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Yesterday s Sorrow

Author : Penelope Miller
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Condemned for the name he carries… Desperate to stop a fiery history from repeating itself, Captain Nicholas Sinclair begins a frantic race against a madman. Never could he have imagined that while tracking his brother’s killer through a community racked with hate over his father’s arsonist past that he would be propelled headlong into marriage with the beautiful daughter of the only man who might hold some answers…nor that Briana’s gentle way and her tiny imp of a daughter might actually manage to penetrate the well-guarded barriers of his worn and battered heart. But the clock is ticking—and as Nicholas intensifies his search and struggles to save his young family, he begins to wonder if his greatest threat will come, not from his faceless enemy, but from the woman he’s dared to take for his own… Haunted by a long buried secret… Briana Corwin will do anything to protect her daughter—and in a rash attempt to keep young Emily’s “not-quite-legal” adoption from coming to light, she soon finds herself the sacrifice that will keep her little girl safe. She hadn’t stopped to consider, however, that the price might well be as high as her own heart and soul, nor that the secret she has guarded for very so very long could well destroy them all. How could she possibly have known that the little girl she has loved, and raised since infancy, is the very child of Nicholas’s own slain brother? A child he has believed dead for some three full years… From the oak-strewn hills of a deteriorating plantation home in Post Civil War Virginia to the dark and mysterious swamplands beyond, Nicholas and Briana are drawn into the most horrific battle they will ever have to face. A battle of wills, a battle of hearts, and finally, a battle against the twisted sickness of an arsonist’s mind…

Yesterday s Sorrow Is Joy For Tomorrow

Author : Marion Tomlinson aka Annalisa Robinson
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This is a heartfelt non-fictional story of a woman who survived child abuse and overcame many obstacles in her life with the help of God. Read about her journey on the road to recovery as she transitions from one phase of her life into another and discovers her spirituality as a Sister of the Faith, moving forward through life's challenges. Marion Tomlinson aka Annalisa Robinson shares her personal testimony with you in hope that someone will pay attention to the cries and needs of children. She is a advocate and a mentor for Children especially those who have been abused and for adults who have been abused as a child.

Yesterdays Sorrows

Author : J Louise
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Yesterday s Embers

Author : Deborah Raney
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On Thanksgiving Day, Douglas DeVore kissed his beloved wife good-bye, unaware that it would be the last time he'd see her -- or their precious daughter Rachel. Left with five kids to raise on his own, and already juggling two jobs to make ends meet, Doug wonders how he'll manage moment by moment, much less day after day, without Kaye's love and support. When Mickey Valdez, a daycare teacher, hears of the tragedy, she offers to lend a helping hand. After all, it isn't like she has a family of her own waiting for her at home. Her brothers are all happily married, but love seems to have passed her by. Then a spark ignites...but will the flame be too hot to handle?

Some Quiet Lenten Thoughts

Author : T. B. Dover
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Author : Carl Phillips
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A masterfully curated collection, drawn from a century of works in the acclaimed Yale Series of Younger Poets The Yale Younger Poets prize is the oldest annual literary award in the United States. Its winners include some of the most influential voices in American poetry, including Adrienne Rich, John Ashbery, Margaret Walker, Carolyn Forché, and Robert Hass. In celebration of the prize's centennial, this collection presents three selections from each Younger Poets volume. It serves as both a testament to the enduring power and significance of poetic expression and an exploration of the ways poetry has evolved over the past century. In addition to judiciously assembling this wide-ranging anthology, Carl Phillips provides an introduction to the history and impact of the Yale Younger Poets prize and its winners in the wider context of American poetry, including the evolving roles of race, gender, and sexual orientation.

Yesterday at the Hotel Clarendon

Author : Nicole Brossard
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Carla Carlson is at the Hotel Clarendon in Quebec City trying to finish a novel. Nearby, a woman, preoccupied with sadness and infatuated with her boss, catalogues antiquities at the Museum of Civilization. Every night, the two women meet at the hotel bar and talk - about childhood and parents and landscapes, about time and art, about Descartes and Francis Bacon and writing. When Yesterday, at the Hotel Clarendon appeared in French (as Hier), the media called it the pinnacle of Brossard's remarkable forty-year literary career. From its intersection of four women emerges a kind of art installation, a lively read in which life and death and the vertigo of ruins tangle themselves together to say something about history and desire and art.


Author : Marianne Williamson
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Marianne Williamson's bestselling A Return to Love ended with a prayer in which she asked God to help us "find our way home, from the pain to peace, from fear to love, from hell to Heaven." Now, in this stunning new collection of thoughts, prayers, and rites of passage, Marianne Williamson returns to prayer. Prayer is practical, Williamson tells us. "To look to God is to look to the realm of consciousness that can deliver us from the pain of living." Illuminata brings prayer into our daily lives, with prayers on topics from releasing anger to finding forgiveness, from finding great love to achieving intimacy. There are prayers for couples, for parents, and for children; prayers to mend broken relationships and prayers to overcome obsessive and compulsive love. There are prayers to heal the soul, prayers to heal the body, and prayers for work and creativity. Williamson also gives us prayers for the healing of America, including two prayers that have had powerful effects on audiences at her lectures: a prayer of amends on behalf of European Americans to African-Americans and one to Native Americans. How, Williamson asks, can we expect anyone to forgive when we have made no formal apology? Another section includes rites of passage, ceremonies of light for the signal events in our lives: blessing of the newborn, coming of age, marriage, and death. There is also a ceremony of the elder, for moving into midlife, and a ceremony of divorce, in which a gentle transition is provided for both the couple and their children. "Read my prayers or someone else's," Williamson says. "By all means, create your own." Illuminata is a way to bring prayer into practical use, creating a sweeter, more abundant life for yourself and the people you care for. "No conventional therapy," she says, "can release us from a deep and abiding psychic pain. Through prayer we find what we cannot find elsewhere: a peace that is not of this world."

