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Yes I m Infertile

Author : Kambria Thatcher
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Tierney Crest is a typical happy woman who married her best friend. Together, they set out on life’s great adventure. Along the way, they struggle with the heartache of infertility and face uncertainty about what to do next. What will their friends and family think when they tell them? Will they treat them differently?

Technology and Infertility

Author : Machelle M. Seibel
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Medicine is changing at a speed never witnessed before in history. With each passing year, medical technology achieves the capacity to provide cures and improve treatments that even a short time before were difficult to con ceptualize and impossible to provide. Reproductive technology personifies this concept perhaps better than any other field of medicine. The 1990s have seen an explosion in endoscopic and ambulatory procedures, the application of molecular biology to clinical conditions, and the refinement of assisted reproduction to allow third parties (donors and surrogates) into the process of family building. More than ever before, comprehensive medical care requires a team approach. However, the team comprises not only medical and scientific personnel, but also mental health professionals, lawyers, and ethicists. This integrated and multidisciplinary approach to medical care will become even more necessary as medical capabilities continue to develop faster than society can respond. This book reflects such an approach. It is based on a Harvard Postgraduate Course in June 1990 entitled Infertility in the 1990s: Technological Advances and Their Psychosocial Implications that was sponsored by the Faulkner Centre for Reproductive Medicine. The first half of the course was directed by Drs. M. Seibel, A. Kiessling, and C. Richards. The second half of the course was directed by Dr. M. Seibel, J. Bernstein, R. N. and S. Levin, LICSW.

Boston IVF Handbook of Infertility

Author : Steven R. Bayer
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Based on the gold-standard procedures and protocols developed at Boston IVF, this guide presents a coherent and structured approach to the infertile couple. The book includes all that gynecologists and REIs need to evaluate and treat infertility in both women and men. Both clinical More...and laboratory techniques are included. Also included is a c

Infertility Medical and Social Choices

Author :
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Policy issues, and option for congressional action -- Introduction -- Demographic of infertility -- factors contributing to infertility -- Prevention of Infertility -- Diagnosis of Infertility -- Treatment of Infertility -- Infertility services and cost -- Quality assurance for research and clinical care -- Reproductive health of veterans -- Ethical onsiderations -- Constitutional considerations -- Legal considerations: artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization embryo transfer, and gamete intrafallopian transfer -- Legal consideration: surrogate motherhood -- Frontiers of reproductive technology

Defective Recombination in Infertile Men

Author : Joanna Gonsalves
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Very little is known about human male infertility but many people are using ICSI without knowing what the ramifications might be. Many of these infertile men are at a great risk of carrying genetic defects such as recombination deficiencies.

Legal Recognition of Same Sex Partnerships

Author : Mads Tnnesson Andens
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In this book an international team of scholars examines both theoretical issues and the wide variety of legal developments in various countires.

A Companion to the Anthropology of the Body and Embodiment

Author : Frances E. Mascia-Lees
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A Companion to the Anthropology of the Body and Embodiment offers original essays that examine historical and contemporary approaches to conceptualizations of the body. In this ground-breaking work on the body and embodiment, the latest scholarship from anthropology and related social science fields is presented, providing new insights on body politics and the experience of the body Original chapters cover historical and contemporary approaches and highlight new research frameworks Reflects the increasing importance of embodiment and its ethnographic contexts within anthropology Highlights the increasing emphasis on examining the production of scientific, technological, and medical expertise in studying bodies and embodiment

The Infertility Companion

Author : Sandra L. Glahn
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Endorsed by the Christian Medical Association.A Comprehensive Christian Guide to the Challenges of Infertility• Medical • Ethical • Emotional • Marital • Spiritual • BiblicalInfertility changes everything, shattering dreams and breaking hearts. But hope is available—today more than ever. The Infertility Companion draws on the Bible and on current medical knowledge, including the latest research, to shed light on such questions as:•Can people of faith ethically use high-tech infertility treatments?•How do we make moral, biblical decisions about medical treatment, third-party reproduction, stem cell research, and embryo adoption? •Is God punishing me? •Does God even care?•Will adoption increase our chances of getting pregnant?•How can we reduce the stress of infertility on our marriage relationship?•How can we keep sex from becoming a chore?These theologically trained authors have taught at a variety of conferences on infertility, pregnancy loss, and adoption, and they have helped thousands of couples to face the future through their message of encouragement. The Infertility Companion includes discussion questions and a workbook suitable for individuals, couples, or small groups. Full of practical tips and true stories, this book will guide couples past the ethical pitfalls of assisted reproductive technologies as they travel the difficult road ahead.An all-encompassing guide for the Christian infertility patient. Where other books fall short, this “companion” aids the patient not only with the physical and emotional aspects of this journey, but also helps answer the tough spiritual and ethical questions that arise in a couple’s desire to conceive.—Julie Watson, Conceiving Concepts


Author : U.S. Food and Drug Administration
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Reviews the possible causes and factors affecting infertility in both men and women, and when to see a doctor.

