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Writing Readable Research

Author : Beverly A. Lewin
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Analyses scientific writing in English for non-native and native speakers. Although this book concentrates on journal articles, it also provides advice on the preparation of talks and posters for conferences, abstracts, and professional letters.

The Psycholinguistics of Readable Writing

Author : Alice S. Horning
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This book reviews research in linguistics, psychology, reading and writing, and brings this work to bear on the problem of readable writing. The research supports the theory that two factors in text are crucial to its readable quality: psycholinguistic redundancy and cohesion. The book also reports the results of three empirical studies and a case study that further illustrates this theory. The findings have important theoretical and practical implications because they shed light on the nature of reading and writing processes from both linguistic and psychological perspectives, and suggest practical approaches to the production and comprehension of readable writing. The book also draws on research in second language acquisition and is pertinent to readable writing in both first and second languages.

The Readable Thesis

Author : Darrel L. Walters
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"Most style manuals focus on the manuscript -- the mechanics of competent writing and the formalities of presentation -- but forget the hard part in between: the writing. Darrel Walters's The Readable Thesis returns the reader to the heart of the matter: the relationship between thinking and writing. He focuses on crisp sentences that lead to clean paragraphs and clear, cogent arguments. Organizing the book around the goals of good writing (clarity, precision, strength and grace), Walters addresses the basic needs of all writers: high school students writing essays, graduate and undergraduate students writing dissertations, and professionals writing proposals..."--Publisher description.

Making Sense

Author : Margot Northey
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"Designed specifically for students in engineering, this book outlines the general principles of style, grammar and usage, while covering such issues as how to prepare proposals and project reports, how to write lab reports, and how to follow the conventions governing the use of diagrams and other graphics."--Pub. desc.

Handbook of Reading Research

Author : P. David Pearson
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A comprehensive overview of important contemporary issues in the field of reading research from the mid 1980s to mid 1990s, this well-received volume offers readers an examination of literacy through a variety of lenses--some permitting microscopic views and others panoramic views. A veritable "who's who" of specialists in the field, chapter authors cover current methodology, as well as cumulative research-based knowledge. Because it deals with society and literacy, the first section provides the broadest possible view of literacy. The second section defines the range of activities culturally determined to be a part of the enterprise known as literacy. The third focuses on the processes that individuals engage in when they perform the act of reading. The fourth section visits the environment in which the knowledge that comprises literacy is passed on from one generation to the next. The last section, an epilogue to the whole enterprise of reading research, provides apt philosophical reflection.

Research Writing in Dentistry

Author : J. Anthony von Fraunhofer
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Research Writing in Dentistry provides you with auniquely practical guide to selecting, designing, and writing up aresearch project. Of particular use to the dental student, bothpre- and post-doctoral, this is a no-nonsense guide that presentsconcrete advice and information that can be absorbed quickly andeffectively. By asking simple questions, this useful resourceenables you to develop, analyze and present a program of researchwork. It begins with the basic principles of research: what it is andhow to select a topic and plan a program. It then moves on todiscuss study design, methods and materials, presenting results andundertaking a literature review. It concludes with a sectionon basic statistics and analysis. Precepts and guidance areillustrated throughout with examples from dentistry.

Science Research Writing For Native And Non native Speakers Of English Second Edition

Author : Hilary Glasman-deal
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This book enables STEMM researchers to write effective papers for publication as well as other research-related texts such as a doctoral thesis, technical report, or conference abstract.Science Research Writing uses a reverse-engineering approach to writing developed from extensive work with STEMM researchers at Imperial College London. This approach unpacks current models of STEMM research writing and helps writers to generate the writing tools needed to operate those models effectively in their own field. The reverse-engineering approach also ensures that writers develop future-proof strategies that will evolve alongside the coming changes in research communication platforms.The Second Edition has been extensively revised and updated to represent current practice and focuses on the writing needs of both early-stage doctoral STEMM researchers and experienced professional researchers at the highest level, whether or not they are native speakers of English. The book retains the practical, user-friendly format of the First Edition, and now contains seven units that deal separately with the components of written STEMM research communication: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Abstract and Title, as well as extensive FAQ responses and a new Checklist and Tips section. Each unit analyses extracts from recent published STEMM journal papers to enable researchers to discover not only what to write, but, crucially, how to write it.The global nature of science research requires fast, accurate communication of highly complex information that can be understood by all participants. Like the First Edition, the Second Edition is intended as a fast, do-it-yourself guide to make both the process and the product of STEMM research writing more effective.

