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Women and the Reformation

Author : Kirsi Stjerna
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Women and the Reformation gathers historical materials and personal accounts to provide a comprehensive and accessible look at the status and contributions of women as leaders in the 16th century Protestant world. Explores the new and expanded role as core participants in Christian life that women experienced during the Reformation Examines diverse individual stories from women of the times, ranging from biographical sketches of the ex-nun Katharina von Bora Luther and Queen Jeanne d’Albret, to the prophetess Ursula Jost and the learned Olimpia Fulvia Morata Brings together social history and theology to provide a groundbreaking volume on the theological effects that these women had on Christian life and spirituality Accompanied by a website at offering student’s access to the writings by the women featured in the book

Five Women of the English Reformation

Author : Paul F. M. Zahl
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Books on the history of the Reformation are filled with the heroic struggles and sacrifices of men. But this compelling volume puts the spotlight on five strong and intellectually gifted women who, because of their absolute and unconditional commitment to the advancement of Protestant Christianity, paid the cost of their reforming convictions with martyrdom, imprisonment, and exile. Anne Boleyn (1507-1536) introduced the Reformation to England, and Katharine Parr (1514-1548) saved it. Both women were riveted by early versions of the "justification by faith" doctrine that originated with Martin Luther and came to them through France. As a result, Anne Boleyn was beheaded. Katharine Parr narrowly avoided the same fate. Sixteen-year-old Jane Grey (1537-1554) and Anne Askew (1521-1546) both dared to criticize the Mass and were pioneers of Protestant views concerning superstition and symbols. Jane Grey was executed because of her Protestantism. Anne Askew was tortured and burned at the stake. Catherine Willoughby (1520-1580) anticipated later Puritan teachings on predestination and election and on the reformation of the church. She was forced to give up everything she had and to flee with her husband and nursing baby into exile. Paul Zahl vividly tells the stories of these five mothers of the English Reformation. All of these women were powerful theologians intensely interested in the religious concerns of their day. All but Anne Boleyn left behind a considerable body of written work - some of which is found in this book's appendices. It is the theological aspect of these women's remarkable achievements that Zahl seeks to underscore. Moreover, he also considers what the stories of these women have to say about the relation of gender to theology, human motivation, and God. An important epilogue by Mary Zahl contributes a contemporary woman's view of these fascinating historical figures. Extraordinary by any standard, Anne Boleyn, Anne Askew, Katharine Parr, Jane Grey, and Catherine Willoughby remain rich subjects for reflection and emulation hundreds of years later. The personalities of these five women, who spoke their Christian convictions with presence of mind and sharp intelligence within situations of life-and-death duress, are almost totemic in our enduring search for role models.

Mrs Luther and Her Sisters

Author : Derek Wilson
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"Women have made crucial contributions to the life of the Church from New Testament times onwards, but the Reformation saw an explosion in their involvement. Having benefited alongside their brothers from the Renaissance's emphasis on learning, and with the increasing casting aside of the belief that they were intellectually inferior, women learned to read in ever increasing numbers--and most of them wanted to read the Bible. As a result, many started to interpret Scripture for themselves, putting them on a collision course with the Church"

Woman in the Reformation

Author : Emma Louise Parry
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Women Of The Reformation In France And England

Author : Roland Herbert Bainton
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Roland Bainton assesses the role of more than sixteen women in the Reformation period in France and England. In his justly admired, engaging style, he documents the influence of prominent women on the evolution of social institutions, for example, the personalizing of marriage and the contribution of women to general social welfare. The result is a fresh and intriguing look at some familiar stories. Included are chapters on Marguerite of Navarre, all the wives of Henry VIII, Lady Jane Grey, Mary I, women martyrs, and Elizabeth I.

Women of the Reformation

Author : Roland Bainton
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In this fascinating and concluding volume in his series on the contributions of women to the Reformation, celebrated historian Roland Bainton tells the stories of twenty-seven courageous figures — some famous, some less well-known — all ardently committed to religious reform during the restless years of the Reformation. Bainton's knack for combining an intimate knowledge of this historical period with a congenial and personal style of writing is once again on display in these memorable portraits of sixteenth-century women from Spain, Portugal, Scotland, England, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Hungary, and Transylvania.

Women of the Reformation in Germany and Italy

Author : Roland H Bainton
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In this pioneering work Roland Bainton surveys the contribution to the church of women of the sixteenth century in Germany and Italy. Along the way, he assesses the effect of the Reformation on the role of women in society in general. Included in this volume are Katherine von Bora, Ursula of M]nsterberg, Katherine Zell, Elisabeth of Brandenburg, Anabaptist women, Giulia Gonzaga, Isabella Bresegna, Olympia Morata, and others.