Current Therapy of Infertility 1984 1985

Author : Celso-Ramón García
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Endoscopy in Infertility Part II A Perspective on Laparoscopy ECAB

Author : Urvashi Prasad Jha
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Historically, gynecologic endoscopy began in the 1930s with the development of diagnostic laparoscopy, but today gynecologic endoscopy, both laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, has become an essential part of gynecologic surgery. In present practice, the benefits of laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, and minimally invasive surgical procedures have become safely entrenched behind undeniable facts, to the patients as well as the hospitals. The endoscopic gynecologic surgery now involves the whole gamut of fetal surgery, embryoscopy, outpatient local anesthetic laparoscopy, total laparoscopic hysterectomy, and embolization of myomas. Another interesting fact to come to the fore is that, increasingly, the traditional treatments for infertility are being rendered obsolete by advanced reproductive technologies and gynecologic endoscopy. Endoscopy in Infertility has addressed the relevant issues with dexterity by substantiating with relevant clinical experiences of its authors, who are among the pioneers in this field.


Author : Leslie J. DeGroot
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The Influence of Hyperandrogenism Obesity and Infertility on the Psychosocial Health and Well being of Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Author : Judy Griffin McCook
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Management of the Infertile Woman

Author : Helen A. Carcio
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This manual presents and explains the fundamental aetiologies that cause infertility, and provides information on numerous treatments. There are guidelines for assessment, treatment and case management of the infertile woman or couple. Coverage includes: complex contemporary issues; data relevant to laboratory testing; diagnostic protocols; tables that compare and contrast assisted reproductive technology; and educational materials that can be distributed to clients.

Reproductive Genomics in Domestic Animals

Author : Zhihua Jiang
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Reproductive Genomics in Domestic Animals is a thorough examination of genomics in the livestock industry, encompassing genome sciences, genome biotechnology, and reproduction. Recent developments in molecular genetics and genomics have enabled scientists to identify and characterize genes contributing to the complexity of reproduction in domestic animals, allowing scientists to improve reproductive traits. Providing the livestock industry with essential tools for enhancing reproductive efficiency, Reproductive Genomics in Domestic Animals surveys the current status of reproductive genomes and looks to the future direction of research.

Conquering Infertility

Author : Stephen L. Corson
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Genetic Analysis of the Y Chromosome in Fertile and Infertile Human Males

Author : Ariege Muallem
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The Infertile Male

Author : Richard F. Spark
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Joint Volumes of Papers Presented to the Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly

Author : New South Wales. Parliament
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Includes various departmental reports and reports of commissions. Cf. Gregory. Serial publications of foreign governments, 1815-1931.

Ordinary Miracles

Author : Krissi Marie McVicker
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When approximately 340 babies are born every minute worldwide (or nearly 490,000 births per day),1 conception seems to be quite an ordinary occurrence. Well, for the fertile world anyway. But for Krissi and her husband Rob, having a baby was almost impossible. No one dared to say they were infertile, not even their doctors. And suddenly the deep ultimate fear of never being completely fulfilled kept them awake night after night. But giving up was not an option. Krissi and Rob were soon immersed into in-vitro fertilization, their only chance for success. It was a world of hormone injections, countless blood tests, anxiety, and exhaustion-all mixed with hope. IVF represented both an amazing, wonderful medical advancement and a demanding, frightening regimen with no guarantees, and often, heartache. Whether or not you've struggled with infertility, Krissi's journey will touch your heart with its honesty and devotion. From the bittersweet news that her twin sister conceived in her first month of trying, and her own mother's death, to the joy of hearing her daughter's heartbeat for the first time and the sweetness of a 2:00 a.m. feeding after her twins were born, this is a story of acceptance, perseverance, and love. 1 WikiAnswers: http: //