Teaching and Researching Writing

Author : Ken Hyland
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This authoritative introduction provides a highly readable and up-to-date guide to the major themes and developments in current writing theory, research and teaching. Teaching and Researching: Writing is designed for anyone looking for an overview of current views on writing and the ways theory has been translated into teaching and research. Covering important theoretical and conceptual issues, the book addresses current key questions, and includes a detailed chapter offering suggestions for research projects illustrated with case studies.

Research Writing

Author : Dean Memering
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Safety Science Research

Author : Jean-Christophe Le Coze
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Safety Science Research: Evolution, Challenges and New Directions provides a unique perspective into the latest developments of safety science by putting together, for the first time, a new generation of authors with some of the pioneers of the field. Forty years ago, research traditions were developed, including, among others, high-reliability organisations, cognitive system engineering or safety regulations. In a fast-changing world, the new generation introduces, in this book, new disciplinary insights, addresses contemporary empirical issues, develops new concepts and models while remaining critical of safety research practical ambitions. Their ideas are then reflected and discussed by some of the pioneers of safety science. Features Allows the reader to discover how contemporary safety issues are currently framed by a new generation of researchers, brought together for the first time Includes an introduction and guide to the development of safety science over the last four decades Features an extraordinary collection of expert contributors, including pioneers of safety research, reflecting the evolution of the discipline and offering insightful commentary on the current and future state of the field Serves as an invaluable reference and guide for safety professionals and students from any established disciplines such as sociology, engineering, psychology, political science or management as well as dedicated safety programmes Some figures in the eBook are in colour

Read Write and Research

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CC contains halftones. Scan and print as is.

Writing the Research Paper

Author : Anthony C. Winkler
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Provides advice on choosing a subject, doing research, and writing the paper, according to two widely accepted style manuals

Current Index to Journals in Education

Author :
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Writing Reading and Research

Author : Richard Veit
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Marketing Research

Author : David Johnston Luck
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Experiences in Writing

Author : Belle McKenzie
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A Readability Analysis of Science Writing

Author : Ralph Howard Clark
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You ve Gotta Have Heart

Author : James L. Brimeyer
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Concise Guide to Legal Research and Writing

Author : Deborah E. Bouchoux
File Size : 47.11 MB
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Featuring Deborah E. Bouchoux’s highly regarded assignments, examples, and building-block approach, Concise Guide to Legal Research and Writing, Fourth Edition continues to provide timely coverage of the essential research and writing skills used by today’s paralegals. Designed specifically for paralegal students, this is the ideal text for shorter legal research and writing courses. New to the Fourth Edition: New “Sidebar” feature in all research chapters provides quick tips showing how the material in that chapter applies to computer-assisted legal research systems, such as Lexis, Westlaw, and Bloomberg Law. Discussion of GovInfo, which provides free public access to official and authenticated publications from all three branches of the federal government. Coverage of new tools used for cite-checking, including EVA and Bestlaw. Discussion of Westlaw Edge, Westlaw’s new research platform. Extensive new coverage of the increasing use of artificial intelligence in legal research and writing. Discussion of new sources that provide free public access to the law, including Harvard’s Caselaw Access Project, CourtListener, and RECAP Project. New sections on preparing email letters and email memoranda, including assignments. All new Research Questions and Internet Legal Research Assignments have been included for each chapter. Professors and students will benefit from: Concise, well-organized text, divided into six main sections: Section I discusses primary authorities Section II covers secondary sources Section III focuses on computer-assisted legal research using Lexis Advance, Westlaw, and the Internet Section IV covers citation form and how to ensure that these sources are still “good law” Section V provides an overview of the legal research process Section VI covers legal writing Pedagogy designed to enhance the accessibility of the material, including helpful charts and diagrams that synthesize complex topics, updated Practice Tips offering realistic and helpful suggestions for workplace success, and Ethics Alerts in every chapter. Targeted and ample exercises help students learn how to use a wide range of research sources. Tips on how to effectively use electronic resources are included throughout the text. Conscientious revision ensures that the book has the most up-to-date material, presented in a readable and accessible format.

Writing the Qualitative Dissertation

Author : Judith M. Meloy
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The purpose of this book is to share, in rich detail, an understanding of how it feels and what it means to do qualitative research, and to provide support for doctoral students who choose this form of inquiry for their dissertation research.