Women of the Reformation from Spain to Scandinavia

Author : Roland Herbert Bainton
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Argula Von Grumbach

Author : Argula von Grumbach
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In 1523, in one of the most daring and remarkable events in the history of the Reformation, a woman challenged the Catholic establishment to a public debate. The issue was the persecution of a young Lutheran student in Ingolstadt.Argula von Grumbach's writings on this and many other topics were widely circulated: her first publication alone went through sixteen editions. She addressed the Catholic theologians of Ingolstadt, the Dukes of Bavaria and the Councils of Ingolstadt and Regensburg. She also met with and conducted an extensive correspondence with Luther, Osiander and many of the leading reformers.Professor Peter Matheson here provides translations of all her published works together with introductions. He gives a full biographical account of von Grumbach, analyses her use of Scripture and discusses her role as a woman of the Reformation.The rediscovery of Protestanism's first female theologian and author affords a wealth of new insight into the history of the Reformation; the role of women in Church, state and society; and a woman's use of Scripture, which in many ways anticipates the flowering of feminist theology today.

The Role of Women in the English Reformation Illustrated by the Life and Friendships of Anne Locke

Author : Patrick Collinson
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The Female Martyrs of the English Reformation

Author : Charlotte Elizabeth
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Women in Reformation and Counter reformation Europe

Author : ed MARSHALL
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Women of the English Renaissance and Reformation

Author : Retha M. Warnicke
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Profiles of Anabaptist Women

Author : C. Arnold Snyder
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During the upheavals of the Reformation, one of the most significant of the radical Protestant movements emerged — that of the Anabaptist movement. Profiles of Anabaptist Women provides lively, well-researched profiles of the courageous women who chose to risk prosecution and martyrdom to pursue this unsanctioned religion — a religion that, unlike the established religions of the day, initially offered them opportunity and encouragement to proselytize. Derived from sixteenth-century government records and court testimonies, hymns, songs and poems, these profiles provide a panorama of life and faith experiences of women from Switzerland, Germany, Holland and Austria. These personal stories of courage, faith, commitment and resourcefulness interweave women’s lives into the greater milieu, relating them to the dominant male context and the socio-political background of the Reformation. Taken together, these sketches will give readers an appreciation for the central role played by Anabaptist women in the emergence and persistence of this radical branch of Protestantism.

Women In Late Medieval and Reformation Europe 1200 1550

Author : Helen M. Jewell
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The period from c. 500 to 1200 comprises the formative centuries in European history after the fall of the Roman Empire in the west. Societies had to live through political, social, economic and religious challenges. Half the population, though, also had to labour under additional constraints imposed by the prevalent gender theories, which carried a mixture of inherited Judeo-Christian tradition and classical medical and legal custom through the period. Helen M. Jewell provides a lively survey of western European women's activities and experiences during this timespan. The core chapters investigate: - the function of women in the countryside and towns - the role of women in the ruling and landholding classes - women within the context of religion. This practical centre of the book is embedded in an analysis of contemporary, usually male-voiced, gender theories and society's expectations of women. Several individuals who vastly exceeded these expectations, crashing through the 'glass ceilings' of their day, are brought together in a fascinating final chapter. Combining a historiographical survey of trends over the last thirty years with more recent scholarship, this is the ideal introductory guide for anyone with an interest in women's history from the Dark Age through to the early Medieval period.

Women and the Counter Reformation in Early Modern M nster

Author : Simone Laqua-O'Donnell
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The first study of how women from different backgrounds encountered the Counter-Reformation in early sixteenth-century Münster.

Women Christianity From the Reformation to the 21st century

Author : Mary T. Malone
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"Students and scholars of Christian history will find Women & Christianity a refreshing and valuable resource. Women, Christian or otherwise, who seek an understanding of their past and their present will also find this book helpful."--BOOK JACKET.

Women Writers of the Renaissance and Reformation

Author : Katharina M. Wilson
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The dawn of humanism in the Renaissance presented privileged women with great opportunities for personal and intellectual growth. Sexual and social roles still determined the extent to which a woman could pursue education and intellectual accomplishment, but it was possible through the composition of poetry or prose to temporarily offset hierarchies of gender, to become equal to men in the act of creation. Edited by Katharina M. Wilson, this anthology introduces the works of twenty-five women writers of the Renaissance and Reformation, among them Marie Dentière, a Swiss evangelical reformer whose writings were so successful they were banned during her lifetime; Gaspara Stampa, a cultivated courtesan of Venetian aristocratic circles who wrote lyric poetry that has earned her comparisons to Michelangelo and Tasso; Hélisenne de Crenne, a French aristocrat who embodied the true spirit of the Renaissance feminist, writing both as novelist and as champion of her sex; Helene Kottanner, Austrian chambermaid to Queen Elizabeth of Hungary whose memoirs recall her daring theft of the Holy Crown of Saint Stephen for her esteemed mistress; and Lady Mary Sidney Wroth, the first Englishwoman known to write a full-length work of fiction and compose a significant body of secular poetry. Offering a seldom seen counterpoint to literature written by men, Women Writers of the Renaissance and Reformation presents prose and poetry that have never before appeared in English, as well as writings that have rarely been available to the nonspecialist. The women whose writings are included here are united by a keen awareness of the social limitations placed upon their creative potential, of the strained relationship between their gender and their work. This concern invests their writings with a distinctive voice--one that carries the echoes of a male aesthetic while boldly declaring battle against it.

Luther on Women

Author : Martin Luther
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Table of contents

Reformation Europe

Author : William S. Maltby
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