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Wins Losses and Lessons

Author : Lou Holtz
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When I die and people realize that I will not be resurrected in three days, they will forget me. That is the way it should be. For reasons known only to God, I was asked to write an autobiography. Most people who knew me growing up didn't think I would ever read a book, let alone write one. —Lou Holtz Few people in the history of college sports have been more influential or had a bigger impact than Lou Holtz. Winner of the three national Coach of the Year honors, the only coach ever to lead six different schools to season-ending bowl games, and the ninth-winningest coach in college football history, Holtz is still teaching and coaching, although he is no longer on the gridiron. In his most telling work to date, the man still known as "Coach" by all who cross his path reveals what motivated a rail-thin 135-pound kid with marginal academic credentials and a pronounced speech impediment to play and coach college football, and to become one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in history. With unflinching honesty and his trademark dry wit, Holtz goes deep, giving us the intimate details of the people who shaped his life and the decisions he would make that shaped the lives of so many others. His is a storied career, and Holtz provides a frank and inside look at the challenges he overcame to turn around the programs at William and Mary, North Carolina State, Arkansas, and Minnesota. From growing up in East Liverpool, Ohio, to his early days as a graduate assistant at the University of Iowa, to his national championship runs at Notre Dame and his final seasons on the sidelines in South Carolina, Lou Holtz gives his best, a poignant, funny, and instructive look into a life well lived.

Three Rules for Living a Good Life

Author : Lou Holtz
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Legendary former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz shared three easy to remember and impossible to forget rules for life during a commencement address at Franciscan University Steubenville. Do what is right. Do everything to the best of your ability. Show people you care. Now expanded into book form, Three Rules for Living a Good Life: A Game Plan for after Graduation offers a quick, sometimes humorous, and always practical formula for recent college graduates and other young adults to reach success in their business, personal, and spiritual lives. Three Rules for Living a Good Life is a great gift book for a young adult looking for a quick read that offers encouragement and concrete advice for transitioning to the workforce and to deeper, more committed relationships. Lou Holtz, one of the most successful college football coaches of all time, a college football analyst, and a premier motivational speaker, shares a message that is genuine and sensible. Punctuated with examples for keeping and living the rules each day from his years of working with teams, in business, and with his family, Holtz’s book keeps the discussion light, humorous, and real. Holtz’s commencement message is one he often shares with business leaders around the world. He points to the foundation of his Christian faith and the necessity for young adults who have been raised in the faith to take stock of themselves at this crossroads of their life. “Don’t ignore God! Don’t give up the faith!” he writes. A sought-after motivational speaker, Holtz annually gives hundreds of presentations on topics having to do with leadership, success, and achieving peak results. Holtz has also given many commencement addresses and been awarded a number of honorary degrees. In Three Rules for Living a Good Life, this iconic Notre Dame football coach and television and radio analyst sums up his essential graduation message that college grads will find useful as they take their places in the “real world.”

The Art of Motivation for Team Sports

Author : Jim Hinkson
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The challenge for today’s modern coach is to push players without risking burnout, inspire them without bullying, and discipline players without constantly yelling. While no two coaches have the exact same approach to motivating their team, there are certain leadership skills coaches can develop to get the most out of their team, no matter the sport or the skill level. In The Art of Motivation for Team Sports: A Guide for Coaches, Jim Hinkson provides coaches with details and tips on how to motivate their team throughout the season. While most coaching books cover individual leadership or specific practice drills, this book focuses on how to motivate the entire team through setting goals, planning practices so as to keep players engaged and improving, pregame and postgame speeches, building quality relationships, and redefining success as more than just winning. In addition, this book includes team-building exercises and team behavior and value goals, stressing the importance that coaches not only create a successful team but also develop quality people who will excel outside the athletic arena. The many practical tips and keys to coaching success provided in this book were built from Jim Hinkson’s years as a professional athlete and fine-tuned from his decades of coaching experience. A clear and comprehensive resource, The Art of Motivation for Team Sports will be invaluable to coaches at the youth, high school, and college levels.

My Back Nine

Author : Tony Caico
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After riding the gravy train for more than ten years in the mortgage banking industry, author Tony Caico's industry and his life met at an intersection and crashed. His worth was so closely tied to what he did for a living that he no longer knew who he was. After some careful soul searching, his healing began, and he put his life back on track. Using the back nine holes of a golf course as a guide, Caico uses his experiences to help others analyze what they need to do better to truly enjoy the second half of their lives. Each golf hole represents one of the following nine key life components: family, health and wellness, knowledge, career, spirituality, leadership, relationships, self-improvement, and happiness. In My Back Nine, Caico synthesizes current thinking and research on careers, evaluating strengths, and formulating life plans to offer a guide to making changes for the better. The essential qualities needed for success in golf preparation, focus, patience, discipline, integrity, and honesty are the same qualities necessary to be successful in life. My Back Nine shows how both life and sports can often create real winners on and off the playing field.

