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Wyoming Legend

Author : Diana Palmer
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A Wyoming rancher finds love where he least expects it in this heartwarming second-chance romance Micah Torrance could use a helping hand. Between managing his expansive Wyoming ranch and caring for his willful little girl, Janey, Micah’s plate is more than full. Usually, it’s not in this cowboy’s nature to ask, but when beautiful Karina Carter offers her help, Micah can’t resist. With her sweet smile and her easy way with Janey, Micah wants to trust her. But he knows better than anyone that love only leads to heartbreak. Champion ice-skater Karina Carter needs a fresh start while her body heals. Caring for little Janey is just temporary until she can get back on the ice—or so she keeps telling herself. But the longer she spends with this gorgeous single dad, the more drawn she is to him and the family they could share. Now if only she can convince him that she’s here to stay, this new life with him could be beyond her wildest dreams.

Indian Legends from the Northern Rockies

Author : Ella Elizabeth Clark
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Myths, personal narratives and historical traditions reveal beliefs and customs of twelve Indian tribes who once lived in the states of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming

Wyoming Winter

Author : Diana Palmer
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There’s something about those Wyoming men… New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer returns to the Cowboy State with a brand-new tale of desire and deception Cultivating his vast Wyoming ranch is all security expert J. C. Calhoun wants. His land is the only thing the betrayed rancher can trust in after discovering his fiancée was pregnant by another man. But all J.C. holds dear becomes compromised when a lost little girl leads him to Colie Thompson, the woman who destroyed his life. Colie stops at nothing to protect the people she loves. Years ago she left J.C. for his own good. Now, for the sake of her daughter, she must depend on a hard-hearted man who won’t forgive her. As a band of ruthless criminals tracks their every move through the frozen Wyoming winter, Colie and J.C. will be forced to confront the lies that separated them—and the startling truth that will bind them forever… Bonus book! In a classic Long, Tall Texans tale, a hard-hearted rancher falls for an innocent beauty under the mistletoe in Christmas Cowboy

Wyoming Folklore

Author : Federal Writers' Federal Writers' Project
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In 1935, in the depths of the Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt issued an executive order creating the Federal Writers’ Project (FWP). Out-of-work teachers, writers, and scholars fanned out across the country to collect and document local lore. This book reveals the remarkable results of the FWP in Wyoming at a time when it was still possible to interview Civil War veterans and former slaves, homesteaders and Oregon Trail migrants, soldiers of the Great War and Native Americans who remembered Little Big Horn. The work of the FWP in Wyoming, collected and edited here for the first time, comprises a rich repository of folklore and history and a firsthand look at the Old West in the process of becoming the new American frontier. Wyoming Folklore presents the legends, local and oral histories, and pioneer stories that defined the state in the early twentieth century.

Wyoming Heart

Author : Diana Palmer
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True love is in store for one gruff cowboy in New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer’s new Wyoming Men romance Cort Grier is no ordinary rancher. Despite his vast wealth, he still works the land with his own bare hands, unlike his troublesome new neighbor, Mina Michaels. Fiery, beautiful Mina infuriates and entrances Cort, awakening feelings he’d thought long buried. But he knows falling for a city girl can lead only to heartbreak… Bestselling author Mina hardly expects to meet a man like the ones in her novels. But roguishly handsome Cort is an alpha hero through and through, from his stubborn streak to the fierce way this rugged cowboy protects his heart. When one sizzling kiss leads to another, can Mina convince Cort to open his world to her—now and forever?

Wyoming s Outlaw Trail

Author : Mac Blewer
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A historic and folkloric path that meandered from Canada to Mexico, the Outlaw Trail was used by outlaws such as Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid, and the James brothers. Following existing Western routes such as the Oregon Trail, the highway connected towns and natural hideouts essential for bandits escaping the law. Some in Western communities were sympathetic toward the outlaws. Many, like Cassidy, were seen as Robin Hoods, fighting for common people who were under siege by economic forces, corporate encroachment, and other changes occurring in the Old West. Images of America: Wyoming's Outlaw Trail details the history, folklore, and geography behind some of Wyoming's outlaw towns and hideouts--chief among them the Hole in the Wall and Red Desert. Also highlighted are the deeds of the robbers, lawmen, and ordinary folk who rode those dusty trails during the late 1800s and early 1900s.


