion and franchise relocation.

Sports Analytics

Author : Gil Fried
File Size : 86.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The increasing availability of data has transformed the way sports are played, promoted and managed. This is the first textbook to explain how the big data revolution is having a profound influence across the sport industry, demonstrating how sport managers and business professionals can use analytical techniques to improve their professional practice. While other sports analytics books have focused on player performance data, this book shows how analytics can be applied to every functional area of sport business, from marketing and event management to finance and legal services. Drawing on research that spans the entire sport industry, it explains how data is influencing the most important decisions, from ticket sales and human resources to risk management and facility operations. Each chapter contains real world examples, industry profiles and extended case studies which are complimented by a companion website full of useful learning resources. Sport Analytics: A data-driven approach to sport business and managementis an essential text for all sport management students and an invaluable reference for any sport management professional involved in operational research.