Costs and Benefits of Cross country Labour Migration in the GMS

Author : Hossein Jalilian
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International labour migration can be characterized in three ways - as human aspiration, tradition, and necessity. For some people, working overseas is a dream. For others, international labour mobility is a tradition. For a great number of people however, international labour migration is an economic necessity. It is the only viable solution to realize their basic human right to a decent life. GMS worker movements to Thailand typify all three characterizations of international labour mobility. While this book focuses on the economic dimensions of international labour emigration, principally from Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam to Thailand, it recognizes at the very outset the equal standing of non-economic motivations for migration.

Next Level Leadership

Author : Juston C. Pate
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Next-Level Leadership is an easy-to-read book about the fifteen essential fundamentals every leader should acquire. These fundamentals allow leaders to take their skills to the “next level.” Next-Level Leadership is full of stories, advice, and some of the most quotable lines you’ll ever read about the field of leadership. Juston Pate does a masterful job of making complex notions easy to understand while both informing and entertaining the reader. From the Author: “I wanted to write a book that adds value to people’s lives, but one that everyone would enjoy reading. My purpose is to help improve leadership skills by providing great information, but my goal is to make it fun along the way. My ultimate desire is that anyone who reads the book is disappointed when it’s over.” Other titles available from Juston Pate: The Leadership Pyramid: Today’s Effort Determines Tomorrow’s Success and Next-Level Leadership Resource Guide.

Master Leaders

Author : George Barna
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Imagine the chance to sit down with 30 of the world’s best-known and most-respected leaders as they share their secrets to success. That’s Master Leaders—the most valuable leadership book of the decade, now available in softcover. Based on personal interviews and conversations with “the greats” (including Ken Blanchard, Colleen Barrett, Ben Carson, Tony Dungy, Newt Gingrich, Seth Godin, Patrick Lencioni, and many others), Master Leaders offers 16 key distinctives that you need to know in order to be a successful leader. Coauthored by George Barna (Revolution) and Bill Dallas (Lessons from San Quentin), Master Leaders contains top-of-the-line insider information on leading wisely and well . . . from the people who know.


Author : Gail Fay
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Sports: The Ultimate Teen Guide looks at a wide variety of topics related to high school sports—everything from choosing a sport to preparing to play at the college level. This book provides up-to-date information on sports-related issues, practical tips, and valuable resources for high school athletes of all levels, from freshman novices to highly competitive seniors.

The Four Invitations

Author : Albert Kirby Griffin
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There are four universal invitations presented to us during our lives, a synthesis of the greatest common denominators embedded in our life experiences, religious faiths, and secular thought. To God, they are truths; to humankind, they are the Four Invitations - God invites us to accept and choose to: • Follow God equally regardless of the path we choose • Assess without judging through our biases or issues • Engage and respond to others with love • Connect and spend time with God in worship The Four Invitations are invitations that challenge us to think differently, see differently, do differently, and live differently. They are invitations from God, given to us through the transformational insights of spiritual leaders. They are invitations from the world that prompt us to respond appropriately. They are invitations from our lives that ask us to apply them in the appropriate situations. The Four Invitations - documented in religious scriptures, world literature, systematic observation, and artistic expression - are undiluted guidance to humankind. It is our human existence that transforms them from truths to invitations. They are the foundation of our relationships, with God and others, where we follow from different places, with different cultures and spiritual beliefs, comprised of different people and backgrounds. Each of the Four Invitations consists of and is supported by: • a central idea and definition to frame it • Original insights and observations • the challenges and practices of application • examples from spiritual teachings and scientific research • quotes from religious and worldly thinkers • singular paintings, diagrams, and footnotes The Four Invitations are not a substitute for practicing a spiritual faith, but an invitation to put our faith into practice. The content of each Truth can be discussed and taught within the context of any religious faith by any follower of God. The Four Invitations are a pragmatic approach that simplifies our spiritual paths in a complex world, reducing our deviation, and ultimately connects us to God.

Notre Dame vs USC

Author : Don Lechman
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Few sporting rituals court the national interest in the same way as the annual Notre Dame-University of Southern California football game. In more than eighty grudge matches dating from the era of Knute Rockne and Howard Jones, the Trojans ruined potential Irish national titles in 1931, 1938, 1964, 1970, 1971 and 1980. The Fighting Irish obliterated USC national title hopes with season-ending victories in 1947 and 1952 and handed the Trojans their first losses of 1927, 1973 and 1995. The Irish bounced USC from No. 1 in 1968 with a legendary 21-21 tie and ensured their own 1988 national championship with a 27-19 victory. Join author Don Lechman as he recounts the exploits of Johnny Lujack, Anthony Davis and hundreds of others in the gloried battles of Notre Dame vs. USC.