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The Jotunbok Working with the Giants of the Northern Tradition

Author : Raven Kaldera
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The Gods of the Northern Tradition--the religion of the ancient Norse/Germanic/Anglo-Saxon peoples--have been rediscovered in growing numbers in the past years, as have the elves and dwarves that inhabit the Nine Worlds of the Cosmic Tree along with them. However, few have written about the Giants of those worlds and the Gods who number among them--Loki, Hela, Fenris, the World Serpent, and others--until now. The Jotunbok--the first book in the Northern-Tradition Shamanism series--is a collection of the wisdom, ways and tales of the Giants and their Gods, told by those who revere and work with them.

Giants of the Monsoon Forest Living and Working with Elephants

Author : Jacob Shell
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“No one who loves elephants or how humans interact with wildlife should pass up Jacob Shell’s remarkable book.” —Dan Flores, author of Coyote America Giants of the Monsoon Forest journeys deep into the mountainous rainforests of Burma and India to explore the world of teak logging elephants and their intriguing alliance with humans. Jacob Shell’s narrative vividly depicts elephants’ extraordinary intelligence, and the complicated bond with individual human riders, a partnership that can last for decades. Giants of the Monsoon Forest reveals an unexpected relationship between evolution in the natural world and political struggles in the human one, while considering how Asia’s secret forest culture might offer a way to help protect the fragile spaces both elephants and humans need to survive.

San Francisco Giants

Author : Matt Johanson
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This offering in the continuing “Where Have You Gone?” series focuses on the lost heroes from San Francisco Giants baseball history, especially those whose lives took dramatic turns. From Willie McCovey’s struggles to heal his ruined knees to Will Clark’s efforts to support children with autism, find out what paths Giants stars of the past fifty-plus years have been pursuing since their days on the diamond. With commentary from Felipe Alou, Dusty Baker, Lon Simmons, and Hank Greenwald, relive the drama of Giants’ playing careers. For both the devoted and casual fans of the orange and black, with interests and lifestyles as diverse as those profiled, this revised edition will be sure to offer the inside stories from on and off the field of more than twenty Giants legends.

Working with Giants

Author : John Norman
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John Norman, author of the best-selling Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics, brings his own remarkable story to life in this new highly anticipated memoir. But this is a story about allfirefighters--the men and women who are absolutely the salt of the earth, whose sole mission is to protect the lives and property of their neighbors. This book celebrates the lives of firefighters--a truly special group of people--and reintroduces them to the American public. What is a hero? A hero is a role model. To be a hero means protecting others at great personal risk because it's the right thing to do. "Since September 11, 2001," Norman writes, "people have been speaking about firefighters as 'America's Heroes.' I truly believe they are heroes in the classical sense of the word." Renowned for combining compelling storytelling with industry-standard tactical training, Norman offers an unparalleled look into the modern history of America's fire service from a front-row seat. This is a celebration of the best in public service, its sacrifices and triumphs, and the people who were there, who will insist with uncommon humility, "I was just doing my job."

Summary Small Giants

Author : BusinessNews Publishing
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The must-read summary of Bo Burlingham's book: "Small Giants: Companies that Choose to Be Great Instead of Big". This complete summary of the ideas from Bo Burlingham's book "Small Giants" shows how many people believe that success must be measured by growth. However, the vast majority of businesses are privately owned and can stay the same size and still generate excellent profits year after year. In his book, the author identifies seven keys to success for small business giants and how they can be implemented into any business. This summary is the perfect guide for any businessperson that wants their company to work for them and their lifestyle. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Understand key concepts • Expand your knowledge To learn more, read "Small Giants" and discover how you can still be successful and generate profits without becoming a large, publicly owned business.

Guidelines for Admissibility of Evidence Recovered by Working Dogs

Author : Didi Wamukoya
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These Guidelines will ensure the success of using working dogs (detection, tracking and apprehension/attack) at trial and assuring that the success of their recoveries is translated into convictions and a consequent reduction in wildlife crime. Many countries do not have specific legislation on how such evidence should be used but courts in many countries recognize that a dog has the ability to discriminate scent. Canine evidence is relevant and admissible in court if it makes the existence of any fact more probable or less probable than it would have been without that evidence.

