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Yosemite Nature Notes

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Yosemite Nature Notes

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Yosemite nature notes

Author : Yosemite Natural History Association
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Inspiring Generations

Author : Anniversary Story Book Committee
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On June 30, 1864, amidst the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Yosemite Grant Act to protect Yosemite Valley and Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias. This act that set aside the first public parkland for future generations was a legacy for our nation and an inspiration to the world. To honor the 150th anniversary of this milestone, a call went out inviting the public to celebrate in prose and poetry the national park they love. The 150 pieces in this book were selected from hundreds of submissions from people who have visited, lived in, or worked in Yosemite National Park. These collected reflections feature, among other things, treks up Half Dome, escapades at The Ahwahnee, revels at the long-gone firefall,and, yes, encounters with those bears; and range from the hilarious to the historical, the enlightening to the uplifting. Inspiring Generations will encourage many journeys to the park filled with family, friends, and the stuff memories are made of.


Author : Paul D. Hillyard
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Thin Ice

Author : Mark Bowen
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"One of the best books yet published on climate change . . . The best compact history of the science of global warming I have read."—Bill McKibben, The New York Review of Books The world's premier climatologist, Lonnie Thompson has been risking his career and life on the highest and most remote ice caps along the equator, in search of clues to the history of climate change. His most innovative work has taken place on these mountain glaciers, where he collects ice cores that provide detailed information about climate history, reaching back 750,000 years. To gather significant data Thompson has spent more time in the death zone—the environment above eighteen thousand feet—than any man who has ever lived. Scientist and expert climber Mark Bowen joined Thompson's crew on several expeditions; his exciting and brilliantly detailed narrative takes the reader deep inside retreating glaciers from China, across South America, and to Africa to unravel the mysteries of climate. Most important, we learn what Thompson's hard-won data reveals about global warming, the past, and the earth's probable future.

Field Notes on Science Nature

Author : Michael R. Canfield
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Pioneering a new niche in the study of plants and animals in their natural habitat, this book allows readers to peer over the shoulders and into the notebooks of a dozen eminent field workers, to study firsthand their observational methods, materials, and fleeting impressions.

Nature Guide to Yosemite National Park

Author : Ann Simpson
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This field guide dedicated to wildlife of Yosemite National Park is an information-packed, pocket-sized book that introduces park visitors to the animals, plants, insects and more that reside in Yosemite National Park in a colorful and portable package. Published in cooperation with Yosemite National Park Association, this Nature Guide to Yosemite National Park contains full-color photos and easy-to-understand descriptions. Here is the perfect companion guide for the 4 million visitors who travel to Yosemite National Park every year.

A Bibliography of California Ornithology

Author : Joseph Grinnell
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The Fifth Essence

Author : Freeman Tilden
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The Constitutional Rights of Women

Author : Leslie Friedman Goldstein
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Using a wide variety of cases involving women's rights, Leslie Friedman Goldstein examines the ways in which the U.S. Supreme Court initiates and responds to social change. This edition covers all major Supreme Court decisions that affect gender equity and reproductive rights through May 1987.

Pilgrims of the Vertical

Author : Joseph E. Taylor III
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Pilgrims of the Vertical (a phrase borrowed from climber-turned-entrepreneur Royal Robbins) is at once a chronicle of how the sport evolved in Yosemite and a fascinating social history that considers climbing in the larger context of American life...For the general reader, the book makes a fine introduction to the history of climbing and Yosemite's special place in its development.

Nature Writings

Author : John Muir
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A collection of Muir's definitive writings is brought together in a volume that includes The Story of My Boyhood and Youth, My First Summer in the Sierra, The Mountains of California, and various other essays on his attempts to preserve the wilderness.

The Nature of Yosemite

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Here is Yosemite in all of its wonder and allure, brought to the page in vivid color by photographer Robb Hirsch.

