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Grammar and Context

Author : Ann Hewings
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Grammar and Context: considers how grammatical choices influence and are influenced by the context in which communication takes place examines the interaction of a wide variety of contexts – including socio-cultural, situational and global influences includes a range of different types of grammar – functional, pedagogic, descriptive and prescriptive explores grammatical features in a lively variety of communicative contexts, such as advertising, dinner-table talk, email and political speeches gathers together influential readings from key names in the discipline, including: David Crystal, M.A.K. Halliday, Joanna Thornborrow, Ken Hyland and Stephen Levey. The accompanying website to this book can be found at

Grammar in Context

Author : Geoff Barton
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Grammar foundations - Grammar as used in different forms of writing.

Lessons to Share on Teaching Grammar in Context

Author : Constance Weaver
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This book features eighteen articles addressing issues such as: how language is learned, and teaching grammar through writing, across the grades.

Words Grammar Text

Author : Rosamund Moon
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John Sinclair s work is widely known and has had a far-reaching influence, particularly in the areas of corpus linguistics, lexis, phraseology, lexicography, grammar, and discourse analysis. This collection of papers, written by former colleagues at Birmingham University, looks at some key writings by John Sinclair, with the intention of showing why his ideas are of lasting significance. Contributions deal with the Cobuild Project (directed by Sinclair) and its innovative first dictionary; collocation and the Open Choice and Idiom Principles; the interactions between and interdependence of phraseology and grammar; semantic prosody; and the construction of meaning in text. This volume was originally published as a Special Issue of "International Journal of Corpus Linguistics" 12:2 (2007)."

Spanish Grammar in Context

Author : Juan Kattan Ibarra
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Spanish Grammar in Context provides an accessible and stimulating approach to learning grammar. Authentic texts are used to illustrate and explain the key areas of Spanish grammar, followed by a range of exercises to help students reinforce and test their understanding. An answer key is also presented at the back of the book. Features include: A rich variety of texts sourced from all over the Spanish-speaking world, including excerpts from contemporary literature, magazines and newspapers Texts carefully selected to cover topical issues and themes relevant to contemporary Spain and Latin America Clear, user-friendly and comprehensive coverage of grammar, aided by a list of grammatical terms An abundance of exercises designed to thoroughly build up grammatical understanding and effective comprehension and communication skills Free companion website featuring an assortment of extra exercises for additional practice This third edition has been revised and updated throughout and offers new exercises and fresh texts. Spanish Grammar in Context will be an essential resource for intermediate to advanced students of Spanish. It is suitable for both classroom use and independent study.

Grammar for Teachers

Author : Andrea DeCapua
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The purpose of Grammar for Teachers is to encourage readers to develop a solid understanding of the use and function of grammatical structures in American English. It approaches grammar from a descriptive rather than a prescriptive approach; however, throughout the book differences between formal and informal language, and spoken and written English are discussed. The book avoids jargon or excessive use of technical terminology. It makes the study of grammar interesting and relevant by presenting grammar in context and by using authentic material from a wide variety of sources.

Ancient Grammar in Context

Author : Ineke Sluiter
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A Dictionary of Grammatical Terms in Linguistics

Author : R.L. Trask
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This dictionary of grammatical terms covers both current and traditional terminology in syntax and morphology. It includes descriptive terms, the major theoretical concepts of the most influential grammatical frameworks, and the chief terms from mathematical and computational linguistics. It contains over 1500 entries, providing definitions and examples, pronunciations, the earliest sources of terms and suggestions for further reading, and recommendations about competing and conflicting usages. The book focuses on non-theory-boumd descriptive terms, which are likely to remain current for some years. Aimed at students and teachers of linguistics, it allows a reader puzzled by a grammatical term to look it up and locate further reading with ease.

Exploring Grammar In Context

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This unique reference and practice grammar is based entirely on real spoken and written language. It analyses why people choose certain structures in situations and the effect of those choices on meaning, Exploring Grammar in Context upper intermediate and advanced: *provides 25 units focusing on key grammar areas for language teachers and students*actively engages the reader in discovering patterns of grammar use*offers an extensive, varied range of practice exercises to check understanding*is based on real life examples from the Cambridge International Corpus, a computerised database of contemporary spoken and written English*emphasises spoken English with examples from the Cambridge and Nottingham Corpus of Discourse English (CANCODE)*has a full answer key with detailed explanations, a useful glossary of grammar terms and a set of supporting grammar reference notes.

An Introduction to Word Grammar

Author : Richard Hudson
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Word grammar is a theory of language structure and is based on the assumption that language, and indeed the whole of knowledge, is a network, and that virtually all of knowledge is learned. It combines the psychological insights of cognitive linguistics with the rigour of more formal theories. This textbook spans a broad range of topics from prototypes, activation and default inheritance to the details of syntactic, morphological and semantic structure. It introduces elementary ideas from cognitive science and uses them to explain the structure of language including a survey of English grammar.