Emerging Giants

Author : Barry Eichengreen
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This book explores the rapid growth and development of China and India and looks at some of the issues this raises for the countries concerned, and their impact on the world economy.

Giants in the Nursery

Author : David Elkind
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A biographical history of the evolution of Developmentally Appropriate Practice, written by best-selling early childhood author David Elkind, PhD

There Are Giants in This Valley

Author : Jack Hillman
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For twelve-year-old Eric Johnson, leaving Philadelphia to live with his Uncle Al and Aunt Cindy in the country, after the accident that took his parents lives, was hard enough. Yet tragedies past seem to pale in the wake of becoming involved in a war of mythic pro-portions between the Norse gods of the Aesir and the Frost Giants, competing for domination of Midgard (Earth) and Asgard (realm of the Aesir). Eric befriends the mighty Thor, his father Odin, and brother Loki, along with the industrious Rock Dwarves and the Valkyrie to save his uncle, his friends, and ultimately the planet and realms beyond. This is a classic adventure, seen through a young boy's eyes as he learns to accept responsibility and grow into a man. Adults and young readers alike will enjoy this truly heroic tale. "The action's divine, the plot mischievously intricate, and the characters of epic proportion (literally and figuratively). Tossed into the sea of chaos is a likable young hero who manages to survive the twists of fate." Virginia G. McMorrow Author, Mage Confusion "Superb! This can only be the beginning of the adventures of Eric and Thor. I can't wait to see what challenges they face next." P.M. Griffin Author, The STAR COMMANDOS Series

Giants Among Men

Author : Jack Cavanaugh
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From the mid-1950s to the early 1960s, when basketball’s Boston Celtics were piecing together a run for the ages, when Montreal’s Canadiens were in the midst of notching a record-setting five streaight Stanley Cups, and when the New York Yankees were the once-and-future kings of the diamond, one team boosted the NFL to national prominence as none other: the New York Giants. In Giants Among Men, Jack Cavanaugh, the acclaimed author of Tunney, transports us to the NFL’s golden age to introduce the close-knit and diverse group that won the heart of a city, helped spread the gospel of pro football across the nation, and recast the NFL as a media colossus. Central to Cavanaugh’s narrative, and emblematic of the Giants’ bond with their followers, was a hard-nosed future Hall of Fame defensive end named Andy Robustelli, who anchored a Giants defense unit so ferocious that they were the first team to inspire crowds to chant “Dee-fense!” But while Robustelli and the Giants were a hit on the gridiron, playing in six NFL Championship Games in eight seasons between 1956 and 1963, the most remarkable aspect of this team was perhaps its relationship with the fans, who were equally at east hobnobbing with Jackie Gleason and Frank Sinatra as they were rubbing elbows with working-class rooters on the IRT en route to Sunday games in the Bronx. But the Giants of this era didn’t merely affect the fans’ relationship to the game; they changed the game itself. The team launched the NFL careers of future head-coaching geniuses Tom Landry and Vince Lombardi, as well as those of future Hall of Famers including Frank Gifford, Sam Huff, Emlen Tunnell, Roosevelt Brown, and Y. A. Tittle, along with stars like Charlie Conerly, Rosey Grier, and Pat Summerall. Filled with historical and cultural insight and vivid portraits of large-than-life characters and indispensable everymen, Giants Among Men transcends nostalgia and sports trivia to faithfully depict a watershed era for both football and the American nation.

A Plague of Giants

Author : Kevin Hearne
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'TRULY EPIC FANTASY' James Islington, author of The Shadow of What Was Lost From the east came the Bone Giants. From the south, the fire-wielding Hathrim. It was an invasion that sparked war across the six nations of Teldwen. Now the kingdom's only hope is the discovery of a new form of magic - one that will call the wondrous beasts of the world to fight by the side of humankind. In the start of a thrilling new series, the New York Times bestselling author of The Iron Druid Chronicles creates an unforgettable fantasy world of warring giants and elemental magic. 'This isn't just a breath of fresh air for the genre, it's a damned hurricane' Jason M. Hough, New York Times bestselling author 'A rare masterpiece that's both current and timeless . . . merging the fantasy bones of Tolkien and Rothfuss with a wide cast of characters who'll break your heart' Delilah S. Dawson

How to Compete with the Industry Giants

Author : Rajiv Dwivedi
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Great book on leadership, entrepreneurship, business planning and inspiring to anyone considering starting a business. Many academics agree that any college aged kids considering starting a career may want to read this book first if they don't have a background in business. This book is written for the general public as a practical how to guide in steps that make it possible for anyone, no matter where they are in their career to get some valuable insight.

