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Working in Asia

Author : Nicki Grihault
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Transnational Migration and Work in Asia

Author : Kevin Hewison
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Providing important sociological insight into the dynamics of migration the essays in this collection focus on issues associated with migration for work both in and from the Asian region. With contributions from an international team of well-known scholars, the text sets labor migration firmly within the context of globalization, providing a focused, contemporary discussion of what is undoubtedly a major twenty-first century concern. The first of its kind to look at the non-professionals who make up the vast majority of migrant workers in the region, the book analyses workers motivations and rationalities, highlighting the similarities of migration experiences throughout Asia. Presenting in-depth case studies of the real-life experiences and problems faced by migrant workers, the book discusses migrants relations with the state and their vulnerability to exploitation, as well as the major policy issues now facing governments, employers, NGOs and international agencies

Realizing Decent Work in Asia

Author :
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Highlights the opportunities and challenges for realizing decent work as the main pathway out of poverty and for creating a more productive and equitable society in Asia. Emphasizes strategic partnerships and calls upon governments, business, trade union leaders and relevant national, international and regional organizations to come together, in close cooperation with other stakeholders such as youth organizations, to make decent work a reality in Asia

Migrant Workers in Asia

Author : Nicole Constable
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This book provides rich and provocative comparative studies of South and Southeast Asian domestic workers who migrate to other parts of Asia. These studies range from Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore, to Yemen, Israel, Jordan, and the UAE. Conceptually and methodologically, this book challenges us to move beyond established regional divides and proposes new ways of mapping inter-Asian connections. The authors view migrant workers within a wider spatial context of intersecting groups and trajectories through time. Keenly attentive to the importance of migrants of diverse nationalities who have labored in multiple regions, this book examines intimate connections and distant divides in the social lives and politics of migrant workers across time and space. Collectively, the authors propose new themes, new comparative frameworks, and new methodologies for considering vastly different degrees of social support structures and political activism, and the varied meanings of citizenship and state responsibility in sending and receiving countries. They highlight the importance of formal institutions that shape and promote migratory labor, advocacy for workers, or curtail workers rights, as well as the social identities and cultural practices and beliefs that may be linked to new inter-ethnic social and political affiliations that traverse and also transform inter-Asian spaces and pathways to mobility. This book was published as a special issue of Critical Asian Studies.

Women Work and Care in the Asia Pacific

Author : Marian Baird
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This book provides a comparative analysis of the social, economic, industrial and migration dynamics that structure women’s paid work and unpaid care work experience in the Asia-Pacific region. Each country-focused chapter examines the formal and informal ways in which work and care are managed, the changing institutional landscape, gender relations and fertility concerns, employer and trade union responses and the challenges policy makers face and the consequences of their decisions for working women. By covering the entire region, including Australia and New Zealand, the book highlights the way different national work and care regimes are linked through migration, with wealthier countries looking to their poorer neighbours for alternative sources of labour. In addition, the book contributes to debates about the barriers to women’s participation in the workforce, the valuation of unpaid care, the gender wage gap, social protection and labour regulation for migrant workers and gender relations in developing Asia.

Psychology at Work in Asia

Author : Sherri McCarthy
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This book provides important information about the development of psychology as a discipline in Asia. Several research papers related to organizational psychology and the influence of psychology on quality of life in countries throughout Asia are included. The papers which appear herein were originally presented at the 3rd Convention of the Asian Psychological Association in Darwin, Australia during July, 2010; the 4th Convention of the Asian Psychological Association in Jakarta, Indonesia during July, 2012; and the International Conference on Industrial and Organizational Psychology at the National Institute of Psychology in Islamabad, Pakistan during April, 2012. The information presented here provides a valuable window into how psychology is taught and practiced throughout Asia, especially in the work place. Indigenous trends in research, theory and application are provided by authors who are native to, live and teach in the countries represented in the studies reported here. It is a must-read, not only for those in academic psychology and higher education, but also for those in business who are affected by changes in globalization of business practices. Psychologists, counselors, educators, and those with research interests in social sciences and cross-cultural research will find a wealth of current information.

Working in Asia

Author : Evan Frendo
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The United Nations at Work in Asia

Author : Roy D. Morey
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"This book acquaints the reader with evolving political, economic and social conditions in these countries and the role played by UN organizations. The book also reveals a hidden side of the United Nations, the role played by more than 30 UN agencies, funds and programs in providing development and humanitarian assistance"--

Globalization Flexibilization and Working Conditions in Asia and the Pacific

Author : Sangheon Lee
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This book represents a unique study which reviews employment conditions in Asia and the Pacific in the context of globalization and increasing pressure towards flexibilization. It places a strong focus on the diverging experiences of individual workers in their employment conditions such as employment status, wages/incomes, working time, work organizations and health and safety. Along with thematic studies concerning the roles of workers voice and labour regulation in determining employment conditions, this book includes nine country studies which have been undertaken based on a common research framework for a more rigorous comparison in the region. A systematic review of employment conditions in the countries which are carefully selected in the region National-level analysis based on a common research framework A highly analytical and timely analysis of workers voice and labour regulation with respect to employment conditions

Women and Work in Globalising Asia

Author : Dong-Sook Shin Gills
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Shedding light on the real experiences of women in different societies, this book explores the impact of globalization and provides a survey of women and work using case studies and empirical data collected throughout Asia, as well as an analysis of Asian immigrants working in the US.

