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The Ludgate

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Third World Women and the Politics of Feminism

Author : Chandra Talpade Mohanty
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"The essays are provocative and enhance knowledge of Third World women's issues. Highly recommended... "Â —Choice "... the book challenges assumptions and pushes historic and geographical boundaries that must be altered if women of all colors are to win the struggles thrust upon us by the 'new world order' of the 1990s." —New Directions for Women "This surely is a book for anyone trying to comprehend the ways sexism fuels racism in a post-colonial, post-Cold War world that remains dangerous for most women." —Cynthia H. Enloe "... provocative analyses of the simultaneous oppressions of race, class, gender and sexuality... a powerful collection." —Gloria Anzaldúa "... propels third world feminist perspectives from the periphery to the cutting edge of feminist theory in the 1990s." —Aihwa Ong "... a carefully presented wealth of much-needed information." —Audre Lorde "... it is a significant book." —The Bloomsbury Review "... excellent... The nondoctrinaire approach to the Third World and to feminism in general is refreshing and compelling." —World Literature Today "... an excellent collection of essays examining 'Third World' feminism." —The Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory These essays document the debates, conflicts, and contradictions among those engaged in developing third world feminist theory and politics. Contributors: Evelyne Accad, M. Jacqui Alexander, Carmen Barroso, Cristina Bruschini, Rey Chow, Juanita Diaz-Cotto, Angela Gilliam, Faye V. Harrison, Cheryl Johnson-Odim, Chandra Talpade Mohanty, Ann Russo, Barbara Smith, Nayereh Tohidi, Lourdes Torres, Cheryl L. West, & Nellie Wong.

Spanish American Women Writers

Author : Diane E. Marting
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superb and indispensable. . . . this guide should serve to introduce a rich lode to scholarly miners of the Latin American literary tradition. Highly recommended. Choice Containing contributions by more than fifty scholars, this volume, the second of Diane Marting's edited works on the women of the literature of Spanish America, consists of analytical and biographical studies of fifty of the most important women writers of Latin America from the seventeenth century to the present. The writers covered in the individual essays represent most Spanish-speaking American nations and a variety of literary genres. Each essay provides biographical and career information, discusses the major themes in the body of work, and surveys criticism, ending with a detailed bibliography of works by the writer, works available in translation if applicable, and works about the writer. The editor's tripartite introduction freely associates themes and images with/about/for the works of Spanish American women writers; explains the history and process of the collaborative effort that this volume represents; and traces some feminist concerns that recur in the essays, providing commentary, analysis, suggestions for further research, and hypotheses to be tested. Two general essays complete the volume. The first examines the oral testimony of contemporary Indian women outside of the literary tradition, women whose words have been recorded by others. The other surveys Latina writers in the United States, an area not otherwise encompassed in the scope of this volume. Appendixes classify the writers in the main body of the work by birth date, country, and genre. Also included is a bibliography of reference works and general criticism on the Latin American woman writer, and title and subject indexes. This book addresses the needs of students, translators, and general readers, as well as scholars, by providing a general reference work in the area of Spanish American literature. As such, it belongs in the reference collections of all libraries serving scholars and students of Latin American and women's studies and literature.

The Pall Mall Magazine

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Magic of Blood and Sea

Author : Cassandra Rose Clarke
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Contains a sneak peak of Magic of wind and mist.

Words of Today s American Indian Women Ohoyo Makachi

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The Woman in the Mist

Author : Richard Stephens
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The Red Haired Girl from the Bog

Author : Patricia Monaghan
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An Irish-American student and teacher of poetry, mythology, feminist spirituality, religion, and environmental studies travels to Ireland in search of her roots, and finds herself on a spiritual pilgrimage where she discovers spiritual ancestors in the legends of spirited women such as witches, hags, goddesses, wanton girls, and mothers.

Monsters Mist

Author : Taylor Fenner
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The Girl with Warrior Aspirations. The Playboy Prince. The Ruthless Queen. One will seek to enslave the world. One will lead the rebellion. And one will be the catalyst. The Warrior General with a tragic past. The Disgraced Bounty Hunter. The Girl with the Constellation on Her Face. One will rise to the challenge. One will return what was once lost. And one will embrace their destiny. Six lives. One world borne anew.

The People Verses the Tombstone Express Conspiracy

Author : D.H. REID
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In the modern world, citizens are still reeling from the leadership they had experienced in the past, but they aren't aware that their problems have only started. On one of the abandoned plateaus of Colorado, a home has been built that harbors evil, since it was built in an ancient cemetery and the effect will be felt by many very quickly. Lives are lost fighting against the men that put evil ahead of righteousness and it is up to patriots that love and uphold the laws of the nation to rise and fight against tyranny, bringing the spirit of 1776 alive through opposition to actions that are created to imprison the citizens and a nation in slavery and bondage. Will the patriot succeed in liberating the people and the scales of justice? Join him as he goes against the odds to emerge victorious over the presence of evil?