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Work Integrated Learning in the 21st Century

Author : Tracey Bowen
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This book explores new questions about the state of work and work readiness for new university and college graduates in the context of work-integrated learning in the 21st century and the role of higher education in preparing students for the challenges of global economic shifts in the labour market.

Work Integrated Learning in the 21st Century

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This book explores new questions about the state of work and work readiness for new university and college graduates in the context of work-integrated learning in the 21st century and the role of higher education in preparing students for the challenges of global economic shifts in the labour market.

Cooperative and Work Integrated Education in Asia

Author : Yasushi Tanaka
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It has been over a century since "Cooperative System of Education," a work-study programme for higher education, was initiated by Herman Schneider at University of Cincinnati in the United States. Today, it is known as "Cooperative Education" which is commonly included within the umbrella term of "Work-Integrated Learning" and broadly referred to by the World Association of Cooperative Education (WACE) as "Cooperative and Work- Integrated Education (CWIE)". Its development worldwide has been closely related to the socioeconomic background of the region. This book offers the first attempt to focus on the development of CWIE in Asia. To date, the development of CWIE in the Asia region has been slow compared to their counterparts. The analysis follows international comparisons of China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore on their educational history, vocational education, CWIE, and future issues. Although the level of development varies among them, there is no doubt that this region as a whole is experiencing a rapidly growing global demographic and economic prominence. CWIE can, and to some extent already does, play an important, supportive role as part of growth. The book goes on to conclude that in order to enable further successful expansion of CWIE, and improve its best practice, it is imperative to establish national and regional associations for CWIE, as well as establish collaborative research activities across the region with governmental funding support.

Work Integrated Learning for Students

Author : Cookie M. Govender
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Through work integrated learning (WIL), students, graduates, academics, businesses, employees, governments and communities are empowered to engage in lifelong learning, develop multidisciplinary skills; master technological applications, become a virtual employer or employee, become an entrepreneurial professional and expert, and integrate diversity consciousness into their lives. While individual, economic, community, national and global challenges abound in this regard, this book offers creative solutions that can radically shift perspectives, attitudes and beliefs. It encourages taking a local, national, and global outlook, building ethical borderless businesses and economies, engaging in the 4IR and gig economy, and embracing human-AI integration, among others. The book provides the reader with a helicopter view of global WIL trends, propelling them to co-create and become an entrepreneurial, lifelong learning student of life.

Intersections in Language Planning and Policy

Author : Jean Fornasiero
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This volume encompasses the range of issues encountered by language scholars who teach and research in departments of languages and cultures within the higher education system, predominantly in Australia, but touching other universities worldwide. Related studies on language planning, methodology or pedagogy have focused on one or more of these same issues, but rarely on their totality. Intersections as a metaphor running discreetly through the essays in this volume, connects them all to a lived reality. The field of languages and cultures, as it is practised and reflected upon in Australian universities, is essentially an interdisciplinary and interconnecting space - one in which linguistic and disciplinary diversities meet and join forces, rather than collide or disperse along different pathways. The international and local studies featured here focus on language planning, new pedagogies and language reclamation and link to meeting points and commonalities. They show that language scholars are increasingly finding themselves on common ground as they tackle issues of policy and practice affecting their field, whether within their institutions, within the tertiary system, or within the framework of government policy.

Advances in Research Theory and Practice in Work Integrated Learning

Author : Sonia J. Ferns
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Work-integrated learning (WIL) is a key strategy for enhancing student employability outcomes and lifelong learning capabilities. This timely publication critically reflects on existing scholarship and practice in WIL, discusses contemporary insights, provides a synopsis of resonating themes, and recommends areas for future research and practice. The book aims to position WIL as a strategic imperative for enabling a sustainable workforce through strengthening graduate capacity both in Australia and globally.The collection of edited scholarly chapters were compiled by 59 researchers, practitioners, and experts in WIL, and supported by the peak national professional body for WIL in Australia, the Australian Collaborative Education Network (ACEN). The chapters cover a range of pertinent topics such as teaching and learning, stakeholder engagement, maximizing learning outcomes, diverse forms of WIL practice, support and infrastructure, and future directions. Specific areas of interest include governance and leadership, student equity and wellbeing, quality and evaluation and interdisciplinary WIL. This book is essential reading for researchers, practitioners, workplace and community partners, university leaders, and policy makers, as the practice of WIL continues to expand in the higher education sector.

The SAGE Handbook of Learning and Work

Author : Margaret Malloch
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Across 40 chapters, learners, learning and work are situated within educational, organisational, social, economic and political contexts. Taken together, these contributions paint a picture of evolving perspectives of how scholars from around the world view developments in both theory and practice, and map the shifts in learning and work over the past two decades.

Self Directed Learning for the 21st Century Implications for Higher Education

Author : Elsa Mentz
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This book is devoted to scholarship in the field of self-directed learning in the 21st century, with specific reference to higher education. The target audience of the book includes scholars in the field of self-directed learning and higher education. The book contributes to the discourse on the quality of education in the 21st century and adds to the body of scholarship in terms of self-directed learning, and specifically its role in higher education. Although all the chapters in the book directly address self-directed learning, the different foci and viewpoints raised make the book a rich knowledge bank of work on self-directed learning.

Global Perspectives on Work Based Learning Initiatives

Author : Talbot, Jon
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The purpose of education has been debated in recent years, especially surrounding its curriculum and structure. In order to fully understand this discussion, the relationship between education and the labor market must be explored. Global Perspectives on Work-Based Learning Initiatives is a pivotal reference source that provides vital research on recent progress in selected countries across the globe in educational programs designed to better prepare students for the workforce through the use of work-related learning. While highlighting topics such as degree apprenticeships, integrated learning strategy, and economic development, this book is ideally designed for education administrators, professors, business and education professionals, academicians, researchers, and graduate-level students seeking current research on the relationship between the education and labor market.

Higher Education and the Future of Graduate Employability

Author : Ruth Bridgstock
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This book challenges the dominant ‘employability skills’ discourse by exploring socially connected and networked perspectives to learning and teaching in higher education. Both learning and career development happen naturally and optimally in ecologies, informal communities and partnerships. In the digital age, they are also highly networked. This book presents ten empirical case studies of educational practice that investigate the development of learner capabilities, teaching approaches, and institutional strategies in higher education, to foster lifelong graduate employability through social connectedness.