Author : Diana Palmer
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“Untamed will definitely pull at your heartstrings.” —Harlequin Junkie THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IS THE ONLY ONE SHE WANTS… Stanton Rourke lives life on the edge. The steely mercenary is a menace in every way…especially to Clarisse Carrington’s heart. She and Rourke were playmates as children, but she’s not the innocent girl he once knew. When tragedy robbed Clarisse of her entire family, her life was changed forever. Besides, she’s a grown woman now, and there are secrets that hold her back from succumbing to her pursuer. As she struggles to keep her distance, sparks as hot as a Texas summer fly between them. But danger is following Clarisse, leaving her no choice but to rely on Rourke, even as the old wounds lying dormant between them threaten to flare up again. Long, Tall Texans Book 1: Desperado Book 2: Iron Cowboy Book 3: The Maverick Book 4: Winter Roses Book 5: Cattleman's Pride Book 6: Carrera's Bride Book 7: Boss Man Book 8: LORD OF THE DESERT Book 9: Evan Book 10: Donavan Book 11: Long, Tall Texans: Grant Book 12: Long, Tall Texans: Justin Book 13: Long, Tall Texans: Tyler Book 14: Long, Tall Texans: Connal Book 15: Long, Tall Texans: Harden Book 16: Long, Tall Texans: Calhoun Book 17: Long, Tall Texans: Quinn Book 18: Long, Tall Texans: Ethan Book 19: Emmett Book 20: Long, Tall Texans: Regan Book 21: Long, Tall Texans: Todd Book 22: Long, Tall Texans: Hank Book 23: Coltrain's Proposal Book 24: Long, Tall Texans: Tom Book 25: Long, Tall Texans: Drew Book 26: Long, Tall Texans: Jobe Book 27: The Princess Bride Book 28: Beloved Book 29: Callaghan's Bride Book 30: Long, Tall Texans: Guy Book 31: Long, Tall Texans: Luke Book 32: Long, Tall Texans: Christopher Book 33: MATT CALDWELL: TEXAS TYCOON Book 34: The Texas Ranger Book 35: A Man of Means Book 36: Lionhearted Book 37: Man in Control Book 38: The Founding Father Book 39: Long, Tall Texans: Renegade Book 40: Long, Tall Texans: Bentley Book 41: Defender Book 42: Unbridled Book 43: Unleashed Book 44: Texas Proud Book 45: Notorious Book 46: The Loner

Encyclopedia of Capital Punishment in the United States 2d ed

Author : Louis J. Palmer, Jr.
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This updated encyclopedia provides ready information on all aspects of capital punishment in America. It details virtually every capital punishment decision rendered by the United States Supreme Court through 2006, including more than 40 cases decided since publication of the first edition. Entries are also provided for each Supreme Court Justice who has ever rendered a capital punishment opinion. Entries on jurisdictions cite present-day death penalty laws and judicial structure state by state, with synopses of common and unique features. Also included are entries on significant U.S. capital prosecutions; legal principles and procedures in capital cases; organizations that support and oppose capital punishment; capital punishment's impact on persons of African, Asian, Hispanic, and Native American descent, on women, and on foreign nationals; and the methods of execution. Essential facts are also provided on capital punishment in more than 200 other nations. A wealth of statistical data is found throughout.

F E Warren Air Force Base AFB Peacekeeper in Minuteman Silos WY NE

Author :
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Plains Indian Rock Art

Author : James D. Keyser
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The Plains region that stretches from northern Colorado to southern Alberta and from the Rockies to the western Dakotas is the land of the Cheyenne and the Blackfeet, the Crow and the Sioux. Its rolling grasslands and river valleys have nurtured human cultures for thousands of years. On cave walls, glacial boulders, and riverside cliffs, native people recorded their ceremonies, vision quests, battles, and daily activities in the petroglyphs and pictographs they incised, pecked, or painted onto the stone surfaces. In this vast landscape, some rock art sites were clearly intended for communal use; others just as clearly mark the occurrence of a private spiritual encounter. Elders often used rock art, such as complex depictions of hunting, to teach traditional knowledge and skills to the young. Other sites document the medicine powers and brave deeds of famous warriors. Some Plains rock art goes back more than 5,000 years; some forms were made continuously over many centuries. Archaeologists James Keyser and Michael Klassen show us the origins, diversity, and beauty of Plains rock art. The seemingly endless variety of images include humans, animals of all kinds, weapons, masks, mazes, handprints, finger lines, geometric and abstract forms, tally marks, hoofprints, and the wavy lines and starbursts that humans universally associate with trancelike states. Plains Indian Rock Art is the ultimate guide to the art form. It covers the natural and archaeological history of the northwestern Plains; explains rock art forms, techniques, styles, terminology, and dating; and offers interpretations of images and compositions.