The Big 50 New York Giants

Author : Patricia Traina
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The Big 50: New York Giants is an amazing look at the fifty men and moments that have made the Giants the Giants. Longtime sportswriter Patricia Traina explores the living history of the team, counting down from number fifty to number one. This dynamic and comprehensive book brilliantly brings to life the historic franchise's remarkable story, including greats like Taylor, Strahan, Parcells, Manning, and more.

Killing Giants

Author : Stephen Denny
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Killing Giants unveils practical strategies for overtaking larger competitors in any market, looking at companies like that started out small but quickly dominated by using their opponents' size to their advantage. Baidu has beaten Google at search in China, and the Boston Beer Company took on Budweiser with Sam Adams Boston Lager. Stephen Denny shows how even behemoths like Nike and Coca Cola are susceptible to small, even tiny, competitors, because of their size. Using a range of fresh case studies he explains how, by taking a fresh approach, you can carve out a larger chunk of any marketplace.

Sunderland Industrial Giant

Author : Marie Gardiner
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Sunderland was once one of Britain’s industrial giants. Famous for its shipyards, mines and glass-making, it thrived at a time when its country needed it most. After the Second World War the town saw incredible change, as the heavy industry that seemed so permanent, faded and died. How do you cope with the loss of centuries of working tradition? These are the stories of the people who worked through this evolution, watched their town change around them and become a city – the people who saw the end of one era and the beginning of a challenging new one.

Living and working with giants

Author : Nicolas Lainé
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Fall of Giants

Author : Ken Follett
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The first in Ken Follett's bestselling Century Trilogy, Fall of Giants is a captivating novel that follows five families through the world-shaking dramas of the First World War, the Russian Revolution, and the struggle for votes for women. A world in chaos. 1911, a thirteen-year-old boy, Billy Williams, begins working down the mines as George V is crowned king. The escalating arms race between the empire nations will put not only the king but this young boy in grave danger. A terrible war. Billy’s family is inextricably linked with the Fitzherberts, the aristocratic owners of the coal mine where he works. And when Maud Fitzherbert falls in love with Walter von Ulrich, a spy at the German embassy in London, their destiny also becomes entangled with that of Gus Dewar, an ambitious young aide to Woodrow Wilson, and two orphaned Russian brothers, the Peshkovs, whose plan to emigrate to America falls foul of conscription, revolution and imminent war. A revolution that will change everything. When Russia convulses in bloody revolution and the Great War unfolds, the five families’ futures are entwined forever, love bringing them closer even as conflict takes them further apart. What seeds will be sown for further tragedy in the twentieth century and what role will each play in what is to come?

I Mathematician

Author : Peter Casazza
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Mathematicians have pondered the psychology of the members of our tribe probably since mathematics was invented, but for certain since Hadamard’s The Psychology of Invention in the Mathematical Field. The editors asked two dozen prominent mathematicians (and one spouse thereof) to ruminate on what makes us different. The answers they got are thoughtful, interesting and thought-provoking. Not all respondents addressed the question directly. Michael Atiyah reflects on the tension between truth and beauty in mathematics. T.W. Körner, Alan Schoenfeld and Hyman Bass chose to write, reflectively and thoughtfully, about teaching and learning. Others, including Ian Stewart and Jane Hawkins, write about the sociology of our community. Many of the contributions range into philosophy of mathematics and the nature of our thought processes. Any mathematician will find much of interest here.

The Original San Francisco Giants

Author : Steve Bitker
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The Original San Francisco Giants is a nostalgic look at the team that brought Major League Baseball to San Francisco, the 1958 Giants. Author Steve Bitker, who attended his first big-league game in 1958 at age five at a charming little downtown ballpark called Seals Stadium, traveled as far as the island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands to interview virtually every surviving member of the team.

The Giants of Mogo

Author : Don Wilcox
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The relationship between men of tremendous stature and ordinary men is peculiar at best --and on the planet Mogo, events dwarfed even the imagination --and brought death!