Women s Working Lives in East Asia

Author : Mary C. Brinton
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This volume examines the nature of married women's participation in the economies of three East Asian countries—Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. In addition to asking what is similar or different about women's economic participation in this region of the world compared to Western societies, the book also asks how women's work patterns vary across the three countries.

Working and Mothering in Asia

Author : Theresa W. Devasahayam
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Many women in Asia engage in full-time work and continue to shoulder home and familial responsibilities in accordance to social and cultural norms. As larger structural, economic, historical and social/cultural forces impinge upon the way women negotiate roles as mother and worker in everyday life, the definition of "motherhood" in Asia, as in other parts of the world, is highly nuanced and variegated. The model of the male as breadwinner, a feature of middle and upper class households, has undergone tremendous change in recent time. Increasingly, women (particularly those who are better-educated) have entered the job market owing to rising costs of living and a desire to work. This book examines how Asian women negotiate, contest and reconfigure motherhood in a region characterized by different cultures, societies, ethnic, religious and class groupings. Although the essays in this book are written on the basis of a variety of academic disciplines - anthropology, sociology, gender studies, demography and law - the essays reveal recurrent themes on patriarchy, labor and relationship, strategies of accommodation, conflict and emotion management, the role of fathers, socio-cultural definitions of "good mothering", and the political meanings of "maternity" and "family". The book also provides an important counterpoint to studies based on the experience of white middle-class North Americans, the focus of much of the previous research relating to this subject.

Jobs Poverty and Working Conditions in South Asia

Author :
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World Development Report 1995: Workers in an Integrating World addresses labor and employment--issues that are important for South Asia. Expanding employment and increasing the remuneration of workers are essential to poverty alleviation, which is the primary objective of all countries in the region. This regional perspective examines ways in which workers in South Asia can benefit from greater integration of the global economy through improving their skills or cushioning their transition to new jobs. The paper emphasizes that governments need to develop a framework for labor policies that defines the rights of employers, workers, and labor unions and the framework for collective bargaining and settlement of disputes. Liberalization will lead to market-based development, which is the best way to raise workers' living standards--it encourages firms and workers to invest in physical capital, new technologies, and skills.

Globalisation and Work in Asia

Author : John Burgess
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Reviews employment conditions in Asian countries. This book addresses the issue of whether globalisation, taken to mean the growing international integration of economies, is a factor that leads to a convergence of employment conditions, and importantly, an improvement in employment conditions.

Working Women in South East Asia

Author : Noeleen Heyzer
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This systematic and comprehensive analysis of women's place in the development process in South-East Asia will be essential reading for all those interested in development, women and work and the effects on developing nations of the changing international division of labour.

Involving Workers in East Asia s Growth

Author :
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World Bank Technical Paper No. 343. Chapters review the background of freshwater biodiversity in Asia and focus on its significance to riparian peoples and the threats and mitigation of its impacts. The book examines related legal instruments and provides a biodiversity review of each Asian nation. Fisheries are given particular attention.

Women and Work in Globalizing Asia

Author : Dong-Sook S. Gills
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This book sheds light on the real experiences of women in different societies, exploring the impact of globalization through the changing nature of the labour of women. A comprehensive survey of women and work is provided by using case studies and empirical data collected from throughout Asia and also includes an analysis of Asian immigrants working in the US. This book is an invaluable resource, accessible to both undergraduate and postgraduate students of women's studies, labour relations, international political economy and Asian studies.

Black Sea and Central Asia Promoting Work and Well Being

Author : OECD
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This book analyses the opportunities and conditions of employment throughout the Black Sea region and Central Asia. It examines how different countries deal with social issues affecting well-being.

How Asia Works

Author : Joe Studwell
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Until the catastrophic economic crisis of the late 1990s, East Asia was perceived as a monolithic success story. But heady economic growth rates masked the most divided continent in the world - one half the most extraordinary developmental success story ever seen, the other half a paper tiger. Joe Studwell explores how policies ridiculed by economists created titans in Japan, Korea and Taiwan, and are now behind the rise of China, while the best advice the West could offer sold its allies in South-East Asia down the economic river. The first book to offer an Asia-wide deconstruction of success and failure in economic development, Studwell's latest work is provocative and iconoclastic - and sobering reading for most of the world's developing countries. How Asia Works is a must-read book that packs powerful insights about the world's most misunderstood continent.

Expatriates in Asia

Author : Scott Hipsher
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The Asia-Pacific region is recognized as the fastest growing economic region in the world as well as one of the most difficult places for expatriates to work. Classical literature, modern popular entertainment, as well as academic studies often create an impression of Asia in the West which can encourage the formation of a set of expectations about working in Asia that hinder the expatriate adjustment process. This book provides conceptual frameworks as well as practical advice on working in the exciting and challenging environments found in the dynamic and diverse continent of Asia. Identifies and describes the Colonial Paradigm and how it affects the perceptions of Western expatriates Identifies and describes the phenomenon of the independent expatriate Provides case studies to illustrate both the challenges and rewards of the expatriate experience in Asia