John Muir

Author : John Muir
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Scottish naturalist John Muir (1838-1914) helped spark the modern environmental movement. Living for months and even years in the wilderness, he experienced a deep communion with the sacred and his contemplations on the natural world are filled with mystical intuitions of God's reality. This volume contributes to a strain of spirituality that finds an echo in today's environmental movements.

American Green

Author : Stephen Germic
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In this work of interdisciplinary scholarship, Stephen A. Germic reveals how America's first parks, both urban and "wilderness", were created and organized to mitigate the most threatening social and economic crises in the nineteenth century outside of the Civil War. Germic analyzes the intentionally disguised relationship between the constructed "nature" of Central Park, Yosemite, and Yellowstone and the expanding but crisis-prone capitalist state. American Green demonstrates how the fundamental function of these parks was economic and political -- in the service of maintaining a consensus regarding national identity. The organization and control of "natural" space, Germic argues, is inseparable from its function as a capitalist instrument. This instrumentalism served not only to define, constitute, and segregate social groups, but also to promote racial and ethnic identifications above those based on class interest. Providing a fresh insight into United States labor, cultural and environmental history, this book is an important contribution to our understanding of American parks and the complex meaning of American public space.

A Passion for Nature

Author : Donald Worster
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Donald Worster's A Passion for Nature is the most complete account of the great conservationist and founder of the Sierra Club ever written. It is the first to be based on Muir's full private correspondence and to meet modern scholarly standards, yet it is also full of rich detail and personal anecdote, uncovering the complex inner life behind the legend of the solitary mountain man. It traces Muir from his boyhood in Scotland and frontier Wisconsin to his adult life in California right after the Civil War up to his death on the eve of World War I. It explores his marriage and family life, his relationship with his abusive father, his many friendships with the humble and famous (including Theodore Roosevelt and Ralph Waldo Emerson), and his role in founding the modern American conservation movement. Inspired by Muir's passion for the wilderness, Americans created a long and stunning list of national parks and wilderness areas, Yosemite most prominent among them. Yet the book also describes a Muir who was a successful fruit-grower, a talented scientist and world-traveler, a doting father and husband, and a self-made man of wealth and political influence. The winner of numerous book awards, A Passion for Nature was also named a Best Book of 2008 by Washington Post Book World. It is the first comprehensive biography of Muir to appear in six decades.


Author : Lincoln Bramwell
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Since the 1950s, the housing developments in the West that historian Lincoln Bramwell calls �wilderburbs� have offered residents both the pleasures of living in nature and the creature comforts of the suburbs. Remote from cities but still within commuting distance, nestled next to lakes and rivers or in forests and deserts, and often featuring spectacular views of public lands, wilderburbs celebrate the natural beauty of the American West and pose a vital threat to it. Wilderburbs tells the story of how roads and houses and water development have transformed the rural landscape in the West. Bramwell introduces readers to developers, homeowners, and government regulators, all of whom have faced unexpected environmental problems in designing and building wilderburb communities, including unpredictable water supplies, threats from wildfires, and encounters with wildlife. By looking at wilderburbs in the West, especially those in Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico, Bramwell uncovers the profound environmental consequences of Americans� desire to live in the wilderness.

Preserving Nature in the National Parks

Author : Richard West Sellars
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This book traces the epic clash of values between traditional scenery-and-tourism management and emerging ecological concepts in the national parks, America’s most treasured landscapes. It spans the period from the creation of Yellowstone National Park in 1872 to near the present, analyzing the management of fires, predators, elk, bear, and other natural phenomena in parks such as Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and Great Smoky Mountains.

Walking with Muir Across Yosemite

Author : Thomas R. Vale
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Can today's visitor to Yosemite National Park still find what John Muir encountered a century ago? Thomas and Geraldine Vale retrace Muir's path, based upon journals of his first summer in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Illustrated with drawings by Muir and photographs and drawings by the Vales, Walking with Muir across Yosemite shows that current visitors to Yosemite can still find much of the solitude and wildness Muir experienced. The Vales suggest, however, that a national parks policy promoting nature study could encourage a more profound interaction between humans and the natural world.