Rebel Music in the Triumphant Empire

Author : David Pearson
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At the dawn of the 1990s, as the United States celebrated its victory in the Cold War and sole superpower status by waging war on Iraq and proclaiming democratic capitalism as the best possible society, the 1990s underground punk renaissance transformed the punk scene into a site of radical opposition to American empire. Nazi skinheads were ejected from the punk scene; apathetic attitudes were challenged; women, Latino, and LGBTQ participants asserted their identities and perspectives within punk; the scene debated the virtues of maintaining DIY purity versus venturing into the musical mainstream; and punks participated in protest movements from animal rights to stopping the execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal to shutting down the 1999 WTO meeting. Punk lyrics offered strident critiques of American empire, from its exploitation of the Third World to its warped social relations. Numerous subgenres of punk proliferated to deliver this critique, such as the blazing hardcore punk of bands like Los Crudos, propagandistic crust-punk/dis-core, grindcore and power violence with tempos over 800 beats per minute, and So-Cal punk with its combination of melody and hardcore. Musical analysis of each of these styles and the expressive efficacy of numerous bands reveals that punk is not merely simplistic three-chord rock music, but a genre that is constantly revolutionizing itself in which nuances of guitar riffs, vocal timbres, drum beats, and song structures are deeply meaningful to its audience, as corroborated by the robust discourse in punk zines.

Two Marriages A tale

Author :
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The Wanderer A Poem By Owen Meredith

Author : Edward Robert Bulwer Lytton Earl of Lytton
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Author : Edward Robert Bulwer Lytton Earl of Lytton
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The Wanderer 2nd Ed

Author : Edward Robert Bulwer Lytton Earl of Lytton
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The Wanderer and Tannh user

Author : Edward Bulwer Lytton Baron Lytton
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The Wanderer

Author : Edward Robert Bulwer Lytton Earl of Lytton
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July to December

Author : Horace Parker Chandler
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The Lover s Year book of Poetry July to December

Author : Horace Parker Chandler
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Author : Ella Wheeler Wilcox
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"Yesterdays" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Yesterday s Mashed Potatoes

Author : Patricia Wilson
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When American novelist John Steinbeck told Patricia Wilson “It’s a helluva story, Pat, you should write it!” she didn’t know it would take her nearly fifty years to get around to it. Yesterday’s Mashed Potatoes: The Fabulous Life Of A Happy Has-Been tells the story of a third generation actress from a theatrical family, a child performer who grew up to become a star during Broadway’s “Golden Age” and a respected Hollywood actress. Set against an authentic backdrop of theatrical, TV, and film history, the story spills over with anecdotes of the celebrated—Jackie Gleason, Richard Burton, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Carol Burnett, and among others, Bob Fosse and Gene Kelly (“I wasn’t a dancer, and I was too tall for both of them!”) But Patricia Wilson’s personal life reads, in her words, “like a Danielle Steel novel!” This is a compelling tale of an everywoman’s journey through love, loss, success and sorrow. Yesterday’s Mashed Potatoes: The Fabulous Life Of A Happy Has-Been won First Place For Excellence In Writing at The Santa Barbara Writers Conference, 2007. “Fiorello! opened in 1959, won the Pulitzer Prize, and Patricia Wilson was one of its stars. She played Marie LaGuardia, wife of New York’s still most beloved mayor, and did it with uncommon grace, charm—and yes, loveliness. Every word sung or spoken by Pat possessed extraordinary intelligence and modesty, and she was crucial to the success of that show. Her reminiscences make delightful reading.”…..Harold S. “Hal” Prince “—lucid, touching, candid, human—I’ve applauded your singing and acting—now I’m delighted to applaud your writing.Brava! …..Sheldon Harnick “Yesterday’s Mashed Potatoes: The Fabulous Life Of A Happy Has-Been. has all the qualities of a fine novel: funny, sometimes painfully touching, with sharply defined characters, cinematic flair, pungent dialogue, big close-ups, eloquent flashbacks, and voice-over asides, it is theatrical and film history as well as personal memoir, an intriguing blend of the two.”…..Cork Millner , author: Hollywood Be Thy Name, The Warner Brothers Story “What a privilege to read this memoir! I was riveted, and impressed by the deep spiritual strength Pat expresses. The rich theatrical heritage of her parents and grandparents is not only important to her personal story, but to that of our country.”…..Preshy Marker, actress (A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum) “A lively and unpretentious autobiography! Patricia Wilson has written a book that can hold its own with the best of celebrity memoirs.”…..David Meyers, music historian

A Thousand Years Of Yesterdays

Author : Dr. H. Spencer Lewis
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Here is a book that will tell you about the real facts of reincarnation. It is a story of the Soul, and explains in detail how the Soul enters the body and how it leaves it, where it goes, and when it comes back to earth again, and why. The story is not just a piece of fiction, but a revelation of the mystic laws and principles known to the Masters of the Far East and the Orient for many centuries, and never put into book form as a story before this book was printed. That is why the book has been translated into so many foreign languages and endorsed by the mystics and adepts of India, Persia, Egypt, and Tibet. Fascinating—Alluring—Instructive. Those who have read the book say that they were unable to leave it without finishing it at one sitting. The story reveals the mystic principles taught by the Rosicrucians in regard to reincarnation as well as the spiritual laws of the soul and the incarnations of the soul.